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Grant & Forsyth return with new single & album Keep It Country

Grant & Forsyth are back!
They return with new single & album
 Keep It Country

Grant and Forsyth Spotlight Feature:
Check out all the details on their new single and album. 
We take a trip back down memory (Guys 'n' Dolls), past success & history, family connections and their extensive discography.

Grant & Forsyth ‘Keep It Country’
Single: 14th October Pre-Order: Amazon UK | UK iTunes
Album: 21st October Pre-Order Amazon UK (CD & MP3) | UK iTunes
Label: LS Records
Distributed by Right Track/Universal

(Extensive Expanded Press Release Sept 8, 2016)
Grant & Forsyth are one of the most successful husband and wife singing duo’s in Europe having sold over 4 million albums, their brand of country music has been entertaining fans the world over.
2016 sees them celebrate 30 years as a country duo!
Grant & Forsyth : Gorgeous Photoshoot
 'Looks Like We Made It' (2013)

Nobody is more surprised then them to have a record out at this stage of their lives! as they are set to once again make a stir on the British country music scene (which has exploded in popularity in recent years) with the release of their single ‘Keep It Country’ (Written by Don Mescall & Shay Healy) with an album following two weeks later.

Facebook video: Keep It Country (Unmute & adjust the volume) Enjoy!

2 Wall Line Dance Easy Intermediate for "Keep It Country" Facebook Image

After receiving a call out of the blue from Nashville songwriting legend Don Mescall, Grant & Forsyth found themselves agreeing to come out of semi-­retirement (as Dominic (Grant) has also become a successful sculptor!) to record a song Don had written especially with them in mind.
Don explained they were the only artists that could do the song justice & it just so happened that they absolutely loved the track!
The single was mixed in Nashville by Bobby Terry, who was recently involved with the Willie Nelson / Merle Haggard Album.
In a twist of fate the day they went to record the single they found out that Merle Haggard had passed away.

He had written their very first Country hit 'Somewhere Between' so as a mark of respect they mentioned him fondly in the song.
Dominic Grant (real name Keith Purdy) & Julie Forsyth have had a truly amazing musical journey, which has created some fond memories for them.
From the very beginnings when they first met in 1974 after replying to an advert in the NME for a girl/ boy group which went on to become the hit group Guys ‘N’ Dolls to their reincarnation as a singing country duo to the birth of their two children who became touring babies accompanying them on the road from just two weeks old!
Some of the magical musical dust must have been sprinkled onto their daughter Sophie and son Luke as both have become musicians in their own right, in fact daughter Sophie is singing backing vocals on ‘Keep It Country’ and working on her 1st Album and Luke has been a rock singer since the age of 14 & supported Iron Maiden on their European tour a couple of years back.
Luke has also written a song on the album ‘How Can I Wait’ which features his grandfather and Julie’s father Bruce Forsyth on piano.

Julie and Dominic have supported Frank Sinatra, hung out backstage with Johnny Cash who said to them ‘Thank you for spreading Country music to these parts of the world, keep doing what your doing’.
Praise indeed and there are many more stories of this kind told by the duo in such a lovely nonchalant way.
Grant and Forsyth were once told ‘Country will never work in the UK’, well here they still are ready to rock the country scene once more with their top tapping, hip swinging feel good country hit – Keep It Country!

To accompany the single, they have put together a wealth of well-­known classic Country songs to form a 20 track album, which will be released on the 21st October 2016.


Release Date: 21 Oct. 2016
Label: LS Records
Available for pre-order:
Amazon UK (CD & MP3)
| UK iTunes

1. Keep It Country 
2. On A Mission
3. Ladybird 
4. Buy Me A Rose 
5. Warm Feeling
6. Be My Baby Tonight
7. Somewhere Between Me And You 
8. Old Country Road
9. When You Say Nothing At All 
10. Tennessee Waltz 
11. Go Your Own Way
12. Behind Closed Doors 
13. A Love Worth Fighting For
14. Driving My Life Away
15. Always On My Mind 
16. He's In Love 
17. Don't
18. You Don't Bring Me Flowers 
19. Any Man Of Mine 
20. How Can I Wait
Grant & Forsyth: Keep It Country CD Inlay-Preview

ABOUT Guys 'n' Dolls
Guys 'n' Dolls were a 1970s UK pop group.
They are best known for 1970s charting singles "There's a Whole Lot of Loving" (NL #7, UK #2) and "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me" (NL #10, UK #5)
Watch Guys 'n' Dolls perform “There's a Whole Lot of Loving” in 1975

The original six were: Dominic Grant, Julie Forsyth (daughter of Sir Bruce Forsyth), Martine Howard (a member of "The Young Generation" Dance Group and had worked on the "Les Dawson Show), David Van Day, Thereze Bazar and Paul Griggs.
Guys 'n' Dolls were formed in 1974, after Ammo Productions held auditions for three girls and three boys to perform in the group. 
This was the first Guys N Dolls
photo ever circa Nov 1974
The six members of the group first met at Verreys Restaurant in London's Regent Street, on Friday 8th November 1974.

They released their first hit single, "There's a Whole Lot of Loving" in January 1975 (it was actually recorded by session singers, and the group were later discovered not to have actually recorded the original)
Ten days after they met they had their first photo session as Guys n' Dolls and went to Magnet Records to meet the boss Michael Levy (Now the infamous Lord Levy, a close ally to Tony Blair)

By 1977, Van Day and Bazar had left the band, but went on to have success as Dollar (#4 hit "Love's Gotta Hold on Me", #14 "Who Were You With in the Moonlight")

In 1979, Guys 'n' Dolls took part in the A Song For Europe contest, hoping to represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?", the song finished in tenth place of the 12 entries.

ABOUT Grant and Forsyth
British duo Grant & Forsyth consist of the couple Dominic Grant (London, August 21 1949) and Julie Forsyth (April 4 1958).
In 1980, Forsyth and Grant had their first child together.
Grant & Forsyth: Archive Photo with Baby Luke 
Credit: Barry Schultz Aug 1980 | (R) Wedding & Lukes 9th Birthday

After 11 years Guys 'n' Dolls finished as a unit in December 1985 after Grant and Forsyth formed a duo.

They decided to leave England and move to Holland to concentrate all their efforts into making records and touring in Europe and during subsequent years, they recorded several albums and had countless hit singles including a cover of Cilla Black’s classic, ‘You’re My World’.
Julie is one of three children from Bruce Forsyth’s 20-year first marriage to former singer Penny (After Penny, Sir Bruce married his Generation Game hostess Anthea Redfearn. In 1980 he met then wed former Miss World Wilnelia Merced in 1983)
Bruce Forsyth & Julie | Pic Credit: Edward Lloyd

Julie inherited her father’s youthful genes, her mother’s glamorous looks and a good deal of his talent. The only one in the family to follow him into showbusiness, she left home at 16 to join 70s chart-toppers Guys ’n’ Dolls (especially successful in the 70s and early 80s).

Grant and Forsyth became the biggest-selling country music act in Europe, with three million album sales in Holland alone. 

Dominic, also sculpted the bronze statue of Brucie which now stands in the London Palladium. Domonic was introduced to a foundry in Druten, Holland to the methods of casting his sculptures in bronze, using the lost wax method. From 1970 to 1973, Dominic was greatly inspired when he was living in the beautiful surroundings of Trasteverie,in the old quarter of Rome. Sculptures have been exhibited in Amsterdam, Marbella, Mayfair, Monte Carlo and Portafino.
Julie a neighbour with actress Brenda Blethyn both invested time and effort trying to keep their local theatre open. Dad Bruce used to perform at the Granville Theatre in Ramsgate, Kent, and Julie wanted it to survive for future generations.
Grant & Forsyth Family Shoot:
Luke & Sophia circa 1996

Julie and Dominic have children Sophia (born 1991) and Luke and commuted between homes in Holland and Kent for 10 years before moving permanently to Ramsgate in 2007.

1988 proved to be the defining year when Grant and Forsyth made their first mark on the charts with a hit recording of the Walker Brother's classic, ‘The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore’ and The Ronettes ‘Be My Baby’.

1990 was the turning point. The first album, COUNTRY LOVE SONGS went platinum in Holland in 1990 and this huge success was followed by a string of ‘Country Love Songs’ albums all of which earned gold and platinum award status.
Grant and Forsyth have obtained some hits with country songs in subsequent years. Forsyth also wrote and composed the song "Go" for the Scottish singer Scott Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald finished in second position at the Eurovision Song Contest 1988, behind winner and then-unknown Celine Dion.

EUROVISION Flashback 'Bitter-Sweet' memories "Go", written and composed by Julie Forsyth, the UK’s entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 1988. Click play + Set Volume

  • Grant and Forsyth had another five hits in the Netherlands. Top 40-hits were "Anything For You", "Somewhere Between" (>> Audio), "The Greatest Gift Of All", "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore"/ "Be My Baby"," To Know You Is To Love You" and "Turning Over New Leaves".
  • In 2004, the duo released a comprehensive 3CD retrospective entitled, THE PLATINUM COUNTRY COLLECTION (EMI) and their first commercial DVD release. 
  • The duo then took time out while Dominic concentrated on his Art.
  • 2005 saw the release of their latest album entitled, MOST BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY LOVE SONGS featuring a specially chosen selection of songs that were big hits in Holland.
  • At the end of 2008 Dominic & Julie embarked on their first Christmas Theater Tour and released a Christmas CD, AT CHRISTMAS, and the DVD, Christmas Time. They also Toured the Christmas show in 2009.
  • In 2010 they were asked by Arjen Terpstra, the MD of T2 Records, to make their next album in Nashville. They went there in June 2010 and recorded "a pure musical experience of great songs" titled THE ROAD TO NASHVILLE at the HILLTOP STUDIOS with some of the best musicians around. Sophie Purdie, their daughter, went along and sang backing vocals and also sang solo on one of the tracks, "You're No Good", their son, Luke, featured on Don't Take Your Guns To Town".
Generation game
Around 2011 Julie Forsyth's daughter Sophie Purdie at 20-years-old, inspired Sir Bruce Forsyth, then 83, who asked his granddaughter to sing with him on his then forthcoming album THESE ARE MY FAVOURITES.

Watch "Smile" >> Extended clip &  >> Smile on QVC). 

The pair were slated to perform at a concert at Royal Albert Hall in May 2012 to celebrate his 70 years in showbusiness

Watch Grant & Forsyth with daugther Sophie performing "Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow" taken from ther album ROAD TO NASHVILLE - FROM CARTER TO CASH

Grant & Forsyth Singles & EPs:

CLICK to ENLARGE Singles Graphic

You Make Me So Happy ‎(7", Single; 1986), You've Lost That Loving Feeling ‎(Polydor; 1986), I Want You ‎(Dureco Benelux; 1987), The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore/Be My Baby (RCA; 1988), Anything For You (RCA; 1988), Together Again ‎(RCA; 1988), Touch The Moon (RCA; 1989), Missionary Girl ‎(RCA; 1989), The Greatest Gift Of All (Dino Music; 1990), To Know You Is To Love You (Dino Music; 1990), Somewhere Between ‎(Dino Music; 1990), Stay (Dino Music; 1991), Medley ‎(Dino Music; 1991), Turning Over New Leaves ‎(Dino Music; 1991), (Don't Stay) For The Sake Of The Children ‎(Dino Music; 1991), I Believe (Dino Music; 1992), Turning Over New Leaves ‎(Dino Music; 1992), Only A Fool ‎(Dino Music; 1992), Lady Bird ‎(Dino Music; 1993), Driving My Life Away ‎(Dino Music; 1993), Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone ‎(Edelton; 1993),
Queen Of Hearts / Once Upon A Time In The West ‎(Dino Music; 1994), Storybook Children ‎(Dino Music, 1994), Warm Feeling ‎(Dino Music, 1994), Standing On The Edge Of Goodbye ‎(Dino Music, 1995), Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life) ‎(Dino Music; 1995), Love On The Rocks ‎(Dino Music; 1997), Rockin' Good Way ‎(Dino Music, 1997), Amazed ‎(Dino Music; 2001), Goodbye My Love ‎(Dino Music, 2001), Looks Like We Made It (T2 Entertainment; 2011), Anyone Who Had A Heart ‎(Single, Promo; 2013), Love Grows ‎(CD, Single; year unknown)

Listen to Alle 40 Goed (EMI Holland; Release Date: 20 Sept. 2010 | Amazon UK)

Grant & Forsyth Albums:

CLICK to ENLARGE Album Graphic

THE GRANT & FORSYTH STORY ‎(RCA; 1988), COUNTRY LOVE SONGS ‎(Dino Music; 1990), COUNTRY CHRISTMAS ‎(Dino Music; 1990), COUNTRY LOVE SONGS VOL. 2 ‎(Dino Music; 1991), COUNTRY LOVE SONGS VOL. 3 ‎(Dino Music; 1992 | Amazon UK), MORE COUNTRY LOVE SONGS ‎(Dino Music; 1993 | Amazon UK), IN BETWEEN DANCES ‎(Dino Music; 1995), TRUE LOVE SONGS (Dino Music, 1997), GOLDEN COUNTRY HITS ‎(Disky; 1997), LET'S DANCE ‎(Dino Music; 1998), MORE COUNTRY LOVE SONGS ‎(Dino Music; 1999), NEW COUNTRY LOVE SONGS ‎(Dino Music; 2001), THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY LOVE SONGS (NRGY MUSIC; 2005), ALLE 40 GOED (Dino Music a division of EMI Music Netherlands BV; Sept 2010 | Amazon UK), ROAD TO NASHVILLE - FROM CARTER TO CASH ( T2 Entertainment; 2010 | Amazon UK), KEEP IT COUNTRY (LS Records; 21 Oct. 2016)

Discography: Amazon UK | UK iTunes | Ebay

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  1. Great music from a fantastic couple who always go out of their way to keep us the fans up to date with what they are doing. Been a fan since the begginging and can honestly say what an amazing and lovely couple they are.