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Have you voted for’s Listeners' Club Song Award?
TODAY (May 31, 2014) is the last chance to vote 
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 Rawley Taylor and Pete Dymond ** :
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UK states and you hear the presenters say each hour that the 24/7 Station is "Playing the Hottest Country Music for the UK”, 24 hours a day at

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Do they believe what they preach?
When this question was poised CEO Allan Watkiss replied on their Facebook Page - “Yes, we are happy with our music format - playing UK country artists, and reflecting the popular songs according to the Billboard country music charts.”

Do you think that someone needs to vet the material before it airs? offers variety but not always quality?
EG - Rawley Taylor, Mark Newberry/ Pete Diamond, Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and Brett Eldredge are heard regularly in the UKCR mix.

Voting got underway for their Listener's Club Song Award for 2014 in their February Newsletter
There are over 30 songs in the running for the Award this year, all of them promoted through last year. The full list is in the Awards section of their website, where you can cast your vote.

The last 3 Bank Holiday weekends presenter Jerry Scott has introduced’s Listener's Club award 2014 nominees for consideration.
Take a Listen to Clive Rose followed by a medley of other nominated 2014 Listener Club songs including: “I Still Miss Someone” ( Carolann B), “Movin' On” (Colin Chapman), “You Can't Have The Sunshine Without Rain” Ray R.Jones; written by Eileen Richardson), “Love And Two Dimes” (Emilie Andersen; written by Vic Holroyd), “The Joke's On Me” (Ivor James) and “20 Days & 20 Night” (Pete Storm).

Furthering the cause of Country music in the UK or artists/ songs that would fit the bill at Scarborough's local run-down, seedy night club run by Mr. Boo (Jim Broadbent) in the film Little Voice?

1. The Listeners' Club Song Award is for a song, promoted through by a UK artist or songwriter during 2013. Each artist or songwriter has been invited to select one of their promoted songs to go forward for the Award.
2. If you vote, you will be automatically included in their Listeners' Club and will receive our monthly Newsletters. You may unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of the Newsletter. However, if you unsubscribe before June 2014, your vote will be discounted. Check out's Listeners'Club Newsletter for May 2014
3. You may only cast one vote.
4. Online Voting closes at midnight on Saturday 31st May. The five finalists, those with the most votes, will be announced on Sunday 8th June at 12pm. The final will take place at’s Seventh Birthday Party on Saturday 13th September 2014.

VOTE for Rawley Taylor
In the latter halve of 2013’s Most Heard No.1 was “The Country Rap” by Rawley TaylorJason Aldean's "Night Train" also joined "The Country Rap" as their most played track for a MONTH! have also played Taylor’s "You Can't Drive My Car" from the “hen-pecked guy’s” album A Touch Of Colour.

Ways to Listen to Rawley Taylor’s Country Rap:
1) Watch the Video on >> YouTube (A quick look at the boyfriend every girl dreams of.......)
2) Listen to the track in FULL on
3) Listen to song on >> SPOTIFY
4) Listen to’s >> SHORT SAMPLE !!
>> Listen directly here:

BUY Country Rap on AMAZON UK 

On’s current “Most HeardTop 10 playlist (published Sat Oct 19, 2013 1:20 pm) Rawley still appeared, joining some of the biggest American mainstream Label MALE artists and void of females.
1. Do What You Love - Colin Mackay
2. Arizona - The Ball Family
3. That's My Kind Of Night - Luke Bryan
4. All Over The Road - Easton Corbin
5. Night Train - Jason Aldean
6. Redneck Crazy - Tyler Farr
7. Round Here - Florida Georgia Line
8. Hey Girl - Billy Currington
9. Little Bit Of Everything - Keith Urban
10. The Country Rap - Rawley Taylor

About Rawley Taylor: The favourite makes his music on an island out in the Baltic Sea. The place belongs to Sweden and is called Gotland – full of Viking history and unspoiled coastline and in parts overcrowded with tourists in summer. In that last respect it’s something like where he has his roots in Glorious Devon. Why Rawley is there at all is far too long a story to bother with. But since moving there his musical passion has woken again after a hibernation that should qualify for the Guinness Book of Records. All the real trivia can be read on his website.
Rawley Taylor - CLICK to ENLARGE
Some of Rawley's music can be purchased online but there are many bits and pieces that can be found for free if you know where to look…”Famous” for his designer Zoot suits and the ever-growing collection of Hawaiian shirts is a fetish no-one understands.
Rawley is an Englishman from the Depths of Devonshire who has made touchdown in Sweden and divides his time between urban living on the mainland and life in the middle of the Baltic on the Swedish island of Gotland where he pumps out his music across the water hoping that someone out there is listening...The next project is taking shape under the working title “The Upstairs Room”. The album will hopefully be released at the end of 2013. Meanwhile there is a taster from the album out on release now. Titled “The Country Rap” it’s one of the tongue in cheek tracks Rawley likes to mix in with the other more down to earth stuff.

Pop Til U Drop (released 22 Mar 2010; Label: Pacific Grove Records); 14 Tracks/ Time: 53:32 MP3 - - UK iTunes
The Golden Ring And Other Stories (released April 4, 2011; Label: Artee Records) 11Tracks / Time: 50:35 MP3 - - UK iTunes
A Touch Of Colour (released October 10, 2012; Label: Artee Records) 12 Tracks/ Time: 56:43 MP3 - - UK iTunes
CONNECT with Rawley: WEBSITE - Artist Page

Also for your consideration VOTE Pete Dymond
“Lonesome Rail” - Pete Dymond (written by Mark Newberry)
1) Listen/ Stream/ Download the track in FULL on (320kbps MP3)
2) Listen to’s >> SHORT SAMPLE !!

>> Listen to Simon Large Doncaster’s “very own” and afternoon presenter  set up Pete Dymond’s song “The Country Singer”. Aptly titled or NOT?

About Mark Newberry: favourite was a custody sergeant with London’s Metropolitan Police for many yearsHe served for three decades with London's Metropolitan Police and retired as arguably the busiest custody officer.
After retiring, he took up songwriting. He has since released several songs including this one, produced and recorded by Pete Dymond at his studios in Bristol. In retirement, a love of verse and lyrics came together in the publication of a collection called "Singing Words" in 2006. He then concentrated on song lyrics which led to songs in various genres including country, Christmas and love songs. Mark released several singles in 2013. "You Smiled", performed by Pete Dymond, was recorded and produced by Pete at his studios, Diamond Studios, in Bristol.
It was followed, in July, by "Make Your Mind Up". Mark wrote the lyrics for the song, and teamed up with Bob Evans who wrote the music and recorded the track.
Mark then released a tribute song "Daddy Knew Johnny Cash", followed, in November by "Lonesome Rail", recorded once again by Pete Dymond in his Bristol Studios.
Some of the better known people who have used material after hearing Diamond Studios demos have been: BBC TV, Roger Cooke, David Essex, The Late Mickie Most, Adam Hart-Davies, Roger Greenaway, Emi Records, Sir Paul McCartney.
CONNECT with Pete Dymond: WEBSITE - Artist Page

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