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The BossHoss: 2016 Tour, Echo Nomination & No.1 Official German Album

The BossHoss: 2016 Tour, Echo Nomination & No.1 Official German Album

The BossHoss:
2016 Tour, Echo Nominations
Chart Success
Album Review: The Bosshoss - Dos Bros
We Take A Look At the Making of their video “Dos Bros” and reveal the cast members!

** March 30, 2016 Update **The bags are packed, the trucks fully loaded, the hot stoves are ready and the amps preheated: From the end of March the Berlin country rock Outlaws The BossHoss are back on the road through the great halls to celebrate their tenth anniversary together with their fans. BossHoss have of course bagged their current top 1 album "Dos Bros", her eponymous hit single and the latest single "Jolene", with the Urban Cowboys will ensure orderly atmosphere in each arena!
Half of the upcoming "Dos Bros" 2016 Tour dates 2016 are already sold out!

They also have their first Echo nomination for the category "Best Band Rock / Pop National".
“This year we are even nominated directly for two categories: again as " Best Band Rock / Pop National " and on top of that for the " Best Video National " to our single" Dos Bros ". they excitedly shared
So keep your fingers crossed and let's be taking the opportunity to celebrate our upcoming tour!
The Echo Awards will be held and handed out in Berlin on April 7, 2016

Adele tops this list. She picked up three nominations: album of the year; best female artist, international; and hit of the year, a best song honor, for "Hello," the first single off 25. Only home-grown German diva Helene Fischer could match that tally. Echo (stylised as ECHO, is an accolade by the Deutsche Phono-Akademie (de) an association of recording companies of Germany to recognize outstanding achievement in the music industry - Echo Nominees

THE BOSSHOSS with DOS BROS debut at No.1 on the Official German Album Chart

With their seventh studio album DOS BROS it scored success for The BossHoss, the Cowboys from Berlin, made a bow at the top of the German Album Chart (dated Oct 17, 2015) and thus landed their first #1 of the band's history.
It stayed in the top 10 for the first 5 weeks of its release returning for a further 2 weeks at #7 & #9 (chart issues Jan 1 & 8, 2016) and has logged 19 weeks in the top 30.
Previously their 2013 album FLAMES OF FAME reached No.2.
In the eventful 10 years, the BossHoss have already reaped numerous successes with platinum awards for the albums "Flames of Fame", "Rodeo Radio" and "Inter Urban Hymns".
In 2011 they released album "Liberty of Action" in Germany selling over 400,000 records sold even double-platinum status. Honours include the German Television Award in 2012 and the Echo 2014 in the Katergorie "group National Rock / Pop".
After this exciting 10 years there is still no end in sight for BossHoss, on the contrary, the success of the band looks set to get even bigger and know who’s where the album "Dos Bros" will lead the Cowboys too!.

The Bosshoss - Dos Bros (Album Review)

Release Date: 25 Sept. 2015
Label:  UK: Spinefarm Records | Germany: Island (Universal Music)
Island 0602547374301 (UMG) / EAN 0602547374301

Standard Tracklist:
1. Wait for Me  2. Dos Bros 3. Joyridin' 4. Today Tomorrow Too Long Too Late   5. I Like It Like That
6. Star of the Roadcrew 7. She Is a Little B  8. Tennessee Woman  9. I'm Coming Home
10. Lady JD 11. A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done

Ten years ago, in May 2005, Berlin outfit Bosshoss released their first album called INTERNASHVILLE URBAN HYMNS.
From those beginnings the band have constantly strived to develop their sound and have gone on to became one of the German's most popular acts.
Song-writing wise they headed to Nashville, Tennessee for the first time meeting with resident songwriters "We ploughed our own field for ten years," said Boss Burns. "It was high time to take a look beyond the borders". They sought ideas and opinions from outside the band bubble with a goal for Country, Southern rock and blues put to a modern pop context.
The band has consistently evolved from album to album and have established a very distinctive sound.
On album No. 9 they take things a step further: DOS BROS is both familiar but redefines the future.
The BossHoss unite not only all the elements of their distinctive signature sounds, but add a decent shot of TexMex, Southern rock and Americana influences into the mix giving the songs entirely new sounds.

Despite the sombre (prison, despair) nature of the song the fiery jail break cinematic opener "Wait For Me" also rocks freedom and love. It set the pace with a race with the devil and noteworthy fine harmonica and guitar solos.
Watch a live performance >> here
Starting with the single, the early September 4, 2015 released title track "Dos Bros" with dusty Hot Desert guitars, a driving beat, catchy hooks is supported by a sexy girl choir it tells the story of two inseparable Outlaw brothers.
It's too small the gain to much the pain on the gritty but easy going "Today Tomorrow Too Long Too Late" with an Elvis-like melody that brings to mind Suspicious Minds.
Drum beats and driving guitar kick off the Iron Maiden-like "She Is A Little B".
The ragged marching forward "A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done" turns up the horsepower and is slated to become their own working-class anthem. It's about the hard life of a cowboy in the modern world. 
"My Truck is bigger than your truck" and "My balls are bigger than your balls" they sing on a track that name-check's Johnny Cash!
Party tracks include the galloping "Joy Riding" (Their new “triple b” freedom hymn: Baby, bike & booze), the 70s-influenced piano ballad "Lady JD" and the old-meets-new-school on the R'n'B-fused "I Like It Like That" transforming classic Bo Diddley influences with groovy country vibes to produce a highly infectious and dirty-danceable-floorfiller number:
It's trouble here we come, whilst looking at the handsome female protagonist and with lines such as "I like it when you turn it up loud, when you're going down, down and down" leaves little to the imagination. With hearts a "pumpin", grunting backing vocals and heavy panting she's driving the male onlooker insane making his whole backbone shiver.

On the slower paced "Tennessee Woman" they switched down a gear looking for a great gal. On the catchy Southern Rock, Nu-folk number "I'm Coming Home", with neat honky-tonk piano licks, the travel weary male tires of being a "rolling stone" out on the road. He ignores a lawyer’s advice to stay away as drinkin' muddies the mind failing to forgot that city woman. Enough! He's ready to quit and set off cruising into the sunset. The twist to the tale suggests he is ready to come home to be with a true love rounding off with "I'll never leave you alone".
The deluxe 2-CD adds cover versions given a The BossHoss twist. These include reworked cover of Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful People", The Commodores' "Easy" and with a groovy Country remake interpret Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' catchy "Thrift Shop". 

They team up with Netherlands terrific group, The Common Linnets with a swampy take on Dolly's signature worldwide smash "Jolene" promoted via a video on Vevo (389K views; first published on Dec 11, 2015) which also quickly generated over 155,000 YouTube hits. It features the fabulous earthy vocals from Ilse DeLange and some neat dobro picking.

“Jolene” was released as a single making a chart entry on Jan 1, 2016 at #82 and climbed to #35 (issue date March 18, 2016) in its 12th chart frame on the Official German Top 100 chart. The band also reported “Absolute madness !!! We have cracked with "Jolene" the Top 20 airplay charts”. The single come top 10 on Germany’s mainstream

On September 4, the single "Dos Bros" hit the stores followed up three weeks later with their eponymous album.
In addition to regular studio album the band have brought out an additional album of cover songs.
What better way to celebrate a 10th anniversary better than in this form!

The BossHoss album "Dos Bros" CD standard Version is available at Amazon UK
The BossHoss album "Dos Bros" Download Deluxe version at Amazon UK or UK iTunes
The BossHoss album "Dos Bros" double-CD Deluxe version & Vinyl deluxe version at

Deluxe Edition 2-CD Digipak | The Bosshoss (2-LP) | Super Deluxe Boxset 2-CD & DVD

About: The BossHoss
The BossHoss are a 7-piece band playing a surprising mixture of acoustic and electric instruments and lead by the two frontmen Alec “Boss Burns” Voelkel and Sascha “Hoss Power” Vollmer. Over the years they have developed their own energetic and eclectic blend of rock’n’roll. Their influences are many and diverse; so in one of their wild live shows you might expect to hear influences from as far afield as punk rock, country, rockabilly, modern pop and Blues .
Band Members: Members: Boss Burns (Alee Volkel; 43), Hoss Power (Sascha "Hoss" Vollmer; 43), Hank Williamson, Sir Frank Doe, Russ T. Rocket, Guss Brooks (bass) and Ernesto Escobar de Tijuana
Connect with The BossHoss: 
 photo Homepage_zpsed80f180.png  photo facebook_zpsc6fe26ab.png  photo twitter_zps621beec6.png  photo youtube_zpsde4415b2.png

The "Dos Bros"music video

Berlin Urban cowboys The BossHoss demonstrate the full range of their unique creations!
After eight-platinum albums, sold-out hall tours, BossHoss turn up the heat with "Dos Bros" entering an entirely new chapter of creativity!
Sex sells - That goes for Cowboys. And that's why there's the new video BossHoss one thing: Plenty of hot "Cowgirls" with little clothing.
Location: The video was shot in a lignite (brown coal, a major energy source in former East Germany) opencast mine near Cottbus, Brandenburg, Germany
Desert heat and a sexy girl gang: In the video for the single BossHoss "Dos Bros" it depicts a stormy affair.

The Plot: Boss and Hoss are held and try to escape capture from an extremely hot scantily clad Amazonian-esque gang (in prime Russ Meyer-style), without much success. With character "Upper Kitty" (played by Franziska Knuppe) donning boots and carrying a whip she keeps the boys at bay who have little chance to break free. Yes, a cowboy’s work is never done!

The Cast Revealed:
The lovely "Dos Bros" crew!

Franziska Knuppe
Sadly Franziska Knuppe has already found her cowboy

Big Love: Franziska Knuppe and her husband Christian (photo: picture alliance / Event Press.)
The Potsdam model (40) celebrated a 16th anniversary with her husband Christian Möstl (43)
How did the music video shoot with the The Boss Hoss come about?
Alec Völkel asked me and I said yes, easily. I know the boys for several years.

The BossHoss - Dos Bros (Making of)

"Do not ever think you're the first one who did it - the dos bros, dos bros did it" - A clear statement that the cowboys of The BossHoss make on new song "DosBros".  For 10 years now the ​​band hit the stage travelling the world. Also in the video for the single Hoss Power and Boss Burns find themselves that their captors and tormentors are all female models. Not bad eh?!
Visually the video of the seven-member band from Berlin certainly has a lot to offer once again!
Centre: Supermodel Franziska Knuppe
Fotos: Olaf Heine / Universal Music

This is mainly due to supermodel Franziska Knuppe (Website | | Photo) who plays the role "Upper Kitty" extremely well as a leader of the Amazons Gang. But their protégés, half-naked models, imprison the two Bros!
Chain Gang!: Even as the two singers get reinforcement from the rest of the band at the end, they all overwhelmed by the tough sexy girl gang.
Director Joern Heitmann and the company Catapult set BossHoss and their kidnappers in a hot desert-like landscape, making the situation of the two brothers to appear hopeless!
Naked Boobs or the close-up of many parts of the body they are likely to perceive as an insult. Völkel shrugs. "Certainly the women are sexy," he admitted. "But they remain the dominant features." Against the inferior men simply have no chance ". That's why the story is to see with a wink" In the sexist corner he can certainly not say: "We are not machos"
Of course, he strives to always meet the female sex on an equal footing. Too soft a man in his opinion, however, should not be: "I think women want a strong guy who is simultaneously empathetic and understanding."

Recording & Mixing | DosBros Diaries >> YouTube
Official Teaser for Dos Bros >> YouTube

Censored "Dos Bros" Official video

The BossHoss - Dos Bros (Note: * Uncensored Version >> YouTube *)

Top Row!: Zuzanna Chyba (L), Leila Lowfire (2nd from left), Franziska Knuppe (centre), Nina Schwake (2nd from right), Jolina ? (R)
Bottom row! (L-R) Sir Frank Doe, Guss Brooks, Boss Burns, Hoss Power, Russ T. Rocket, Hank Williamson and Ernesto Escobar de Tijuana.

Nina Schwake

Born on 23 December 1988
Bikini Model (Facebook Gallery)
Dress: Benno von Stein - Flagship Store
Sixty6 Model (Photo)
Playmate December 2012 Germany and Vice Playmate of the Year 2012. (Photo)
In addition, she appeared in Playboy 2013 Portugal / 2, Hungary 2013/4, Netherlands 2013/10, 2012/12 & 2013/1 and Germany. Covergirl from Playboy Germany 2013/1 and 2013/7
She shared on FacebookIt has really mega much fun with you guys and gal, mega team
Photos: Facebook

Zuzanna Chyba

Polish bunny colleague @ZuzannaChyba
Born on 29 September 1988
Short Description: Freelance Photographic model with over 7-years’ experience.
Based in Poland, working worldwide Stats: Bust 89 | Waist 59 | Hips 89 | Hair: Long Hair: natural colour brown
Photo: Facebook – ** Lingerie Facebook Image
The BossHoss-Behind The Scenes: Zuzanna Chyba (R) & Jolina

"The whole team was amazing. Working with you was a pleasure" she shared
After work we party!
Girls just wanna have fun (Photo)

X #zuzannachyba #model #polishgirl #sexy #calendar #photoshoot #customfactory #nofilter #backstage #garage

Sneak Peak:

Leila Lowfire (Curls & Curves from Berlin, Germany)
Vidcap - Leila Lowfire (R)

Currently in Los Angeles
She is an actress, known for Kein Grosses Ding (2013) and The Key (2015).
#cowgirllife #curvy #chickswithguns #chickswithlaserboobs -
#hot #sexy #video #backstage #cowgirls #fast #car #boots #jeans #horses #girlsjustwannahavefun

SOURCES: Katapult Filmproduktion Facebook (Schlesische Str. 12 | Berlin, Germany)
Fotos: Olaf Heine / Universal Music - Instagram

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