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Concert Review: London Loves Paisley; Brad Paisley in the O2 arena | The Country Site

Concert Review: London Loves Paisley; Brad Paisley in the O2 arena The Country Site

Several days ago Entertainer of the Year, Brad Paisley, and Darius Rucker made their way to London, England and took the stage at the O2 arena. They managed to almost fill the arena to it’s 23.000 capacity with fans from all over Britain and the rest of Europe. There might not be CMT or GAC out in Europe, we mainly get our music and information from the internet, and while X-Factor judges left the venue after an audition so did the media. But they were greeted by thousands of country music fans wearing their hats and boots.
The English are known to be reserved and I knew most didn’t know Darius Rucker yet so I didn’t know what their reaction was going to be but he got greeted with cheers and after playing hit songs like ‘Alright’ and ‘This’ the crowd was loving him. His emotional performance of ‘Don’t think I don’t think about it’ and ‘It won’t be like this for long’ and fun filled crowd pleasers ‘One tequila’ and the Hank Williams Jr.’s cover ‘Family tradition’ won their hearts.
Brad took the stage while his fans greeted him with a standing ovation. You could feel the energy kicking up a notch as he started playing. After playing a few hit songs like ‘Mud on the Tires’, ‘Then’ and ‘Online’ Brad mentioned loving the European crowd because we don’t know what his biggest hits were and mainly know his music because we listen to his albums all the time, which is true. This gives him the freedom to play what ever he wants and so he decided to play the first song of his first album; ‘Long Sermon’.

The big screen behind the band was playing cartoons and videos while Brad moved from one side of the stage to the other to sing at different microphones. He made sure that everyone in the O2, the largest indoor arena in Europe, had a good view of him when he walked through the crowd and took a seat on a small stage in the middle of his admiring fans and sang ‘Whiskey Lullaby’ before making his way back to the main stage to continue the show with songs like ‘Old Alabama’ (we were all secretly hoping they made it out to Europe as well), ‘I’m gonna miss her’ and ‘Waiting on a woman’.

Before we knew it the two hour show was over and we were all begging for an encore. So back on comes Brad, bringing with him Ronnie Wood, the legendary guitarist of the Rolling Stones. ‘Let the good times roll’ was their song of choice. Great to see two great guitarists play together like that.
The show was ended with ‘Alcohol’. Darius joined the others on stage again and did his imitation of a white people dance. And while the crowd still couldn’t get enough, the boys said their goodbyes. It surely let every single person in the arena wanting more. What an amazing show.

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