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Radio Waves: Radio Presenter Spotlight – Stuart Cameron (Hotdisc)

The Hotdisc Top 30 Radio Show with Stuart Cameron

Keep In Touch: Contact Stuart Cameron please contact him by email at
Address: Hotdisc, 21 Redpath Crescent, Galashiels TD1 2QG, Scotland

Stuart Cameron presents the Hotdisc Top 30 Radio Show on CMR Nashville "Europe's #1 Country Music Radio Station"
Broadcast: Every Sunday 12 Noon (12:00-14:00) with repeats on Tuesday (16:00-18:00) & Wednesday (08:00 - 10:00) UK Times.
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ICYMI: Listen to the latest Hotdisc Top 30 Radio Show 
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The show is also syndicated to other radio stations: TD1 Radio (Scotland); South End Radio (Malta), 102 Country (Scotland); 106 Country (Scotland); Central FM Country (Scotland), ECMR Edinburgh Country Radio (Scotland); Radio VGR (UK Online); BigTime Radio (USA) and North Highland Radio (Scotland); Elite Country Radio (Ireland); Hectors House Radio (N.Ireland), Thunderbolt Radio (USA); East Coast FM (Scotland); Radio St Florian 1 (Austria) and Phoenix Country (Ireland). See show timings here.

Note: Additionally, a separate show the British & Irish Hotdisc Chart Show is presented on ("Playing the Hottest Country Music for the UK, 24 hours a day) by CEO Mr. Allan Watkiss which is broadcast exclusively every Monday at 8pm (20:00 UK time). Listen at or open the player >> LISTEN HERE <<
The Hotdisc Top 20 TV Show
Broadcast currently on Mondays at 6pm (18:00) on Sky TV Channel 389, Freeview 87 & FreeSat 516 in the UK on the Keep It Country TV channel.  BREAKING: Hotdisc are delighted to announce that their Hotdisc Top 20 TV programme will be brought forward to 2pm (14:00) every Sunday afternoon from August 13th, 2017. See for updates
Watch sample Hotdisc Top 20 shows in glorious HD on line

What is Hotdisc?
It is the leading promotional company for country music in Europe via its Rush Released imprint.

Hotdisc has been operating for 18 years with the sole aim to promote new music to its network of DJs mainly in Europe, who support the venture which first began in 1998. Hotdisc is open to all acts from Britain and Overseas to take part.
They have now produced an incredible 224 editions - that's one every month without a break for 18 years which services over 700 DJs and media in Europe with brand new music for their shows and attention.
The 200th edition was celebrated with a special 3-CD edition and special offers to artists who had taken part over the years.

In August 2016 mention was made in Country Music & Dance magazine and via David Allan’s page in Country Music People and Stuart Cameron gave away £4000 of free slots to acts (on a first come first serve basis) who had never used Hotdisc before!
Hotdisc very generously put talent before financial gain to enable them to help give acts a leg up in the industry and generate airplay for them as well as introducing them to new markets and new fans.
Taking advantage of the offer saw many debuts including: Chloe Chadwick, Holloway Road, Luke & Mel, Steve Young, Sasha McVeigh, Kelly Oliver, Gary Quinn, Roni, Kira Mac and Official UK Album Chart Toppers Ward Thomas with their song “Boomerang”!

Those contacts who receive Hotdisc in physical or digital format score each of the tracks from 1 to 10 and give feedback comment and offer critique and the DJs indicate which of the tracks they intend to play on their shows.
After DJ reactions have dropped off by around the 12-week period Hotdisc then push down the average sharply by an overall percentage point of 0.5 points per week following 10 chart frames for a track on the chart.
The Hotdisc charts are NOT based on airplay but solely on a POINTS basis
Scores are averaged out per week to give an accurate guide to the songs which are being championed by the industry. 
New charts are published every Sunday afternoon following the first broadcast on the countdown of the Hotdisc Top 30 Radio Show.

The charts are published online at and appear in print in:
Country Music People, Up Country & Country Music & Dance, the 3 main country magazines on the market.

Looking For Music Promotion?
If an artist has a track on a recent Hotdisc release it would be in their interest to communicate that news to their fans on social media to encourage them to request the track on their favourite country show.
If an artist has a new single, EP or album to promote it could well be worth their while as unlike in America and Canada (where music is distributed across radio networks) in Europe a lot of DJs still request to be furnished with physical product as their show or station is not set up to play out digital tracks. For an artist to burn tracks on a CD, the cost of postage and having to try and research which country programmes exist across Europe the Hotdisc service could prove beneficial. It also provides them with the opportunity to appear on the points based Top 40 chart.

Cover art for the very latest Hotdisc #224 August 2017 release | Credit Facebook

Hotdisc Awards 
After being part of the British Country Music Awards (BCMAwards) and awards format Hotdisc took the decision and positive strides with their inaugural Hotdisc Awards for 2016.
On Monday 2nd January 2017 the Hotdisc Awards, presented by former BBC2 TV and Radio 2 country presenter David Allan, were broadcast across the UK on Sky/Freesat/Freeview TV's Keep It Country TV channel (>> Watch it back), with eight awards given out to acts based on genuine success over the last 12 months using data from the Hotdisc Top 40 which is compiled each week by the cream of Europe's country music DJs.
Hotdisc was proud of the transparency of its Awards which are completely free from public votes which are open to manipulation. Recipients of the attractive laser-etched trophies could be rightly delighted with their achievements coming from their peers importantly based on merit. 

TRANSPARENCY: For the 2017 Hotdisc awards they are going one step further in their aim to get even greater transparency and complete credibility! They will publish the chart points for everyone who makes the Top 40 of the year.
20 points will be awarded for a No.1 and 1 point for a No.20 position.


For the 18th year the Best Of British & Irish Country album was released. The project, which first began in 1999, features some of the most successful songs from Hotdisc British and Irish acts which had all gained exposure during 2016 on radio throughout Europe and the full line-up included all 15 No1s from 2016's British & Irish Hotdisc Chart.
The 26 track CD, priced £9.99 is available at (22 Tracks) and also available to download from iTunes (26 Tracks released Dec 20, 2016) and Amazon for £7.89.

The CD is £9.99 and is available direct from HOTDISC (they will also throw in an extra 4 full length CDs for FREE).
The album received a 4.1/2 out of 5 STARS review in Country Music People.

FAQs - All About The RUSH RELEASED Promo CD & Deals
For more information
CONNECT with Hotdisc:
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