Friday, 16 September 2016

Country pop star Eileen Carey debuts uplifting "In the Air" lyric video

More Amour, Please: In Response to Global Turmoil, Award-Winning Country Pop Star

Eileen Carey Pens Ode to Paris-Style Love with Uplifting “In the Air” Single

 “California vocalist Eileen Carey deftly mixes pop and country influences on her new CD, inserting in her leads a clarity and edge that’s both refreshing and insightful.” (Nashville City Paper)

(August 19, 2016) 
Proving that love is more inspiring than hate, award-winning country star Eileen Carey has countered recent terrorist attacks, racial violence, and global turmoil with “In The Air” (Spotify) her feel-good ode to the City of Love, Paris, France. Credited by music blog Country Music, ATK with blending pop, country, and rock in a way that feels uniquely hers, Carey was recently named the 2016 National Radio Hits Favorite Female Country Artist of the Year and New Music Weekly’s Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year. In the Air features champagne, limousines, movie stars, and, of course, love. "In the Air" is the first single from Carey’s fifth studio album, produced by Travis Allen Childress and set for release later this fall.

Release Date: 20 July 2016
Label: Rolleycstr Music
Duration: 3:31 minutes
Available for download: Amazon UK | UK iTunes |

According to Carey, “In the Air” is a heartfelt tribute to Paris, the city she visited two weeks before terrorists killed 130 people there in November of 2015:

Paris is such a whirlwind of love, romance, and excitement that the terrorist attacks there felt personal to me. I had just visited the City of Love two weeks before. It inspired me to write a love song for two people set in the gaiety that is still Paris, a kind of victory for the spirit of love.

Having recently made her third consecutive appearance at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville, Carey’s “Bottle Your Crazy Up” reached #1 nationally in 2015, where it competed with major-label country performers. Carey’s three released singles are from Let It Go, her most successful album to date. Carey won The Academia Music Awards Best Country/Rock Song of the Year for “Bottle Your Crazy Up”. called Carey’s composition and performance a clever country jam with dulcet vocals and superb instrumentation, illustrating one of the most stringent performance standards we've encountered.

Carey's last three music videos, “Bottle Your Crazy Up”, the feel-good summer release “Party at the Beach” and “Faith” have accumulated more than 105,000 Youtube views. Her single “Faith” reached the very top of all the NMW (New Music Weekly) country radio charts (Main, Indie, Internet), and also reached the very top spot in all the NMW AC charts and Top 40 charts as well. “Faith” also made an appearance on Music Row's Country Breakout chart. Eileen’s current single, from the LET IT GO album (Jan 2014
Amazon UK), “Bring on the big” is currently holding on to the #1 spot on the NMW Country charts for weeks, and appeared at #1 on the NMW Adult Contemporary Hot AC chart as well.

Carey has also started posting in her new blog, 
The Music Mom. The Music Mom reveals Carey's desire to positively impact others via the sharing of her experiences and wisdom: The world is filled with ups and downs, so if I can help people see things in a new and more positive light, perhaps they can find a better place in life.

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