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Country Routes Magazine - a short introduction....

NEWS: The Magazine ceased publication in November 2013 owing to the editors health issues. We wished her well. 

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Archive Info:
Small to buy - Only £1 and jam-packed with knowledge from their experienced team of Country Music journalists, musicians and contributors who are fanatical country music fans!

The magazine was based in North and East of England covering gigs/reviews for all the areas of :
Northumbria , Tyne & Wear, Cleveland, Co. Durham, 
North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Merseyside, Lancashire, and Cheshire

Historical Spill:
We strongly believe that unity bonds us, so wherever your preferences lay from dancing to gunfighters to tapping your toes in trainers - who cares! Just as long as you're loving our great country music. 

The printed magazine ceased publication back in November 2013

COUNTRY ROUTES gave you everything you needed to know.
  • A comprehensive 16 page gig guide with clubs, events, USA and UK tours etc . . . 
  • In-depth articles on bands, clubs, shows, festivals and special events. 
  • Latest CD reviews from the USA and the UK.
  • COUNTRY ROUTES also includes a dance section.
Country Routes, established in 2004 attracted a wide readership base and an ever-increasing subscribers list. 
Why? Because for only £1 per issue (or £22 annual subscription or  £35 for 2 years)
£22 = Annual subscription of 12 months
£12 = Half Yearly subscription of 6 months
£35 = 24 Months


Country Routes Magazine, generously shared a superb roster of clubs and listings from the North of England with:
 The ABC of British Country Music Live listings for Artists, Bands & Clubs

What's On: (North East):
Durham & Teeside/Cleveland, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, Yorkshire & Humberside

What's On: (North West):
Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside

Check out a sample of the September 2011 issue
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Country Routes Magazine September 2011