Friday 30 June 2023

Chloe Chadwick releases new single ‘Soulmate’

 Chloe Chadwick releases new single ‘Soulmate’

Soulmate by CHLOE CHADWICK dropped 30 June 2023 on all music media platforms!
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Strike while the iron is hot!

'It's Great To Be Back. I'm Literally Chomping At The Bit To Release My Ep In August! I Believe This Is My Best Work Yet And I'm So Very Proud Of It!" - CHLOË
Since her debut album DUSTBOWL JUKEBOX, of which topped the UK Country iTunes charts back in 2017, alongside a whole host of festivals and a UK Album tour reaching 7 major cities, Chloe took a well-earned break after 15 years of performing non stop across the UK & Europe. However, she is now back in full swing...
Following in the wake of her most successful single to date, Chloe Chadwick is striking while the iron is hot with her latest single "Soulmate." This song sings as sweetly as your heart does when you find that special someone that lights up your world and pulls you out of the darkness !
If you are already a fan of Chloë, she will take you back with a glimpse of some of her previous country sounds. This song showcases a melting pot of Alt-Country and Country-Pop that's perfect for any summer playlist. This uplifting loveable new off  from Chloë will most certainly leave you wanting more!" 

"Soulmate definitely lightens the mood! I wrote this song out of the blue when I was recording other songs for my EP. I really love this song and the fact it just came out of me so quickly, I just knew there was something special about it and it just had to be on the EP. It's a song about finding my happy place, finding love and peace in life which I think was needed to showcase, and to let people know my life hasn't all been doom and gloom these last few years! My wife inspired me to write this song, it's all for her being honest. Having someone literally lift you out of a dark place, she was the inspiration behind me finding my true self again. Having someone positive in your life of whom you can draw inspiration and strength from is a gift that we don't all have the opportunity of receiving. I'm extremely lucky to have found my soulmate and I wont ever take her for granted." – Chloë
Singer/Songwriter (Pop/Rock/Americana/Country)
Hailing from Staffordshire in the heart of central England, Chloë Chadwick is a career musician who has built her reputation through unadulterated passion for her craft and genuine grit.
Her formative years saw a wealth of performance experience develop as she played the club and festival circuits across the French Alps, Italy, Balearic Islands and at home in the UK.
With a love of the open road, Chloë is never closer to home than when performing onstage.
She has a long history of live performance with many hundreds of gigs under her belt.
Extending from intimate independent venues through to large festivals and almost everything between, Chloë’s diverse appeal has seen her perform at C2C Festival at London's 02 Arena, and other countless festivals, sharing the bill with The Shires, Ward Thomas, Nikki Lane, Sam Outlaw, and many other familiar names.

In May 2015 she released her 4-track self-titled EP which included her single ‘Settle Your Heart’ ("It's a great song too...isn't it nice, absolutely superb" - Keith Greentree BBC Radio Norfolk).
The lead off cut Feels Like Home (first released as a single May 15, 2015) was promoted on the Hotdisc #213 making a debut at No.29 and climbed to No.5 (chart dated Oct 30, 2016) on the Hotdisc top 40 and topped the Hotdisc British & Irish Top 10.
In 2016 Chloe was nominated for UK Female Country Singer Of The Year and UK Country Artist Of The Year (For an Artist who has demonstrated outstanding achievement during the previous year) as part of’s 9th Birthday Party And Awards.
Her 10-track debut album DUSTBOWL JUKEBOX  was released on June 30, 2017, and hit top 20 on the iTunes country charts.
As a Multi UK Country Music Award nominee Chloe demonstrated she was a gifted emerging songwriter and performer based in the North East UK. She was a girl on a mission to spread her music everywhere, and as the critics said.... 'her acoustic individuality is so prominent in her music and it had us gripped to each lyric' and being compared to Lady Antebellum, her 2017 single 'Love Will Find A Way' was an adventurous musical compilation and the creme de la creme of her massive success in 2016. Critics described the tune as 'a beautifully crafted vocal track'.
Love Will Find A Way” (exclusive play): "I think it's an absolute winner for Chloë, it's a cracking release...I think that's absolutely brilliant" - Brian Clough 2010 CMA International Country Broadcaster Award Winner.
Love Will Find A Way was promoted on the Hotdisc #222 making a bow at No.14 peaking at No.6 (chart dated June 25, 2017) on the Hotdisc top 40 and again hit No.1 on  the Hotdisc British & Irish Top 10.

The video was voted No.2 at the Hotdisc 2017 Video Awards which aired on Showcase TV (formerly Keep It Country on Sky TV) .
Popular upbeat song 'Summertime Lovin' was part of her Feels Like Home tour set. The song was filmed live at The Shakespeare in Nantwich, UK.
After a 3-year hiatus the addictive themed Alt/Pop smooth track Devils Game (August 2020) dropped from the Cheshire singer/songwriter
Rattling Bones’ ,released on May 5, 2023, was inspired by taking back the reigns over your own destiny and not letting others dictate the path you walk. Sometimes your greatest strength comes from within and not from another!
New single ‘Soulmate’ dropped June 30, 2023. In Chloe's own words: “It’s a meaningful song to me, about the struggles life can sometimes throw at you, being trapped in the darkness, and someone special being there to pull you back into the light. I think people can relate to this in more ways than they think. We all have that special person in our lives, someone who goes out of their way, a shoulder to cry on, someone we trust to be there when things go pear shaped! I wrote this with a special someone in mind, my wife, we met at a time when I wasn’t in the best of places, and she really was my guiding light through it all, and I owe a lot to her, and what better way to do that, than through writing a song".

The new single is being promoted by Country Music Social Media to radio stations across the UK and beyond. Fans should request Soulmate on their favourite station.  
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