Monday 26 January 2015

Blog Updates

Due to very busy work shift commitments and extra hours from late November we have been unable to update the Blog Posts with the Country News Snippets and Billboard Chart news. 
We have a lot of data logged ready to compile new posts and some new features with perhaps a shift away from the corporate mainstream country music which continues to disappoint with a lack of quality and a continued major absence of female artists.

However as a priority we have spent several days and nights trawling the internet to compile a comprehensive 2015 Tour Dates Page with major additions to UK artist gigs & shows, London dates, Major Festival and Norfolk Festivals. We hope you find this a useful reference to help you plan your Country/Americana/Folk/Roots year – CLICK HERE

With so many albums going under the radar we have also spent time exploring and completing a comprehensive listing of Country/Alt Country/ Americana albums released in 2014.
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Brian Clough's American Connection Page has been given a 2015 facelift.
Do you think that country radio programmers should think outside the box more because of what the video and audio streaming services now have to offer on sites such as YouTube, Vevo, BBC Playlister and Spotify? 
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Wishing you a healthy, happy and enjoyable 2015

Thank You
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