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Country Billboard Chart News November 20, 2014

Country Billboard Chart News November 20, 2014

Billboard, Changing the Album Charts:  Will Count Streaming Services
Billboard and Nielsen SoundScan, the agency that supplies its data, will start adding streams and downloads of tracks to the formula behind the Billboard 200, which, since 1956 has functioned as the music world’s weekly scorecard.
It is the biggest change since 1991, when the magazine began using hard sales data from SoundScan, a revolutionary change in a music industry that had long based its charts on highly fudgeable surveys of record stores.

The new chart, covering sales and listening from Monday to Nov. 30, will be revealed on Billboard’s website on Dec. 4 and published in print in its Dec 13, 2014 issue.
Silvio Pietroluongo, Billboard’s director of charts, said that by looking at streams as well as sales, the new chart will more accurately reflect how people listen to music these days.
“We were always limited to the initial impulse, when somebody purchased an album,” Mr. Pietroluongo said in an interview. “Now we have the ability to look at that engagement and gauge the popularity of an album over time.”
One expected result is that albums by big pop stars — which tend to open high on the chart and then plunge after just a few weeks — should linger longer in the upper rungs. Ariana Grande’s “My Everything,” for example, which opened at No.1 in September, was No.36 on last week’s chart, with 10,000 sales. Under the new formula, it would have been No.9.
SoundScan and Billboard will count 1,500 song streams from services like Spotify, Beats Music, Rdio, Rhapsody and Google Play as equivalent to an album sale.
For the first time, they will also count “track equivalent albums” — a common industry yardstick of 10 downloads of individual tracks — as part of the formula for album rankings on the Billboard 200.
“Album sales have become a smaller and smaller part of the industry,” said David Bakula, a senior analyst at Nielsen. “To just look at album sales and say this is how we measure success is really leaving out that half of the business that is coming from streams and song sales.”
"Including streaming information is the next step in the evolution of the industry's accurate measurement of music consumption," said Jim Urie, president/CEO of Universal Music Distribution. "Streaming is the fastest growing configuration we now have and having it included in Billboard's chart is a welcome improvement."

Taylor Swift’s “1989,” the biggest hit album of the year, was withheld from Spotify and other streaming outlets, and two weeks ago, it still opened at No.1 with nearly 1.3 million sales, the biggest weekly total for any album in 12 years. On the latest chart, released by Billboard on Wednesday, “1989” holds at No. 1 for a third week, with 312,000.
“No amount of streaming in the world,” Mr. Bakula said, “could keep Taylor from No. 1.”
While the Billboard 200 will be taking on a whole new look, Billboard will continue to publish a pure album sales chart, called Top Album Sales, that will maintain the traditional Billboard 200 methodology, comprising Nielsen's sales data exclusively. Existing genre album charts (Country, R&B/Hip-Hop, etc.) will also remain sale-based for the time being.
Source: Billboard 200 Makeover: Album Chart to Incorporate Streams & Track Sales

  • Taking into account streaming for singles seemed OK but using it to determine the album chart sounds messy?
  • Older people don't stream/ consume music as much as teenagers as they are not obsessed with mobile phones and apps and don't get glued to computers streaming everything 24/7.
  • The music industry seem more interested in how people consume music rather than buying it and flag up the trendy mainstream artists with high streaming figures.
  • The music industry is not going to gross as much money than with hard retail CD sales. Are they trying to hide the fact that albums sales have dropped significantly in 2014 (Country music album sales have been as low as 25% and now recovering to a 17% deficit compared to 2013).
  • Just how hard will it be to see the pure raw genre album sales to actually see how many were sold at retail? This new  Billboard 200 chart will no longer be a chart that exclusively looks at weekly album sales  which it has been since 1955.
  • Is it the start of a slippery slope to abolish CDs?
  • Just how will the system be applied to RECORDING INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA (RIAA) Gold & Silver album certifications? We’ve already seen singles in 2014 granted Platinum status even though they are some 175,000 short at retail to actually selling a million because of streaming data included. Example: The Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood duet "Somethin' Bad" was recently officially certified as a PLATINUM Digital Single by the RIAA. "Somethin' Bad" was certified for hitting the one million mark for combined downloads and online streams. It had actually sold 826,619 downloads at retail not 1 million!
  • Another nail in music retail coffin?

In Brief:  Billboard Country Charts

Country Album Chart ** No. 1 (1 week) “Man Against Machine” Garth Brooks
Hot Country Songs ** No.1 (2 weeks) ** “Something In The Water” Carrie Underwood
Country Airplay ** No.1 (1 week) ** "Sunshine & Whiskey" Frankie Ballard
Country Digital Songs ** No.1 ** (2 weeks) ** “Something In The Water” Carrie Underwood

In this easy-to-use format discover where your favourite acts songs and album are charting across the four Billboard Country charts. It is prioritized by the first column showing the Hot Country Songs chart frame standings for the week of November 29, 2014.
There are also separate rows highlighting Women of Country music.

Scroll down for further details on each of the individual charts.

Billboard Top 200 / Country Album Chart News
Taylor Swift with her 1989 POP album spent a third consecutive week at No.1 on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart (BB200), making it only the second album to spend three
weeks atop the list in 2014. Only the Frozen soundtrack, which racked 13 nonconsecutive weeks at No.1, spent longer at the top.
1989 sold 312,000 copies (*) in the week ending Nov.16, down 22% in its third frame compared to the previous week haul of 401,599 according to Nielsen SoundScan.
* The SoundScan chart was re-run after they found errors in it. A previous figure for Taylor of 305,791 (3 week total of 1,994,151) was earlier published and other sales and chart postions were later upgraded.
It's the first album to sell more than 300,000 copies in its first three weeks since Beyonce's self-titled effort in December 2013. Beyonce debuted at No. 1 with 617,000 (from only three days of sales), then spent a second (374,000) and third week (310,000) at No. 1.
After 3 weeks 1989's total sales now stand at 2,000,000. It continues to rank as 2014's second-largest-selling album, behind the Frozen soundtrack (3.25 million). They are the only two albums to sell a million copies in 2014.

Comparison to her last album RED’s first 5 weeks sales
1 Week 1,208,290
2 Week 344,249 (-72%)
3 Week 196,225 (-43%)
4 Week 144,534 (-26%)
5 Week 185,391 (+28%) ------- Total 2,078,997 

In total, Swift has spent 27 cumulative weeks at No.1 with her four chart-topping albums. That puts her ahead of Barbra Streisand on the list of women with the most weeks at No. 1. Among leading ladies, Whitney Houston has the most (46 weeks), followed by Mariah Carey (30), Swift (27) and Streisand (26).
It's unlikely that Taylor will hold onto the No.1 next week as UK boy band One Direction's album Four arrives predicted to shift  over 420,000 in the week ending Nov. 23, according to industry forecasters.
Taylor Swift also made history on the Billboard Hot 100, where her single "Blank Space" blasted from No.13 to No.1 (19.2 million US streams). As the song dethroned her prior smash, "Shake It Off," after four weeks atop the chart, Swift becomes the first woman in the Hot 100's 56-year history to succeed herself at the top spot and is the only artist with two Hot 100 No.1s in 2014.
 "Space," released on Big Machine Records and promoted to radio by Republic Records, takes over at No. 1 following the Nov. 10 release of its official video. With her coronation, Swift tallied her third Hot 100 No.1, following "Shake" (which falls to No. 3) and 2012's three-week leader "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

Of note: Pink Floyd collected its 10th top 10 album on the Billboard 200 chart, as its new release, THE ENDLESS RIVER, sailed in at No.3. It sold 168,373 copies and also debuted at No.2 on Top Rock Albums. The album is the band's first collection of new studio recordings since 1994's The Division Bell, which debuted at No.1 (with 465,000 sales). The new set was assembled from music that originated during the Division Bell sessions and is advertised as a tribute to the band's Richard Wright, who died in 2008.

Strictly back to country matters superstar Garth Brooks made a debut at No.4 on the Billboard 200 to land No.1 on Billboard Top Country Albums selling 130,000 physical copies (* 118,370 previously published) of MAN AGAINST MACHINE, his first studio album in 13 years.
It’s Brooks’ and his fourth consecutive #1 album debut and his 14th leader on Top Country Albums. His last new studio album was 2001's SCARECROW (released on Nov 13, 2001), debuted at No.1 on both charts with 466,000 sales (Last noted total 2,946,000).
"People Loving People" was released as Man Against Machine's lead single on September 3, 2014 which peaked at #19 on Billboard Country Airplay chart (His last a top 10 airplay hit was 2007’s No. 1 “More Than a Memory”).
In the UK on the Official 100 Album chart Garth’s new set registered with a debut at No.23 (7,608 sales)
“Man Against Machine” was notably unavailable through digital retailers (such as iTunes and Amazon). The whole album had be bought digitally via Brooks' own GhostTunes website, which did not report sales of the album to SoundScan.
The new album earned Brooks his softest start for a studio set in the SoundScan era. He logged his previous low when Ropin’ the Wind bowed at No.1 with 300,000 in 1991. (If “In … the Life of Chris Gaines” is included as a studio project that shifted 262,000 in 1999)

Last year on the chart frame Dec 14, 2013 Garth made a bow at No.3 on the BB200 with Blame It All On My Roots: Five Decades Of Influences (sales 163,604) and was held off the No.1 by One Direction's MIDNIGHT MEMORIES. He land on Top Country Albums at #1 when he displaced The Robertsons' Duck The Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas. That his 13th #1 album was released on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, Nov. 28). It was a massive, eight-disk set, a Walmart exclusive, consists of six CDs and two DVDs.
“Blame It All On My Roots” went on to sell 1-million copies. It’s first seven Billboard postions/sales were:
#3 (163,604), #1 (146,267), #2 (171,508), #2 (199,168), #6 (90,000), #14 (25,000) and #18 (12,000)

Currently on his world tour with Trisha Yearwood, Garth continues to shatter records- recently breaking his North American ticket sales record for a single city with 203,235 tickets sold from eleven shows at the Target Center in Minneapolis, the most tickets he has ever sold for a single city in North America.
Garth’s new single off Man Against Machine, the moving tribute “Mom,” debuted on Good Morning America earlier this month and has since set off a chain reaction on social media from fans hoping to hear “Mom” on Country Radio. “Mom” will impact country radio on November 24th.

Critical reception for Garth Brooks “Man Against Machine:
* ONLY available as a FULL Album download on

Entertainment Weekly (Rating: B+) ...Thirteen years after his last LP, the country superstar returns with Man Against Machine, an album brimming with arena-size anthems, glossy production, and intimate storytelling. His sound hasn't changed much, but somehow Man doesn't feel dated. In fact, the likes of ''Wrong About You'' and ''All-American Kid'' are just what bro-soaked country radio's been missing.

Allmusic (Rating: 3.5 Stars) ..his first record in 13 years. Brooks never denies the passing years anywhere on Man Against Machine -- he never attempts to pour himself into skinny jeans so he can strut to an electronic beat, he never seems like a grinning bro next door as he embraces his middle age -- but he doesn't necessarily take pains to fit into the times,
either. From its beefy arena rock arrangements to its preponderance of power ballads, this is an album constructed from remnants of the
golden age of the diamond album, a cross-demographical blockbuster that's now a bit of accidental narrowcasting. This is for audiences who wish they made country records like they used to -- not when Hank, Willie, or Waylon were on the radio, but when arena country meant something to millions...There are no surprises, but that's what's welcome about Man Against Machine. Brooks doesn't try to do anything differently; he just picks up where he left off and the time away has only made it clearer how he's different from all that came before and all that came since.

Billboard (Rating: 3.5 STARS)....The resulting 14-track LP, released Tuesday on his website, is not overtly commercial -- first single "People Loving People" peaked at No. 19 on the Country Airplay chart -- but is full of substantive songs that resonate. Once accused of diluting country by infusing his live show (and later his music) with rock elements, he has made one of the most country-sounding albums of the year: See the fiddle-led ballad "All American Kid" about a returning soldier, as well as "Mom," a gentle heart-tugger......Brooks doesn't do half measures, as evident on the title track, screeching guitar-rock in which he rails against technology by referencing folklore hero John Henry, who died in a steam drill competition against a machine. But it's the dramatic tunes about love gone bad that stand out. On the flinty "Cold Like That," Brooks, whose vocals are stellar throughout the LP, wishes he could adopt the iciness of his ex-lover. The emotional weight of "Midnight Train," a chugging ballad about an inescapable lost love, rivals closer "Tacoma," an organ-drenched tune about trying to outrun a memory. A rowdy, vintage-Brooks-style slam-dunk like "Friends in Low Places" or "Fever" is missing here, but that's a small complaint for such a solid return.

Rollingstone (Rating: 3.5 STARS) ...Y'all counted out Chris Gaines, but after 13 years, Garth Brooks returns with one of the year's best accidental rock albums. There's no Auto-Tune to smooth his rusty voice, so it's more weathered and honest than the man who left the spotlight. The lyrics play like a sly spin on classic Garth: On "She's Tired of Boys," he's on the other side of the May-December romance from 1992's "That Summer," and the woman doesn't lose her man to the "Rodeo" – she herself rides. With ripping guitar solos, Aerosmith-style strings and gospel-tinged background vocals, this is a record that could take Eric to Church.

New York Daily News (Rating: 2 STARS)  Garth Brooks waited 13 years to release “Man Against Machine.” He should have waited longer.... Brooks does includes a zippy nod to
Western swing in “Romeo & Juliet,” plus a few soggy ballads, but most of the music suggests Journey gone Nashville. The lyrics also circle the wagons, settling on eye-glazing tales of football heroes gone to war, men who realize it’s more fulfilling to fish than to climb the corporate ladder, and piercing realizations like “the answer lies in people loving people.” The album reaches a gag-me peak with “Mom,” a song sung from the point of view of a
baby reluctant to leave the womb — until God himself talks the kid into taking the plunge. I am not making this up. There’s one clever, fresh and catchy piece, “She’s Tired of Boys.” Here, a young girl kicks her far older lover to the curb for being too immature. A song like this proves Brooks actually can think and write. If he would only do it more often.

George Strait with THE COWBOY RIDES AWAY moved 60-11 on the BB200 (#16-#2 Country) selling 30,000 copies (up 309%) as fans waited patiently to get their hands on the Deluxe release of the CD with a DVD of the special which aired on CMT earlier this year. This deluxe edition is only available at Walmart stores.

Zac Brown Band with GREATEST HITS SO FAR made a debut at No.20 on the BB200 (#5 Country) with 19,974 copies sold for  the 14 song collection of nothing but hit singles (11 of them #1 singles). The album is the band’s final for Atlantic Records. Their next album will be issued through Universal Republic/Big Machine Label Group’s Dot Records.

Critical reception for Zac Brown Band - Greatest Hits: So Far:
14 Tracks/ Time: 54:19 CD - MP3 - UK iTunes - Smart Choice Music -  

Allmusic (Rating: 4.5 Stars) rounds up the 14 singles the Zac Brown Band released between 2008 and 2013, presenting them in chronological order and containing no bonus material. There are a lot of hits here -- "Chicken Fried," "Toes," "Highway 20 Ride," "Free,"
"As She's Walking Away," "Colder Weather," "Knee Deep," and "Keep Me in Mind" all hit number one on Billboard's country charts, and most of the rest made it into the Top 10 -- and when they're combined in a collection, the overall effect is to push ZBB away from their (deserved) jam band associations and into the realm of sturdy craftsmen. Brown and his chief co-writer Wyatt Durette have a knack for full-blooded yet sensitive melodies reminiscent of the golden age of singer/songwriters, with many of the best songs ("Colder Weather," "As She's Walking Away") bearing an uncanny (and possibly unintended) similarity to the terrific and obscure songsmith B.W.Stevenson, along with James Taylor. This means Greatest Hits So Far underscores the band's timeless qualities: in addition to being a great live band, they're a hell of a singles band, too, creating songs that withstand hundreds of plays.

Darius Rucker with HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS continues to picked up sales with Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon.
He moved to 39-31 on the BB200 and jumped up to No.7 Country. Sales were up 10% selling 10,900 copies for a new 3-week total of 29,743. It could be 2014s Country Christmas album of the season with a challenge coming soon from Sara Evans (AT CHRISTMAS out Nov 17) but seemingly untroubled by the cappella country act Home Free at (#49) whose album FULL OF CHEER opened with 6,108 copies (#14 Country) before slipping down the chart, The ABC Nashville cast holiday set CHRISTMAS WITH NASHVILLE (7,529 sold in 2 weeks) and LeAnn Rimes whose album has flopped after making a lowly debut 2 weeks ago at #47 Country selling just 1,000 copies of One Christmas: Chapter One.

In their second week on the Country chart The Doobie Brothers with SOUTHBOUND (Arista Nashville) slipped 7-15 (6,000 sales; down 63%)
After last weeks sales boost for many who performed at the Nov 5th 48th Annual CMA Awards there was a marked reduction a further week on with Miranda Lambert’s album of the year PLATINUM (sales down 61%) typical of the corrections. 

Outside the Top 25 Country Albums
Teen duo Maddie & Tae with their Self-Titled debut 4 track EP fell 28-45 (Dot/ BMLG) and on Heatseeker Albums slipped 1-17.

2014 Country Album sales Year-To Date:
26,853,000 (Physical sales 17,887,000 (down 9%) + Digital sales 8,966,000 (down -8.4%)) which is 16.8% down at the same point in 2013 (32,294,000 sales)

Billboard Top 200 / Country Album Placings
(Issue dated Chart week of November 29, 2014)
(Country Album positions #1 - #25)
(TW) This Week, (LW) Last Week, Co (Country Album Chart placing / Movement)

* The SoundScan chart was re-run after they found errors in it. A previous figure for Garth Brooks of 118,370 was earlier published and other sales (eg George Strait 27,314 was upgraded to 30,000) and chart postions were later ammended.

Billboard Catalog Albums Chart (week of November 29, 2014)

  • Garth Brooks (sales up 13%) replaced Johnny Cash’s The Legend Of Johnny Cash (1-4) atop the Country Catalog Album chart. All of the Top 10 also appeared on the Billboard 200 albums. Some of the former Christmas releases are now starting to impact the chart. 
Country Catalog Albums
#1 2 166 The Ultimate Hits - Garth Brooks (#55 Billboard 200; 6183 sales)
#2 7 24 Cheers, It's Christmas - Blake Shelton  (#63 BB 200; 5549 sales; Total 546,004) 
#3 5 108 Red - Taylor Swift  (#68 BB 200; 5728 sales;  Total 4,089,172)
#4 1 246 The Legend Of Johnny Cash - Johnny Cash (#99 BB200; 3848 sales; total 3,273,134)
#5 New 14 Duck The Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas - The Robertsons (#106 BB200; 3471 sales; Total 755,718)
#6 New 86 Based On A True Story ... - Blake Shelton (#107 BB200; 3619 sales; Total 1,402,855)   
#7 13 138 Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer - Burl Ives (#112 BB200)
#8 10 4 Merry Christmas... Love, Elvis - Elvis Presley (#127 BB200; 3184 sales) 
#9 Re-Entry 21 On This Winter's Night - Lady Antebellum (#129 BB200; 3374 sales; Total 546,139) 
#10 9 135 White Christmas - Martina McBride (#137 BB200; 2954 sales; Total 1,692,254) 

Top 25 Hot Country Songs (week of November 29, 2014)

On Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart - which blends:
a) All-format airplay, as monitored by BDS 
b) Sales, as tracked by Nielsen SoundScan and
c) Streaming, (tracked by Nielsen BDS from such services as Spotify, Muve, Slacker, Rhapsody, Rdio and Xbox Music, among others) according to BDS it results in:

  • Carrie Underwood with “Something in the Water” (19/Arista Nashville) held onto the No.1 for a second successive week in her 8th chart frame.

Top 25 Hot Country Songs:

Carrie Underwood with “Something In The Water” stays Top the chart!
Sam Hunt with former No.1 “Leave The Night On” lifts 3-2 p
Keith Urban with “Somewhere In My Car” drives up three, #6 - #3 p
Tim McGraw with “Shotgun Rider” fires up four, #7 - #4 p
Little Big Town with “Day Drinking” slips one, #4 - #5 q
Maddie & Tae with “Girl In A Country Song” climbs two, #8 - #6 p
Blake Shelton with “Neon Light” is down two, #5 - #7 q
Frankie Ballard with “Sunshine & Whiskey” lifts two, #10 - #8 p
Jason Aldean with former No.1 “Burnin’ It Down” falls seven, #2 - #9 q
Florida Georgia Line with former #1“Dirt” slips one, #9 - #10 q
Brad Paisley with “Perfect Storm” holds at #11
Eric Church with “Talladega” rises two, #14 - #12 p
Big & Rich with “Look At You” is up three, #16 - #13 p
Florida Georgia Line with “Sun Daze” burns up three, #17 - #14 p
Parmalee with “Close Your Eyes” climbs three, #18 - #15 p
Lee Brice with “Drinking Class” is up three, #19 - #16 p
Kenny Chesney with “American Kids” falls four, #13 - #17 q
Luke Bryan with “Roller Coaster” falls six, #12 - #18 q
Kenny Chesney with “Til It’s Gone” is up four, #23 - #19 p
Scotty McCreery with “Feelin’ it” sticks at #20
RaeLynn with “God Made Girls” is up one, #’22 - #21 p
Lady Antebellum with “Bartender” sinks seven, #15 - #22 q
Brett Eldredge with “Mean To Me” is up one, #24 - #23 p
Darius Rucker with “Homegrown Honey” moves up one, #25 - #24 p
Thomas Rhett with “Make Me Wanna” climbs one, #26 - #25 p

Hot County Songs
** No.1 (2 weeks) **  “Something In The Water” Carrie Underwood
** Streaming Gainer ** “Talladega” Eric Church
** Digital / Airplay Gainer ** No.33 “Just Getting’ Started” Jason Aldean

Billboard Country Airplay Chart Week of November 29, 2014

Frankie Ballard claimed his second No.1 on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart, as “Sunshine & Whiskey” (Warner Bros./WAR) rose 2-1 in its 33rd chart week.
It logged 47.179 million audience impressions, a gain of +2.450 million and received 7,453 radio plays (+366) during the tracking week. The song written by Jaren Johnston and Luke Laird was first released by Warner Bros. Nashville on April 14, 2014
as the second single from Ballard's second studio album, SUNSHINE & WHISKEY which debuted and peaked at No. 5 on Top Country Albums on March 1. The song has sold 525,000 downloads (through the week ending Nov. 9) reaching No.9 on Billboard’s Country Digital Songs chart.
He rang the top bell two weeks faster than in his first trip to the summit; “Helluva Life” reigned in its 35th week (March 29). Ballard becomes the first artist to score two maiden No.1s in 2014 and one of seven acts overall to score multiple No.1s on the Nielsen BDS-driven chart this year. He joins Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton (three each), Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum, Dierks Bentley and Florida Georgia Line (two each).
Top local audience exposure for “Sunshine” during the tracking week ending Nov. 16:
WNSH New York (1.3 million impressions), WUSN Chicago, KKGO Los Angeles (1.1 million), WUBL Atlanta (1 million) and WKLB Boston (977,000).
“I’m so grateful to be here at the top again! We’re still celebrating ‘Helluva Life’ and now we’re back… I’m feeling VERY blessed! This is what you dream of and work for and I’m so grateful to Country Radio for playing my music and the fans for supporting me,” shared Ballard. Ballard will celebrate with fans nationwide on his first headlining trek – LIGHT ‘EM UP Tour – as part of the exclusive Live Nation Ones To Watch tour with Skype. The run stops in 19-cities through December with upcoming shows in Houston, TX (11/19), New Orleans, LA (11/20), and San Antonio, TX (11/21).
Ballard is basking in the success of “Sunshine & Whiskey” after making the move to Nashville in 2009 from Battle Creek, MI, to pursue music. Drawing on his working class values, he performed every chance he could and honed in his guitar and songwriting skills. He steadily built a loyal fan base and took the time to grow as an artist and an individual.
Previously opening for Jake Owen, Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift and longtime idol Bob Seger, the talented showman will amp it up even further next year on the Florida Georgia Line 2015 ANYTHING GOES Tour. (Source Sweet Talk Publicity )

  • Brad Paisley nabbed his 32nd Country Airplay top 10 with “Perfect Storm” (Arista Nashville), which sports 30.2 million impressions and improved 11-9. At 12 weeks, “Storm” marks Paisley’s quickest top 10 ascent since “Beat This Summer” rose 10-7 in its ninth frame on May 11, 2013. His quickest rise to the region: five weeks, for “Then” (May 2, 2009).
  • Luke Bryan bagged Most Increased Audience and Most Added stripes with “I See You” (Capitol Nashville) and rocketed 43-28. It logged 9.138 million audience impressions (up 239%), a gain of +6.442 million and received 1,440 radio plays (+1,068) thanks to 45 fresh radio commitments (ADDS). Jason Aldean’s “Just Gettin’ Started” (Broken Bow) also drew 45 new airplay commitments, although Bryan’s title shows first in the Most Added column, as ties are broken by the total number of stations added; Bryan’s track scored adds at 64 stations, while Aldean’s single did so at 63.
  • Blake Shelton featuring Ashley Monroe with "Lonely Tonight" snagged the Hot Shot Debut honour making a No.38 bow. As a featured singer Ashley nearly matched her best rank on Country Airplay. It was just shy of Monroe’s best, a No.37 peak with “I Don’t Want To” (featuring Ronnie Dunn) on the Feb. 3, 2007 chart. The new song marked her best debut (in her fourth chart appearance). As one-third of Pistol Annies, Monroe ruled the June 29, 2013 chart as a featured act on Shelton’s “Boys ’Round Here.” (Shelton’s “Neon Light” dropped 1-4 after a week atop Country Airplay.)

Women of Country 2014 Watch:

There were two solo female artists on the Top 30 Country Airplay songs with Carrie Underwood’s “Something In The Water” at No.12 and RaeLynn’s “God Made Girls” falling 22-21. “Girl In A Country Song” by duo Maddie & Tae climbed one 6-5.
Jana Kramer #34, Kelsea Ballerini #47, Lindsay Ell #51, Sara Evans #59 and Lucy Hale #60 and were the additional five solo females in the remaining 31-60 slots, to make it 11.3% of the entire Top 60 chart.

Country Airplay
*** No. 1 (1 week) *** "Sunshine & Whiskey" Frankie Ballard
** Most Increased Audience/ Most Added ** No. 28 "I See You" Luke Bryan
** Hot Shot Debut ** No.38 "Lonely Tonight" Blake Shelton Featuring Ashley Monroe
Debut No.55 "Take Your Time" Sam Hunt
Debut No.57 "One Hell Of An Amen" Brantley Gilbert

Billboard Country Digital Singles Chart Week of November 29, 2014

  • Carrie Underwood remained at No.1 atop the summit of the Billboard Country Digital Singles for a second week with Tim McGraw with “Shotgun Rider” again in the runner up position. On the allgenre Digital Songs Carrie fell 8-16 in her 8th week and Tim slipped back 24-28 in his fourth chart frame. That chart is headed by Taylor Swift as “Blank Space” moved 2-1 with sales of 328,000 (647,000 3-week total) as her lead off hit “Shake It Off” fell 3-5 93,000 sales (2,842,000 12-week total).
Women Of Country Watch
Carrie Underwood with “Something In The Waterat No.1 and RaeLynn (20-15) with God Made Girls” and Jessie James Decker with “Baby! It’s Christmas” represent the three solo female artists on the Top 50 placings.

Dropping off the Top 30:
21 - Off the Top 50 Miranda Lambert & Little Big Town “Smokin’ And Drinkin’”
25-31 Lee Brice “I Don’t Dance”
27-32 Blake Shelton & Ashley Monroe “Lonely Tonight”
28-48 Chase Rice “Ready Set Roll”
29 - Off the Top 50 The Band Perry “Gentle On My Mind”

Top 30 Digital Singles in Country Music (published November 20, 2014)
 (LW) Last Week (TW) This Week
*Numbers are rounded to nearest 1000th

Country Aircheck MEDIABASE Chart
Frankie Ballard moved 2-1 to land No1 on Mediabase with “Sunshine & Whiskey” (Warner Bros./WAR). The song logged 7,720 radio spins (+428) and 55.674 million audience
impressions (+2.272 million) from 149 tracking stations for the tracking week November 9 to November 16, 2014 and published chart November 17th.
Congratulations to Warner Bros./W.A.R. VP/Promotion Chris Palmer, Dir./National Tom Martens and the entire W.A.R. promo staff on scoring this week's #1 spot on the MEDIABASE Country singles chart with Frankie Ballard’s “Sunshine & Whiskey.” "The song makes for Frankie's second #1 single in a row, following "Helluva Life" which went #1 in March.
Sweet treats were due to be delivered to the WAR office (Nov 17th) to congratulate the staff on their success

Congratulations to Warner Music Nashville (WMN) SVP/Promotion Kevin Herring, VP/Promotion Kristen Williams, Dir./National Promotion Katie Bright, and the entire WMN Promo team for earning 52 MEDIABASE Country adds with Blake Shelton's "Lonely Tonight" featuring Ashley Monroe. Those adds give Shelton the "Most Added" title this week.
Bagels were due to be delivered to WMN’s office (Nov 17th) to congratulate the staff on their success.

For a detailed report check out Country Aircheck Weekly Issue 423 - November 17, 2014 [PDF File]
For the very latest up to the minute Mediabase Chart (Past 7 Days) go here -

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