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Duo Indigo Summer, releases new song “A1A” to Spotify and Apple Music

Country Duo, Indigo Summer, releases new song “A1A” 
to Spotify and Apple Music
Official music video to be released in the coming days
Listen here

(Nashville, Tenn. – Aug. 2, 2017) – Emerging country duo, Indigo Summer, is excited to announce the release of their infectious new song, “A1A” to Spotify and Apple Music.
The duo, comprised of Bryan Edwards and Hope Nix, co-wrote the song along with Larry McCoy.

Release Date: June 16, 2017
Label: Indigo Summer
Time: 3:09

The idea for “A1A” was sparked when Edwards and his dad were heading down the famed A1A Boulevard in Florida. “Growing up in Florida, A1A was always an iconic beach stroll, so it’s a beachy-twist to country songs you hear about driving through the country-side making memories,” says Edwards.
An official music video for “A1A” will be released on August 4. Leading up to the release of the video, the duo will conduct a Facebook Live through the duo’s official Facebook page on Aug. 2 and 3.

Indigo Summer :Credit Molnar

As the duo’s name suggests, Indigo Summer’s music is fun and energetic. Their songs are true to their country roots yet they are not scared to push the boundaries of today’s country music. Pushing the confines was exactly what they did with this latest release, “Our goal was to point out that a Florida road-trip, Spring Break, or vacation, can seem like the time of your life with all the fun little beach towns, seaside shacks and flintiness of tan lines and convertibles,” explains Edwards.
Enjoy the summer a little longer, listen to Indigo Summer’s “A1A” here.

About Indigo Summer: Indigo Summer is starting to earn a name for themselves with their self-titled debut release. Featuring all original songs co-written by the duo, Bryan Edwards and Hope Nix, the full-length album is sure to add a fresh and exciting sound to country music.  Meeting at a songwriter’s night at Nashville’s famed Hotel Indigo in December of 2010 (hence part of the duo’s name), Hope and Bryan quickly hit it off with their musical similarities. The two began writing together and from those sessions, their partnership grew to include performing and producing together.

Slow Down Summer was their official debut single, a very up – beat, fun-lovin’ track with nice country sounds to get you up and dancing.

Think Country wrote: Hope has such a beautiful strong Southern sound that gives her a real Country twang which we don’t hear as often in Country Music today. Together, Indigo Summer make Country Music perfection. They create such a beautiful blend of harmonies and their vocals have a nice, authentic Country sound. If you like vocal harmony groups, then Indigo Summer should be right up your street

Available Music
(3 March 2017) Indigo Summer - Pop, Fizz, Clink (Single)
Amazon UK | UK iTunes |

(17 November 2016) Indigo Summer - Before Tonight (Single)
Amazon UK | UK iTunes |

(7 October 2016) Indigo Summer - Something You Miss (Single)
Amazon UK | UK iTunes |

(25 August 2016) Indigo Summer - Not To (Single)
Amazon UK | UK iTunes |

(24 June 2016) Indigo Summer - Slow Down Summer (Single)
Amazon UK | UK iTunes |
Listen to the songs on Spotify

Published on Aug 24, 2016 filmed in a Nashville recording studio, "Not To" >> YouTube
Published on March 2, 2017 "Pop, Fizz, Clink" >> YouTube
Published on Oct 7, 2016 "Something You Miss" >> YouTube (The stunning actress is Allee-Sutton Hethcoat, Miss Tennessee USA (Instagram) who entered the Miss USA 2017 pageant!

As solo artists, they have performed across the country and opened for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, and Charlie Daniels. As songwriters, they have had numerous cuts and TV placements, including songs recorded by Jason Aldean and featured on the Discovery Channel.  

About Hope Nix (No relation to Stevie Nicks!)
From Edmond, Oklahoma.
Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and lived in Edmond, OK. She has been singing since she was 3 years old and performing since she was 4 years old. In late 2006, Hope (photo) finished her first demo CD in New York City with producer Doug Maxwell of Media Right Productions. The demo featured four songs, including two pop/rock originals by Hope: "Runnin' Back" and "In and Out" (about a real life break-up with boyfriend)
Hope named her fav artists as Ashlee Simpson, The Veronicas, Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carlton.
Hope Nix: Photoshoot Micah Kandros (2012)

As a 19-year old singer/songwriter she moved to Nashville, Music City, USA.
She started playing out and at writers’ nights on a regular basis, honing her writing, vocal and performance skills.
She wrote songs about her life in the hope that others can relate.
Loves: Guitar, Baking, Coffee (Starbucks) and Morning talk shows. When she was 10, she truly believed she was Britney Spears. Obsessed with cards. Clothes freak, and enjoys shopping. Crazy dog lady and living dreams.
The quote she lives her life by is simply “DREAM BIG”

Hard work resulted in THANK YOU FOR BREAKING MY HEART (>> Title cut at Bluebird Café) 12-song CD produced by Preston Sullivan and recorded at Omni Sound Studios in Nashville. The title track was an ironic expression of gratitude for an unwanted break up.
Drive Me Wild” was a toes-tapping-on-the-windshield country ride. It was released as a digital single on Amazon and iTunes and an official video was published on Oct 15, 2012:

Prince Not So Charming” was a tongue-in-cheek, sassy delivery reminiscent of her favourite female singers on the time. Stirring ballad “This Letter” (co-written with Steven J. Williams), was destined to be a career-making song as an artist or songwriter. All songs on Thank You For Breaking My Heart were written or co-written by Hope Nix.

Equipped with more stage experience, vocal lessons, and hours spent in songwriting sessions than most signed artists in Nashville, Hope’s ‘complete dedication’ to her love of music evidenced with the project, “SO RIGHT NOW” (EP) a 6-song compilation of original music (all self-penned) that exemplified Hope’s talent and growth.
Published on May 19, 2014 "White Trash" written by Hope Nix, Bryan Edwards, and Jessica Roadcap

Hope called the 2014 release her “biggest accomplishment” to date, saying “It shines light on who I truly am as an artist and what I hope fans will relate to and enjoy." With hard work, and complete devotion to her music Hope continued to set her goals higher and was determined to turn her dreams of becoming a country music superstar into reality.

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