Saturday 23 November 2019

Drew Haley releases long awaited single "Wildflower" featured on Apple Hot Tracks

Drew Haley Releases Long Awaited Single "Wildflower" 
Featured on Apple Hot Tracks

This Single Was Worth The Wait, It Leaves You Breathless"
Cover Art: Calli Hume Photography Instagram 

I hope you know that so much love and my heart went into this song. Be a Wildflower

NASHVILLE, TN (November 18th, 2019) Singer-songwriter Drew Haley released a new single "Wildflower" November 15th, 2019.

Release Date: 15 Nov. 2019

Label: Heart Songs Corporation

Time: 3:40

Genres: Country

Wildflower is available to stream >

Drew is a true artist, capturing her lyrics and compositions in country, Americana and blues. Her vocals carry her effortlessly through every song she sings. "Wildflower" was written by Drew Haley and produced by David Spencer (Nashville). Drew Haley is a breath of fresh air and her fans have been waiting anxiously for a release. The single release is the first in a series of single releases leading up to her EP release in 2020.  With "Wildflower" she has put to lyrics and music the essence of a woman's journey in a way that celebrates rising above the challenges we are faced with in our life.  "Wildflower" evokes pure sentimental joy and brings a nostalgic smile to the listener.. As a songwriter Drew Haley pens simple straightforward lyrical phrases that touch the soul and inspire hope. As a singer and musician Drew further transforms the listener as she brings them into her world of beauty, grace and grit.  "Wildflower" is a tribute to that untamed spirit and way of life that many people dream of living. "Wildflower" instills and inspires courage and strength for those wildflowers ready to bloom.

Drew shares, "Wildflower" was inspired by two strong women in my life. My good friend who was going thru a tough divorce at the time and my niece who was discovered in foster care at age 8 and DNA tests proved she was part of our family and given to my parents to raise.  Her childhood struggles grew into a risk taking teenager.  Through these troubled years of striving for independence she grew, learned to love, forgive and rise above her pain but always a wildflower never to be tamed."- Drew Haley.

Drew will release a music video produced and directed  by Create Nash (Austin Peckham) with her single release before Christmas.
In addition to Drew's solo career, she has embarked on another project and has recently joined the all female fronted country band, 
The Highway Women.  Drew will be touring and recording with the band in 2019-2020.  Drew has been invited to perfom at the Legendary Bluebird Cafe and is seen regularly performing her songs at Nashville Writer Rounds. 

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Genre: Singer-Songwriter (Country, Americana, Blues) | Hometown: Milam Texas
 Wildflowers can’t be tamed she couldn’t bloom from a cage. She set her soul free one day free to laugh, free to cry, free to rest and free to fly. SHE BECAME HER OWN HERO ...then the wildflower started to grow   | Calli Hume Photography Instagram

Drew Haley is a singer-songwriter  from Nashville breaking new ground in country music from a performing artist in local honky tonks to songwriter rounds spotlighting up and coming artists. Her songs are a glimpse into her journey along the way with her soulful sultry blues voice and empowering lyrics.
She has cuts on five other Nashville artists albums and has shared the stage with Maren Morris.

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