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Carrie Underwood at The Royal Albert Hall

Carrie Underwood at The Royal Albert Hall, London (Thursday June 21, 2012)

Carrie Underwood at The Royal Albert Hall (June 21, 2012)
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Carrie Tweets  @carrieunderwood - What an incredible night! Thank you all for being so wonderful at the @RoyalAlbertHall! I can’t wait to come back!
Good Girl
Flat On The Floor
Wasted     >>  YouTube 
Two Black Cadillacs
So Small
Temporary Home     >>  YouTube -   (Filmed by
Last Name
Just a Dream
I Told You So     >>  YouTube -  (Filmed by
Leave Love Alone
Cowboy Casanova     >>  YouTube -   (Filmed by
Nobody Ever Told You
Do You Think About Me
One Way Ticket
Undo It      >>  YouTube -   (Filmed by
Fix You (Coldplay cover)     >>  YouTube 
Jesus Take the Wheel /  How Great Thou Art    >>   YouTube 
Cupid’s Got a Shotgun
Before He Cheats   >>  YouTube - (Filmed by
I Know You Won’t
Blown Away


Carrie Underwood - Royal Albert Hall

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Carrie Underwood at The Royal Albert Hall in London (Thursday June 21, 2012)

Performing for the first time in the UK, Carrie Underwood took the stage in front of a sold out crowd at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London. With a wrist full of bracelets, the "Good Girl" songstress rocked the stage wearing a loose beige top with a pair of pink sequin skinny jeans while belting out some of her older songs as well as songs from her newly released fourth album, "Blown Away". In an interview following the performance Carrie talked about playing in Royal Albert Hall saying, "Being in the building was absolutely amazing, you know, because it's one of those places you always hear about but most likely have never been, unless you live here."
"The sound was beautiful, the crowd was amazing", the 29-year-old added with a smile, "They were singing along with every word and I was just really, really impressed at the love that I felt from everybody."  []

Gig Review: Carrie Underwood
Royal Albert Hall, London Carrie Underwood  Friday, 22 June 2012
Review by Christina Benneworth

Live at the Royal Albert Hall
 The first song to be performed was ‘Good Girl’; the first single taken from the Blown Away album, an up-beat pop song, still a hint of the country sound she is so well-known for, an energetic way to start the show. ...After the song ‘Two Back Cadillacs’, it was the first time Carrie spoke, she talked about how great it was to be there, and how honoured they were to be singing in such a great venue. Carrie also said that “the best thing about music is doing what you feel.
If you want to sing, sing, if you want to dance, dance,” and the audience definitely chose to do both...... One of the best songs of the night had to be ‘Last Name’ taken from Carnival Ride; I loved this song, definitely a crowd pleaser. Carrie worked the stage and got the audience on their feet dancing. After ‘Just A Dream’, Carrie talked about meeting her idol Randy Travis, and had the privilege of being able to cover one of his songs ‘I Told You So’.
After two more songs, there was movement around the stage, chairs were brought to the front of the stage, so Carrie and her band could sit at the front, including the drummer, who had a box that was you used for the drum.
The sound that you get from the Royal Albert Hall, is amazing, Carrie’s voice filled the place. This part of the concert was a time to sit back and relax, listen to some slow songs and witness an amazing voice. ‘Quitter’ was one of the songs; Carrie described it as “a backwards love song”.
Do You Think About Me’ this song had a catchy repetitive beat, once again the lyrics were amazing, there is something about all of her songs, they all tell a story, I guess that’s what country music is all about. The next song was ‘One Way Ticket’, a song that sounds like a vacation, and when hearing it all you want to do is be on a beach. .....A beautiful woman with a beautiful voice, amazing live; she brings something different to country, it has added elements of pop and rock, very entertaining. I’m glad I got to see her live. Read in FULL at

2 )  London Evening Standard Review (John Aizlewood) 
A country girl at home in the city
At first glance, Carrie Underwood, America’s latest sweetheart and winner of the 2005 series of American Idol (imagine The Voice but with viewers), seems made to appeal to mainstream white America, being Christian, country-tinged and Simon Fuller-managed. But look again: not only does she co-write most of her material but in real life she knowingly risked alienating her conservative fanbase by loudly supporting gay marriage.
Last night, as her fifth album, Blown Away, hurtles towards the British Top 10, Underwood made her UK debut, and what a good-natured triumph it was for the 21st-century Shania Twain, despite her unwillingness (or inability) to truly let herself go and dressing as if she’d been told the Royal Albert Hall was a Taliban stronghold.
Backed by a supertight eight-piece band, she said all the right things, suggesting playing London was a watershed “in our careers and lives” and spurning overt religiosity in favour of daft platitudes: “We never end up where we start; that’s the point of life.”

Her outlook may have been fortune-cookie but she was absorbingly watchable and a fabulous singer. There were nods to her country roots on the cover of Randy Travis’s ballad I Told You So, yet she charged through the stomping pop-rock of Blown Away’s title track far more meatily than you’d expect from a vegan. Better still, Underwood’s spine-tingling version of Coldplay’s Fix You showed she understood the song is both a tender comfort blanket and a gung-ho rock symphony. She even tangled with reggae-lite on the summery shuffle One Way Ticket without making a fool of herself.

 Even more intriguing was her internal duel between the sacred and the secular. The lovely redemptive tale Jesus Take The Wheel climaxed with a glorious coda of the gospel standard How Great Thou Art, but in the raucous Last Name, our heroine comes follows a night of Las Vegas abandon, only to find herself married to a stranger.

Of such dilemmas are fascinating careers made. Carrie Underwood may be a mere competition winner but I suspect things are going to get really interesting from here.

3) - Review

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