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Country Billboard Chart News October 23, 2014

Country Billboard Chart News October 23, 2014

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In Brief:  Billboard Country Charts

Country Album Chart ** No. 1 (1 week) “Anything Goes” Florida Georgia Line
Hot Country Songs ** No.1 (13 weeks) ** “Burnin’ It Down” Jason Aldean
Country Airplay ** No.1 (1 week) ** “Burnin’ It Down” Jason Aldean
Country Digital Songs ** No.1 ** (1 week) ** “Burnin’ It Down” Jason Aldean

In this easy-to-use format discover where your favourite acts songs and album are charting across the four Billboard Country charts. It is prioritized by the first column showing the Hot Country Songs chart frame standings for the week of November 1, 2014.
There are also separate rows highlighting Women of Country music.

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Billboard Top 200 / Country Album Chart News

Superstar duo Florida Georgia Line (Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley) nabbed their first No.1 album on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart with the arrival of ANYTHING GOES (Republic Nashville) selling 197,105 copies in the week ending Oct. 19,  2014 according to Nielsen SoundScan.
“Anything Goes” is the pair's second full-length studio effort, following the breakthrough success of juggernaut HERE'S TO THE GOOD TIMES. That album was released on Dec 4, 2012 and reached No. 4 on the Billboard 200. It has sold 2,062,778 copies and is still on the chart (rising 56-48 in its 98th chart week; selling 7,040 copies, up 18% on last weeks 5,980)
“Here's To The Good Times” debuted at #10 (62,758 units sold, then 38,462 and 48,515 in its third week). In its 19th chart frame it sold 30,224 to sail past GOLD at retail with a total of 513,696. After 32-weeks on the chart it “Good Times” marked the fourth-slowest climb to the top four on the Billboard 200 for a country album since SoundScan started powering the chart in May 1991. By August 31, 2013 in its 37th week it had sold PLATINUM and when the deluxe version dropped on Nov 25, 2013 it shifted 69,000 copies (The 1,337,000 total was the most by any album by a country duo since Sugarland's Love On The Inside, which has sold 2,308,000 copies since its release in 2008). “Good Times” also spawned the smash single "Cruise," which spent a record 24 weeks at No.1 on the Hot Country Songs chart and climbed to No.4 on the all-genre Billboard Hot 100. ("Cruise" is also the best selling country digital song ever, with 7 million downloads sold.)

The new album “Anything Goes” has already collected five top 40 entries on the Hot Country Songs chart, including the 2-week No.1 hit "Dirt" ( chart frames: July 26, 2014 - August 2, 2014) 
Country radio vastly dug FGL’s platinum-certified smash “Dirt” which topped both the Mediabase and Billboard Country Airplay Charts last week marking their fifth #1 single to date. The duo performed the lead track on NBC’s Late Night With Seth Meyers on Oct 14th. "We fell in love with 'Dirt' the first time we heard it and people really seem to love it as much as we do,” shared FGL’s Brian Kelley. “It definitely carries a lot of weight and hits you on a lot of different levels. We call it a life song. And when you hear it, it takes you to a place called chill bump city." FGL’s Tyler Hubbard adds, “we are so thankful to Country radio and our fans for all of their support. This wouldn’t have happened without you and we can’t wait to share all of ANYTHING GOES!”
FGL said there's something for everyone on “Anything Goes”, but it's not predictable. "I say don't have any expectations
and just put the disc in or put a playlist on your iPod and just crank it up and enjoy it," sid Kelley. Calling it a continuation of their debut Here's To The Good Times, FGL's Hubbard said the new project is an evolution. "I think we've stepped up our game," he says. "We've really made an attempt to work hard the last two years and get better at singing, get better at writing songs, get better at singing in the studio and performing. In all the different aspects that we do we've tried to step it up." Their 2015 Anything Goes Tour launches Jan. 15 in Toledo

“Anything Goes” is the third consecutive country album to top the Billboard 200, following one-week rules by Blake Shelton's BRINGING BACK THE SUNSHINE and last week's No.1, Jason Aldean's OLD BOOTS, NEW DIRT which slipped 1-2 with 90,610 copies sold (down 67% on last weeks opening, 368,911 sold 2 weeks).
It's the first time the chart's top slot has gone back-to-back-to-back with three straight country leaders in over four years. It last happened on the charts dated Oct. 9-23, 2010, when Zac Brown Band's You Get What You Give, Kenny Chesney's Hemingway's Whiskey and Toby Keith's Bullets In the Gun led the list.

Critical reception for Florida Georgia Line’s Anything Goes:
CD - UK iTunes (3 Nov) - Smart Choice Music   [US Exclusive Deluxe] 

Associated Press (Michael McCall)...Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley keep the mood fun and grooving, with producer Joey Moi bringing plenty of fresh sonic surprises amid the beats and harmonies. For example, "Sun Daze" could be undermined by the silly pun of its title, on a song about spending a Sunday soaking in rays and indulging in at least two brand-name liquors. But Moi's arrangement brings in whistling, hand claps and a banjo to create a bright groove that
insists on making hips sway. Similarly, new single "Bumpin' the Night" works a predictable double-entendre about a couple moving in tandem while drinking (of course), cruising the town and sharing time alone. But the arrangement once again comes to the rescue. Florida Georgia Line's recent hit "Dirt" proved the band can deal with subjects beyond throwing down with friends. But they rarely bother on the rest of "Anything Goes." And that's OK, as long as Florida Georgia Line remains this consistently inventive and engaging.

Billboard (4 STARS).....There's nothing as overtly game-changing or immediate as "Cruise" on Anything Goes, and those hoping that "Dirt" meant that Florida Georgia Line was moving beyond beer-soaked bro-country cliches will be disappointed. But it's a more consistent
album than its predecessor. And perhaps more importantly, it shores up the duo's country flanks, and demonstrates that FGL intends to aggressively protect its progressive place in the genre, one that the act essentially designed on its own.

Allmusic (Rating: 3 STARS) Despite the loosey-goosey title, there's not much left to chance on Anything Goes: it's designed to consolidate Florida Georgia Line's success and maybe give them a little bit of cred they never amassed on their debut. Those serious moments, crystallized by the salt-of-the-earth dirgey lead single "Dirt," are where FGL stumble. Whenever the duo acknowledge their essential suburbanness -- which they do often, singing about Victoria's Secret, Bacardi, and Seven Jeans among any other number of lifestyle signifiers -- things flow just fine on Anything Goes. Kelley and Hubbard have an easy chemistry that lends itself to lubrication by Auto-Tune and the sleek digital gloss that shimmers over the entire album. ...Anything Goes shines brightest when they do modulated riffs on "Cruise" or "Get Your Shine On," relying on party anthems that are bright, laid-, and never, ever rowdy.

News (Rating: B) ....What set Florida Georgia Line apart from the pack, though, was their embrace of hip-hop, which is less evident on "Anything Goes." Instead, the duo packs as many syllables as it can into a verse the way many of today's R&B singers do, though the effect is less soulful and more rhythmic. Neither Kelley or Hubbard have stand-out voices, but they sure use them well, rarely leaving their respective sweet spots so that they always sound pretty laid back. "Sippin' on Fire," which oddly opens with a guitar riff that sounds like the opening to "Growing Pains," is the closest the guys come to stretching
musically. They are far more effective when they stretch lyrically -- especially on the lovely ode to home ownership, "Dirt," declaring, "You write her name on it, spin your tires on it." "Dirt" shows that the Florida Georgia Line bros could have a future once they get tired of living in the present. BOTTOM LINE:  Predictable country that's predictably good.

Country Perspective (Rating: 0/10) ....An Avicii ad played on Spotify as I listened to this album and it sounded just as country as Florida Georgia Line’s songs on Anything Goes. I had to point
this out because of how true it is and sad the current situation is in mainstream country music. Maybe some artists are actually striving to make better music, but some clearly want to hold onto bro country with a death grip.

For The Country Record .....But I never believed for one second that Florida Georgia Line were truly part of its moving on, never thought that they were really maturing. A group like that can’t. They are what they are and no amount of market forces will make them into something they’re not. Even with ‘Dirt’ I went on the record as saying it wasn’t as good as everyone claimed. True, it was more substantial and vaguely more “country”-sounding than their prior hits, but underneath all the pretence there were still clichés, still women peeling painted-on jeans off, still auto-tune and still an R&B beat behind it. I was disappointed that people could be that fooled to think the duo were changing.....‘Anything Goes’, their brand new sophomore album, is proof enough that what will be, will be. In fact, what will be will often become even worse. A listen through the dozen-track record reveals not only a collection of meaningless, journey-
less party anthems filled with sex, booze, drugs and more clichés than I have ever heard on any bro-country album, but it also shows a gradual move away from real instruments; instead, almost everything is created digitally..... we have a mix that is honestly atrocious; tinny, high-pitched (there is surprisingly little bass in most of the tracks), ear-piercingly faux-twangy (we have Tyler’s awful lead vocals to thank for that), obnoxiously swaggery and quite chaotic, it becomes whiny and oppressive to listen to. ......And then we come to the lyrics. Many commentators were disgusted by the line from ‘Sun Daze’ “stick that pink umbrella in your drink”, that is clearly a crude euphemism, but in truth the whole album is a mess of bad clichés, the same subject matter recycled over and over and more misogynistic tripe than you can shake a stick (or a booty) at. ....basically all this album is. It’s self-indulgent, it’s obnoxious, it’s for morons with nothing better to do or think about in their lives because they are shallow and have no concept of substance or reality. ‘Anything Goes’ is mindless. There’s no journey. No progression.... The only thing Florida Georgia Line have achieved with this record is to up bro-country to a new max never even thought possible before. So well done you schmucks, Scott Borchetta fooled you again. Bro-country and all associated is only about to get a whole lot worse.

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  • Billboard 615: Billboard Cover: Florida Georgia Line on Being ‘Professional Partiers,’ Haters and Hip-Hop....What's striking about Anything Goes is how closely it duplicates FGL's previous records…..
  • Florida Georgia Line have three songs that rhyme “party” and “Bacardi” Billboard cover story on the likable duo.

The Swon Brothers’ with their self-titled album made a debut at No.28 on the BB200 (#6 Country) with 10,288 copies sold.
Zac and Colton Swon co-produced their debut album with Mark Bright (Carrie Underwood). Sibling harmony is front and center on The Voice finalists' first single "Later On" and other songs including "Pray For You.

Critical reception for The Swon Brothers’ self-titled album:
11 Tracks/ Time: 39:07 MP3 - UK iTunes -

Allmusic ..Third-place finalists on the fourth season of The Voice in 2013, the Swon Brothers nevertheless secured a major-label deal with Arista Nashville, releasing an eponymous debut in the fall of 2014. The Swon Brothers, both the act and album, embrace the professional anonymity of Nashville, preferring gloss to grit and harmony to twang. This unabashed sentiment does have its perks. It's hard not to smile along with the Swon Brothers as they amble through 11 songs that have nothing but pleasantries on their mind. If none of these professionally written songs have piercing hooks, blame that both on the Brothers' aw-shucks persona and Mark Bright's even-keel production, which shellacs any accentuated rhythms or guitar licks with a highly reflective sheen. So bright is the sound that it doesn't make much of a lasting impact, but as The Swon Brothers plays, it's nothing less than pleasant and that dogged determination to not offend is a hard thing to hate.

For The Country Record......Their self-titled debut, released October 14th by Arista Nashville, is a bit of a mixed bag, but certainly one of the more promising debuts I’ve listened to in recent years.....A few songs, however, stand out big time, in both good and bad ways. ‘95’ is easily the worst track on the album. With lyrics like “A little chill, kick it back, unwind / Let’s put this day on ice” and vocals that sound completely different from the rest of the album, I thought for a moment my music player had somehow switched to a Florida Georgia Line song.....The brothers are at their best when they slow things down a bit and don’t worry about chasing any current trends. Their beautiful harmonies soar on ‘Pray For You,’ an uplifting song encouraging love and prayer instead of judgement when you don’t agree with someone’s choices. And you can feel the emotion in Zach and Colton’s voices on the breakup ballad ‘Breaking’. Despite its pop sheen, ‘Pretty Beautiful’ is an album highlight for me, with gorgeous falsetto vocals sprinkled throughout. The album ends on its highest note, ‘This Side of Heaven’. A story song filled with heartbreaking honesty ..... The promise is there; now let’s hope the execution matches up.

In the second week for The Soundtrack to the latest Nicholas Sparks Film, THE BEST OF ME shifted another 6,073 copies (down 2%) and moved 54-52 on the BB200 (12-11 Country).

Outside the Top 25 Country Albums

Doug Seegers with GOING DOWN TO THE RIVER (Rounder) slipped back 25-26 on the Country Chart in his second week.
Lee Ann Womack who is to play the C2C2015 Country To Country Festival in March 2015 fell further back 36-46 Country on her 4th chart frame with The Way I'm Livin' (Sugar Hill)

Dirty River Boys who hail from Texas new self-titled album (DRB/ Thirty Tigers) made a debut at No.34. (13 Tracks/ Time: 45:02 Rock/Country - MP3 -
The New York Journal wrote: There’s a borderlands sensibility to some of the El Paso foursome’s music—check out “Down by the River,” the ballad of drug-war violence that opens the album—but the band also dials in a Mumford-esque folk-anthem sound on “Thought I’d Let You Know,” a Celtic-punk flavor on “Sailed Away” and, occasionally, a flat-out barroom rock ’n’ roll feel on tracks like “Highway Love.” “We wanted to cross genres as much as possible,” singer and guitarist Marco Gutierrez says. “We try not to box ourselves in. We kind of let whatever happens happen with the instrumentation that we have.” The band took its time—well, more time, anyway—making the album, their second. Instead of dashing into recording sessions between concert dates, as they had done previously, Gutierrez, singer and guitarist Nino Cooper, bassist Colton James and singer and percussionist Travis Stearns holed up for a solid block of time at the residential recording studio complex Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Tex.....Read More & Listen

Angaleena Presley with AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS (Slate Creek) made a debut at No.29 selling around 1,000 copies.
It also landed at #14 on Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart which was introduced with the purpose of highlighting the sales by new and developing musical recording artists.
During 2014 Angaleena (best known for being "HOLLER ANNIE" in the group Pistol Annies) signed with Slate Creek Records (same one as Brandy Clark) through a distribution agreement with Thirty Tigers. The album was co-produced by Angaleena with her husband, Jordan Powell, and Angaleena wrote or co-wrote all 12 of the autobiographical tracks.
Presley called the album a concept record that tells the story of her life – so far - “Part of what I loved about Garth Fundis and Jim Burnett at Slate Creek is that they understood where I wanted to go creatively," she said. "Producing this album was important to me because of its content - I’ve lived every word of it and knew exactly how I wanted it to sound.”

Critical reception for Angaleena Presley’s “American Middle Class”:

Billboard by Elias Leight (Rating 4 STARS).... Presley's sound is unlikely to break through on current radio, as there are no drum loops or pop-friendly hooks here.....Presley's refusal to adopt a radio-friendly sound underscores that American Middle Class is her show. She brings in star writers on occasion -- including Luke Laird and Bob DiPierro....She cites Willie Nelson's The Red-Headed Stranger as an inspiration for American Middle Class, and her album is similarly elegant and spare....Some of the songs gain spark from their humor. "Dry County Blues" is cheeky as well as tragic. The hook -- "half the county's laid off, laid up or getting high" -- points to the pervasiveness of substance abuse while also relying on the easy cadence of a drinking song. "Knocked Up" incorporates some kick drum for extra heft. "Here it comes, what granny's been a-dreadin'," sings Presley, not sounding too upset about a "belly full of a baby and a shotgun wedding....American Middle Class is a focused collection of songs. Presley refuses to compromise her sound or ignore the political and social realities of her community back home in Kentucky.

Billboard  (by Chuck Dauphin)..... Angaleena Presley – best known (so far) for her being a part of the Pistol Annies – is from the same part of Kentucky that her heroes Loretta Lynn and Patty Loveless are. And, just like those two legendary ladies, she grew up a “Coal Miners’ Daughter.” That upbringing – and her being a part of the Country supertrio along with
Miranda Lambert and Ashley Monroe – lends itself towards saying Presley is a very traditional-styled singer-songwriter. There are moments on this disc where that description very much applies – as it does on the wistful “Better Off Red,” where she longs for a small town way of life that once made her feel trapped. But there are moments where Presley strays from that description. While vocally, nobody can take her Eastern Kentucky twang away – Thank God! – as a writer, this isn’t the Carter Family or even Kitty Wells. There’s the beautifully exquisite “Dry County Blues,” which was something that Loretta might have written herself  ......American Middle Class works so well, because it – like Red Headed Stranger by Willie Nelson – it’s a collection of emotions and stories about real life......

Rollingstone (rating: 3.5 STARS) Best known for her work with Pistol Annies, Angaleena Presley is the latest hard-nosed country traditionalist to challenge Nashville's frat-party tendencies. On the first half of her impressive solo debut, Presley fills her disappearing middle-class blues with sharp, compassionate tales of unfulfilled pensions and steep tuition bills. Later on, the bona fide coal miner's daughter changes gears with a series of vulnerable country-soul ballads that find her longing for some domestic stability. In "Better Off Red," she resigns herself instead to the life of a misfit songwriter: "'Cause a blade of bluegrass left a scar on my neck/And it ain't quit hurtin' yet."

American Songwriter Writer of the Week: Angaleena Presley has put her entire experience into her debut solo album, American Middle Class, out October 14. This Kentucky-born coal miner’s daughter recently opened up to us about finding inspiration in the everyday, her love for cooking, and the eternal flame she continues to carry for Elvis…….

Of Note:
You+Me’s debut album ROSE AVE. (RCA Records) entered the Billboard Top 200 chart at #4, #1 on the Folk Album Chart and #2 on the Digital Albums Chart with 49,672 copies sold in its first week. Additionally it topped iTunes in 30 markets around the world and debuted top 10 overall in several additional markets including Canada (#1), Australia (#2), Germany, UK, Switzerland and New Zealand, with many more stellar debuts still to come.  “The result of their effortless efforts is a ten-track album comprised of gentle folksy songs with soaring melodies while the Huffington Post says, “Green and Moore were destined to harmonize together.” >> Watch "You and Me"

2014 Country Album sales Year-To Date:
24,067,000 (Physical sales 15,981,000 (down 9%) + Digital sales 8,086,000 (down -11.1%)) which is 19.0% down at the same point in 2013 (29,724,000 sales)

Billboard Top 200 / Country Album Placings
(Issue dated Chart week of November 1, 2014)
(Country Album positions #1 - #25)
(TW) This Week, (LW) Last Week, Co (Country Album Chart placing / Movement)

Top 25 Hot Country Songs (week of November 1, 2014)

On Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart - which blends:
a) All-format airplay, as monitored by BDS 
b) Sales, as tracked by Nielsen SoundScan and
c) Streaming, (tracked by Nielsen BDS from such services as Spotify, Muve, Slacker, Rhapsody, Rdio and Xbox Music, among others) according to BDS it results in:

  • Jason Aldean with “Burnin’ It Down” claimed a 13th week atop the multimetric Hot Country Songs chart. That’s the most weeks at the summit for a song by a solo male in 51 years: Buck Owens’ “Love’s Gonna Live Here” began a 16-week command on Oct. 19, 1963.
  • Aaron Watson the Texas Red Dirt circuit veteran made his first appearance on Hot Country Songs with “That Look” (BIG Label/Thirty Tigers), new at No.41. The cut entered Country Digital Songs at No.10 with 18,913 sales to preview his forthcoming 12th studio album.
  • With the documentary Glen Campbell … I’ll Be Me slated to open in select markets on Oct. 24, Glen Campbell’sI’m Not Gonna Miss You” (Big Machine) flew 50-21 adding Streaming Gainer honors with 1.9 million U.S. streams (up 287%) to enter Country Streaming Songs at No.2, with almost all streams from Vevo on YouTube clicks. However the track sold only around 6,100 copies to debut at No.44 on Country Digital Songs.
Top 25 Hot Country Songs:

Jason Aldean with “Burnin’ It Down” stays Top the chart!
Florida Georgia Line with former #1“Dirt” holds at #2
Sam Hunt with “Leave The Night On” sticks at #3
Blake Shelton with “Neon Light” stays at #4
Chase Rice with “Ready Set Roll” climbs two, #7 - #5 p
Luke Bryan with “Roller Coaster” holds at #6
Carrie Underwood with “Something In The Water” falls two, #5 - #7 q
Maddie & Tae with “Girl In A Country Song” is up three, #11 - #8 p
Frankie Ballard with “Sunshine & Whiskey” lifts three, #12 - #9 p
Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood’s former #1 “Somethin’ Bad” drops to #10 q
Keith Urban with “Somewhere In My Car” climbs two, #13 - #11 p
Kenny Chesney with “American Kids” falls four, #8 - #12 q
Little Big Town with “Day Drinking” climbs two, #15 - #13 p
Brantley Gilbert with “Small Town Throwdown” is a non-mover at #14
Lady Antebellum with “Bartender” rises one, #16 - #15 p
Tim McGraw with “Shotgun Rider” fires up three, #19 - #16 p
Brad Paisley with “Perfect Storm” climbs three, #20 - #17 p
Dierks Bentley with “Drunk On A Plane” falls one, #17 - #18 q
Big & Rich with “Look At You” slips one, #18 - #19 q
Parmalee with “Close Your Eyes” rises one, #21 - #20 p
Glen Campbell            with “I'm Not Gonna Miss You” rockets up, #50 - #21 p
Scotty McCreery with “Feelin’ it” holds at #22
Lee Brice with “Drinking Class” stays at #23
Eric Church with “Talladega” climbs three, #27 - #24 p
Brett Eldredge with “Mean To Me” is up one, #26 - #25 p

Hot County Songs
** No.1 (13 weeks) ** “Burnin’ It Down” Jason Aldean
** Streaming Gainer ** No.21 “I’m Not Gonna Miss You” Glen Campbell
** Digital Gainer ** No.24 “Talladega” Eric Church
** Hot Shot Debut ** No.40 “Drunk Americans” Toby Keith
Debut No.41 “That Look” Aaron Watson
Debut No.50 “Say You Do” Dierks Bentley

Billboard Country Airplay Chart Week of November 1, 2014

Jason Aldean extended his chart-topping celebration as “Burnin’ It Down” (Broken Bow) stepped 2-1 to become his 12th leader on the Nielsen BDS-driven Country Airplay tally in his 13th chart frame. This followed the longest-running No.1 in 2014 on Billboard’s multimetric Hot Country Songs chart (12 straight weeks) and a head-turning bow atop the Billboard 200 and Top Country Albums last week (278,096 copies sold, charts dated Oct. 25).
“Burnin’” logged 48.663 million audience impressions (+0.416 million) and received 7,739 radio plays (+193) during the Oct. 13-19 Nielsen BDS tracking week. The song written by Rodney Clawson, Chris Tompkins, and Florida Georgia Line members Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley was released on July 22, 2014 as the lead single from his sixth studio album, OLD BOOTS, NEW DIRT.
Aldean last topped Country Airplay with “When She Says Baby,” which finished a three-week run on the March 15 chart. Since his first week at No. 1 on Country Airplay (May 27, 2006), Aldean entered a tie with Carrie Underwood for the third-most leaders; Blake Shelton and Kenny Chesney lead with 14 apiece during that span, while Brad Paisley has notched 13.
Top local audience reach for “Burnin’ It Down” came from WUSN Chicago (1.4 million impressions), WNSH New York (1.3 million), WUBL Atlanta (1.2 million), KKBQ Houston (1.1 million) and WKLB Boston (1.1 million).
Read the Facebook reaction to Aldean’s #1.

Keith Urban widened his lead as the artist with the most consecutive top 10 singles on Country Airplay (counting only promoted, non-seasonal titles), as “Somewhere in My Car” (Hit Red/Capitol Nashville) rode 11-10 to become his 32nd title to reach the chart’s upper tier — all achieved consecutively since “Your Everything” became his first top 10 on the Aug. 12, 2000 chart. Urban’s 32 top 10s include 16 No.1s, a feat most recently achieved with “We Were Us” (with Miranda Lambert) in December 2013. Urban last visited the top 10 when “Cop Car” peaked at No. 8 on the May 31 chart.
Toby Keith aided by coordinated hourly play on Oct. 14 at iHeart Media-owned country stations, snagged the Hot Shot Debut at No.31 with “Drunk Americans” (Show Dog-Universal), his fifth-highest start. He achieved his best opening-week rank with “Drinks After Work,” which bowed June 29, 2013 at No. 26. “Americans” also took home the weeks Most Increased Audience trophy and earned Most Added stripes. The song logged 8.028 million audience impressions, a gain of +8.028 million and received 909 radio plays (+909) thanks to 57 fresh radio commitments (ADDS).

Women of Country 2014 Watch:

There was one solo female artist on the Top 30 Country Airplay songs with Carrie Underwood’s “Something In The Water” climbing 18-17. “Girl In A Country Song” by duo Maddie & Tae climbed one 12-11.
RaeLynn #32, Jana Kramer #36, Trisha Yearwood #44, Lindsay Ell #53, and Kelsea Ballerini #59 were the additional five solo females in the remaining 31-60 slots, to make it just  10.0% of the entire Top 60 chart.

Country Airplay
*** No. 1 (1 week)*** "Burnin' It Down" Jason Aldean
** Hot Shot Debut/ Most Increased Audience/ Most Added ** No.31 “Drunk Americans Toby Keith 
Debut No. 52 "She Don't Love You" Eric Paslay
Debut No. 55 "Freestyle" Lady Antebellum

 Billboard Country Digital Singles Chart Week of November 1, 2014

Jason Aldean returned to the chart to land the No.1 with “Burnin’ It Down” selling 45,424 copies. On the overall all genre Digital Songs chart the songs was No.24 with Taylor Swift's new POP preview track at "Out of the Woods" making a debut at No.1 with 195,292 downloads sold, marking Swift's eighth No.1 on the list. Only Rihanna (with 13 leaders), Katy Perry (10) and Eminem (nine) have more No.1s on the Digital Songs chart. "Out of the Woods" is the second commercially available song from Swift's upcoming studio release, 1989, due out Oct. 27. Swift replaced herself at No. 1, as 1989's first single, "Shake It Off," fell 1-2 with 178,421 sales  5 170,593 178,000 (up 5%, Total sales to date 2,545,245). Swift is the first lead artist to occupy the top two slots on the chart at the same time since… Miss Swift the now ex country princess did it just over two years ago. She also claimed the Nos.1 and 2 rungs on the Sept. 22, 2012 chart with "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and "Ronan."

  • Back to the Country Digital Chart, as with Aldean the previous week, saw the absence of 5 Florida Georgia Line’s singles from the top 15 as they were discounted because of the preview tracks fulfillment with the new album pre-orders. 3 brand new tracks appeared on the Top 50 and FGL’s old single “This Is How We Roll” moved 25-21.
  • Maddie And Tae with “Girl In A Country Song” (7-6) have crossed the 300K download mark selling another 22,173 copies to reach a 14-week tally of 304,591
  • Texas artist Aaron Watson made a debut at No.10 with “That Look” selling 18,913 copies
  • Toby Keith made a debut at No.16 with “Drunk Americans” selling 15,386 in his first week
Women Of Country Watch
Carrie Underwood with “Something In The Water” at No.2 has now finally been joined by RaeLynn in the Top 30 with God Made Girls” which rose 33-30 representing the only solo female artists on the Top 30 placings at No.2.
On the Top 50 the only other solo female was Mickey Guyton with “Better Than You Left Me” (Capitol Nashville/UMGN) making a debut at No.48

Dropping off the Top 30:
1 - Off the chart  Florida Georgia Line “Sippin’ On Fire”
3 - Off the chart  Florida Georgia Line “Dirt”
8 - Off the chart  Florida Georgia Line “Bumpin’ The Night”
11 - Off the chart Florida Georgia Line “Anything Goes”
15 - Off the chart Florida Georgia Line “Sun Daze”

Top 30 Digital Singles in Country Music (published October 23, 2014)
 (LW) Last Week (TW) This Week
*Numbers are rounded to nearest 1000th

Country Aircheck MEDIABASE Chart

Jason Aldean moved 2-1 to land the No1 on Mediabase with “Burnin’ It Down” (Broken Bow). The song logged 7,789 radio spins (+138) and 56.745 million audience impressions (+0.62 million) from 149 tracking stations for the tracking week October 12 to October 18, 2014 and published chart October 20th.
Congratulations to BBR Music Group EVP Jon Loba, SVP Carson James, Broken Bow VP/Promotion Lee Adams and the entire Broken Bow promotion staff for scoring this week’s #1 single on the MEDIABASE Country singles charts with Jason Aldean’s "Burnin' It Down." The single is Aldean's first release from his OLD BOOTS, NEW DIRT album, which debuted #1 on the All-genre and Country albums chart last week.

Congratulations to Show Dog-Universal VP/Promotion Rick Moxley and the entire Show-Dog Universal promotion team for earning 63 MEDIABASE Country adds on Toby Keith’s "Drunk Americans." Those adds gave Toby the "Most Added" title for this week. Bagets were due to be delivered to the Show-Dog Universal office (Oct 21) to congratulate the staff on their success.

For a detailed report check out Country Aircheck Weekly Issue 419 - October 20, 2014 [PDF File]
For the very latest up to the minute Mediabase Chart (Past 7 Days) go here -

Billboard Boxscores (Selective Country concerts, published Chart Week of Nov 1, 2014)

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