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Dawson Reigns returns with new single “Love Was All You”

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If it's artists like Toby Keith, Jason Aldean, Chris Young, Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, and Cannan Smith, guys like those, who make you reach for that repeat button and get you cranking up the volume, then DAWSON REIGNS is definitely a name you'll want to remember. Like each of those country 'all-stars' mentioned above, 'Music City' based Dawson has that 'something special' about him that could certainly see him reign in the hearts of country music lovers in Ireland and the UK.

Listen to the track:
Why so, I hear you ask? Well, let me fill you in!

Dawson's forthcoming single, the brand new and brilliantly Nashville sounding,'LOVE WAS ALL YOU', comes from the pen of none other than the aforementioned Cannan Smith (of 'Love You Like That' fame), in collaboration with Jaron Boyer (who has just scored a number 1 with Dierks Bentley's 'Somewhere On A Beach', and who also helped craft Jason Aldean's 'My Kinda Party'), and Arron Goodvin ('Out Like That', for Luke Bryan). Some pretty big and pretty impressive names right there. So as you can see, Dawson is certainly movin' in the right circles. And your 'in-card' for those kind of circles is simple: talent. And Dawson's got it.
When you consider that singer/songwriter Dawson has also co-written with number 1 hit-writers like Byron Hill (of Toby Keith's smash hit, 'How Do You Like Me Now'), Johnny Bulford (who gave us Chris Young's 'I'm Comin' Over' ), and Phil Barton (Lee Brice's 'A Woman Like You'), then it's clear to see that Dawson, and his new single 'LOVE WAS ALL YOU' , are pretty much straight out of Nashville, in all the best interpretations of the phrase!

But this isn't Dawson's first time venturing beyond the banks of the Cumberland. In fact, you could say Dawson's international appeal has already been confirmed. Receiving airplay in over 150 countries around the world, his debut album, ENJOY THE RIDE (Released May 2, 2010 UK iTunes), was certainly aptly titled! Lead-off single 'If Crazy Wasn't So Beautiful' soared all the way to #1 on the Queensland Hot Country chart in Australia, while the follow-up, 'Someone Watching Over Me', climbed its way into the Top Ten there, too.
Dawson also enjoyed a wonderful acknowledgment of his talent from Bob Harris (OBE) in the UK.

In 2010, this veritable icon of country music presenting, who was once described by the Radio times as being, 'One of the greats of British contemporary music broadcasting and an independent champion of great music', gave spins to no less than three of Dawson's tunes ('If Crazy Wasn't So Beautiful', 'Enjoy The Ride', and 'Girl Next Door') on his prestigious BBC Radio 2 show. 

Bob Harris BBC Radio 2 (2010-07-29 show) Dawson Reigns "Enjoy The Ride" spin

Bob Harris BBC Radio 2 (2010-07-08) Dawson Reigns "If Crazy Wasn't So Beautiful" spin. After the track Bob said " If Crazy Wasn't So Beautiful, but then we all know it is, DAWSON REIGNS  this is a new name , a new album called ENJOY THE RIDE....A very good album this is,  I'll be playing another track from it next week " ("Girl Next Door" was played on Bob Harris Country on 15th July 2010)

Back on June 9, 2010 That Ain't Gonna Fly was played by founder, former editor of Maverick Magazine and CMA Wesley Rose recipient Alan Cackett on the Country Hour (scrapped by the BBC Trust with cutbacks) with Roger Day on BBC Radio Kent. The show was simcast on other BBC regional station right across a huge swath of southern England. Quoting the presenters reaction to this taster track. – “Very good, like that, Dawson Reigns, ‘Enjoy The Ride’ is the album and that’s called ‘That aint gonna Fly’ as they said to the Wright Brothers”. Later in the year he received a 4 out of 5 Star rating in the highly respected Maverick Magazine in the UK for his debut CD ENJOY THE RIDE.
Roger Day BBC Radio Kent - 2010-06-09 "That Ain't Gonna Fly" (Album: Enjoy The Ride) spin.

Other plays on the BBC included:
 Marie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire (19 July 2010) played “If Crazy Wasn’t So Beautiful”  
"The full album....and its brilliant” - Keith Greentree BBC Radio Norfolk

I love country music. I love to perform! I just want to create a sound that is true to who I am." so declares Dawson himself.
Dawson's enthusiasm is perhaps matched only by his determination. A determination clearly revealed by taking even a quick glance at some of the top Nashville number 1 hit-writers he has worked with, and how he has clearly reveled in immersing himself in the company of such prodigious talents, soaking up all the knowledge and wisdom of the songwriting craft that it's possible to gleam from sitting 'round a table with such writing luminaries. Not just those already named above, but also the likes of Ken Johnson, who has written for Frankie Ballard and Josh Thompson; and Chip Davis, who has provided hits for Kenny Rogers and Joe Diffie.

More that just soaking it all up, however, Dawson has also been joining the proverbial dots on each of those lessons learned in order to put those lessons into action, and create that sound he was hoping to, one which is 'true to who I am.'

Dawson's new single, Love Was All You, is just that. It pays homage to his small town roots in a way that makes the listener remember all the craziness of their own. 
But just like any great country song, love is right there at the heart of it all. Having shared the same stage as modern country giants Luke Bryan and The Band Perry, to name but two, Dawson's contemporary, edgy sound is very much in the heartbeat of the Nashville now.
Introducing Dawson Reigns, y'all. He's a 'shades on, six-pack, kickin' back cool' kinda guy.
Just like he sings in his brand new single, 'Love Was All You.'

About Dawson Reigns
Dawson has been singing and performing most of his life, he began his professional music career in 2004 working the indie circuit in local bars and festivals across Ontario. During that time, he was also performing, recording and developing strong relationships in the music industry in Nashville. Taking advantage of every possible opportunity to perform, honing his skills as a vocalist, entertainer and songwriter, his hard work and dedication began to pay off on both sides of the border. Dawson spent equal time at his residence in Cambridge and in Nashville.

An independent internationally debut CD that garnished a #1 hit, “If Crazy Wasn’t So Beautiful” on the Hot Country Top 50 Charts in Australia. He followed up with a second Top 10 single “Someone Watching Over Me” six months later.
International radio success in Japan, UK, Australia and throughout Europe on over 150 radio stations.
Received a 4 out of 5 Star rating in the highly respected Maverick Magazine in the UK for his debut CD ENJOY THE RIDE.
He has shared the stage with country music stars like The Road Hammers, Dallas Smith, The Band Perry and Luke Bryan and many other country artists.
He had an Endorsement deal with Epiphone Masterbilt Guitars.
His single ‘If Crazy Wasn't So Beautiful’ reached # 22 on the CanCountry Charts (March 2010) and gained airplay overseas – “A lot of people really like the song, it was a fun song and a really good single, I’m really glad we picked that one as a team choice to come up with” shared Dawson. Promotion for the single included a 2 week Ontario radio tour and phone interviews right across Canada.
The debut CD ENJOY THE RIDE, released May 2, 2010 (iTunes) was produced by Jason Barry at his Barrytone Studios in Ontario. Dawson said he was in awe and called him a magician and was humbled and privileged as an Inde artist that Jason took a chance when bigger names in the industry were knocking on his door. Dawson cited how talented Barry was as a guitarist winning CCMA Awards for Guitar player of the year in 2006 and 2007. On the album Jason did extra work on the lead guitar parts as well as creating and mastering the songs from the demos that Dawson selected.
Track 10 Raise’em Up an acoustic number was one which Dawson had a hand in writing. It was a collaboration with 2 writers from Nashville and L.A who also penned ‘If Crazy Wasn't So Beautiful. Wanting something different Jason opted for a sparse arrangement with just an acoustic guitar and Dawson’s vocal. This technique really let the song shine with uncluttered production. Sugarland’s Stay’ was something which Dawson highlighted as an example which reflected this concept.
Title cut Enjoy The Ride a song written by Frank Myers and Jason Jones began when Dawson first made the trip to Music City looking for music. A song which meant the most to him at the start of the recording process reflecting life in general on life’s journey without knowing what’s to come, indeed Enjoy The Ride! He shared “Everyone goes through hardships and has a story to tell, I’ve had my share of up’s and down’s. The one thing I really learnt when things are really up you came come down pretty fast” 
Life’s too short, the world spins fast when raised against the hourglass....Don’t let all the good stuff pass you by / enjoy the ride
This song had a strong message with a contemporary feel and was full of energy which wouldn’t of been out of place on the Billboard Country Chart at that time.
Album track Someone Watching Over Me written by a trio of ace Nashville songwriters Ed Hill, David Frasier, and Josh Kear (Chris Young, Chely Wright, Tim McGraw) was described by Dawson as a “heavy meeting song”. It was about someone looking out from a higher power, friend, family or spouse on your life journey – He shared “This song touched home that someone’s got to be looking out for me to get me to where I’m at now” This was a powerful, hard hitting song and full of emotion with words:
Had myself some real close shaves / could have led to an early grave / its amazing I’m alive at all

His single Empty Handed written by Kip Raines (Tim McGraw, Bucky Covington, Emerson Drive, Van Zant.) and a hit-song writing powerhouse vocalist from Kentucky called Chris Stapleton the ex and founder member of The Steeldrivers and now a multi-winning award country superstar. The musicality of this track perfectly reflectd Dawson’s style – “This was exactly my alley from what I want from music, this is a big hard hitting, big guitar, fast upbeat, in your face song. When I heard it the first time, I’m like this has got to be on the CD no question about it

The ENJOY THE RIDE CD launch Party took place on April 19th 2010 at a packed venue called The Warehouse On George in Dawson’s hometown with 200 people attending from a wide radius. Bassist and music director Dennis Napper helped to put a band together with 3 rehearsals. After playing the album songs from 1 to 10 Jason Barry joined them on the night to perform the album acoustic bookend track.
Dawson previously described his sound as Upbeat / Rock / Country fusion – “I’m not Lynyrd Skynyrd Southern Rock, I’m a classic rock kind of guy”. Influences include rock bands Def Leppard and Bon Jovi but as a music fan Dawson loved the storytelling aspect and via country music (Garth Brooks) he discovered a unique musical style where performers have a real connection with their fans.
A lot of hard work got Dawson to the stage he was at in 2010. Years ago he auditioned for Canadian rock icon Ray Lyell and as a student he mentored Dawson preparing him for “the good, bad and the ugly in the business” and giving him a head start. Some 4 years later after vocal, writing skill development and small performances Ray gave Dawson the nod that he was “ready to go” then gave him the “bus ticket” to Nashville to work the area as well as back in Canada. Dawson has also trained with Renee Grant-Williams someone with whom Ray trained with himself. She was a vocal coach to Grammy Award winning artists Faith Hill, The Dixie Chicks and Keith Urban!
When he was younger Dawson entered competitions and played bars without realising how much more there was to learn. He continues to improve with lessons and “touch ups”. It was Ray who shared the vocal technique ‘Bel Canto’ (a classical vocal) with Dawson – “He really worked me over

Dawson made a visit to the UK in October 2010 attended and played at the BCMAwards. It was hoped this would lead to festival appearances in 2011. This came about after his publicist shipped physical CD’s across the pond as opposed to the DMDS file digital transfer system in Canada. Also people in France, Switzerland, Germany, Japan and Australia have picked up on his music.
Dawson performing at the BCMAwards on 10th October 2010 at The Lakeside Club, Frimley Green, Surrey.


#TEAM DAWSON With the ever increasing interest overseas Deborah Wood Publicity and Dawson Reigns joined forces with Cameron Tilbury (Formerly a Canadian broadcaster of CHAM Radio in Hamilton and CJKX Radio in Ajax) who was then based in the UK (Peterborough, Cambridgeshire). Cameron started a publicity company with the idea of specializing in helping Canadian artists get their product to radio in the UK, Europe and Australia. Dawson was his first client. Cameron relocated in American and is now based at MapleStar Music & Media (73 White Bridge Road, 103-155, Nashville, TN).

Reigns as new resident of Nashville, signed on with Flat Earth Music Publishing in early 2012. He had been busy for the last year writing songs with top Nashville hit writers for a follow-up album. Signing with Flat Earth Music is a great opportunity resulting from this hard working artist and this is what Reigns had to say about his  signing – “I’m very excited about being apart of Flat Earth Music. I’ve been very fortunate to have written with some of Nashville’s best this past year and to have the group at Flat Earth Music promote these songs and me to the country music industry is amazing!

Fast forward to 2016 Dawson's new single, 'Love Was All You', will be released in June through the new label (Hit Maker Entertainment) internationally.
Will Dawson Reign now supreme in 2016 with his comeback single?

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