The UK Country Music Showcase

Simon Birds “The UK Country Music Showcase”

The UK Country Music Showcase” – 
A 3 Hour weekly show highlighting current British Country Music acts.

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Laura Oakes plays 3 songs live and chats about her writing and life in music!

INTERVIEWS: Louise Parker & Kelsey Bovey chatting at the Belles and Gals Spotlight awards which were held at The Water Rats, London.

2020-03-15 PLAYLIST

Artist (Facebook or Instagram Link) / Song
Steve Bonham and The Long Road - Sally in Blue Flames
Peter Donegan - Little Man (Live)
Raintown  - Play It Loud
Sandy McLelland - Because It's You
Sarah Yeo - Safe
Zoee. - Nashville
Tennessee Twin- Two Heart Rendezvous
Gasoline & Matches - Patient Wolves
Kelsey Bovey  - Interview (35 mins)
Kelsey Bovey - Define Me
Nia Nicholls - Back Up
Caitlin Mae - The Dream
Katee Kross - Bumblebee
The Rising - Just Another Name

Leon Marshall - Hold On
Kezia Gill - Another You (1hr 5) exclusive second play
Elles Bailey - Wild, Wild West
Laura Oakes - Live In Session (1hr 12) (recorded in Barnsley)
Donna Marie – Pity Party
April Jai  - Back Again
Boxes - Electric Lights
Jessica Lynn - Look At Me That Way

Louise Parker - Interview (2hrs)
Louise Parker - Story of Love
Izzie Walsh - Alone (Live)
Katie O'Malley - Yoshino
Malcolm MacWatt - Raining Down In Nashville
Malcolm MacWatt - Lie For Your Love
Malcolm MacWatt - That's How We Roll
Sabine - Over
Stuart Landon - Beautiful Mess
Bob Fitzgerald - Running From The Rain
Charlotte Young - Whiplash
Shannon Hynes – Comfort

Lovely-jubbly! The UK Country Music Showcase presented by Simon Birds on Redroad FM 8th March 2020 show
LIVE IN SESSION Izzie Walsh sharing her stories and playing 3 songs. You will be able to catch her live at the C2C 2020 festival  in this same 3-piece format appearing on the Icon Stage (Fri 13 March 15:20; Sat 14 March 12:30) & Garden Stage (Sat 14 March 14:20)! 


2020-03-08 PLAYLIST

Artist (Facebook or Instagram Link) / Song

Lucy Blu - Tequila Made Me Do It
Broken Flowers - Cool Green Water
TJ Walker - Where You Are At (Redroad special)
Zoe Newton - If I Could
Hicktown Breakout - Roses
Danny McMahon - When I See You
Holly Rose Webber - Angel Eyes
Elles Bailey - Miss Me When I'm Gone
Bob Fitzgerald - Running From The Rain
Helena Mace - Take Me Away
The Keeper of the Plains - Lovin' and Lettin' Go  (From Texas)
Biddy Ronelle - Change It

Kezia Gill - They Fall
Jade Helliwell - Stay
Stuart Landon & The Angels with dirty faces - Beautiful Mess (Exclusive first play)
The Southern Companion - Can I Get A Witness
Malcolm MacWatt - No-One Could Love You Like I Do
Sam Coe & The Long Shadows - Cruel
Steve Hewitt - Light Gone Out

*** Izzie Walsh - LIVE Studio Session (Hours 2 & 3) ***
Songs: ‘Take Me Back’, ‘Not Today’ & ‘Alone’


The Good Lies - Sally
Shannon Hynes - Comfort
Simon James - Flower In The Rain
The Fireflies - Calm After The Storm (The Common Linnets cover)
Becky Lawrence - Wasted On You
Emily Lockett - That Girl
Sabine - Over
Patrick J Hart - Just Because
Millwood (Duo) - I Think I Would (World Exclusive first play)
Andrew Jones - Reminds Me of You
Laura Oakes - Old Ghosts (New single)
Tommy Atkins - Cinderella's Had a Drink

The Country Music Showcase presented by Simon Birds on Redroad FM 1st March 2020 show.
With Lucy Blu & Anna from Broken Flowers Band - Live In Session
3 tracks back to back from Two Ways Home (Isi & Lewis) to celebrate the release of their brilliant debut album - Break The Silence


2020-03-01 PLAYLIST
Artist (Facebook or Instagram Link) / Song


A Good Day – Sure Love Having You Around
Alan Finlan – Big Man, Small Town
True Strays – Campesina
The Good Lies – Sally * NEW MUSIC *
Kezia Gill – Local Man’s Star

Izzie Walsh – The Curse

Georgia Barker – Dream Big

The Rising - Love Machine * NEW MUSIC *

Louise Parker – Story Of Love

Laura Oakes – Better In Blue Jeans

The Atlantic Project – Living A Lie

Two Ways Home – Out On The Road (Album of the week Triple Play)
Two Ways Home – Prove Me Wrong
Two Ways Home – Broken Hearts Club


Boxes – Electric Lights
Lucy Blu & Anna from Broken Flowers Band - * LIVE IN SESSION *
Danny McMahon – Momentarily
Jamie Williams & the Roots Collective - I'm A Stone * NEW MUSIC *

Bob Fitzgerald – Running From The Rain (world exclusive via Rachel Sellick) * NEW MUSIC *
Becky Lawrence – Wasted On You 
Shannon Hynes – Comfort * NEW MUSIC *
The Fargo Railroad Co. – Pretty Little White Ones
Gavin Clifton ft. Hanna Morgan Beynon – A World Full Of Dreams
Malcolm MacWatt – I Can’t Carry The Weight Of You
Kerry Fearon music & media – Ford Econoline
Bailey Tomkinson – (I Wish) It Didn’t End Like This
Tennessee Twin – Move On
Emilia Quinn Music – Sorry Momma
Donna Marie Songs – Pity Party
Backwoods Creek – Coulda Been You


Country Radio dot UK

Country Music Showcase with Simon Birds

Country Radio dot UK
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Description: is dedicated to playing the best Country Music from home and around the world.

WHEN: Live show Country Music Showcase with Simon Birds Wednesday (5-7pm) 17:00 - 19:00
ABOUT: CMS with Simon Birds playing the very best from independent unsigned artists mainly from the UK and around the world.

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Feb 12, 2020 Sound & Vision Episode 4 - Tennessee Twin
In this episode of Sound & Vision The UK Country Music Showcase were invited to Cambridge to interview Geoff Meads & Victoria Mills (Tennessee Twin). Conducting the interview on the famous 'sofa sessions' sofa SImon Birds spoke with Geoff & Victoria about the chart success of their debut EP TIPS IN A JAR and their follow


Continuing journey as UK Country Music Showcase give you even more insight into the artists on the Country Music scene from around the world.
Episode 1. With Biddy Ronelle


RedroadFM Description:
The station with the BIGGEST variety of music! LIVE on 102.4FM (Rotherham & Sheffield), online at
Twitter: @RedroadFM
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ABOUT Simon Birds
Simon is a voluntary Radio presenter for RedroadFM
Redroad FM (Profile) in his own words - I (S J Birds), born Simon John Birds on 6th April 1978 in Barking Hospital, Essex (some say that explains a lot!).
I moved up to Sheffield within the first year of my life and have lived in and around the area ever since. I attended Dobcroft First and Middle schools and then went to High Storrs Secondary School in 1990. My love of the limelight was established early in my life, performing magic shows to family and friends. I also enjoyed putting on a Christmas concert every year, which I took very seriously, from the schedule to how each carol should be sung! During my teenage years I preferred to spend time setting up and messing with various audio setups in my bedroom. In 1993, I produced several demo tapes of a radio show entitled ‘The Big Red Microphone Show’ with my brother, Andrew. The inspiration for the name came from, surprisingly enough, the colour of the microphone! Sadly those tapes have long since bitten the dust!
 Simon Birds | Credit Facebook Photo

After the fun and games I had with the mock radio show I decided to apply for a job with Sheffield Childrens Hospital Radio. The demo went in and I was lucky enough to be offered my own show on a Saturday morning from 10am – 12pm.

The show was filled with music and chat with daft news items, competitions, requests and even a celebrity interview with Mitch Johnson of Virgin 1215. It was great fun to do and seemed popular enough with the somewhat captive audience on the wards in the hospital. During this time I also appeared at the Roadshow which took place on Fargate in Sheffield City Centre, raising vital funds to keep the station broadcasting. 

After 9 months the need to get a ‘proper job’ reared its ugly head and unfortunately I was forced to choose between the two. Sadly the paid job needed to come out on top and that put his career as a DJ on hold, indefinitely.
Over the following 20 years I have worked in the hospitality industry as chef, barman and ultimately manager of a public house. Upon leaving the trade I then worked for a community organisation, providing support and education to adults with learning disabilities. During this time music and entertainment were never far from my mind. I worked with individuals to develop musical performance skills and record a CD at Red Tape studios, Sheffield. From there a talent show was born and the 8 week show, in the style of X-Factor, was presented, produced and directed by SJ.
The show was even made available on DVD, which were purchased by relatives and friends of participants to buy as keepsakes. The years spent in the community and charity sector have given me a broad understanding of all different walks of life and different challenges people face.
Specifically, how the power of music can enhance and change lives for the better.

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