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Country Billboard Chart News May 9, 2013

Country Billboard Chart News May 9, 2013

In Brief

Billboard Country Album Chart ** No. 1 (1 week)** LIFE ON A ROCK  Kenny Chesney
Billboard Hot Country Songs ** No. 1 (10 weeks) ** “Cruise”  Florida Georgia Line
Billboard Country Airplay ** No. 1 (1 week) ** "Get Your Shine On” Florida Georgia Line
Billboard Country Digital Songs ** No. 1 **  “Cruise”  Florida Georgia Line  

RIAA Certifications
The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has announced the integration of streams to its recognition of Gold and Platinum certifications.
Thus Kenny Chesney, Jake Owen, Carrie Underwood are among new RIAA recipients
On-demand audio and/or video song streams will now be counted toward the 500,000 (gold), 1,000,000 (platinum) and 2,000,000 plus (multiplatinum) thresholds required for digital single award certification.

For the RIAA, deciding that on-demand streams should be recognized was the easy part. The hard part was in figuring out how many streams should be equivalent of a single sale.
The group agonized for more than a year over that question, said RIAA Chairman and Chief Executive Cary Sherman.
If it looked at, for any single song, how many on-demand streams would generate as much revenue for rightsholders as a download sale, the answer would be somewhere in the hundreds of thousands!
The RIAA rejected that path because it would be "impossible" to arrive at a number, given that
on-demand streaming contracts are confidential and can vary considerably, Sherman said. In addition, such contracts expire and change continually, rendering any formula based on current contracts obsolete in a short period of time.
"We also felt that pure economics should not be the basis for acknowledging artistic achivement," Sherman said. Instead, the group opted to rely on average consumption patterns, for every download of any particular song sold, how often is it also being streamed on demand? The answer: 100.
Eleven new songs, including 30 Seconds To Mars’ “This Is War,” Aerosmith's "I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” and Lana Del Rey's "Video Games," earned first-time awards because streams tipped them over the marks. (Source Billboard)
** So the RIAA have created the formula of 100 streams being equivalent to one download  **

Specifically, the RIAA is awarding 11 gold, 18 platinum and 27 multiplatinum new "combined" digital single awards, counting both downloads and streams. This includes streams from on-demand services like MOG, Muve Music, Rdio, Rhapsody, Slacker, Spotify, Xbox Music and others, plus video streaming services like, VEVO, Yahoo! Music, YouTube and more.

First awarded to LP recordings but expanded to a number of formats overtime to include cassette tapes, CDs, digital tracks, digital albums, ringtones, and now streams, more than 14,000 titles have been certified by the RIAA during the last 55 years.
All certifications are calculated by the firm Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman, which has audited title sales for the RIAA for more than 30 years - Read the full RIAA Press Release
UK Pop artist and X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd was among the first artists to receive RIAA's Combined Digital Single Award Plaques - Photo

New certifications in the country realm include:
Kenny Chesney's single "The Boys of Fall" (Platinum)
Toby Keith's single  "Beers Ago" (GOLD)
Jake Owen's single "Alone With You" (Platinum)
Jake Owen's single "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" (2X Platinum)
Josh Turner's single "Why Don't We Just Dance" (Platinum)
Carrie Underwood's single "Before He Cheats" (x4 Platinum)

Billboard Top 200 / Billboard Country Album (Chart week of May 18, 2013)

Kenny Chesney grabbed his seventh No. 1 album on the Billboard Top 200 chart as LIFE ON A ROCK debuts atop the list.
The April 30th release sold 152,805 copies (86,413 Physical copies + 66,392 Digital albums)  in its first week at retail according to Nielsen SoundScan.
Among country acts with the most No. 1s on the Billboard 200, Chesney is second to only Garth Brooks. The latter notched eight leaders between 1991 and 2001.
Regarding Billboard’s Top Country Albums Kenny now comes within striking distance of the Oklahoman’s crown during the Nielsen SoundScan era (which began with the album charts dated May 25, 1991), Chesney enters a two-way tie for fourth place with Brooks for the most leaders (12 apiece), a list where George Strait remains king with 15 No. 1s, followed by Tim McGraw (14), Alan Jackson (13) and Toby Keith (10).

Since 2004, all 10 of Chesney's regular full-length albums have debuted in the top four on the Billboard 200. His latest follows 2012's WELCOME TO THE FISHBOWL, which debuted and peaked at No. 2 off a 193,000 start. The new album's debut week is his smallest sales bow for a studio set since 1999's EVERYWHERE WE GO began with 30,000.
NO SHOES, NO SHIRT, NO PROBLEMS (2002) was the first of 9 Billboard Country Album No.1’s and the 7 Billboard Top 200 (BB200) No.1’s
"Life on a Rock's" first single, "Pirate Flag," became his 45th top 10 hit on the Country Airplay chart in March. This week, the tune rises 5-4.
"The spirit of this record is so much about friendship," says Chesney. "A lot of these songs were inspired by the people I’ve met, the lives we’ve shared and the way they inspired me." Those friends include Willie Nelson, who joins Chesney for the track "Coconut Tree," and The Wailers, who help him out on "Spread The Love."

Kenny Chesney’s LIFE ON A ROCK is more unplugged and contemplative than what people expect from the 4-time Country Music Association and 4-time Academy of Country Music Entertainer of the Year. “It’s a little surreal,” says the man who’s sold in excess of 30 million albums. “I did this almost as an act of faith, a belief in songwriting and capturing real life. Many of these songs I carried around in a notebook in my backpack – and wrote the music later. Some of them are 6, 7 years old. And when they started to come together as a song cycle, I didn’t know if I was crazy, or if this was the right thing to do” - Sony Press Release
Chesney discussed why making this album was so different from his others. "The thing that I'm proudest of about this record is that I did it without a timetable, without any expectations, they were just simple songs that came from the heart," he said. "I was able to really be a storyteller and that felt really good ... I didn't have any boundries at all. I wasn't writing these songs to be sure that they were under four minutes. I wasn't writing these songs to fit anybody's formula but mine and the people I wrote them about. I honestly didn't think that anybody was going to hear these songs."

Critical reviews for “Life On A Rock”    10 Tracks / Time: 42:19
GAC - Life On A Rock,is an introspective, songwriter’s record destined to take more than a few fans by surprise. Though the chunky power chords of the lead single, “Pirate Flag,” will sound familiar, the windswept lyrics hinting at escape are just the beginning of an incredibly personal journey that charts a different course...Kenny wrote or co-wrote eight of the album’s songs, many of which offer poignant moments where the 45-year-old singer takes time to reflect on relationships and life...Kenny shares a wonderful time with his listeners as well on Life On A Rock, slowing it down to ponder the course he’s traveled and to reflect on what it means at this point in his career.

Allmusic (Rating 4 STARS) - Life on a Rock is similarly light but it's not overly polished. It's breezy, music made for an afternoon at the beach -- a return to the sun-and-sand anthems that Chesney has had as a sideline for about a decade now....Chesney never sounds like he's trying too hard but, the thing of it is, he wrote all but three of the songs here, so this represents a considerable uptick in effort from its predecessor. That effort pays off: this feels fuller, richer than any Chesney album in recent memory, but it's also unhurried and light, an ideal soundtrack for a long, lazy summer.

Taste Of Country (Rating: 3 STARS) - as revealing of a record as ‘Be As You Are’ — more so in some ways. The songwriting isn’t as sharp as the 2005 project (the most closely comparable to ‘Life on a Rock’ in style and substance), but the experiences are as mixed and honest....A few songs drag on like an endless sunset....This album isn’t a good entry point into the Chesney catalog, but for fans it’s a fine glimpse at the man beneath the straw hat. Perhaps the songwriting is clunky at times — and a few songs rely too heavily on his vocal talents instead of a captivating melody or story — but it’s difficult to criticize a project that’s so honest, and at times, vulnerable.

Country Weekly (Rating: B-) ....The results are a mixed bag...Ultimately, Life on a Rock’s most exciting moments come when Kenny pushes his limits on something unusual. “Spread the Love,” for example, puts the country pirate at the helm of a full-on percussive, bass-heavy reggae track supplied by Bob Marley’s Wailers Band... It’s a thrilling glimpse into Kenny’s psyche and the motivations behind his relentless career building. He sounds genuinely exhausted, making his need for respite in the islands all the more understandable.

USA Today- **½ (out of four) Kenny Chesney has spent much of his career's second half mythologizing Caribbean vacations, but there's a subtle shift on his pensive 14th album. Where once the islands represented carefree escape from the stress-filled daily grind, they've now also become a storehouse of memories for the singer, now 45.... Chesney's always been able to live in the moment; now, he sounds like he's appreciating them more than ever.
“ Life On A Rock” is available at 

Tate Stevens with his self titled debut saw sales drop 67% in his 2nd week selling 5,511 copies (22,370 total) as he fell 17 places on the Country album chart from No.4 to No.21 and 59 places on the BB200.
The Statler Brothers in their second week with Best From The Farewell Concert sold 556 copies, down 57% to drop from No.45 to No.75 on the Country chart.

Randy Rogers Band claimed its fourth straight Top 10 debut, and second-largest sales week, with the band’s fifth studio album TROUBLE (MCA Nashville/Universal Music Group Nashville), which starts at No.9 on the BB200 and No.3 on Country Albums with 25,650 copies sold (16,356 were Digital albums).
The veteran Texas red dirt group sold 29,000 upon its opening week with BURNING THE DAY, which bowed at No. 2 two years ago. It also debuted in the upper tier with JUST A MATTER OF TIME (No. 8, 2006) and RANDY ROGERS BAND (No. 3, 2008). The group have also charted 7 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts.
TROUBLE hit stores on April 30th and the group's namesake says the album is one that represents a different sound for the Texas-based band. Rogers credits that excitement to working with one of Nashville's hottest producers.
"It's the first time we've worked with Jay Joyce," he said of the man who has produced recent CMA and ACM winners from Eric Church and Little Big Town. "He really pushed us in the studio. We played a lot of these songs live before we went in. We recorded everything live, and we cut everything in about seven days -- from start to finish."

Critical reviews for “Trouble”   11 Tracks / Time: 40:50
Country Weekly (Rating: B) - Six albums into Randy Rogers Band’s career and the philosophy for their newest project, Trouble, seems to be “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Good philosophy.There’s something deliciously imperfect about the tone of Randy Rogers’ voice. Warm, a little gritty and slightly breathless—like the first sip of whiskey at the start of a long night. Why would you fix that?....More likely, it’s just Randy and the boys showcasing the incredible talent of the band, including some pretty goose-bump-inducing fiddle leads from Brady Black. Yes, fiddle. That’s how they do it in Texas.

Allmusic (Rating: 3 STARS) - Randy Rogers takes pains to bill his albums as the work of a collective, having each of his records since the very beginning credited to the Randy Rogers Band. As time passes, the records the RRB makes don't quite so much sound like the product of a touring band but rather a savvy collection of studio pros, and 2013's Trouble is no exception....Trouble is the kind of album that's better heard in segments, either on the radio or on shuffle, than it is as a whole, as that makes it easier to appreciate the individual merits of the band and not fret about what's absent.

For an exclusive stream of one of the album’s tracks “If I Had Another Heart” (160kbps stream) go to Keepin’ it Country 
Watch current single "Fuzzy" Lyric Video >> YouTube
"Trouble" is available at: Amazon UK CD - US iTunes

Outside the BB200 and Top 25 Billboard Country placings saw 2 debuts.
The first at No.34 Country was the April 30th release from  Alt-Country & Americana artist William Clark Green with ROSE QUEEN (Bill Grease Record) selling 2,210 copies.
With two critically esteemed album releases already under his belt, William Clark Green is back and this time it is getting personal. Give Green a pen and paper and he is a lyrical force to be reckoned with.
On his highly anticipated third release, Rose Queen, he is putting it all on the line and making absolutely no apologies. “Songwriting is reality. People are scared to put reality on paper, but this is 10 times more reality than my past work,” Green explains bluntly. The past few years have been consumed with Green touring heavily in the booming Texas scene and persistently writing a plethora of songs that are pulled from true-to-life experiences....
(Source - Press Release PDF)

Critical Reviews for “Rose Queen”   Time: 42:26
Music News Nashville - William Clark Green is another in the long line of Texas artists who fall under the “Red Dirt” umbrella the same way that so many acts are called “Americana,” ....Green’s Nashville-recorded Rose Queen doesn’t sound like a lot of Red Dirt recordings, but it’s certainly not as sterile as some Nashville records either.One can hear influences of Texans like Steve Earle and Willis Alan Ramsey in Green’s work, as well as maybe a little Jason Isbell, and it shouldn’t be long before Green’s not opening for others and is doing more headlining gigs....The album is too raw for today’s country and isn’t too likely to fit many AAA playlists either, though it should definitely get radio play in Texas and Oklahoma. But music aside, this album  should be a contender for a Grammy for Best Recording Package, with a killer cover and great internal design.

Lincoln Journal Star (Rating: A) - William Clark Green, "Rose Queen." Texas has produced another terrific songwriter who really delivers the goods in that Lone Star rockin’ country style that’s held up for decades...“It’s About Time” could be a country radio song, “Let’s Go” brings out the fiddle and banjo and “Welcome to the Family” takes the album out with a sad family story that confirms what the rest of the superb album has shown.
 Listen to William Clark Green's title cut "Rose Queen" >> YouTube
and "She Likes the Beatles" >> YouTube
“Rose Queen”  is available at Amazon UK - MP3

Cher's mother Georgia Holt saw her album HONKY TONK WOMAN sell 1,409 copies to land at No.43 on The Bilboard Country Chart and No. 13 on Billboard's Heatseeker Albums chart. It was recorded in 1980 and it features covers (such as "Love Me Tender", "Cryin' Time" and "I'm Movin' On") and original music (and, of course, Cher).
For 86-year-old Holt, born in Searcy, Arkansas in 1926, it was the first time in her life she had hit the Billboard charts, but that doesn't mean she has recorded any new tunes.
Georgia Holt was a beauty queen, actress and model in her early life and always dreamed of a singing career.  A documentary called "Dear Mom, Love Cher” on the extraordinary life of Georgia Holt , produced by Cher, was scheduled to air on Lifetime TV on Monday, May 6th for Mother's Day. 

The 10-song album was buoyed when Cher made several TV appearances with her mother and sister Georganne on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (April 30th; watch YouTube  vid) as well as Good Morning America and The Ellen Show on May 1st.
Watch Cher & Georgia Holt  lip-sync on "I'm Just Your Yesterday" on Ellen
 >> YouTube
So why is it appearing now? The music, a country-influenced album with the members of Elvis Presley's band, was left forgotten in Holt's garage. There, the sessions remained, until they were recently discovered.
Cher told Jay Leno that she took the files to her musical director, Paul Mirkovich, who gussied up the tracks,
along with Ollie Marland and Jorge Velasco .

As for Cher herself, fans were pleased to find out that she "just finished" her own CD, which has been a long time coming. Her last record, "Living Proof," debuted at No. 9 on the Billboard chart in 2001.She also died recently, if Twitter is to be believed! When Margaret Thatcher passed away, a number of Twitter users began using the hashtag #NowThatchersDead, which some very concerned fans read as #NowThatChersDead. (Some even thought "Desperate Housewives" star Teri Hatcher had died)
Georgia Holt’s “Honky Tonk Woman” is available at:

Coming Country Attractions:
Lady Antebellum’s GOLDEN is expected to debut at #1 next week.
Also expected to debut near the top: Pistol Annies’ ANNIE UP, Natalie Maines’ first solo project MOTHER, and The Music Of Nashville (Volume 2).

Billboard Top 200  Placings / Top 25 Country Albums

(Issue dated Chart week of May 18, 2013)
(TW) This Week, (LW) Last Week, Co (Country Album Chart placing / Movement)

Along Came Jones: In the first full week of sales after his death, George Jones' 16 BIGGEST HITS remains at #1 on the Billboard Catalog chart, dropping from #42 to #59 on the Billboard 200. This ends a record-long string of ten one-week runs at the top spot on the Catalog chart.
It also ends a skein of eight straight one-week #1 runs with no repeats at #1 (a record), and a nine-week span (March 16 through May 11) with nine different albums at #1, matching a record set from July 7 through September 1 of last year.
Jones’ "16 Biggest Hits" is only the fourth album to spend consecutive weeks at #1 in 2013 and is the first album to make its Catalog debut at #1 and then remain at #1 in the following week since Dean Martin's "Amore!" did it on February 21 and 28, 2009.

16 BIGGEST HITS sold 6,747 copies (down 24%; 1,187,921 total) and at No.6 was VOL, 1-BEST OF GEORGE JONES selling 4,793 copies (down 31%; 2,270,733 total)

Music Vid of Note: Eagles’ History Of The Eagles, a three-disk documentary/concert video, entered Top of the Billboard Music Videos at #1. It sold 22,890 copies, which is the greatest first-week tally for a video since One Direction’s Up All Night—The Live Tour started with sales of 76K in June 2012. It’s the greatest one-week tally for a video by a rock band since Rush’s Beyond The Lighted Stage started with 34K in July 2010.
It’s Eagles’ third music video to reach #1. It follows “Hell Freezes Over” (four weeks at #1 in 1995) and “Farewell I Tour: Live From Melbourne” (14 weeks in 2005-2006 and a 15th week on top in March). Farewell I Tour: Live From Melbourne got off to a much stronger start. It sold 114K copies in its first week in June 2005, but music video sales were stronger then in general.
In History Of The Eagles, Jack Nicholson offers an apt one-word explanation for the band’s lasting impact: “Repertoire.” Incidentally, the title, History Of The Eagles, represents a small capitulation by the band. They always insisted on being called just Eagles.

Alison Ellwood directs the official documentary and the three-disc set includes “History of the Eagles Part One” and “Part Two”, as well as “Eagles Live At The Capital Centre - March 1977”, featuring never-before-released performances from the Eagles’ two-night stand at Washington, D.C.’s Capital Center during the legendary Hotel California days.

Top 25 Hot Country Songs (week of May 18, 2013)

On Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart - which blends:
a) All-format airplay, as monitored by BDS  b) Sales, as tracked by Nielsen SoundScan and
c) Streaming, according to BDS it results in:

The top 7 places remained the same.
Florida Georgia Line’sCruise” (Republic Nashville) collected a tenth week at the top and five weeks consecutive in its 41st week on the chart.
They are the first act to simultaneously dominate Hot Country Songs and the BDS-fuelled Country Airplay tally with separate titles since the former chart adopted a multi-tiered methodology (airplay, sales and streaming) last fall, becoming the first rookie duo in more than 21 years to top the latter chart with its first two singles.
The twosome of Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard stepped 2-1 on Country Airplay with “Get Your Shine On,” marking the first time any new duo has gone two-for-two on the radio tally since Brooks & Dunn did so with “Brand New Man” and “My Next Broken Heart” in 1991.

Darius Rucker’sWagon Wheel” (Capitol Nashville) earned Streaming Gainer (1.5 million total streams, up 52,000), bulleting at No. 2. Tim McGraw’sHighway Don’t Care” (Big Machine), which features Taylor Swift, captures the Airplay Gainer nod with a 15% spike and held at No. 6.
Billy Currington’sHey Girl” (Mercury Nashville) is the Digital Gainer with first-week sales of 53,000 downloads and rocketed up 28 places, 47-19.
Carrie Underwood’s “Two Black Cadillacs” no longer shows on the HCS Top 50 or on the Country Airplay chart so presuming it has been pulled by the Arista Nashville allowing their promotional team to push her latest radio single “See You Again” which jumped up 8 places, #31 - #23.

Florida Georgia Line with “Cruise” stays Top The Chart #1
Darius Rucker  with former No.1 “Wagon Wheel” stays at #2
Blake Shelton with “Boys ‘Round Here” stays at #3
Miranda Lambert with “Mama’s Broken Heart” stays at  #4
Florida Georgia Line with “Get Your Shine On” stays at #5
Tim McGraw & Taylor Swift with “Highway Don’t Care” stays at #6
Lady Antebellum with “Downtown” stays at #7
Kenny Chesney with “Pirate Flag” is up one, #9 - #8
Luke Bryan with “Crash My Party” is up three, #12 - #9
Hunter Hayes with “I Want Crazy” jumps up five, #15 - #10
Jason Aldean with “1994” stays put at #11
George Strait with “Give It All We Got Tonight” is up one, #13 - #12
Blake Shelton with former No.1 “Sure Be Cool If You Did” drops, #10 - #13
Thompson Square with “If I Didn’t Have You” fall six slots,  #8 - #14
The Band Perry with “Done” is down one,  #14 - #15
Eric Church with “Like Jesus Does” stays at #16
Brad Paisley with “Beat This Summer” stays at #17
Jake Owen with “Anywhere With You”stays at #18
Billy Currington with “Hey Girl” rockets up from #47 - #19
Kip Moore with “Hey Pretty Girl” stays at #20
Lee Brice with “I Drive Your Truck” is down two, #19 - #21
Brantley Gilbert with “More Than Miles” is up one, #23 - #22
Carrie Underwood with “See You Again” jumps up 8 places, #31 - #23   
The Band Perry with former #1 “Better Dig Two” stays at #24
Zac Brown Band with “Jump Right In” are up one slot, #26 - #25

Hot Country Songs
*** No.1 (10 weeks) / Airplay Gainer ***  “Cruise”  Florida Georgia Line
** Streaming Gainer ** No.2 "Wagon Wheel" Darius Rucker
** Airplay Gainer **  No.6 “Highway Don’t Care” Tim McGraw with Taylor Swift
** Digital Gainer  ** No.19  “Hey Girl” Billy Currington
** Hot Shot Debut **  No.45 “Drivin’ Around Song” Girl” Colt Ford featuring Jason Aldean
Debut No.49 “Life On A Rock” Kenny Chesney

Billboard Country Airplay Chart Week of May 18, 2013

Florida Georgia Line becomes the first duo in more than 21 years to send its first two entries to No.1 on Billboard’s Nielsen BDS-based Country Airplay chart, as “Get Your Shine On” (Republic Nashville) strides 2-1 in its 22nd week.
The twosome—Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard—spent three weeks at No. 1 with its debut single, “Cruise” (which reached the summit in its 19th frame), beginning Dec.15.(Since it was remixed to add vocals by rapper Nelly, “Cruise” is now sailing up Billboard’s Mainstream Top 40 (21-18) and Adult Top 40 (32-26) airplay charts.)
Only one other duo had previously ruled Country Airplay on its first two tries are Brooks & Dunn. The tandem of Kix Books and Ronnie Dunn sent its first four charted titles to the top spot in 1991-92: “Brand New Man,” “My Next Broken Heart,” “Neon Moon” (two weeks at No. 1 each) and “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” (four). The pair tallied 20 Country Airplay No. 1s until its 2010 breakup.
FGL’s “Shine” reached a 40.591 million audience (+1.311), with 6,180 plays (+180) 
Top audience contributors for “Shine” in the April 29-May 5 tracking week were KKBQ Houston (1.5 million), WUSN Chicago (1.3 million), KKGO Los Angeles (788,000), KEEY Minneapolis (776,000) and WNSH New York (769,000).
“Shine” has now sold over 900,000 downloads and is fast approaching Platinum.
It was first released by Republic Nashville on January 21, 2013 as the second single from their album HERE'S TO THE GOOD TIMES. It was written by Tyler and Brian with Rodney Clawson and Chris Tompkins and tells no story, but relies more on hackneyed rhymes and phrases.
So what does  “Get Your Shine On” mean?
According to the online Urban Dictionary, the phrase means “to unexpectedly exceed the expectations of one’s peers in a public setting.” An example given: “Get your shine on tonight, Ja’nelle; no one knows you’re an amazing dancer because you never get on the floor.”
So, there you have it.. Strawberry shimmer on hot lips /Silver buckle hangin' off her hips = Go ahead and get your shine on! >> Audio Video

Blake Shelton notched his 17th Country Airplay top 10 as “Boys ’Round Here” (Warner Bros./Warner Music Nashville), featuring Pistol Annies & Friends, kicks 12-9. The track follows 13th No.1 “Sure Be Cool If You Did,” which reigned for two weeks in March.
Reaching the top bracket in just six weeks, “Boys” ties for Shelton’s fastest-climbing top 10. “Honey Bee” likewise buzzed to the top tier in six weeks two years ago on its way to a four-week run at No. 1 “Boys” also marks Pistol Annies’ first Country Airplay top 10.

Tim McGraw with Taylor Swift snagged the “Most Increased Audience” cup as "Highway Don't Care" reached a 31,744 million audience (+3.830) gaining 5,017 plays (+605) 
Randy Houser took the honours for “Most Added” as the No.28 single "Runnin’ Outta Moonlight" reached a 7,229 million audience (+1.602), with 1,529 spins (+280) thanks to his new 17 radio station tracking ADDS.

With what must have been airplay support for the new Kenny Chesney album all four debuts on Country Airplay placings belonged to him. “Coconut Tree,” featuring Willie Nelson, sprouts at No.56 (63 plays), followed by “When I See This Bar” (No.57; 54 plays), “Must Be Something I Missed” (No.59, 51 plays) and the title cut track received 50 plays (No.60). The official lead single “Pirate Flag,” meanwhile, lifted 5-4 (34 million audience, up 2%).
Chesney’s four new titles expand his total to 77 career Country Airplay entries, dating to his maiden debut the week of Dec.18, 1993, with the No.59-peaking “Whatever It Takes.” In that span, he’s now tied with George Strait for the most chart appearances. Alan Jackson ranks third with 67 visits, followed by Keith and Tim McGraw (66 each), Garth Brooks (62), Brooks & Dunn (53) and Martina McBride (52).

Country Airplay
*** No. 1 (1 week)*** "Get Your Shine On” Florida Georgia Line
** Most Increased Audience ** No.6 "Highway Don't Care" Tim McGraw with Taylor Swift 
** Most Added ** No.28 "Runnin’ Outta Moonlight" Randy Houser
** Hot Shot Debut ** No.56 "Coconut Tree" Kenny Chesney with Willie Nelson
Debut No.57 "When I See This Bar” (Blue Chair/Columbia Nashville) Kenny Chesney
Debut No.59 "Must Be Something I Missed” (Blue Chair/Columbia Nashville) Kenny Chesney
Debut No.60 "Life On A Rock” (Blue Chair/Columbia Nashville) Kenny Chesney

Billboard Country Digital Singles Chart Week of May 18, 2013

The Top 7 placings on the Billboard Country Digital Singles Chart remained static with Hunter Hayes moving 9-8 as sales of  I Want Crazy” increased week-on-week by 15% with 54,475 downloads sold. 
With sales of 144,955 copies, Florida Georgia Line's "Cruise" has now officially gained a Triple Platinum eligible single passing the 3-million mark with a new tally of 3,136,708. The remix version with Nelly accounted for 90,796 copies of the week’s total.

At No.2 Darius Rucker's cut on O.C.M.S.'s "Wagon Wheel" rolled out sales of 102,374 (up 3%; total sales 1,002,491) which has surpassed the 1-million Platinum mark after 17 weeks at retail.
Blake Shelton's "Boys Round Here" which features Pistol Annies and Friends stays at No.3 increasing sales by 6%, the 98,974 copies sold took it past the ½-million GOLD certification mark having reached a 500,618 sum.

Tim McGraw & Taylor Swift's "Highway Don't Care" sold another 77,707 copies up 5%.
As a solo artiste Taylor herself with her non country song “22” this week sold 77,874 and with a new tally of 1,004,052 has bagged another Platinum single! Her other 4X Platinum pop single “I Knew You Were Trouble” continues with steady sales after 29 weeks, selling 33,243 copies (Total sales 4,267,971)

Billy Currington's "Hey Girl" (Mercury) made its debut on the chart with a No.9 debut with first week sales of 53,017.
Carrie Underwood's new radio single "See You Again" (19/Arista Nashville) sold 23,074, a 224% increase on the previous week and moved from 59-21.

The late George Jones' signature song "He Stopped Loving Her Today" sold 16,587; down 52%; and dropped from No.15 to No.27, some 2 weeks after his April 26th passing.

Top 30 Digital Singles in Country Music (May 9, 2013)

 (LW) Last Week  (TW) This Week 
*Numbers are rounded to nearest 1000th

Country Digital
** No.1 "Cruise" Florida Georgia Line (47 weeks on Chart)

Billboard Boxscores (Selective Country concerts)

Rank Artist: #12
Event Venue City/State:
Kenny Chesney, Eli Young Band, Kacey Musgraves Peoria Civic Center Peoria, Ill
Dates:  April 26, 2013   Gross Sales: $584,412   Attend: 9,320 / 9,320
Capacity Shows:  1/1    Sellouts Prices: $77, $39.50, $25
Promoters: The Messina Group/AEG Live/Mischell Productions

Rank Artist: #13
Event Venue City/State:
Carrie Underwood, Hunter Hayes Veterans Memorial Arena Jacksonville, Fla.
Dates:  April 20, 2013   Gross Sales: $562,284    Attend: 10,221 / 10,221
Capacity Shows: 1/1    Sellouts Prices: $63.50, $43.50
Promoters: AEG Live

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