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Sons of the Palomino - Sons of the Palomino: Album feature & review

Sons of the Palomino - Sons of the Palomino: Album feature & review

Band: Website
Release Date: 30 June 2017
Label: 3 Ring Circus
UPC: 819376011622 | Digipack Packaging
Record Label: BFD
13 Tracks/ Time: 47:45

1. Runnin’ Around 2. Authentic 3. When Lonely Calls 4. Countryholic 5. Outta This Town
6. Lie 7. Independent Trucker 8. Whiskey Years 9. Hole In The Wall 10. Unbroken People
11. Used To Be Country Town 12. Nobody Does Lonely 13. Old Roads and Lost Highways
Fresh country music with an old school country sound.
For Fans Of: The Time Jumpers, Merle Haggard, Jeffrey Steele, George Jones

ABOUT: Traditional Country Group lead by singer/songwriter Jeffrey Steele.
Real Name: Jeffrey LeVaseur
Profile: American country music singer and songwriter, born 27 August 1961 in Burbank, California, USA.
Publishing: BMI/Jeffrey Steele Music, BMI/BPJ Administration, BMI

In Brief: The project took Music Row by storm with guest artists flocking to the sessions that include John Anderson ("Authentic"), Emmylou Harris (“Out of this Town”), Jamey Johnson ("Whiskey Years"), Vince Gill, Gretchen Wilson ("Used to be a Country Town") and from Big and Rich fame, John Rich who appeared on the first single "Countryholic" and makes a guest showing in the video as well.

Background: Every songwriter dreads these words; “Nobody is going to cut this song.”
Everybody, that is, except Jeffrey Steele. Make no mistake: This Nashville Songwriter Hall Of Fame member has written more than his share of hits, including No.1 singles for Rascal Flatts (“These Days”, “What Hurts the Most” and “My Wish”), Tim McGraw (“The Cowboy in Me"; songwriters Tom Douglas, Jaren Johnston, and Jeffrey Steele), Steve Holy (“Brand New Girlfriend”) and Keith Urban (“Raise Em Up”).  Jeffrey also co-wrote Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s” with Tom Douglas and Jaren Johnston, which peaked at #2 on Country Airplay and was nominated for a CMT Collaborative Video of the Year in 2015.
This album was not created to dominate the charts. Steele’s collaborators expressed bafflement or disbelief at the way he was steering the session. “You can’t play this for Luke Bryan! You can’t play this for Kenny Chesney! They’re gonna laugh you out of town!’ was the reaction.
Which is why his latest project triggered so much head-scratching up and down Music Row.

“Songwriting vet Jeffrey Steele is among the performers who, early in his career, graced the stage of the Palomino Club, the legendary North Hollywood venue that was a haven for country fans for decades.
Circa late 1980s/early 1990s it is described a in the nicest sense of the word, a dive: dark, dingy, low ceiling, red stools lining a long bar, duct tape patching a carpet worn by decades of artists dragging gear in from the alley, lugging it  through the crowd toward the room in the back where they could change before their show. Only the photos that cover the walls — shots of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, each one taken as they played on this venue’s cramped stage.
Steele wrote or co-wrote every track on the album paying homage to the traditional country music that the venue championed.

In a nod to the club, which helped launch Dwight Yoakam into superstardom, Steele is the front man of outfit Sons of the Palomino, a band that comprises A-list sessions musicians Paul Franklin (steel guitar), Larry Franklin (fiddle), Jerry Roe (drums), Tony Harrell (piano), James Mitchell (guitar) and Brad Albin (bass). The group’s new single and video for “Countryholic” is a potent mix of old-school honky-tonk, sparkling with clever, rapid-fire wordplay (with crafty shout-outs to Merle Haggard and Hank Williams) and a guest shot from John Rich.”

Drenched in steel guitar and fiddle the light-hearted opener “Running Around”, a terrific up-tempo dance hall cut, reaches out to a female protagonist bored with the dance hall lies and neon lights and chasing a 6ft faded blue jean dream! After heels have cooled and tears have been shed an olive branch is tentatively offered for a return to her everyday Joe.

There’s nothing to prove and trying to be cool when Wall Street brands are dismissed on the masterful honky-tonker “Authentic” on which John Anderson lends his distinctive vocal. A track laced with fiddle and heaps of twang. “He made "Authentic,” well....authentic! said Steele referring to the age 62-year old Florida native singer-songwriter.

With its gentle piano opening there’s a beautiful quality to the heartbreaker and soul searcher “When Lonely Calls” which soars and builds. 
With the additional strings in the mix and a standout vocal offering a necessary hurtful vibe this sounds like a modern-day classic, as good times come and drift away and bad times take a hold. 
This is a track Steele gravitates to and is “the most real” sharing “These are pages of my life. Losing my son, battling addiction and demons, and somehow still standing here with a smile

John Rich (Big & Rich) guests on the pre-grat and lead-off old-school single "Countryholic" (writers Jeffrey Steele, Ira Dean, Shane Minor). 
This infectious raucous, high energy throwback number which may be habit-forming! Its self-explanatory message delivers a toe-tapping stomper deserving of a dance smash. “There ain’t no cure for a Countryholic,” sings Steele, cautioning:
 “If you see him in a boot store, get him on home / Don’t leave him in the truck with the radio on / Don’t tell him ‘bout the county fair, corn dog, tractor pull and all the dosey-doin’ goin’ on down there”.
Country greats Haggard, Willie, Waylon, and Hank Williams Sr. are suitably name-checked on the barnstorming track which musically recalls Dwight Yoakam and BR549.
"'Countryholic' is a 100 proof honky-tonk song that will make you want to holler yee-haw!" shared Steele. "That song is icing on the cake of a project three years in the making with an all-star cast of musicians and guests who are all helping to capture an era in music that seems to have vanished." With a mission statement to create good, honest and fun country music this ticks all the boxes!
Official music video for Sons Of The Palomino's debut single "Countryholic":

The slowly cinematic Outta This Town rocks some nostalgic dreamy storytelling (stealing innocent kisses, weddings and a funeral) with Emmylou Harris adding a delicate, haunting and tasteful harmony – Wonderful stuff.

The penning of the magnificent “Lie” tips a classic nod to iconic country songs. An observational song, it’s inspired by the love of Steeles’ life lying on a bed. It captures a beautiful moment of a guy realizing he is powerless over his girl’s mere presence” with closing words: Don’t give up, don’t go nowhere, don’t do nothing, just lay right there and lie, I love it when you lie. Don’t change the story don’t change the tune, your bodies a temple and I see the truth, when you lie, I love it when you lie.

The pace quickens on the entertaining down-home chug-a-long Independent Trucker depicting the life on the road which allows a crack band to break free.
Sons of The Palomino performing "Independent Trucker" at Music City Roots Live From The Factory on Oct 2, 2016:

The laidback bluesy “Whiskey Years,” features Jamey Johnson accompanied by Steele on piano. Squeezing out the hurt this acoustic guitar-driven hardcore full on country ballad hits the emotional jackpot recalling a man looking beyond crazy wild ways and mistakes: But who am I trying to fool / I’m still going through my whiskey years

Where the beers ice cold and the lights are low, Hole In The Wall with its beachy easy style is something you could easily imagine gracing a Jimmy Buffet record.
The slowly “Unbroken People” a social commentary score, oozes pain when trying to come to terms with loss underpinned by a weeping steel.

Gretchen Wilson joins in the fun (with a humorous dig at Music City) on the Friday night honky-tonk fuelled "Used to be a Country Town" that should have country lovers hitting the dancefloor to burn it up all night long! Woo!

With signature licks Vince Gill empathises with Steele on the classy last-call lament “Nobody Does Lonely” and the 47 minute countryholic journey ends with Old Roads and Lost Highways as a steel gently drifts across the landscape.

Summing up the project, which I personally hope is the first of many, Steele shares: I think ultimately the hope is that the music captures the period and that the songs hold up as great songs. To sum it all up, that it inspires a little bit of, ‘do it for the joy’ and watch what happens!
He is not wrong there! For those who have tired of the bland, samey Nashville Pop/Rock sausage machine sheen this welcome gem is exactly what the doctor ordered and more. There are no fillers, unearth it and lap up the country goodness.

Country Routes

They come in all ages #Countryholics
Posted by Sons of the Palomino on Tuesday, 13 June 2017

What others are saying:
 "I think this will go down a storm, admit it how many of you would call yourself a  Countryholic?. Heard that thought got to play that, excellentMarie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire.

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Wednesday 28 June 2017

Radio Waves: Radio Presenter Spotlight - Roger Peck

Radio Waves: Radio Presenter Spotlight - Roger Peck

All Good Things In British Country
A look at the modern British country scene, playing modern country (?) music

Roger Peck
Presenters Goal: Aim is to promote modern British artists
Studied Business studies at Southampton College of Technology
Lives in Aldershot from Southampton
Retired | Birth: August 7
Listen to archived shows on Mixcloud

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If any artists wish to send Roger any tracks please contact him by email at or message on Facebook

Rogers new website supports British Country Music and his two hours weekly British show produced in conjunction with CMR Nashville.
It can be heard on five different Country Radio Stations and weekly times are as follows:
CMR Nashville Website Hour 1 is Thursday 5pm repeated at Friday 1am and 9am. Hour 2 is Friday 3pm repeated at Saturday 3am.
Country Road Radio Jivetime Radio Thursday 8pm to 10pm.
Edinburgh Country Music Radio Website Thursday 8pm to 10pm repeated Saturday 12am to 2am
Phoenix Country Radio Website Saturday 6pm to 8pm
Sunshine Radio Website Sunday 6pm to 8pm


British Country Music Show 1 June 2017

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British Country Music Show 25 May 2017

Emma Stevens - Sing Out (Hey La Hey Lo) | Album: To My Roots (21 July 2017) Amazon UK | UK iTunes
David Bradley - Think About Me
Penny Jayne Black - This Ain't Love | Album: Penny Jayne Black Bandcamp - UK iTunes (Hotdisc #221. Self-penned, "This Ain't Love" was promoted on the May 2017 promotional Hotdisc and finally made a debut at #40 on the Hotdisc Top 40 Chart climbing to #35 and made a #10 bottom rung entry on the British & Irish Chart.
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Kerry Fearon & Jordan Mogey - Red River Valley Kerry Fearon & Jordan Mogey sing the traditional country classic 'Red River Valley'.
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** Interview Of The Week **
Lily Garland - Tracks played: Tonight (Album: Time to Fly 18 Nov 2016 Amazon UK), I'm Coming To You (Album: The Next Chapter) and "Time To Fly"

Portsmouth country singer/songwriter Lily Garland’s debut EP TIME TO FLY was self-released Nov 18, 2016 (5 Tracks/ Time: 18:57 | Amazon UK | UK iTunes; Focus tracks "Tonight" and "Time To Fly"). Lily launched 'Time to Fly' at the Rifle Club in Portsmouth with special guests Jack Francis, The Paper Trains and DJ Russell Hill from Express FM.
She was accompanied by the band Hannah Todd (Vocals and Percussion), Rob Skinner (Guitar), Callum Lake (Keys), Dave Bulbeck (Bass) and Sam Sanders (Drums)
She has been given an "amazing opportunity" to go to Liverpool and record her latest EP with go-to UK country producer Justin Johnson (Website) who has produced numerous UK Country music artists (Raintown, Narn, Blue Genes, Samantha Lloyd, Sam Hollyman, Mike Ward, Angie King,  Acoustic Journey, Thorne Hill, Dahlia, Jade Helliwell, Darcy, Southern Junction, Hollie Barrie (from The Voice UK), Emma Moore, Kira Mac and Jeannine Barry.
Self released on 16 June 2017 the 5 track EP is titled The Next ChapterAmazon UK - UK iTunes - )
It made a UK Country iTunes debut on Friday June 16 at #45 debut, then #17 (#371 UK iTunes overall chart), then #13 (#336), then #8 (#262), then #7 (#179), peaked at #5 (#153 overall), #6 (#139) | Sat 17 June #10 (#302), then #12 Sat June 17 #10 (#302) | Sun June 18: #28 (#976).

An EP Launch appropriately took place in Liverpool at Studio 2 Parr Street on 17th June. Joining Lily were special guests Narn and The Angels With Dirty Faces Unplugged.
Her Hotdisc single "I'm Coming For You" (writers Lily Garland, Justin Johnson, Adam Sweet) made a debut at #15 (chart dated June 11, 2017) and has so far climbed to #9 (chart dated June 25, 2017)
The UK Country Music Awards Finalists were announced and Lily is nominated for's prestigious UK Country Artist Of The Year Award

Lily Garland Dates:
Sat July 8, 2017 - The Ironmaster, Fareham (Website; 26 West Street, PO16 0JW) FREE Entry
Sun July 23, 2017 - Country Live at the Bandstand, Southsea (Bandstand, West Battery Gardens, PO5 3NT) with Laura Oakes, Him and Her FREE Event
Sun 30 July 2017 - The Bluebird Sessions, Kelvedon (Kelvedon Institute, 78 High St, Essex CO5 9JP / CO5 9AA) Lily Garland, Lucy Blu, Paul McClure, Carousel, Katy Hurt, Honey Ryder £12 Event
Thurs August 3, 2017 - Wickham Festival, Fareham (Blind Lane PO17 5HD) Lily will be making her debut appearance at the Wickham Festival headlined by KT Tunstall and 10cc. She will be performing will the band in the Quay West Cave Stage at 7pm
Fri August 18, 2017 - The Wedgwood Rooms, Southsea (Website; 147b Albert Road, Portsmouth, PO4 0JW) Lily will be launching her EP The Next Chapter with a special hometown event at the popular music venue, with: The Adult Urban Vocal Group, Phil Vinall £9 Event
Sat August 26, 2017 - Victorious Festival, Southsea Terrace, Portsmouth, - The RadWeb Stage with: Frightened Rabbit, The Jackobins, Ben Pryer, Marmalade Moonshine
Weds 30 August 2017 - Sound Lounge, London 'The Next Chapter EP Launch Tour' with Jake Morrell and Backwoods Creek £4 Event
Sun September 10, 2017 - DeadKool Country Promotions, Woodborough Social Club (Website) Smithy Ln, Pewsey SN9 5PL Event

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British Country Music Show 18 May 2017

Saskia Vese - Say Hello
Tony Clarke - Burning Red
Ashton Lane - Sweet Lover
Sarah Jory - Two sparrows in a hurricane
Henry Smith - Apartment No 9
** Interview Of The Week **
Sabrina Maria – Survivor | Album: Blank Canvas (26 March 2017) Amazon UK
Sabrina Maria Interview Part 1
Sabrina Maria - Show Me The Love
Sabrina Maria - Shotgun

Dave Sheriff - Hey God
The Shires - Daddy's Little Girl | Album: My Universe Amazon UK - UK iTunes -
Lisa McHugh - Play Me The Waltz Of The Angels
Emma Stevens - Sing Out (Hey La Hey Lo)
Rett Russell - Aint One Single Thing In Common
Lucie Silvas - Find A Way
Lily Garland - I'm Coming For You
Dexeter – Waiting For A Lifetime
** Album Of The Week **
Luke Tuchscherer - Waiting For My Day To Come | Album: Always Be True (ROCK; 2 June 2017) Amazon UK
Luke Tuchscherer - A Song For Jack Brown
Luke Tuchscherer - No One Did It Like Us

Danni Nicholls - Leaving Tennessee
Raintown - If This Was A Love Song
Chloë Chadwick - Love Will Find A Way

Thorne Hill - The Life I Once Knew
Penny Jayne Black -This Ain't Love
Southern Companion - Letting You Go
Ward Thomas -. Carry You Home | Album: Cartwheels Amazon UK - UK iTunes 

British Country Music Show 20 Apr 2017

Looking at Best of British at British Country Music Awards (BCMA Awards)
+ Interview with Chloe Chadwick


More Country Music Week shows announced for the UK in October

More Country Music Week shows announced:
CMA Songwriters Series with RANDY HOUSER, ERIC PASLAY,

Under The Apple Tree Sessions – Bob Harris OBE presents
Performing at London’s Bush Hall!

Plus LINDSAY ELL and JACE EVERETT will both be performing concerts in London
Tickets on sale, Friday morning June 30, 2017 at 9am!

The organisers of the hugely successful Country to Country (C2C) music festival have announced more artists and events appearing during Country Music Week, the exciting, brand new week-long series of shows taking place from Mon 2 to Sun Oct 8, 2017 in London venues!
Country Music Week (CMW) will feature live shows and unique events across select venues in central London. The events will recognise and celebrate emerging artists within the broad spectrum of country music, will give fans another opportunity to discover UK and US acts early in their career and will connect fans with the stories behind the songs and will include additional programming and a central hub area!
The CMA Songwriters Series UK Tour
The CMA Songwriters Series has been presenting the very best of Country Music’s songwriters and artists, whose hits are known worldwide, since 2005.
The shows are intimate presentations where songwriters exhibit their craft and share many of the stories behind the songs they have penned. Based on the instant sell-out success at last year’s C2C, this series will return to the UK kicking off a four-date tour with a show in London Oct. 3 at a fully-seated Shepherds Bush Empire.
Tour features Randy Houser, Eric Paslay, Angaleena Presley and Michael Tyler in London, Gateshead, Glasgow and Liverpool.

Tues October 3, 2017 - London, O2 Shepherds Bush Empire
Wed October 4, 2017 - Gateshead, Sage Gateshead
Fri October 6, 2017 - Glasgow, St. Luke’s
Sat October 7, 2017 - Liverpool, St George’s Hall

Tickets on sale, Friday morning June 30, 2017 at 9am!

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