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CMA Awards 2011: Jokes and Send-ups

CMA Awards 2011: Jokes and Send-ups

Kim Kardashian & Justin Bieber get mocked, Barbie Dolls, Hank skit, Muppet antics at 2011 CMA Awards!
Neither of these “stars” were present at the CMA ceremony, but they didn’t escape some jokes at their expense!

Just before Best Single of the Year presenter Eric Stonestreet did his stuff at the 2011 CMA Awards, he encouraged hosts Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley to sing a song with him that took a swipe at Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian!
I think you forget to sing a song about what’s weighing on everyone’s mind in this room,” Eric said to CMA host couple -. ”The divorce of Kim Kardashian and what’s his name!”
The trio then launched into a tune about Kim’s divorce (The curvaceous,buxom, Socalite, model and TV Diva  ended/dumped her 72-day super-tumultuous marriage to 26-year-old NBA basketball player Kris Humphries on 31 Oct, citing “irreconcilable differences.” The New York Post stated they scored about $17.9 million by turning the wedding ceremony into a media extravaganza and that they paid nothing of the $20 million costs associated with it! - Do we care?) and Justin’s baby mama drama (Star Magazine) “the #1 for Celebrity News” ran a story that 20-year-old Californian Mariah Yeater claimed Justin secretly fathered her three-month old son, Tristyn, during a 30 second backstage tryst – Again do we care ?)

I’m going to love you forever, or 72 days Amen, as long as Justin Bieber is not a conceiver, as long as Taylor Swift is with her current boyfriend,” they sang. ”I’m going to love you for 20 million dollars, for a hit TV series or pics in US Weekly, for 72 Days, Amen.”  Yes we get the cracks but do we think this was funny or too mean at the celebs expense if  Brad and Carrie were on either parties Christmas list I think they just got erased! 

Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood and Hank Wiliams Jnr
Have fun at the CMA  (Getty image)

Hank Williams Jnr showed up for the 45th Annual CMA  show's opening skit with co-hosts Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley, after they mocked his hullabaloo with ESPN (The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) and his "Monday Night Football" theme song.
Paisley and Underwood sang, "You can get drunk and carry on but you can't compare the president to Hitler."

For over 20-years Williams' tune - "All My Rowdy Friends are Coming Over Tonight" has been used to open "Monday Night Football" until it swiftly ended in  early October over his remarks about President Obama. When the 62-year old Hank Williams Jnr known as Bocephus appeared on Fox News we made an unfortunate parallel to Adolf Hitler when discussing the president - "Remember the golf game?" Bocephus asked the Fox co-hosts, when referring to President Obama's golf summit with House Speaker John Boehner this summer at a time of the national budget crisis. "That was one of the biggest political mistakes ever ... Come on! That'd be like Hitler playing golf with (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu!"
 When FOX anchor Gretchen Carlson apparently reminded the singer that Adolf Hitler was one of the most hated men in world history Hank refused to back down. "Well that's true," Hank Jr. responded. "But I'm telling you like it is." . When pressured further to explain his contentious comparison, Hank Jr. responded that he feels President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are "the enemy" and then likened them to 'The Three Stooges.' (a raucous vaudeville act which has headed back to the big screen for more dumb (and dumber) shenanigans. Hank later apologized and said his comments were taken out of context but I don’t think unlike Paisley he will getting a White House invitation to perform.

On the CMA stage Brad then began his own take of "All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight," but Carrie Underwood interrupted, saying he might make Williams mad. There were roars from the crowd when Williams walked on stage. When asked if he wanted to say something, Williams said, "No," causing the audience to go nuts!  :0

The evening continued with more quick-witted slick gags. At one stage, Brad and Carrie brought out Barbie versions of  Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. "Let's find out if they're anatomically correct!" Brad screamed after the dolls had a little playful smootchy session. The CMA hosts then turned around to check out the real life country couple, much to their embarrassment . "There's nothing there!" they said. "I like it, I love it. I want some more of it," Brad sang with a smile causing Tim and Faith to split their sides with laughter. 

But the memorable fun highlight came in the shape of  that devious Muppet the said Miss Piggy herself. Just before CMA vocal group winners Lady Antebellum were to perform their hit single 'Own the Night,' the puppet sped on to replace a dolled up Carrie Underwood. The real-life blond bombshell came back to the stage and proclaimed that the mischievous Miss Piggy had locked her in the dressing room. Brad Paisley falling for the charms of Ms. Piggy said "We're like bacon and eggs," resulting in the porker Muppet landing a knock out blow abruptly on the ace guitarist and nominated Male Vocalist.

Hosts Carrie Underwood, left, and Brad Paisley talk to Miss Piggy during the 45th Annual CMA Awards in Nashville, Tenn. on Nov. 9, 2011. - Read more: 
The CMA humour ended on quite a topical note with Brad Paisley spilling  "We'll see you at the Oscars,". This being a very recent reference when this week Eddie Murphy announced  he was quitting his duties hosting movies biggest night after losing his creative partner Brett Ratner.
Ummm Who is going to step up as host? Will Carrie and Brad be getting a call.

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