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CountryLine announces C2C partnership and Lionsgate deal

Country Music App Underlines Position 
as the Digital Home of Country

With C2C Country to Country just around the corner, CountryLine, the world’s first and only fan club app for country music have announced brand new partnerships with both C2C, the biggest country festival outside the US, and Lionsgate, the LA Studio behind shows like Nashville.

The new deals will ensure CountryLine continues to offer top class country content to fans across the world.

The official partnership deal with C2C will see the CountryLine team hit the “Town Square” at the O2 throughout the festival, hosting a photobooth, introducing artists for meet and greets, and handing out CountryLine goodies.

For C2C weekend only, CountryLine is offering attendees the exclusive chance to sign up for one year’s free access to the app’s premium country content.

Country fans, from the country crazy to the country curious, will find something they love on the app.  The new deal with Lionsgate makes CountryLine a must-have for country fans, bringing premium long-form TV and film to the network, such as the smash US TV show Wildfire, and bonus episodes of fan favourite, Nashville. Click, Tap to Watch:
The app will also feature an abundance of C2C content, with interviews already confirmed with Jimmie Allen, the first black US country singer to reach number 1 with a debut single, Michael Ray, RaeLynn, Lainey Wilson, The Wandering Hearts and Catherine McGrath.

Co-founder and Creative Director of CountryLine, Nathalie Cox, commented: “I’m a passionate country fan and C2C is one of the most exciting dates in the country calendar.  We can’t wait to be at the festival as an official partner. CountryLine delivers the best country content and experiences, both around C2C and beyond, and our deal with Lionsgate is the next step in ensuring we are the digital destination for country lovers.”

CountryLine is committed to delivering the best country music experience and is lead by a world class leadership team, with investors including Sir Elton John and partners including “Whispering” Bob Harris (OBE).  

A CountryLine subscription costs £2.99 per month or £29.99 for a year.  To take advantage of the special CountryLine C2C offer use code C2C2019.

CountryLine is the brand new digital app for all country music. Whether you’re a fan or an artist this is where you’ll want to be. With backstage interviews, exclusive session, a gig guide, tickets and special members offers... If it’s country, it’s here...
Download the COUNTRYLINE app for your iPhone or Android phone.

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ABOUT Nathalie Cox
The Co-founder and Creative Director of CountryLine is a former actress and model turned entrepreneur perhaps best known for her roles in Clash of the Titans and Kingdom of Heaven, and for her covers in Vogue and Marie Claire, has now made a career out of her passion for country music. Her vision was to connect audiences with their favourite musicians and creators across the globe, and to house the cream of the country music scene in one place for audiences everywhere to enjoy.
Natalie Cox (R) with C2C2019 artist Jimmie Allen (USA) | Credit Facebook Photo He gave it his #BestShot AND hit #1 on the Country Airplay charts! Check out Countryline’s backstage interview with the rising star at London’s Country Music Week!

Read our exclusive Q &A with Nathalie below:

We first discovered CountryLine when Twinnie started posting about her new series Tea With Twinnie’ (Tea With Twinnie: Lucie Silvas) and then your fabulous interview (which we loved!) with the lovely Katy Hurt ( ) and the week long exclusive of her crazy sensational video for ‘Revved Up’! (Countryline Video)
Can you explain when CountryLine first started and what inspired or sparked its creation?

Credit Facebook Photo | Tea With Twinnie on Countryline. C2C2019 artistes Twinnie catches up with Catherine McGrath and, of course, enjoys a good old cuppa! Head over to Countryline now to check it out:

Thanks for your kind words! I always love hearing when people are enjoying the content we’re putting out there. CountryLine came about as an idea that myself and Simon Walker, my co-founder, came up with when we realised there was a gap in the market to serve the ever-growing country music fanbase. No one had ever done an app version of a global fan club. I’m a country fan myself and I was tired of having to source out five different websites to read reviews or see who was coming to play so we created the one-stop shop for all country music fans.

For anyone new to CountryLine please complete the sentence, Country Line is……..
…the must-have app for country music fans. All the country you’ll ever need, in your pocket.

When did you first get interested in country music? Was it firstly the American scene or was it the UK resurguence in the genre with festivals like Country To Country taking off?

I grew up a country music fan. My dad was in to Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson so I guess I discovered it through the classics. It was always something I was a little embarrassed about – none of my friends were in to country! The first time I plucked up the courage to go to a country music concert by myself I wasn’t sure what to expect and I walked in and the place was packed!! I felt like I’d walked in to a room full of friends, it was great!

There is now a lot of FREE footage on the CountryLine website. The Laura Evans and Friends concert footage ( was a real treat, thank you! Is this a taster of what to expect when a fan subscribes?

The plan is to always have a lot of free content on the network. The premium content that people can upgrade for includes some fantastic tv shows and country movies. Plus extra behind the scenes footage, gig recordings and exclusive members deals and offers. The aim is to give CountryLine members the best country experience they could ask for!

There is a COUNTRYLINE app available for iPhone or Android phone. If you don’t own a smartphone is ALL the subscription only premium country content also available online?

CountryLine is available on android, iOS, on the web, Amazon Firestick and Apple TV. All free and premium content is available on all platforms.

CountryLine names one of its investors as Sir Elton John. How and why did they get involved?

We were lucky enough to be introduced to Sir Elton John and his team last year when he was releasing his Restoration album. Initially we just wanted to do an interview with him to talk about it and the amazing country artists he had worked with for it. He liked what we were doing with CountryLine, especially our focus on upcoming and homegrown talent, so he ended up investing in the business. We’re very pleased that he shares our vision!

What has been your greatest challenge with CountryLine? Competing with SKY TV’s Keep it Country or Total Country perhaps? What does CountryLine offer that they don’t?

We are not in competition with Keep It Country or Total Country. I think both channels are doing marvellous jobs and personally the more people sharing country music to the world the better! We are something completely different to a tv channel. We offer fans a chance to get closer to their favourite artists. And likewise, we are a platform for artists to reach new fans. We have interviews and music videos, a gig guide, ticketing, competitions and country lifestyle. We go beyond the music.

The last 2-years has seen a huge shift in way music is consumed. Streaming music now accounts for 75% of U.S. Label revenues with just 11% from Digital downloads and 12% from CDs and vinyl records. We have experienced zero sales of music from our Blog with people now longer feeling they wish to physically own music anyone. This must be a real struggle for Independent acts.
As a result, do you or will you do anything differently, for example highlighting an artist’s tour dates rather than new music they may have?

CountryLine is a level playing field. We interview the top Nashville-based artists who sell out stadiums and have world tours. And we also feature upcoming talent who are trying to put their music out there independently and gig locally. Fans still want to hear about new music so we’ll always talk about upcoming albums and new releases but we do encourage people to download if they really like a song or an album!

What drives you?

A passion for what I do and belief that we are creating something that the fans and artists clearly love.

What moments in your career stand out in your memory as highlights and achievements which you are proud of?

I’m super proud of what we’re doing at CountryLine but there’s so much more to come. It’s an exciting journey.

QUICK-FIRE Questions

Best Gig/ Concert you have attended?
C2C and CMA Fest take some beating! I saw Kris Kristofferson at the Union Chapel which was pretty special as it’s so intimate. And then there was Bruce Springsteen at Wembley…

Favourite clothes, make-up?
I’m a bit of a rock-chick. I love my biker boots, skinny jeans and band t-shirts.

Favourite Food?
Chips or fries depending on which side of the pond you’re on!

Favourite Colour?
Black. Goes with everything.

Favourite TV Show?
Quantum Leap. Most people won’t know it. Trust me, it’s a classic.

Favourite Film?
Anything with fast cars and a good soundtrack! Or a weepy one…

Favourite Time of Year?
Spring. When you can get away with a t-shirt and leather jacket and summer is just around the corner…

Favourite Country to visit?

How Do You Like To Relax?
Listening to music?!?

Who are your heroes or role models?
I admire strong female role models, people who are not afraid to stand up and speak out and people that have overcome the odds and succeeded.

If you only have one CD for seven days on a deserted island, what artist would it be?
Zac Brown Band. Desert island? It seems appropriate!

If you could have dinner with a male and dinner with a female, who would they be?
If we’re talking fantasy dinner guests then Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe. Can you imagine the conversations?!?

If price were no object, what would you like for your next birthday?
Tricky question! I don’t really WANT anything. Just to be happy. And maybe a bottle of really nice champagne…

Grateful thanks to Nathalie!

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