Monday 24 October 2011

British Country Music Awards (BCMAwards) 2011-Winners

Press Release -  24 October 2011 (Source - Lee Williams CMR Nashville)

The Winners of the 2011 BCMAwards Have Been Announced

Sell Out Evening For The British Country Music Awards - 

Johnny Counterfit - Johnny Cash Impersonation
Sunday the 23rd October 2011 was the British Country Music Night Of The Year when the BCMAwards were held in London at The British Airways Concorde Suite. The queues to get in were around the building at 6 pm waiting to get into this prestigious night for British Country Music. The doors opened at 6.30 and within 15 mins the venue was full. The evening kicked off with one of last years winners Hayley Oliver Band who warmed up the audience before 70s/80s star Alvin Stardust took to the stage for a couple of songs including a new version of 16 tons. He was then joined by Sylvie Blackmore  from the BBC to host the Awards.
16 Awards were ready to be announced plus two inductees into the British Hall Of Fame.

Live performances were supplied by the house band C'est Le Vie who backed the following artists Donna Wylde, Chris Mercer, John Permenter (USA), Darren Busby, MT Allan,and special guest from the USA Johnny Counterfit who with his vocal impressions left the audience screaming for more. C'est La Vie rounded off the evening with 30 mins of top class music.

In between the performances the Awards were announced by Alvin and Sylvie, with the sponsors giving the Glass Award to the lucky winners. The International act was won by Brad Paisley who accepted the Award a few weeks before at his London O2 performance. A filmed acceptance speech was shown. 

Jim Duncan took to the stage and awarded the two inductees Iona Boggie and Charlie Landsborough with their Hall of Fame awards. Iona was present with a Welsh film crew and Charlie was on tour, so sent in a video acceptance, with Lee Williams handing over the award to Charlie on tour this week.

A full list of winners and sponsors follow
Lee Williams with Brian Hughes - Album Of The Year

The Awards Show was filmed for TV and details of TV channels and times will be released in due course.

A big thank you goes to the BCMAwards team – Lee Williams, MT Allan, Roger Wild, Jim Duncan, Les Evans and Bob Thomas.
We would also like to thank all the magazines and radio that has supported the Awards and of course all the Award Sponsors.

A couple of Photos are attached, but further official photos will be available for any outlet who require other shots and specific artists and winners.

Further Details from Lee Williams at
or Tel 01252 514549 or 07956 888587

Pictures attached (courtesy of Lee Williams) -   Further photos on request

Winners:  Shown in Blue from those nominated
International Act Of The Year  ( Sponsor – Americana International Festival ) 
Winner -  Brad Paisley
Toby Keith, Lady Antebellum, Zac Brown Band, Brad Paisley, Secret Sisters

British Hall Of Fame Inductees - Iona Boggie, Charlie Landsborough

Entertainer Of The Year   ( Sponsor – Ascot Lawyers )
Winner – Henry Smith 
Swing Commanders ,  Texas Tornado’s,  4 Card Trick , Henry Smith & Country Dreams,  Gary Perkins & The Breeze

Male Vocalist of The Year  (Sponsor – CMDS Magazine )
Winner – Darren Busby
Glenn Rogers,  Stubby, Darren Busby, Gary Perkins, Chris Raddings

Band Of The Year ( Sponsor – Copper Kettle Promotions )
Winner – Gary Perkins & The Breeze
The Hayley Oliver Band, Henry Smith & Country Dreams,
Gary Perkins & The Breeze4 Card Trick, Diablos , C’est Le Vie

Female Vocalist of The Year  ( Sponsor – Double H Promotions )
Winner – Nadine Sommers
Nancy Ann Lee, Hayley Oliver, Nadine Summers, Donna Wylde, Debbie Bilston

Solo Act Of The Year  ( Sponsor – Sylvan Entertainments)
Winner – Bob Keeley
Darren Busby, Donna Wylde, Bob Keeley, Tony Rouse, MT Allen

Duo Of The Year ( Sponsor – DCMA ) 
Winner – Kalibre
Las Vegas, Thrillbillies, Kalibre, Spur, Fools Gold

Christian Country Act Of The Year ( Sponsor – NCM/UKCMA ) 
Winner – Dan Wesley
Jim Close, San Millar, Janece, Dan Wesley, Ian Walker

Line Dance Act Of The Year ( Sponsor – Kings Hill Holidays )
Winner – Alan Gregory
Livewire, Paul Bailey, Glen Rogers, Alan Gregory, Plain Loco, Calico
Musician Of The Year  ( Sponsor – Country Legends Show )
Winner – Gaynor Sutcliffe
Andy Saphire, John Kays, Derek Thurlby, Gaynor Sutcliffe, Simon Brady

Horizon Act Of The Year ( Sponsor – CMR Nashville  )
Winner – Pig Earth
Luke Thomas, Pig Earth, Melissa Gold, Nathan Carter, Chris James

Album Of The Year ( Sponsor – AirPlay Direct  )
Winner – Brian Hughes – My Kind Of Paradise
The Company – Country Songs For Today
Darren Busby – After The End Of The Day
David Bradley – Movin’ On
Brian Hughes – My Kind Of Paradise
Clive John – The Sprit

Original Song Of The Year  ( Sponsor – Country Music People )
Winner  Steve Black – You're On Your Own
California Here I Come – Vic Holdroyd
You’re On Your Own – Steve Black (Alan West)
Damascus Road – Brian Hughes
Smith & Wesson – Daniel James Ward
Soak It Up – David Bradley

Americana Act Of The Year (  Sponsor – Maverick Magazine )
Winner – Good Intentions
Southern Tenant Folk Union, The Good Intentions, The Traveling Band, Two Fingers Of Firewater, Redlands Palomino Company

Hotdisc Track Of The Year (Sponsorship - Hotdisc )
WinnerThe Spirit by Clive John & The Spirit Band

Event Of The Year ( Sponsorship – NAMStars )
WinnerWolvestock Festival

Source - Lee Williams CMR Nashville ( Press Release sent via email )  Thank you Lee  ! 

UPDATE  - OCT 28, 2011 - Listen to Lee Williams review of the awards show and an interview with Charlie Landsborough in the second halve of  "The Country Lunch" on CMR Nashville .

Available to Listen back for 1 week from:
Mon Oct 31 - Sunday 6 Nov -my-tv-now Link

Many Congratulations to all the Award Winners :)    


Monday 17 October 2011

BBC Cuts - Save Country Music on BBC Radio

Proposed BBC Cuts Threaten Country Music Programmes on the BBC
Last week it announced in the press that The BBC has announced it will axe 2,000 jobs and make widespread cuts to programming to save £670 million a year by 2016/17.

BBC cuts in detail:    

Looking at the details as it stands they are looking to axe all specialist shows across the BBC network especially those outside of peak hours and at the weekends. As a result of this it will mean that potentially ALL country music programmes across the BBC regions could face the axe. These specialist country programmes have the biggest FM listener reach than any other UK radio Stations as the country programmes disappeared from commercial radio programmes years ago.
Since the end of December 2010 we have already seen 3 BBC country shows scrapped in a way to make savings so this new BBC consultation could be the final nail in the coffin.

Cuts In Brief Proposals
BBC Radio 2
Safeguard the mainstay of daytime programmes
Replace regular comedy programmes with comedy showcases and ad-hoc comedy series, in order to continue to develop new comedy talent
Reduce the amount of live music broadcast on the station, by a small increase in the number of repeats of Friday Night is Music Night and In Concert re-cast as an occasional event within the weekday evening shows

BBC Local Radio
Focus spend on peak-time programmes - breakfast, mid-morning and drivetime - sport, and faith on Sunday mornings
Increase levels of sharing in off-peak slots: weekday afternoons, Sunday afternoons and evenings
On weekday afternoons most stations would share programming with their neighbouring stations, although a few, which serve a particularly distinct audience, would remain separate
On weekday evenings between 7pm and 10pm, programming would be shared across England, with all stations coming together except when providing local sports commentaries.

At other off-peak periods sharing would occur at a variety of levels. Some would be akin to the regional television areas, and during the late evening in five larger areas: the North; the West Midlands; the East Midlands; the East and South East; and the West and South West
All stations would broadcast Radio 5 Live from 1am until the start of their breakfast programme.

Already we are beginning to see evidence and fears of these proposed cuts and the repercussions they will have for COUNTRY MUSIC in the UK
1 )  The Shropshire Star reported: A number of shows on Radio Shropshire could be axed as part of the BBC’s plans to cut 20 per cent from its budget over the next five years.

The station, which has offices in Shrewsbury and Telford, will lose 20 per cent of its workforce as 8.5 jobs are axed.
Today a BBC spokesman said there would be more programme-sharing for local radio outside peak hours, including the creation of an all-evening England programme.

Marie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire at
The UK Country Radio Awards

He said: “These proposals protect BBC local radio peak-time programmes when the audience is highest and the output is the most distinctive. That is breakfast, mid-morning and drive-time programmes, plus sport and faith on Sunday mornings.
The shows currently likely to be affected by these proposals are Ian Perry’s Early Morning Show, 5am to 6am; Colin Young’s Lunchtime Show, noon to 3pm; Paul Shuttleworth’s Sunday lunchtime show, 1pm to 3pm; and specialist evening shows such as folk, jazz, country, the Trunk of Funk and the Jim Hawkins Rock Show, on Saturdays 6pm to 9pm.
“The proposals are subject to consultation by the BBC Trust, but the proposal is to implement the changes by April 2013.”

Unfortunately it looks like Marie Crichton’s country show on BBC Radio Shropshire will be one of hundreds of victims of these new cuts. They are looking to axe all specialist shows from Shropshire and the impression is that it could be across the board.

Joe Fish BBC Radio Lancashire

 2 ) In an email Joe Fish a former CMA Broadcaster Of The Year who presents “Joe Fish Country” on BBC Radio Lancashire said
For those who listen to my radio programme on BBC Radio Lancashire I wanted to make you aware that the recently announced BBC cut-backs have resulted in decisions which will mean all Specialist programmes including Joe Fish Country will be removed from the station. If you have strong views on this, or the future of local radio, I would ask that you complete the SHORT survey using the link below, to voice your views

3) Paul Braithwaite on BBC Radio Cumbria ended his show on Sunday 9 October, 2011 saying:
   "It's been an interesting week here at the BBC,  were rounding off with Burns And Poe, I NEED A JOB !"

Allan Watkiss-BBC Radio Sheffield 18Sept2011

4) On BBC Radio Sheffield on Sunday 16 October, 2011 country artist Mike Lane  - (website) who hails from Doncaster was interviewed by current CMA Broadcaster Award recipient Allan Watkiss on the “Your Country” programme.

The subject of the cuts was broached.

Mike Lane - “I heard a whisper that there’s going to be some cuts”

Allan Watkiss – “Yeah its true the BBC is making 20% cuts and it puts programmes like this at risk. Basically in our area they have decided that programming on Sunday afternoons will be shared with other neighbouring stations

Mike Lane -“What other neighbouring stations”?
Allan Watkiss - “Leeds and York for example they are in a similar region. There is no guarantee that this programme will be included

Mike Lane - “I am in this position how sitting in front of this microphone talking to your fans that you have built and I would appeal to all of them to ask the BBC bosses to think twice should they even be thinking of axing this programme. It would be such a sad loss, it really really would and your not costing anybody money because you have no assistant”

Allan Watkiss – “Thank you Mike very much for your support....Its no good saying anything to me I won’t be making any of the decisions. I just turn up till told otherwise. There is a website to have a look at . The BBC Trust is the organization that makes the full decisions. I also think there is a case to convince the management here at BBC Radio Sheffield who I have to say have always been really supportive of this show, all the way through its 10 years. This show is up against others to be saved so maybe there is a case if you want to save the show to contacting the management here directly
SOURCE - Listen Back from 1 hour 46mins available till 23 October

List of BBC Programmes who currently broadcast a country music programme
These go out on FM and right around the World on the Internet via the BBC iPlayer with shows archived for Listen Again for 7 Days

BBC Radio 2Bob Harris Country Thurs 7 - 8pm – Show Page
Station total Audience - 13,966,000 adults per week (RAJAR/Ipsos MORI/RSMB June 2011)

BBC Radio Cumbria - Paul Braithwaite “Braithwaites Country” Sunday 7 - 9pm - Show Page
Station total Audience - 147,000 adults per week (RAJAR/Ipsos MORI/RSMB June 2011)

BBC Radio EssexSteve Cherelle  Essex Country” Sunday 2 - 4 pm - Show Page
Station total Audience - 294,000 adults per week (RAJAR/Ipsos MORI/RSMB June 2011)

BBC Radio Kent ‘The Country Hour ‘ Roger Day +  Guest presenter (Alan Cackett or Steve Cherelle) – Weds 9 - 10pm - Show Page
Station total Audience - 244,000 adults per week (RAJAR/Ipsos MORI/RSMB June 2011)

BBC Radio Kent - Dave Cash classic years and an hour of country music from Sunday 7pm – 8pm – Show Page

BBC Radio Lancashire - Joe Fish Sunday 2 - 4pm - Show Page
Station total Audience - 229,000 adults per week (RAJAR/Ipsos MORI/RSMB June 2011)

BBC Radio Merseyside - Kenny Johnson Sunday 6 - 8pm - Show Page
Station total Audience - 338,000 adults per week (RAJAR/Ipsos MORI/RSMB June 2011)

BBC Radio Norfolk - Keith Greentree “Rodeo Norfolk Saturday 9am-12 - Show Page
Station total Audience - 235,000 adults per week (RAJAR/Ipsos MORI/RSMB June 2011)

BBC Radio Shropshire - Marie Crichton Monday 7 - 9pm - Show Page
Station total Audience - 115,000 adults per week (RAJAR/Ipsos MORI/RSMB June 2011)

BBC Radio SheffieldAllan Watkiss “Your Country” Sun 4 - 7pm -  Show Page
Station total Audience - 242,000 adults per week (RAJAR/Ipsos MORI/RSMB June 2011)

  • If you are a country music fan and value listening to any or ALL of the above programmes please make your feelings known by completing the sections in the BBC Trust consultation.
  • If you are a recording artist from the UK, Ireland, Europe, America, Canada or Australia and value the importance of country music programmes on the BBC in order to promote your music, make fans aware of your tour dates and build a radio profile then please ask your UK fanbases to complete the BBC Trust consultation.
  • If you are a promoter and understand how important country music programmes on the BBC are to help to represent your roster of artists please ask your UK contacts to complete the BBC Trust consultation.
  • If you are a country music publication or an online music retail store and believe the loss of country music programmes on the BBC will have a serious knock on effects then please ask your UK readership, email subscribers and contacts to complete the BBC Trust consultation.
Dates the Consultation is Open -  Runs from 6 Oct 2011 to 21 Dec 2011
BBC Statement: - We're also running a consultation about the proposed changes to the BBC's services and content. Some of the proposals made by BBC management as part of Delivering Quality First concern the future strategy of BBC Local Radio. Therefore questions relating to these proposals are asked as part of both consultations.

BBC Trust Consultation: Delivering Quality First
BBC Public Consultation – Tell Us What You Think
Make your protest known regarding BBC Local Radio cuts by completing the BBC Trusts consultation document online:
Please send your response by email to:
or by post to:
Local Radio Review
BBC Trust

180 Great Portland Street
London W1W 5QZ

Friday 7 October 2011

George Jones 80th Birthday Party

George Jones 80th Birthday Party

Inside Music Row ( Showcase TV Freesat 403) - On  this Monday's Show October 10th there is a chance to see the highlight of George Jones birthday.
It's always fun to celebrate special milestones in life, but when the celebration is an 80th birthday party for one of country music's legends, it's definitely time to throw a party. Kelly Lynn caught up with George Jones and a few of his friends at a very special occasion downtown.
See Video:

A packed house of artists, industry professionals, and a few fans turned out Tuesday (Sept. 13) at Rippy's in downtown Nashville to celebrate the 80th birthday of "The Possum," George Jones. 
The Country Music Hall of Famer, who has placed more entries on Billboard's Country Songs chart than any other, was in attendance with his wife Nancy, and took time to chat with reporters before heading over to the Grand Ole Opry for a birthday celebration that included performances by Alan Jackson and the Oak Ridge Boys. 
Jones, whose actual birthday was Monday, was visibly moved by the number of artists and fans that were there. "It means everything," he told "I'm just overwhelmed. It's great. Everybody has been so wonderful."

80th Party PHOTO's - PIC 1 - Pic 2 - Pic 3 - PIC 4 - PIC 5

George Jones 80th Birthday Interview
One of the most moving parts of one of your recent concerts was when you sang ‘Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes.’ As we watched you sing about your friends, many of them no longer with us, a giant screen showed their pictures and brought back so many memories.  Who do you miss the most in country music and why?
I miss all of my old friends who have passed away. Sometimes you just don’t understand why they were taken so soon. I loved and miss Johnny Cash. I miss my old buddy Johnny Paycheck, who happens to be buried in an area of the cemetery that I bought for my family. Of course, the fact that Tammy is gone is something that I am reminded about all of the time since our duets are such a big part of my musical history and, of course, we have a daughter together. Roy Acuff was a big hero for me, and I was so sad when he passed. It’s hard as you get older to lose your friends and family.

You have one of the most interesting biographies in country music, appropriately titled ‘I Lived to Tell It All.’ What was the hardest story you had to share in that book?
I guess the hardest part of the book for me is my bad behavior in disappointing the fans with my “no shows.” When you don’t act right to your family and friends, that’s bad, but they also have the opportunity to experience the “good” side as well. Disappointing the fans is an entirely different thing because the fans love your music and save up money to see you in concert. They plan for weeks in advance to have a nice evening and then, if the artist doesn’t show up, everyone is more than disappointed.  I feel really bad about all the people I disappointed by not showing up or not performing up to my best ability.

In 1995, you had the chance to record one final duet album, called ‘One,’ with Tammy Wynette.  Whose idea was it to get you back in the studio together and on the road one last time?
The idea to do the album was really my wife’s, Nancy. Tammy had almost died and was in the hospital. Nancy insisted that we visit her at the hospital. Tammy was unconscious and as we left, I said, “You better get better so we can do another record together.” Tammy remembered that when she woke up. Nancy plotted and planned with Tammy’s husband, George Richey. I always loved to sing with Tammy — I think that was the big attraction between us, our voices. The tour came about as the natural next step and gave us a wonderful opportunity to sing our old hits together and get over the bitterness that existed between us for so long.

On the reunion tour with Tammy Wynette, Kenny Chesney opened up the show. Kenny has come a long way since then, and it appears the two of you still work together, as his latest album features you on the track ‘Small Y’all.’ How did your friendship with Kenny begin, and why is he one of your favorite modern singers in country music?
I love Kenny, and he has remained as close as a son to me. My stepdaughter with Nancy worked for Morris Management, who manages Kenny. Kenny was just starting out and we all agreed to bring him along on the tour. He took his first private plane trip with me and he was just thrilled. In fact, he wore overalls that day and gave them to me. I have them framed down in my memorabilia basement! Through the years, Kenny always stayed in touch and, as he became such a big star, he never forgot me. We do little surprises for each other. Just a couple of months ago, I surprised him on tour and walked out onstage singing to him. He just about fell over. He was so happy and emotional. He knows I don’t normally show up at other people’s shows, and it was a wonderful moment between us. We had dinner back in Nashville a couple of nights later. Kenny is a good, good man and I think of him as a son — and he calls me “Dad.” I am so proud of all that he’s accomplished, and he has stayed the same down to earth humble guy that he’s always been.

Last year, you released ‘George Jones: Hits’ on Bandit Records. One of the previously unreleased tracks, ‘I Ain’t Ever Slowin’ Down,’ inspired a national line dance hit. How does it make you feel to know that people of all ages are line dancing to your music after all these years?
I’m thrilled about the line dance. I still believe if I could get more airplay, I could get a hit. ‘I Ain’t Ever Slowing Down’ would have been a big hit if I had recorded it in my younger days. I’m thrilled that people still respond to my music and that the music is relevant to today’s listeners.

You’ve placed 168 songs on the Billboard country charts, more than any other artist in history.  Obviously not all of those singles could be big hits, so out of all of your songs that didn’t make the Top 10, name one or two singles that you wish were bigger hits.
I’ve been unbelievably lucky with my music. I’m not sure of the numbers to be honest, but 168 sounds good to me. I think ‘The Cold Hard Truth’ could have and should have been a big hit. ‘I Don’t Need Your Rockin’ Chair’ only went to No. 24 but the audience reaction every night in my concerts makes it feel like a Top 10. ‘You’re Still On My Mind’ didn’t even make it into the Top 20. There were a lot of songs during my MCA years that I thought should have been singles but were not.  You can’t worry about what wasn’t — I was very lucky to have as many hits as I had.

When you look back on everything you’ve accomplished in your life, what are you the most proud of personally and professionally?
From a career point of view, I am amazed by my good fortune. I’ve been recording for about 57 years, and I never dreamed that would happen. As they say, I’ve had hits in five decades so that’s pretty good. From a personal point of view, I’m proud of the fact that I finally kicked my demons and that drink and drugs are no longer a part of me. The last 10 years or so have allowed me to be a better husband, father and friend on a personal level than all the years before when I was so messed up.