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Country Billboard Chart News September 19, 2013

Country Billboard Chart News September 19, 2013

In Brief:  Billboard Country Charts

Country Album Chart ** No. 1 (1  week) ** FUSE Keith Urban
Hot Country Songs ** No. 1 (5 weeks) **  “That’s My Kind of Night” Luke Bryan
Country Airplay ** No. 1 (2 weeks) ** “Round Here” Florida Georgia Line
Country Digital Songs ** No. 1 ** (5 weeks)  “That’s My Kind of Night” Luke Bryan

Billboard Top 200 / Country Album Chart News

Keith Urban debuted at No.1 on the Billboard 200 (BB200) and Billboard Top Country Albums with Fuse with FUSE (Hit Red/Capitol Nashville/Universal MusicGroup Nashville) selling 98,037 copies.
It’s his fourth top start on the country tally and his second on the BB200.
It edged out the also-arriving "Kiss Land" by the Weeknd (the stage name of R&B singer Abel Tesfave) at No.2 (95,492 sales). Just 2,545 copies separate the albums, respectively, according to Nielsen SoundScan. (The latest sales tracking week ended Sunday, Sept. 15.) That's the closest margin between Nos. 1 and 2 since early January, when less than 2,000 copies separated the "Les Misérables" soundtrack at No. 1 (92,000) and Mumford & Sons' "Babel" at No. 2 (91,000).
Keith kicked off the media blitz for his new album with a live concert from Nashville for Yahoo! Music. The fun continued Monday as Keith chats with fans at and tapes an instalment of Wall Street Journal Café. During the release week, Urban performed on NBC's "Today" (Sept. 10, the day of the album's release) and ABC's "The View" then headed to the Apple store in Soho that evening for a performance and Q&A session with 200 invited guests and CBS' " Late Show With David Letterman" (both on Sept. 11).
Urban's debut of 98,000 means the chart’s top-selling album sells fewer than 100,000 copies for the first time after six weeks. The No.1 seller last dipped below 100,000 on the Aug. 10 chart, when Selena Gomez's "Stars Dance" entered with 97,000.
For Urban, "Fuse" is his fifth top 10 album and second BB200 No. 1 after 2009's "Defying Gravity” bowed atop the list with 172,000.

Urban last charted with 2010's "Get Closer," which debuted and peaked at No. 7 with a 162,000 start. "Fuse" marks the "American Idol" judge's lowest sales start for an album since 2002's "Golden Road" drove onto the chart with 67,000 at No. 11.
In the SoundScan era 21 albums have debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 with sales below 100,000. Of those 3 were from country artists: Toby Keith’s BULLETS IN THE GUN (70,830 sales; Chart Oct 23, 2010), Sugarland’s LIVE ON THE INSIDE (75,869 sales; Chart Aug 22, 2009) and Reba McEntire with KEEP ON LOVING YOU (95,817 copies, Chart Sept 28, 2009).
Worldwide sales for FUSE in its début week were 112,000.

A deluxe edition of FUSE will contain sixteen songs. The songs were written, gathered and recorded over the past year and half.  Says Urban, “these songs just connected with me, whether for their energy or for what they were saying or just for the fact that they made me feel good.  All of them have merit and even though we recorded a lot of songs, slowly this particular group started to come together.
If a lead single was intended as a preview of a new album, Keith Urban’s “Little Bit of Everything” was the perfect introduction to Fuse. The track which made the No. 1 slot on Country Airplay aided consumer awareness of the new project. The single’s title also reflects the ambitious manner in which Urban threw a whole bunch of influences into the album’s sonic stew. Fuse employs eight different producers; mixes acoustic, electric and digital instruments; and mashes pop, rock and country in a manner that’s notably different from anything Urban has done before. As the album unfolds through repeated exposure, it becomes a comfortable next step for a guy who’s already had a role in changing country’s sound. When he used a ganjo as a percussive instrument in 2002’s “Somebody Like You,” Urban reintroduced the once-maligned banjo as a driver of pop/country anthems. In Fuse, he employs a smattering of sounds—a broken-glass effect in “Even the Stars Fall 4 U,” a skittering electronic ascent in the pumping “Good Thing”—that in another era would have been shocking for a country-based artist.
In 2013, they’re less a shock than a reaffirmation that Urban is on a quest to keep moving forward on his creative journey.
As one of country’s best-recognized ambassadors, his personal expansion is practically guaranteed to further move the boundaries that define mainstream country.
“It was just sort of finding that yin and yang,” Urban says of the stylistic clash. “I always feel like if you take a song like ‘Even the Stars Fall 4 U,’ I want to take what’s sort of an inherently rural-lyric song and then say, ‘Let’s not treat it like a rural song in its production. Let’s go a different way with it.’ I couldn’t have done that production on a more popsounding song, because it just would have been yin and yin, which doesn’t interest me....  “There are points in artists’ careers where you might have to throw a curveball, and I was very excited to hear that he was looking in different directions,” UMG Nashville chairman/CEO Mike Dungan says.
The eight producers, however, was a series of curveballs—even to Urban. He originally thought he would settle on one or two after trying out several, but he ultimately found the parade of collaborators was creatively stimulating. Thus, two of the 16 tracks on the deluxe edition still employ his long-time co-producer Dann Huff, but the album also marks Urban’s first collaboration with such co-producers as Stargate (Rihanna, Beyoncé), Butch Walker (Fall Out Boy, Train) and Mike Elizondo (Eminem, Fiona Apple). 
I’ve been really fortunate to sit in a room with people like Keith and Taylor [Swift] and Lionel Richie, people who aren’t really thinking about anything except making the best music they can make that day,” says Nathan Chapman, who co-produced “Little Bit of Everything” and “We Were Us,” which pairs Urban with Miranda Lambert. (Billboard)

Critical reception for FUSE - Import CD (UK)

Allmusic (Rating: 3.5 STARS) The Fuse, Keith Urban's first album in three years, delivers a slicker, more sophisticated version of his solitary demo recording process as a radical sounding change in direction.... The numerous production dimensions here sometimes mask this set's almost uniformly good songs---the muddied textures that overshadow "Raise 'Em Up"--an otherwise fine duet with Eric Church...For all the piecemeal recording, technological obsession and sheer ambition on the Fuse, Urban manages to fashion it all into a (mostly) working whole and maintain his identity as a contemporary country artist, even as he reaches for the mainstream pop fences.

GAC  Fuse can most accurately be described as musical fusion.... Recent collaborations with the likes of The Rolling Stones, John Mayer and Alicia Keys seem to have broadened Keith’s musical palate while his current stint as a judge on American Idol appears to have exposed the Grand Ole Opry member to a steady dose of mainstream pop..... Much of Fuse grows from tasty riffs built on traditional country instruments like banjo and dobro – just set to, shall we say, more progressive arrangements. 
The distorted country fried licks of “Good Thing” sound like ZZ Top at a roadhouse rave while the cosmic roll of “Love’s Poster Child” hits hard with a country stomp and mischievous vocal delivery....With its boundary-pushing mission firmly accomplished, this is an expansive project that will challenge listeners to keep up. However, Keith’s methodical risks and ability to punch in the big chorus light a Fuse on this exciting new album.

Rollingstone (Rating 3.5 STARS): "Wish I could take a cab down to the creek/And hang a disco ball from an old oak tree," sings Keith Urban on "Little Bit of Everything," the tweakin'-on-the-tailgate single from his latest album, which tricks out his buff country pop with synth bass, digital stutters and big-box beats. It's hardly news: Urban has been working crossovers since his 1999 solo debut, and even held his own between co-judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey on last year's American Idol. What is surprising, though, is how unforced and fun the record sounds. An affable country talent, Urban here becomes an impressive twang-pop ambassador. For all the up-to-the-minute production talent – including Stargate and Mike Elizondo – this often sounds like an Eighties record, all big, clipped drums and guitar-face soloing... Urban's lyrics remain pro forma: Dude drives around, thinks about hot girl ("Somewhere in My Car") or goes to bar/club, comes on to hot girl ("Good Thing").
Still, the best tracks are the most country: The date-gone-wrong "Cop Car" is a marvel of Music Row story compression with sneaky R&B flow, and duets with new-school Nashville A-listers Miranda Lambert ("We Were Us") and Eric Church ("Raise 'Em Up") give guests and host equal shine. Sometimes, leaving your zone is the best way to find yourself.

Related Article: USA Today Finds right chemistry ....Keith Urban likes to write songs starting with a drum machine and his six-string banjo. Hank Williams might not have done it that way, but the juxtaposition works for the Australian-raised country singer....."Those two things are really fused together, for want of a better way to put it," says Urban, 45. "This was the album where I wanted to take that to the next level — maybe synthesized keyboards, some programmed things, in addition to more organic instruments, not only the six-string banjo, but also the bouzouki, the mandolin, acoustic guitar — and find new ways to fuse all those sounds together." Keith Urban answered Twitter questions from his fans and revealed a time that he came home after a concert with claw marks across his chest.

Luke Bryan's CRASH MY PARTY slipped to No.2 on the Billboard Country Chart with nearly 53,000 sales (down 22%) in its 5th chart week (Worldwide sales of 956,000).

Behind Luke at No.3 on the Country Chart saw the arrival of Sheryl Crow's FEELS LIKE HOME (Warner Bros./Warner Music Nashville) with a No.7 bow on the BB200 top 10.
The set, which is the singer/songwriter's first country effort, sold 36,427 copies. On the Billboard 200, "Feels Like Home" marks Crow's ninth top 10 album, and all eight of her studio efforts have reached the top 10 between 1995-2010. (She also scored a top 10 title with her 2004 greatest-hits album, "The Very Best of Sheryl Crow.").
“Feels Like Home”, is the second top three start this year by a solo female artist with no prior history on Top Country Albums. The only other first-time woman to debut in that region of the tally this year is Kacey Musgraves, who bowed at No. 1 with SAME TRAILER DIFFERENT PARK (43,496) in April. During the past five years (since January 2009), the only other such artist to open that high was Lauren Alaina, whose first full-length studio album, WILDFLOWER, debuted at No.2 two years ago (69,000 sales).

Sheryl planned an all out media blitz for the launch, she announced this year's CMA Awards nominees and performed her single, "Easy," on ABC's Good Morning America. She'll appeared on CBS's Late Show with David Letterman for an interview and performance. She stopped by Comedy Central's The Colbert Report followed by a performance on ABC's The View. She wrapped up the release week with a Friday night interview on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight and was set to perform on NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Monday, September 16.
"I've been doing this for 20 years, and I feel more inspired than ever," Crow told Rollingstone. "The country song writing format is stupefyingly great. It is intimidating – but so satisfying when you feel you've written a song that's a complete thought without any riffraff."

Critical reception for Sheryl Crow's FEELS LIKE HOME - CD

Billboard (Chuck Dauphin) There are also a trio of ballads on this album that will stop you dead in your tracks. “Give It To Me” is a romantic ballad that has a little bit of a 50s vibe
to it, and she sounds absolutely dreamy on the cut.....But, the cut that you need to buy this album for is – without a doubt – “Waterproof Mascara.” Written with Brad Paisley and Chris DuBois, this is the song that the doubters need to hear when they question Crow’s Country cred.... It proves to be well worth the wait, as she just might have released the most complete disc of her career.

Rolling Stone (Rating: 9/10) In 2011, a few years after Sheryl Crow moved from L.A. to Nashville, she parted ways with longtime label Interscope. "Nobody knew what to do with me," says the 51-year-old singer-songwriter. After encouragement from friend Brad Paisley, she decided to record her first-ever country album, working with a crack team of local session pros – and releasing it on her new label, Warner Bros. Highlights of the set include "Waterproof Mascara," about being a single mom, and "Drinkin'," about boozy nights at home.

GAC Multi-platinum singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow’s first country album, Feels Like Home, is remarkably very, very country. Aligning herself more with the Ashley Monroes, Kacey Musgraves and Vince Gills of the genre, Sheryl’s eighth studio album sings of heartache and desire with a talent for razor sharp wordplay....Sheryl steers clear of pop country trends in favor of a stripped down and traditional-based sound. Warm arrangements full of acoustic/electric guitar, pedal steel and a lockstep rhythm section flow easily through open production while Sheryl’s silky voice shows exactly why she’s won nine Grammy awards...Co-writing 10 of the album’s 12 songs, Sheryl heads straight for the door marked “Honky Tonk Heartache and Barroom Bliss” on Feels Like Home.... Feels Like Home is packed with lyrical twists and witty double-meanings that illustrate deeper points......Not all the songs on Feels Like Home are delicate though. Letting loose with dirty guitar riffs on the walking contradiction “Best of Times” and a funk-blues bent on “Shotgun,” Sheryl’s not afraid to mix it up a little bit....Sheryl’s performances are always natural and her inspired deliveries leave little room to argue that in country music, she is most certainly feeling right at home.

Outside of the Top 25 Country albums at #34 saw a debut for George Jones with a 2013 comprehensive Gospel collection titled AMAZING GRACE released on Sept. 10.
It was planned for release by Jones' own Bandit Records label prior to his passing this year. The legendary singer died April 26, 2013 after being hospitalized in Nashville with fever and irregular blood pressure. He was 81. As such, this will be the Jones' first authorized posthumous release. Includes the previously unreleased event recording 'Great Judgment Morning' featuring Waylon Jennings, Jesse Colter, Travis Tritt, Ricky Skaggs, Marty Stuart and Connie Smith was produced by Brian Ahern in 1994.. 11 of the 12 songs appeared on the out-of-print 2-CD set on Bandit from several years ago.
In 2002, George Jones coaxed legendary producer Billy Sherrill, his longtime collaborator, out of retirement - "I've always said that if I could have made a living some way in gospel music, I would have loved to had that break," Jones said in 700 Club interview in the early 2000s, adding, "but it never was offered to me, a job in that field, so naturally, I got lost on that other road." Bandit Records was established in 2000 by Jones and his widow, Nancy.
Watch “Amazing Grace” performed in 2008. the album is available at Amazon UK

Way down the Top 75 Billboard Country Albums list saw Steve Wariner debut at a lowly #74 with IT AIN’T ALL BAD  which I would estimate has sold between 600 to 800 copies.
On Sept. 10, Wariner released his first new, non-instrumental album in more than eight years. The four-time GRAMMY and CMA Award winner, who has placed 14 songs on top of the charts, produced the album and wrote or co-wrote all 12 songs.
Prime Country - Sirius XM Channel 58 launched a “Steve Wariner Album Release Celebration” on Friday, Sept. 13 and continued through Sunday, Sept. 15. Wariner recently performed a live in-studio performance that aired on Sept 13 to Sept 15.   
Recently, Wariner sat down with ABC News Now’s “What’s the Buzz?” and talked about his new album, which can be viewed at He was also on hand for the 47th Annual Country Music Association Awards which were announced live on ABC's Good Morning America and performed 2 songs.

Critical reception for “It Ain’t All Bad”
12 Tracks/ Time: 44:31 CD - MP3 - UK iTunes - Spotify

Billboard Turnabout, as they say, is fair play. Steve Wariner grew up enamored with such guitarists as Jerry Reed and the man he has often cited as his mentor, Chet Atkins. 
Well, flash forward a few years, and today’s generation of singers – guitarists all claim such acts as Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, and Steve Wariner as their influences....with the release of this new disc, Wariner is at his most musically diverse ever. Recording on his own Selectone label gives him a chance to do some different things than he might have earlier. “Voodoo” is such an instance... He closes the album with a masterpiece on par with “Holes In The Floor Of Heaven” or “Two Teardrops” titled “A Thousand Winds.” ...The man truly knows how to pull on the heartstrings, and he’s also as good at that as he’s ever been! (rating: 4.5 STARS) ..There's variety on the album but it's all melded together to help It Ain't All Bad feel like the work of a master who is making music for the pure reason that he has to, not because he has contracts or radio station obligations to meet. It Ain't All Bad is a bit of a misnomer because the album is nothing but good.

Country Weekly’s review called special attention to several songs on the album, writing about “the jazzy ‘Bluebonnet Memories’ that show Steve still has full command of [his] Chet-Atkins-bestowed ‘certified guitar player’ status” and “the acoustic ‘48 Ford’ and its sepia-toned memories of time with his dad prove Steve’s still got something to say,” while also praising the title track for “showcasing top-notch guitar work…”
Related Post: Steve Wariner Talks New Music, Chet Atkins and More with CMTT

Johnny Cash, "The Legend of Johnny Cash" rounded out the Billboard Top 200: With a tiny bit more than 2,000 copies sold, this week's No. 200 album has the second-smallest weekly sales sum since the chart started using SoundScan data on May 25, 1991. The all-time low was set a year ago (Sept. 29, 2012), with a handful of units less (but still more than 2,000).

Billboard Top 200 / Country Album Placings

(Issue dated Chart week of September 28, 2013) 
(Country Album positions #1 - #25)

(TW) This Week, (LW) Last Week, Co (Country Album Chart placing / Movement)

Billboard History

Billboard Top Ten For Week Ending September 19, 1998:
1. HIGH MILEAGE (Arista) - Alan Jackson
2. Come On Over (Mercury) - Shania Twain
3. For The Record: 41 Number One Hits (RCA) -Alabama
4. The Key (MCA) -Vince Gill
5. Hope Floats (Capitol) - Soundtrack
6. Wide Open Spaces (Monument) -Dixie Chicks
7. Faith (Warner Bros.) - Faith Hill
8. Sittin' On Top Of The World (Curb) - LeAnn Rimes
9. If You See Her (Arista) - Brooks & Dunn
10. Wish You Were Here (Mercury) - Mark Wills

 Top 25 Hot Country Songs (week of September 28, 2013)

On Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart - which blends:
a) All-format airplay, as monitored by BDS 
b) Sales, as tracked by Nielsen SoundScan and
c) Streaming, (tracked by Nielsen BDS from such services as Spotify, Muve, Slacker, Rhapsody, Rdio and Xbox Music, among others) according to BDS it results in:

Luke Bryan rules Billboard’s Hot Country Songs for a fifth straight week as his “That’s My Kind of Night” (Capitol Nashville) leads the sales/airplay/streaming hybrid songs list.

Keith Urban’s with Miranda Lambert, “We Were Us,” gains “Hot Shot Debut” applause at No.24, a career-high debut for Lambert. Urban has debuted at or above No. 24 twice previously. The duet also lands at No. 8 on Country Digital Songs where it sells 32,000 downloads.
Capitol Nashville officially announced Sept. 5 that it was releasing Urban’s duet as the second single but Radio couldn’t wait. On Sept. 6, three days before it officially went to radio, Nielsen BDS detected airplay of the song on 37 stations, and by the next day another 13 had jumped onboard. “I have a good feeling about it,” Lambert says. “I think it’s gonna be big.”  It debuted at No. 49 on Country Airplay last week after just a few days of advance play, then jumped to No.29 this week.
Billboard report:  “We Were Us” is a winning piece likely to wear well with listeners. It’s musically enticing—“The chorus explodes,” Urban says—but the lyrics take multiple hearings to completely comprehend. It’s a nostalgic song about high school passion in a car or truck, though not once does it specify the
vehicle or high school. And many of the lines in the verses—“Shotgun sunset/A cool mint kiss/Backseat promise/Breaking it”—aren’t even complete sentences.

Sheryl Crow’s lead single from her new album, “Easy,” re-enters  at a new peak (No. 21.)
Justin Moore claimed his first top 10 in more than two years, as “Point at You” (Valory) flew 15-10.

Top 25 Hot Country Songs:

Luke Bryan with “That’s My Kind Of Night” stays Top The Chart! #1
Jason Aldean with “Night Train” moves up two, #4 - #2 p
Tyler Farr with “Redneck Crazy” is up two, #5 - #3 p
Florida Georgia Line with “Round Here” is down one slot, #3 - #4 q
Thomas Rhett with “It Goes Like This” is up one, #6 - #5 p
Florida Georgia Line with former #1 “Cruise” falls four, #2 - #6 q
Billy Currington with “Hey Girl” is up one, #8 - #7 p
Keith Urban with “Little Bit Of Everything” is down one, #7 - #8  q
Blake Shelton with “Mine Would Be You” is up one, #10 - #9 p
Justin Moore with “Point at You” is up five,  #15 - #10  p
Tim McGraw with “Southern Girl” is up one, #12 - #11 p
Chris Young  with “Aw Naw” jumps up four, #16 - #12 p
Luke Bryan with “Crash My Party” is down two, #11 - #13 q
Easton Corbin with “All Over The Road” falls five slots,  #9 - #14 q
Lee Brice with “Parking Lot Party” is up three,  #18 - #15 p
Randy Houser with “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight” is down two, #14 - #16 q
Brett Eldredge with “Don’t Ya” falls four, #13 - #17  q
Blake Shelton with “Boys ‘Round Here2 is up two, #20 - #18 p
Darius Rucker  with former No.1 “Wagon Wheel” stays at #19
Hunter Hayes with “I Want Crazy” is down three,  #17 - #20 q
Sheryl Crow with “Easy” re-enters at #21 q
Taylor Swift with “Red” stay at #22
Joe Nichols with “Sunny And 75” is up one, #24 - #23 p
Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert with “We Were Us” debuts at #24
Carrie Underwood with “See You Again” falls seven, #14 - #21 q

Hot Country Songs
** No.1 (5 weeks) / Airplay Gainer **  “That’s My Kind Of Night” Luke Bryan
** Streaming Gainer ** No.9 “Mine Would Be You” Blake Shelton
** Hot Shot Debut ** No.24  “We Were Us” Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert
** Digital Gainer ** No.26  “Drunk Last Night” Eli Young Band
Debut No.50 “Good Times” Cassadee Pope

Billboard Country Airplay Chart Week of September 28, 2013

Florida Georgia Line enjoyed a second week atop the list (Sept. 28 chart) with “Round Here” (Republic Nashville). It logged 45.877 million audience impressions (-1.041) and received 6,662 radio plays (-132). 
They matched Brooks & Dunn’s previously unequalled feat,  among all artists,  of holding three career-opening singles atop the Nielsen BDS-based chart for multiple weeks in the 23-year history of Billboard’s Country Airplay tally . FGL are just one multi-week leader away from matching Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn’s early momentum: They scored four straight, career-opening singles in 1991-92, which all held for more than one week. Florida Georgia Line logged three weeks at the summit with “Cruise” last December, followed by two weeks at No. 1 with “Get Your Shine On” in May. Brooks & Dunn’s first four singles were “Brand New Man” (two weeks), “My Next Broken Heart” (two weeks), “Neon Moon” (two weeks) and “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” (four weeks).
Meanwhile, FGL opened at No. 57 on Country Airplay with “Stay,” based on unsolicited play from the duo’s HERE’S TO THE GOOD TIMES set, which has sold 1.1 million to date. The pair also appears as a featured act on Jake Owen’s “Summer Jam” (RCA Nashville) at No.51.

Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert’sWe Were Us” (Hit Red/Capitol Nashville/RCA Nashville) surged 49-29. It took the chart weeks “Most Increased Audience” and “Most Added” stripes in its second chart week. The song logged 9.806 million audience impressions, up by 8.166 million and received 1,293 radio plays (+1,099)  thanks to 61 new airplay commitments (ADDS) at 61 of the 142 BDS monitored stations. The duet is the second single from Urban’s new FUSE album.

Sibling duo Brothers Osborne took home the weeks “Hot Shot Debut” cup with their new radio single ““Let’s Go There” (EMI Nashville, writers J.Mabe, J. Osborne, T.J. Osborne) . For John and TJ Osborne, getting into music was unavoidable. They grew up in the water town of Deale, Maryland, their close-nit-family of seven spent most nights not in front of the television, but writing and playing songs.
John (guitar) moved to Nashville first to play in other bands. Two years later, TJ (vocals/guitar) moved to Nashville. It was then they formed Brothers Osborne and began playing as many writer rounds as they could. In April 2011, Warner Chappell/King Pen Music offered them a publishing deal. A year later, Capitol Records offered them a record deal. Listen to a sample and read the single review at Taste Of Country .

Country Airplay

*** No. 1 (2 weeks) *** "Round Here”  Florida Georgia Line
 ** Most Increased Audience/ Most Added  ** No.29 "We Were Us” Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert
** Hot Shot Debut ** “Let’s Go There” (EMI Nashville) Brothers Osborne
Debut No.57 “Stay” (Republic Nashville) Florida Georgia Line
Debut No.59 “Goodnight Kiss” Randy Houser
Debut No.60 “Love Is War” (Curb) American Young

Billboard Country Digital Singles Chart Week of September 28, 2013

Luke Bryan remained at #1 with “That’s My Kind Of Night” with sales of 99,000 (down 7%) for the  RIAA GOLD certified single with sales now totoalling 607,000 copies.

Tyler Farr’sRedneck Crazy” moved 4-2 with sales up 4% over the previous week.
Jason Aldean’sNight Train” climbed 6-5, the single has past the certification level required by the RIAA for GOLD (500K copies) and the single has now sold 508k copies. It represents  a run of 13 consecutive singles (18 since 2005) to gain either Gold, Platinum or Multi-Platinum.

Keith Urban & Miranda Lambert debut at No.8 with “We Were Us”, the second single from the new and chart topping FUSE album. The lead off single “Little Bit Of Everything” fell 11 places (10-21) with a sales drop of 37% but the 17,000 copies and new tally means he has logged a GOLD single.

Sheryl Crow’sEasy” jumped up 10 slots to land a No.9 place, sales of 30k were up 58%.
Cassadee Pope logs 2 tracks on the Top 30  debuting at #28 track with “Good Times” to join “Wasting All These Tears” at #17.

Top 30 Digital Singles in Country Music (published September 19, 2013)

 (LW) Last Week  (TW) This Week 

*Numbers are rounded to nearest 1000th

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