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Carrie Underwood at the BBC - June 19, 2012

Carrie Underwood on BBC Breakfast June 19, 2012

Carrie Underwood
BBC Breakfast (screenshot) 

The BBC Breakfast team were joined on the sofa (Tuesday June 19, 2012) by American Idol winner and the lovely country music superstar Carrie Underwood.

She also gave her first ever live UK performance when she sang an unplugged acoustic version of
title track 'Blown Away' in the studio at the end of the show.

Carrie tells BBC Breakfast’s Charlie Stayt and Susanna Reid about her win on American Idol and how it has made her a big star.
They discuss entourage sizes, what the single “Good Girl” represents, a look back to American Idol, overcoming shyness and performing. The subject of people's perceptions and conceptions of country singers were raised referring to Carrie being a vegetarian and her views on gay marriage.
The Colorado tourist board may not be best pleased she made a short reference to a “horrible vacation in Colorado” LOL :)

Playing with stereotypes and people's conceptions of country singers….

Charlie asked: You go against the grain. You’re a vegan, that's something that people might not imagine"

Carrie: "You'd be amazed, Kellie Pickler is a vegetarian, Emmylou Harris is a vegetarian, Shania Twain is a vegetarian so I'm not the only one

Susanna: Surely it's a big thing in country music being a vegan or vegetarian?

Carrie: “It's not like a big thing, alright I named women. When you’re like a lady out on the road I think it makes things a little bit easier to stay healthy. That's probably more why we all do it"

Carrie Underwood talking with Charlie Stayt %
Susanna Reid on BBC Breakfast (Screenshot)
 Charlie: The other one I was going to mention is that your pro gay marriage as well, which has caused a bit of controversy for you?

Carrie: “Yeah (laughs), I'm pro non judgment, I'm pro loving people.
So that's kind of really what I'm all about.”

Charlie: I guess your learning fast that given the profile you have now, your personal views become, if you like, political?

Carrie: “I've always managed to stay out of that pretty well. To stay as far away from politics as possible because I just love to sing more than anything. I would never want anybody’s views to be skewed because of anything that I'd said. I don't want people to think like me. People have to figure everything out for themselves, it's really important to me"

Charlie: It's kind of inevitable though, you have a sort of platform now in a way

Carrie: “I know its scary (laughs), Its scary to have a platform and have people listening to you because as some point your going to say something that a lot of people consider to be, not so right, to them

Charlie: Have you had quite nasty reactions from some places about saying that?

Carrie: “I really haven't really looked at anything. I learned a long time ago that you cannot live your life for other people. You have to run your own race and do what you do, and love what you do, and hopefully people love it, but if not I won't know it cos I want read it (laughs)

Watch the BBC clip with Carrie in BEST quality on the BBC Breakfast webpage 

Listen to the Audio

Carrie Underwood singing live for the first time in the UK
performing an exclusive unplugged version of
"Blown Away" on BBC Breakfast ( Screenshot )

Alternative viewing:
Carrie Underwood: BBC Breakfast Interview >>  YouTube
Carrie Underwood BBC Breakfast performs an acoustic version of "Blown Away"
>>  YouTube

2 )  Later Carrie was a live guest on BBC Radio 2 Steve Wright in the Afternoon. BBC Show page and Listen Back  "Play On" here :

(UPDATED 20 June ) On Wednesday (June 20th) Carrie appeared on ITV’s Loose Women (ITV 12:30 UK Time). She was a guest along with Katie Price (aka JORDAN) - Showpage
Country is cool! Carrie continuing her UK promotional tour took on the hugely popular Loose Women talk show. She came across as humble, polite and fun in this interview, talking about college and showed modesty about her voice.  Watch it here >>  YouTube
Then Carrie headed off to sign copies of her new album, BLOWN AWAY
at HMV Oxford Circus (London) on Wednesday 20th June from 7pm! The first 50 in the queue received a special poster

Carrie is preparing for a live concert at The Royal Albert Hall on Thursday 21st with an 8:30PM start.

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