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Taylor Swift Reveals New Album “1989” on Yahoo Stream

Taylor Swift Makes History with Worldwide Live Stream

We outline the 3 Big Surprises, the ways to purchase her new album, share interviews, reaction to the new video, reaction from “country fans”, chart impact, her live stream fashion and fun factoids.

It’s 1989
Taylor Swift:
“And For The Record This Is My Very First, Documented, OFFICIAL, POP ALBUM”

Click to listen to the FULL Audio of Taylor’s Yahoo Worldwide Live Stream Webcast

Taylor Swift Yahoo Live Stream Graphic
Getty Images - Dimitrious Kambouris/LP5/ Gettty Images for TAS

Taylor Swift reached new heights on Monday August 19, 2014 on top of the Empire State Building before debuting her new song, "Shake It Off," and new album, "1989."
The 24-year old, now former “country starlet”, started out the video announcement on top of the iconic New York building.. "But it's kind of scary up here, I thought we could go inside where we can talk."
There were 3 BIG SURPRISES

Surprise #1 - Her new song "Shake It Off" which is another Swift collaboration with Max Martin and Shellback dominated by a "sick beat," horns and a sing-along chorus. (the team behind her "I Knew You Were Trouble" and "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together")
Surprise #2 - Her new album, titled 1989, will be released Oct 27, 2014. "For the record, this is my very first documented, official pop album” she revealed. Why 1989?:
She was born: Taylor Alison Swift on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Surprise #3 - A Deluxe version will add three songs, and each copy will include varying packs of 13 Polaroid’s.
One More Surprise
Surprise #4 - A 1989 Swiftstakes – "It's like a sweepstakes, but we made it annoying" she shared. The give away IS 1,000 tickets and 500 meet-and-greets to her upcoming tour. You get a code to enter with every version of the album you buy: standard, deluxe or digital.

>> Watch Taylor Swift's Yahoo Worldwide Live Highlights on  YouTube
Check out a 5 photo Slideshow at

How to PRE-ORDER the new album “1989”
The album is tagged: Pop, Music
Expected Release: 27 / 28 October 2014
2014 Big Machine Records, LLC

UK Customers:
“1989” Standard Copy 
Amazon UK Standard Copy (£10)  13 Tracks
UK iTunes "1989" Standard copy Pre-Order

“1989” Deluxe Copy 
Amazon UK Deluxe Pre-order (£12)  19 Tracks (3 extra tracks + 3 Voice Memos)
UK iTunes "1989" Deluxe copy Pre-Order
Smart Choice Music [Deluxe US Exclusive] UPC 000020141989 Released Oct 27th 2014 (£17.99)

** NOW Available ** 1989 Album Merch Package

US Customers: Pre-order the Standard Copy ($18.98)
Buy the Deluxe Copy via with a Time Countdown to the release.

Taylor 1989 Standard Taylor 1989 StandardTaylor 1989 Digital StandardTaylor 1989 Digital DeluxeTaylor 1989 Deluxe Taylor 1989 Digital Deluxe Taylor 1989 Deluxe CopyImage Map


Target Store Exclusive Product Details of the “1989” Deluxe Copy:
For the online price of $13.99 the Taylor Swift 1989 (Deluxe Edition) is available in America as a Target store exclusive
The #1989 deluxe edition will be available at Target stores (Release Date: October 27, 2014)
• 16 SONGS (3 EXTRA SONGS) + 3 Voice Memos*
* Taylor's songwriting voice memos are Taylor's personal audio recordings that have never before been revealed and offer a unique insight into Taylor's songwriting process. They document the early creation of 3 songs on this album.
**1989 Swiftstakes: Fans who purchase “1989” will receive a code to enter for a chance to win one of 1,989 items including 500 Tickets with meet and greets (250 sets of 2), 500Tickets(250 sets of 2), 300 Autographed pictures, 300 "1989" Tote bags, 389 Specialty Pick Packs. Code will be received with the CD

Just look at the size of my PRE - ORDER!

Taylor Swift Yahoo Live Stream & GMA Interview Graphic
Getty Images - Dimitrious Kambouris/LP5/ Gettty Images for TAS
Good Morning America: In an exclusive with Good Morning America anchor Amy Robach , Taylor said of her new song Shake It Off & who it's about "we live in a take down community". GMA told her the song sounds like the last dance at a wedding and Taylor flipped saying that's exactly what she wanted it to be. Taylor said she wanted the person having the worst time at the wedding to perk up when she heard it and go "THIS MY SONG!" #ShakeItOff
"The message in the song is a problem I think we all deal with, and an issue we deal with on a daily basis. We don't live just in a celebrity take-down culture, we live in a take-down culture," Taylor said on Tuesday's Aug 19th Good Morning America. "People will find anything about you and twist it to where it's weird or wrong or annoying or strange or bad. You have to not only live your life in spite of people who don't understand you, you have to have more fun than they do."
>> Read more and Watch the ABC NEWS interview: Taylor Swift Says New Single, "Shake It Off," Addresses Our "Take-Down Culture"

NOTE: Taylor will return on GMA on October 27th to do a live performance for them in honor of the release or "1989"!
Amy Robach tweeted @arobach Shaking It Up with @taylorswift13 who is showing us all how to #ShakeItOff - this morning on @GMA. Interview: Swift made history with her last album RED with the highest ever first-week album sales worldwide on iTunes. Fusion's Alicia Menendez sat down with the seven-time Grammy-Award winning artist to talk about her new album “1989”, the brief hiatus in between, and how her music has changed since RED – Read more & Watch the interview

BBC Radio 1 Interview: On August 19th Taylor did a phone interview with Scott Mills for BBC’s Radio 1! She talked about her Yahoo Live Stream and her new single “Shake It Off“.
Click to listen to Taylor’s BBC Radio 1 Interview

In:Demand UK Interview: Taylor is Back: Stu Tolan on In:Demand UK yesterday. She spoke about her new single “Shake It Off”, the Deluxe Edition of “1989", and joked about her friend Ed Sheeran! –>> Listen at

Taylor Swift “Shake It Off”  VIDEO &  Press Critique
"Shake It Off" Vidcaps

Thanks Taylor, Goodbye "Country" hello "POP". 
The goal, she said, was to created something that sounded "like nothing like anything I had done."
Yes, there's nothing country about 'Shake It Off'. The song's inspiration came from a lesson she had to learn over the past couple years. "People can say whatever they want about us, at any time and we cannot control that," she said. "The only thing we can control is our reaction to that." She found inspiration in listening to late-'80s pop. "I really loved the chances they were taking. I loved how bold it was," she said. "It was, apparently, a time of limitless potential. … The idea of endless possibility was kind of a theme in the last year of my life."
Appropriately titled 1989, the cover features the singer's cut-off Polaroid photo with the "T.S. 1989" written with marker on the bottom of the snapshot.
Apparently there are No Slow Songs on the new album. Someone who attended the webcast tweeted: Her management said there will be no slow songs like “All too Well” or “Begin Again”, but there are some love songs. They are energetic.

>> Watch the Taylor Swift’s Official video “Shake It Off
So far 15.38 Million views in 40 hours since it was published on August 18th!
Yes its fun and full of irony and sarcasm.
'But the players gonna play, play, play, play, play and the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. Shake it off, shake it off,' the catchy chorus kicks in.

>> Watch Exclusive >> Behind the Scenes in the making of “1989”

Yahoo Music (Blog + Yahoo GIFS) - by Wendy Geller:
Taylor Swift 'Shakes Off' Haters and Players in New Dance Party Video…….
Indeed, the cheer/rap in the middle of 'Shake It Off' is reminiscent of Toni Basil's 1982 hit 'Mickey,' while the song's video features boomboxes and breakdancing that'll send music fans right back to, well, 1989 (which is, incidentally the year Swift was born). The former country sweetheart says is her "very first documented pop album," and a new video to get everyone on their feet. And when we say "on their feet," we really mean it!
The single, titled 'Shake It Off,' is an irresistibly catchy, dance-friendly ditty which has Swift declaring "haters gonna hate, hate, hate... I'm gonna shake it off, shake it off!"
The accompanying video shows the (now officially pop) pop star grooving in a variety of dance genres, including ballet, rhythmic gymnastic, contemporary, old-school hip-hop, techno, and even twerking. She even dons a cheerleading costume for the song's rapping bridge.

taylor swift new york livestream dancing with audience

taylor swift shake it off robot gif

The Daily Telegraph (by Alice Vincent) : positively reviewed the song, noting it as "a catchy, upbeat track."…

Billboard Track Review (By Jason Lipshutz) Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' Single Review:
The Country Superstar Goes Full Pop… Few musical artists would dare to reinvent their sound so brazenly, especially with expectations so high. But with "Shake It Off," Swift proves
why she belongs among pop's queen bees: As you may have guessed, the song sounds like a surefire hit; it also previews an album executive-produced by Swift and Martin. Swift will probably catch some flak for moving away from her bedrock sound, but she has never colored inside the lines. And, as "Shake It Off" shows, Swift can handle the criticism……….

According to Music Times, the video features Swift "embracing her inner dorky dancer by submerging herself with some of the world's best dancers in the styles of hip hop, lyrical, ballet, jazz and even cheerleader" and  "Seriously, this thing is infectious"

taylor swift shake it off music video cheerleader gif

USA Today Song Of The Week (By Brian Mansfield)…."I never miss a beat," Taylor Swift sings on Shake It Off, the lead single from her forthcoming fifth album, which has a can't-stop-won't-stop beat so massive it's positively inescapable. Lyrically, Shake It Off is Mean 2.0, with the 24-year-old singer/songwriter taking all the criticisms leveled at her and dismissing them flippantly. It's a total swerve musically, however, with horn-blast grooves grounded in early '60s proto-soul and girl-group pop, plus a spoken-word breakdown that would come off as awkward if it weren't so knowingly funny. Hate me all you want, Swift seems to be saying, but you're missing all the fun.

The Guardian Taylor Swift's Shake it Off video falls flat
Taylor Swift debuted her new single via a Yahoo live stream event on Monday. Here’s what we learned from the event, sorry, ‘extravaganza adventure-a-thon!’ Shake it Off is catchy, but not her best work At her best, Swift is a moody, introspective weirdo — as she said today: “All I think about are metaphors and cats.” She’s a gifted writer, but Shake It Off doesn’t show off her talent. Lyrically, it expresses lazy sentiments like “haters gonna hate”. Lines like “You coulda
been getting down to this sick beat” and “To the fella over there with the hella good hair” sound jarring coming from Taylor Swift.
Directed by the estimable Mark Romanek, the video depicts Taylor trying, and failing, to hold her own among diverse groups of professional dancers. The incongruent blend of modern dance, ballet, and breakdancing is fun, but the conceit falls flat. Taylor is a little too skilled a dancer for the comedy to really work, though watching her shake it in a Swan Lake tutu is nevertheless pretty great. That said, her twerking scenes — with closeups of the gyrating butts of anonymous, primarily black female dancers— come off as somewhat misguided (Earl Sweatshirt has already accused her of ‘perpetuating black stereotypes’).

Why Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' Video Proves She Should Stick to Country
The song, which is undeniably perfect catchy pop, and music video have all the trappings of such. In the clip, the singer enthusiastically bumbles about for four minutes, gyrating and twirling in grey spandex, a ballerina tutu, and a letterman jacket like a super excited 5-year-old in a candy store. There's break dancing, twerking, and even a bit of bad rapping in condemnation of all those paying too much attention to the haters and "dirty, dirty cheats of the world,"and not enough to her "sick beat."
Though the music video is meant to empower fans (or offend because, you know, cultural appropriation), it does make us wonder whether she's mocking pop stars like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga, or joining the bunch in solidarity using some self-aware methods (think Lily Allen's "Hard Out Here"). Either way, no matter how you look at it, Swift's first real foray into pop stardom falls horrendously and awkwardly flat.....So, what does this newfound pop era in Taylor Swift's career mean for an artist who has always skirted the line between country and pop — and found great success from it? If "Shake It Off" is any indication, it
means churning out run-of-the-mill pop anthems — just like the rest of them — and playing with overused ideas and pop imagery. Come on, Swift, we expected so much better. Though Swift has always been a musically interesting figure regardless of your personal tastes, her future career as a pop star looks depressingly grim. Perhaps she should stick to twangy country and dabble occasionally in full-on pop mode. Our eyes and ears would surely be better for it.

Daily Mail  (By Carolyn Hiblen)
The haters gonna hate, hate, hate indeed! Taylor Swift is slammed for 'perpetuating black stereotypes' in new video clip
“Shake It Off”:  It was supposed to be her big moment, with Taylor Swift proudly launching the debut single off her forthcoming album. But while her fans simply can't get enough of the video for her catchy new song Shake It Off, several critics have rushed to harpoon the singer for the cultural appropriation in what was no doubt supposed to just be a lighthearted, fun clip.
Two members of California hip-hop collective Odd Future have weighed in on the video - despite admitting to not having even watched it - slamming the 24-year-old for 'perpetuating black stereotypes' with her attempts at break dancing and twerking.....
The former darling of country music certainly may have made an error in judgement with her latest offering, but it's highly unlikely she meant any offence. Indeed, the lyrics and the video are poking fun at her own reputation and apparent lack of dancing skills of any and all genres…..Read More + Photos

Chart Acclaim for “Shake It Off”

In America across all genre it’s currently #1 on iTunes Pop Top 100 Chart
In The UK it's #1 on Top iTunes 100 Song Chart.
For some reason despite the “pop” tag she is still appearing on the UK iTunes Country Chart (Note:The Official Chart Company having discounted her previous 2 albums from the country chart).
Her 2 previous singles #2 UK singles "Love Story" (2008, from FEARLESS) and Electro-pop “I Knew You Were Trouble” (Oct 9, 2012; from RED) also moved into the top four.

UK iTunes Country Chart (21 August 2014)
1 Taylor Swift - Shake It Off (Deluxe album track purchase, #1 Overall UK iTunes Chart)   
2 Taylor Swift - Shake It Off (Standard purchase; #137 Overall UK iTunes Chart )
3 Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble (#310 Overall UK iTunes Chart)
4 Taylor Swift - Love Story (#363 Overall UK iTunes Chart)
5 Lady Antebellum - Need You Now (#388 Overall UK iTunes Chart)
6 Dolly Parton - Jolene (#435 Overall UK iTunes Chart)
7 Brad Paisley - Country Nation (#469 Overall UK iTunes Chart)
8 Brad Paisley - Shattered Glass (#525 Overall UK iTunes Chart)
12 The Shires - Tonight (#604 Overall UK iTunes Chart) British Country act
15 The Shires -  Nashville Grey Skies (#716 Overall UK iTunes Chart) British Country act
20 Ward Thomas - Push For the Stride (#1048 Overall UK iTunes Chart) British Country act

Billboard Top 100 News: Meghan Trainor's pop/doo-wop charmer “All About That Bass”
jumped to #2 in its sixth week on the Hot 100. Trainor has a shot at #1 next week, BUT Taylor's new “Shake It Off” single may well debut at #1! If that happens "Shake" would be Swift’s second #1 on the Hot 100, but her first to debut at #1. "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" (a #4 Hit in the UK) shot from #72 to #1 in its second week back in August 2012. 

Current projections are that "Shake" will sell 425,000+ copies in its first week.

David Guetta, the French superstar DJ’s latest track Lovers On The Sun FT Sam Martin is currently leading the race (40.6K sales), looking for his fifth UK Number 1, to the top on the UK’s Official Singles Chart Update (Weds Aug 20th) . However he faces a last minute challenge from Taylor Swift.
Taylor’s new single, “Shake It Off” shot straight into the Top 10 after just 24 hours on sale.
According to the UK Official Chart Company (OCC) and Radio 1 the track is currently at No 6 and it is expected to continue to climb as the week goes on.
“Shake It Off”  is not as yet on the BBC Radio 1 playlist (Aug 18th)
On BBC Radio 1’s Official Chart show with Jameela Jamil Sunday (August 24) from 4pm all will be revealed to find out who finishes the week on top. Alternatively The full Official Singles Chart Top 100 will be published on  at 7pm that evening.

Her album “1989” has a 67 day Pre-order period.
This is what she has to beat on the Billboard 200 Album chart:

TAYLOR SWIFT (Released Oct 24, 2006; Billboard 200: 176 weeks, Peak #5 after a #19 debut, first week sales [chart Nov 11, 2006] 39,062 copies). Note: In the UK it sold only 38 copies the week of its release date, and peaked 94 weeks later at #81(12/09/2009) and has spent 3 weeks on the Official UK Album Chart.
FEARLESS (Released Nov 11, 2008; Billboard 200: 116 weeks, Peak #1, first week sales [chart Nov 29, 2008] 592,304 copies (129,000 copies were digital) )
SPEAK NOW (Released Oct 25, 2010; Billboard 200: 81 weeks, Peak #1, first week sales [chart Nov 13, 2010] 1,046,718 copies)
RED (Released Oct 22, 2012; Billboard 200: 78 weeks, Peak #1, first week sales [chart Oct 31, 2012] 1,208,290 copies) Worldwide sales for RED at the end of 2013 were 5,707,000. In the UK up to March 1, 2014 it had spent 70 chart weeks on The Official Top 100 albums. It made a debut at #1, her first Official UK #1 album (first week sales of 61,779 copies). Previous to that her self titled album TAYLOR SWIFT sold only 38 copies the week of its release date, and peaked 94 weeks later at #81,  FEARLESS debuted and peaked at #5 (first week sales of 33,829) and SPEAK NOW, debuted and peaked at No.6 (28,223 sales).
1989 (Release date Monday Oct 27, 2014)

Taylor Swift Fashion @ Yahoo Live Stream

Arriving for her Yahoo Worldwide Livestream event in New York City on August 18, 2014 Taylor met fans wearing a loose plaid dress by Equipment ‘Brett Plaid Pattern Dress’ ($327.80; Product Detail - Fashion Pic)

She then changed out of this as she headed towards the Empire State Building for the livestream. She debuted her new single, “‘Shake It Off”, on top of the 103-story skyscraper (roof height of 1,250 feet) located in Midtown Manhattan, at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and West 34th Street, before joining up with an excited group of hand-picked fans after two weeks of cryptic clues on Instagram leading up to the big reveal.
Tay Tay looking as sweet as ever, the “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer wore a Monica Rose for Lovers + Friends vegan-leather crop top and flirty flared skirt, both featuring a laser-cut diamond pattern along the hems. - Image - Getty Image Full Set
Looking lovely for summer with the breezy silhouette of the skirt with conveniently airy cut-outs allowed for optimum movement to dance away with the fans.
You can buy the Leather Skirt from Revolve Clothing (£113.04; Product Detail - Fashion Pic) To get the same exact design, cut into polyester for a fraction of the price from Missguided ‘Winnie Laser Cut Shell Top’ ($32.38; Product Detail) Missguided ‘Aubrie Laser Cut Skater Skirt’ ($35.98; Product Detail)
She added pops of colour to her all-white outfit via teal Monique Lhuillier mesh open-toe ankle-strap sandals (image) and, opted for her favoured red lippie to round out her look - Fashion Pic

Fashion in the "Shake It Off" music video
Aritzia ‘Talula Adachi Sweater’ featuring, what else, a cat face! ($55.00 $19.00; Product Detail - Fashion Pic
With an adorable fresh-faced look Taylor opened up the “Shake It Off” music video with a cute ballerina scene!
Dressed in all black top and pants she dons point-toe Tabitha Simmons ‘Heart Calf-Hair and Leather Flats’ ($1099.00; Product Detail - Fashion Pic ) for a “timeless” Audrey Hepburn-esque look.
Shaking it off for the contemporary dance section she rocked a Motionwear ‘Double Halter Leotard’ ($33.00; Product Detail)
In Lady TayTay’s Pop-alter-ego she wore shiny gold Michael Kors ‘Piers Sneaker’ ($124.95; Product Detail - Fashion Pic

1989 Album Photoshoot Fashion

Taylor Swift ‘Seagull Sweater’ ($59.00)  Shot by a Polaroid camera, Tay’s album cover for the newly-announced “1989” features a contrast sleeve sweater with seagulls flying across it. The sweater will be available via and is included in the album merchandise pre-buy package.
Taylor Swift "1989" Album Photoshoot
Former French and Manchester UTD footballer Eric Cantona may have to explain the metaphors at work here ( Remember the quote: "When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea")

The UK Press with their "A Swift Return" feature have a stunning image of the leggy beauty!  This shot is part of her “1989” album photoshoot. Looking sexy she wears a black dress, statement lip and killer heels: Miu Miu ‘Crystal Embellished Suede Pumps’ ($990.00, £835;  Product - Fashion Pic )

Country Music Reaction
You thought “Country” fans were nice and Polite? THINK AGAIN !

Over the last year every time the popular country music site Taste of Country posted a news item on their website and Facebook pages regarding Taylor Swift it was met with a wave on criticism with many hateful and offensive comments. After the press announcement and release of her “Shake It Off” video they posted an item on Facebook:
But ... what does this mean for her country fans?! (Taylor Swift dropped a bomb on Monday)
'But the players gonna play, play, play, play, play and the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Taylor sings at the chorus.
The song is an up-tempo pop song that will do nothing to appease her country music fans.

Here are a selection from over 1,000 comments (It was hard to find any positive comments):
  • Wow, so much hate here... I've always been so proud of being a country fan because I thought everyone was nice and polite, but I guess I was wrong.
  • HAHAHAHAHAH!! What do you have now, haters!? "Taylor’s not country" NOT ANYMORE SHE ADMITTED IT. Ha!!!..Her new song is PERFECT. And it's sad that so many people are stuck in one genre of music.
  • This girl is huge no matter what she sings. I think she is a great role model for younger girls showing them to keep going no matter what life brings you.
  • She's classy and tasteful that's a true women!
  • I love the new song, shes still great. New ideas and new music is great for fans

  • Hope she takes FGL [Florida Georgia Line] with her
  • Hopefully it means we NEVER EVER EVER have to hear her on country radio again! cant stand her
  • Sorry to break the news, but TS has really never BEEN country
  • Can this be the last article Taste of COUNTRY writes about Taylor then Please! Good riddance!
  • She has never been country. She's always been pop. Bubble gum pop. Go do a duet with Beiber. Just keep it off of the country stations.
  • I'm surprised anyone thought she WAS country. Miranda, now she's my type of country.
  • Thank goodness for that. Now maybe she'll stop invading country music awards and annoyingly taking awards from the REAL country artists.
  • Sooo quit playing her crap on country stations! End of story!
  • She was never country to begin with. Country music is not losing a darn thing!
  • Thank GOD she's leaving country.. there are so many better singers in country than her.....
  • I never cared for her or her music anyway.I think she needs to stop singing altogether.
  • She has always been pop!!! Thank god. Good bye!!!
  • Whoo hoo! Yippee! Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you Lord! Can't stand her...she will not be missed! Bye! Bye!
  • I don't remember her ever being country. Good riddance! I hope her shitty music never comes through my radio again!
  • Thank The Lord!!!! Hopefully this means she won't be at the CMAs EVER AGAIN either!!
  • She wasnt country to begin with!
  • She's not now, nor has she ever been country. This is snooze news
  • Then why did you put this stupid article on here? Ugh she's an annoying human get her outta here...
Funs / Facts

1989 Birthdays
Taylor Swift (Dec 13, 1989) Country now POP singer-songwriter
Lucy Hale (June 14, 1989; age 25) Pretty Little Liars Actress & Country/pop singer
Hayden Panettiere (August 21, 1989) Actress (Nashville TV Drama) and singer.
Chris Brown (May 5, 1989)  American R&B, pop, hip hop, dance singer
Daniel Radcliffe (July 23, 1989) Actor ( Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)
The late Peaches Geldof (Mar 16, 1989)  English Dosser
Rory McIlroy (May 4, 1989) Northern Ireland #1 world ranked Professional Golfer
Gareth Bale (July 16, 1989) Real Madrid & Welsh footballer, former Tottenham Hotspur player. World record transfer fee, the Spanish press and Real Madrid TV reported £77 million (€91 million).

  • "Shake It Off" has the same title as a Mariah Carey hit (#2 in 2005), but its theme may be closer to Jay Z's “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” (#5 in 2004).
  • Will anyone receive any leaked polaroids with One Directions Harry Styles in their “1989” Deluxe edition?!
It's over. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together?! 
Will she ever return to country music?
If it don't work out in the POP world you can always "Begin Again" and return to join the country carpet baggers:
Darius Rucker, Lionel Richie, Kelly Clarkson, Jewel, Sheryl Crow, John Oates, Doobie Brothers...
Was Taylor included on the second round Country Music Awards (CMA) 2014 ballot last week? If she was with her now POP announcement will the CMA membership now rule her out or scramble to find Tipp-EX
Will album number six be another October release and will it be a Full on Country & Western set or even a Bluegrass duets collaboration with the UK’s Adele who muted with a wish to go bluegrass a year or so back!

Suggested Tweet: What @taylorswift13 DID for Country Music

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