Friday 6 March 2015

C2C 2015 Pop Up Stages - LINE UP & Times

There will be 79 Pop Up Stage performances across the C2C2015 weekend Saturday 7th March 2015 – Sunday 8th March 2015

 Yes with some many acts it is so hard to plan the day!

The team at C2C HQ at The O2 talked about how they programme the pop-up stages and why it's so important to C2C. It was a full on and busy week for the team responsible for programming the pop up stages.
Something they came to realise this year is how much more pressure they had to do a great job on programming. There are now so many more artists applying and so much more interest in who is playing.

Alan Cackett the highly respected journalist wrote that it will be impossible to catch all the Pop Up Stage acts but he selected the one’s he urged you to try and see. 
Those artists names are highlighted. below in the tables
Mr Cackett won the Wesley Rose Media Achievement Award as editor of Maverick Magazine (2008)
He contributed regularly to Country Music People magazine from 1970 through to 1992 on a freelance basis
He contributed on a freelance basis to Country Music International from 1994 until 2001, when it closed down.
He founded Maverick Magazine in 2002 and was the editor until 2013.
Read his 2015 Pop Up Stage review Alan

Use our Google ONLINE SPREADSHEET to see all the Artists Appearing

It shows the Days and Times they play with links to their Social Network sites.

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Saturday 7th March 2015  LINE UP

Sunday 8th March 2015 LINE UP

C2C2015 Pop Up Stages Artists A-K

C2C2015 Pop Up Stages Artists J-Z

C2C2015 Pop Up Stages Artist Sorted
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