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Artist Spotlight – The Country Wildcats

Expanded and Broken links corrected. Band member features and updates added. Updated Sept 22, 2014: Information corrected by request
Updated July 11, 2017: The Country Wildcats Show details added being shown on Keep It Country TV

New To You....The Country Wildcats

The Country Wildcats
Nov 2011 Photoshoot - Let Your Love Flow !
Left to right: 
 Magda Brajer, Zoe McCole, Bernadette Ruddy,
Sadhbh Thomas, Layla and Christina Nicolaides
Links shown  in RED , Click Photos to enlarge!

  • It is unclear whether the Country Wildcats still exist as their last Facebook posting was back on June 2, 2012.
Their main website and Tumblr accounts no longer function, 4 YouTube videos have been deleted but their Facebook Page is still active.
Occasionally their videos are shown on the Phil Mack International on Mondays on Sky 191 (Showcase TV) and Freesat 400 (Showcase TV)  - TV Shows Blog Page

The biggest thing to hit the country scene in the UK and Ireland , these will be BIG!"...."Hollywood , Nashville eat yer hearts out" Phil Mack (Phil Mack Internation Country Show)
(L-R) Magda, ChristinaSadhbh, Bernadette, Layla and Zoe

To find photos of these gorgeous ladies:
Phil Mack Country Show, Irish Tour 2012 Facebook - Photo Gallery
Country Wild Cats - Facebook Gallery
CONNECT with Country Wild Cats:
 photo facebook_zpsc6fe26ab.png

On July 18, 2011 Philip Mclaughlin (Phil Mack) (photo) from the Phil Mack International Country Show and “The outrageous” Glenn Rogers (photo country artist and former co-presenter of the Phil Mack Show) introduced the all girl group The Country Cats (later renamed The Country Wildcats) to their TV audience. 
Phil explained that earlier in the month he, Glenn along with Sammy (Samantha Rogers, Creative Director/Producer UK) and an invited audience of 20 spectators went to see this new formed group with filming shot at Glenn’s farm in Essex.
Glenn said “We were surrounded by beautiful women everywhere we looked. It was a great, great day, we’re very excited about this project. The girls worked wonderfully well together, the footage that we’ve already got is incredible

The seven lovely ladies were the brainchild of Mclaughlin Rogers Media to form The Country Wildcats. No doubt the seeds of this idea, 2 months previously, was inspired by the success of the hot all girl/lady country Czech group called The Country Sisters (photo - Website) across Europe and a hit with viewers on the Phil Mack show.
 “What started out as a light-hearted conversation has turned into something very serious, and is phenomenal” said Glenn

Phil Mack said "We can assure you this is as big as it gets" ..."Going to be phenomenal"...”The biggest thing to hit the country scene in the UK and Ireland , these will be BIG!"...."Hollywood , Nashville eat yer hearts out"  "Glitz, glamour this video is as good as it gets"

The first exclusive viewing of their first single / video was shown on Aug 15, 2012 which was a cover of the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic ‘Bad Moon Rising’.

Phil's Angels: Philip Mclaughlin centre with 
(L-R) Sadhbh Thomas, Magda Brajer, Christina Nicolaides, 
Lisa Stanley (Phil Mack co-presenter & singer), Bernadette Ruddy, Zoe McCole, Layla (R) 

About The Country Wildcats

Bernadette Ruddy (lead singer, songwriter) -This very glamorous artist from Ireland is the lead singer and fronts the group. This gorgeous young lady from County Mayo in Ireland possesses a distinctive voice capable of squeezing every drop of emotion from every lyric in a song. Bernadette is a multi-talented singer, songwriter and accomplished painter. Exploring the countryside has helped her develop an interest in the Mayo region. This love for the natural landscape she has comes through in her singing. She has an appreciation of traditional Irish music, song and dance and has become a foundation stone to develop a love of music." I’m a Pisces, the fish, we go in all directions” jokes Bernadette.
Video Photoshoot
Bernadette Ruddy with actor Terry

Country fans in Ireland will recognize her from the stand-up comic’s Brendan Grace show who is an institution on the Irish showbiz. Ruddy has toured with him.
It's not surprising to find that Bernadette grew up in a family steeped in music.

She recalls happy childhood memories of traditional sessions in her grandmother's house ever week - "Music to me is like breathing, it's something I do naturally," she says. "I was immersed in it growing up and I loved it. On stage now I really get into the music and get the crowd going and do my best to make sure that everyone has a great night. "It's great to see people uplifted and happy going home after the show, especially in these difficult times. You really feel you're doing something worthwhile”

In her own right Bernadette has just released her own CD entitled ALL TIME FAVOURITES which is a combination of country and Irish favourites and includes a song that she penned called “Forgive Me”. She also has a 3 track EP of original songs she has composed released in July 2011.

Sadhbh Thomas (drums, background, harmony vocals) – Is from Tonragee on the beautiful island of Achill (photo) off the coast of Country Majo. Sadhbh ( pronounced SIEV) is an Irish name derived from Proto-Celtic *sŭādŭā  meaning “the sweet and lovely” so very appropriate!. I believe she is a school teacher and took time in the autumn half term school break in 2011 to join the other girls for the video shoots. [ Sadhbh left and Bernadette right – SEE PHOTO ! (Facebook)]  - [ Sadhbh left and Layla right – SEE PHOTO ! Facebook published Dec 2011 ]

Christina Nicolaides
This attractive lady provided the bass guitar riffs, background vox and glam.

  • Modelling experience:  Part-time model - paid commercial work     
  • She was a child model but followed more of a modelling/presenting and events path.
  • Actor, Model, Dancer (Expert)
  • Age: 34, Birthdate December?
  • Vital Statistics ( Source: Starnow Profile )
  • Height: 165 cm / 5ft 5in Hips: 86 cm / 34in Weight: 54 kg / 118 lbs           
  • Hair colour: Brown  
  • Eye colour: Green
  • Hair type: Wavy Chest: 76 cm / 30 in 
  • Dress Size: 8 - 10
Christina is a Greek Cypriot, ex-professional swimmer turned TV presenter. Christina always had a strong interest in sport through her Father who was a professional Footballer.
Christina took to the water aged just 4 and went on to represent Wales. When she wasn’t in the water she loved everything from gymnastics to netball to cricket –not forgetting her guilty pleasure, darts!

A friend introduced her to Eurosport who were looking for a multi-lingual presenter.
As a presenter Christina has appeared on Smart Live Broadcasting covering live casino games, sports and sports betting along with radio on Westside FM (89.6 FM, Fridays) where she presented the sports bulletins as well as co-hosting the breakfast show with Claira Hermet. Christina has also presented on QVC and hosted the FxPro Cyprus Rally.

Christina has presented on Al Jazeera Sport & fulfilled a dream on MUTV (Manchester United TV Channel)!

She wrote: In my spare time, I am a DJ, gym bunny and in a Country Rock girl band called The Country Wildcats.
Christina Nicolaides tweeted @XTinaNicolaides Filming for #countrycats is under way. This is our drummer Sadhbh on drums... She's hot!!! I am on bass guitar... looking like one of the Robert Palmer girls... hahahahaha) xxx

  • From 2007 - Guest presenter on QVC The Shopping Channel
  • 2008 - Presented the Asian Fashion Awards
  • 2009/10 - Face of Adam Street Private Members Club, London as well as put together a marketing and PR strategy for them
  • From March 2010 - Presenter on Smart Live Casino Channel, Sky 869 – she presented in English and in Greek
  • April 2010 - ITV Drama, Midsommer Murders
  • July 2010, Max Magazine (National Greek Magazine; Double page spread; as presenter and Host of the FXPro Cyprus Rally 2010, Intercontinental Rally)
  • November 2010, Host, Presenter and Commentator of the IRC FXPro Cyprus Rally presenting in Greek and English. Media coverage was for Eurosport, SKY, Mega TV Greece and LTV Cyprus
  • July 2012 - Face and Body for Nuffield Health and Nuffield Gym Advertising Campaign 2012
  • November 2012 - Face and presenter of weekly Football show on Sky 'Best of the Bets'
CONNECT with Christina:
 photo facebook_zpsc6fe26ab.png  photo twitter_zps621beec6.png
Other members of the band are the lovely Zoe McCole (keyboard + glam!) who works as an administrator for the Phil Mack team and is one of the Phil Mack Show's promotion team at the live music events.
Magda Brajer [ See Photo !]  along with Layla (electric guitar) provide guitar riffs, vocal trapeze harmonies and yet more glamour.

Red and Black and bright red lippies!: Layla (left) poses with Christina (third from left) next to Magda SEE PHOTO !  

The Country Wildcats – The Music

Watch this >> Promotional advert for The Country Wildcats DVD (published by Philip Mclaughlin on Sept 29, 2013)

Samantha J is the highly talented video producer behind it. Sammy was involved in the early days of Double H promotions video systems and, along with Glenn Rogers, remains part of the production team at the prestigious Crystal Boot Awards. Sammy has produced videos (both live and story boarded) for many artists including Glenn Rogers, Henry Smith, Lisa Stanley, Phil Mack, The Country Wildcats and many more.

The Country Wildcats CD is available through the Phil Mack Country Store (£12.99)
The Country Wildcats DVD is available through the Phil Mack Country Store (£15.99)

1 ) Country Wild Cats  Bad Moon Rising >> YouTube

With some minor tweaking of the lyrics The Country Wildcats heed a weather warning seeing trouble and bad times on the way but make hay on this upbeat number. The song was written by John Fogerty and performed by Creedence Clearwater Revival. It was the lead-off single from their album GREEN RIVER and was released back in April 1969. The song reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and #1 on the UK Singles Chart for three weeks in September 1969. This much recorded song has been given several twists, ranging from folk to reggae to psychedelic rock treatments. 
Country Wildcats-"Bad Moon Rising" Screenshot

I see the bad moon a rising I see trouble all the way
I see earthquakes and lightenin'
I see bad times today
Don't go round tonight well it's bound to take your life
There's a bad moon on the rise

I hear hurricane’s a blowing
I know the end is coming soon
I fear rivers over flowin'
I hear the voice of ragin' ruin
Don't round tonight well it's bound to take your life
There's a bad moon on the rise

Hope you’ve got your things together
Hope you are quite prepared to die
Looks like were in for nasty weather
One eye is taken for an eye

2) Country Wild Cats - Have Mercy

This is a great toe tapper, features a tight guitar solo and sax. Bernadette provides a sassy vocal complimented by Sadhbh’s harmony to give the necessary angst. Their suspicions are raised with tell tale signs of lipstick on a collar and hearing those cheatin’ songs of Haggard and Jones as a lover plays away from home and flees with a brunette having taken all the money out the bank.
"Have Mercy" was penned in 1985 by English singer-songwriter Paul Kennerley. In 1983 he moved to Nashville where he began working with Emmylou Harris on her semi-autobiographical concept album, The Ballad of Sally Rose, co-writing and producing the album. He married Harris in 1985, but the couple divorced in 1993. “Have Mercy” was recorded by The Judds giving them their fifth number one on the country chart. The single went to number one for two weeks and spent a total of fourteen weeks on the country chart. (The Judds singing "Have Mercy" in 1986 -   YouTube  ) 

Country Wildcats-"Have Mercy" - Screenshot
I was standing in line at the city bus stop
Soaked to the skin from ev'ry rain drop
I see you driving by just like a phantom jet
With your arm around some little brunette
You say you won't be home because you're working late
Honey, i'm no fool, you've been out on a date
The lipstick on your collar gives the game away
It's strawberry red and mine's pink rose


Have mercy on me
You treat me so bad i'm in misery
It's breaking my heart, can't you see
Baby, baby have mercy on me

Well I called you up on the telephone
I could hear you was playin' haggard and jones
I knew right then that there was something wrong
There's only one reason you play cheatin' songs

3 ) Country Wild Cats - Tonight the Heartaches on Me 
Bernadette plays the role a heartbroken woman and drinks a toast to the fool who couldn’t see what he has lost. She’s hurtin’ real bad as he’s off to find someone new but knowing that his next “victim” will sadly suffer the same fate when that “new” wears off as it inevitable will -  She'll learn what heartache's all about and what I’m going through

This honky-tonk shuffle was recorded by The Dixie Chicks, and the final single released from their 1998 album WIDE OPEN SPACES. Produced by Paul Worley, Blake Chancey and composed by Mary Francis, Johnny MacRae and Bob Morrison it was released on 7 May 1999 by Monument Records, and was #6 on Billboard in 1999 (see artwork)

You Could've Heard A Pin Drop
When They Walked Through The Door
Had To Turn My Eyes Away
My Heart Had Fell Through The Floor
Someone Whispered, "Where's Her Halo?"
She Had An Angel's Face
He Stood There Smiling, Holding On
To The One Who Took My Place
So ..Tonight The Heartache's On Me, On Me, Yeah! 
Let's Drink A Toast To The Fool Who Couldn't See
Bartender Pour The Wine, 'Cause The Hurtin's All Mine
Tonight The Heartache's On Me  

4 ) Country Wild Cats - Let Your Love Flow 

Given some smart new 2011 studio treatment feel and sweet girly harmonies and with the appearance of the “Cats” the shine is eager to burst through the clouds and lighten up any day. With some naughty sexy breathy words this hot group and video will have the birds on the wing positively singing – Let Your Love Flow! 
"Let Your Love Flow" was written by Larry E. Williams, a former roadie for Neil Diamond, and made popular by the duo The Bellamy Brothers. This record was a crossover hit in the United States, reaching Number One on the 1976 Billboard Hot 100 charts.  It was also an international hit, landing on the charts in the UK and peaked at #7 in 1976.
In 2008 the song was used in an advert in the UK for Barclaycard. Subsequently, the song re-entered the UK Singles Chart and peaked at #21

Country Wildcats
Photoshoot - "Let Your Love Flow"

There's a reason for the sunshine sky
And there's a reason why I'm feelin' so high
Must be the season
When that love light shines all around us
So let that feelin' grab you deep inside
And send you reelin' where your love can't hide
And then go stealin'
Through the moonlit nights with your lover

Just let your love flow like a mountain stream
And let your love grow with the smallest of dreams
And let your love show
And you'll know what I mean, it's the season
Let your love fly like a bird on a wing
And let your love bind you to all living things
And let your love shine
And you'll know what I mean, that's the reason

5)  Country Wild Cats  “Six Footer >> YouTube  Bernadette Ruddy (solo )
This very catchy and jazzy “Six Footer” laced with fiddle and pedal steel sounds like it must have been a past hit, but it isn’t. It was penned by “The Cats” very own glamour puss Bernadette Ruddy - The song moves along real nice with some tasty guitar licks. In this song where opposites attract – “I knew right then you’d be wrong for me, The magic was there everyone could see” - The female character is eager for those sweet loving whispers in her ear.
Things heat up when his kisses make her heart skip a beat and this lucky tall handsome guy is destined to be “her keeper” for sure.
In this fun video The Country Wildcats in their high heels and tight figure hugging dresses could hopefully set a new trend in dress sense in the line dance clubs! Beauty certain is in the eye of the beholder – Wow! 
Country Wildcats
Screenshot "Six Footer"

Should of seen you comin’ through the barroom door
Head over heels I was stuck to the floor
I knew right then you’d be wrong for me
The magic was there everyone could see
I wish so hard the love would be mine
I found it in him, how he makes me smile

He looks so good from head to toe
This one’s a keeper never letting him go

6) Country Wild Cats –Are You Teasing Me”  

“So do you think this is another cheatin’ song?  Ah Ah no baby “ are the words offered by Bernadette in the opening exchange!
In this questioning song where traditionally a couple are very playful with each other yet always speculate if they're in the arms of another. Bernadette needs a warning to her “significant other “adding some cheeky spontaneous words – “So you like teasing, two can play that game baby, That’s right, watch this space, watch now I, can tease you”! Fiddle and guitar interchange with some playful licks over a driving beat to make this fresh 2011 treatment very attractive. 
The song was written by The Louvin Brothers and appeared on their album titled IRA AND CHARLIE in 1958 (and reissued on LP in England), and was the only song penned by the close-harmony act .
LIVIN', LOVIN', LOSIN': SONGS OF THE LOUVIN BROTHERS was released in 2003 as a tribute album to the music of The Louvin Brothers and this song was performed by Patty Loveless and Jon Randall.

Known as Mr. Country, Carl Smith was one of the most popular honky tonkers of the '50s and he recorded it in 1952. He is seen performing it surrounded by a bevy of beauties on the Ernest Tubb show (YouTube)

Fast forward to late 2011 and The Country Wildcats give this a modern day country edge whilst looking truly stunning at the same time. It’s a winning combination. These ladies radiate beauty that will leave any man open mouthed - They are PURR-FECT!

They certainly are my guilty pleasure; maybe they could be yours too!
They make this Cheshire Cat smile from ear to ear x 

So do you think this is another cheatin’ song, Ah Ah no baby

Verse 1:
When we're all alone dear and I'm in your arms are you teasing me
When your telling me how your thrilled by my charms
Are you teasing me
Country Wildcats -Photoshoot-

Are you untrue when I'm not with you
When we're apart are you free
Tell me darling while our love is still young
Are you teasing me

You say that my kiss sets your heart in a whirl
Are you teasing me
And that you'll be mine till the end of the world
Are you teasing me
You tell me my love makes your life complete
And tied in my arms you want to be
Tell me darling while our love is still young
Are you teasing me


The Country Wildcats have appeared at the Phil Mack Country Show Autumn Special (Fri 5 Oct – Mon 8 Oct, 2012) at the Sand Bay Leisure Resort, Beach Road, Kewstoke, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, BS22 9UR -  See Flyer

The Country Wildcats GOSSIP!

The lovely Zoe McCole broke Wildcat fans and Phil Mack viewers hearts in 2014 when she got married in May!

The Romford, Essex UK stunner had been in a relationship with Jason James Willis since 13th May 2009.
They got engaged on 20th June 2012 and got hitched on 10th May 2014

Country Wildcat Sadhbh Thomas posted: Congratulations Zoe! Hope you both had a wonderful day! X
Phil Mack revealed on Facebook that Zoe is in fact his niece! 

Earlier on in 2014 Phil shared with his TV viewers that Zoe and her mates went to Las Vegas for the Hen Party and the “dolly birds” caused quite a stir at one of the clubs dancing to the Old Crow Medicine Show/ Darius Rucker country smash hit “Wagon Wheel” which popular Irish artist Nathan Carter also cut.

Photo Courtesy of Shunie Cramsey
Zoe with Dad Eamonn and her bridesmaids , page boys & girls

CONNECT with Zoe Isabelle Willis (formerly McCole):
 photo facebook_zpsc6fe26ab.png

Layla Revealed!
OMG it’s HER! We’re sure it is!!

In August 2014 someone remarkable like, or an identical twin to the sexy Country Wildcat guitarist, was seen on the adult SKY CH 945. The lady in question was using the name Aruba on ChatGirl TVX.
Our detective work led us to discover she was called Layla LouiseWhat a coincidence!
Further investigation and related connections on Google and YouTube (Essex, music, guitar player as well as her forename and drop-dead looks) mean we are 99% certain it is the same person in the band line up!

It is not know whether she answered an advert or was head hunted to join the band but before The Country Wildcats had been officially launched in July 2011 she had previously modelled, and on the web using the alias Layla Louise was involved with adult chat show  SKY 913 (Nov 2009). 
In early 2011 she was still in an attractive sexy all girl band called Edolls (Electic Dolls). 
The line up at the time comprised Lynsey Shaw (lead vocals - photo - photo), Layla (guitar), Swindon native and London based Alice Offley (electric bass – photo), and fun loving Sleaford Lincolnshire based Chelsey ‘Bam Bam’ Bamford (drums/ vocals - photo - photo - Portrait photo) who was a former Miss Peterborough, fashion model, featured in Nuts and Zoo magazine doing glamour work and even played drums for James Arthur live on the X Factor show when he performed “Let's Get It” On by Marvin Gaye!

(L-R) Alice, Lynsey, Layla

Layla performed burlesque as “Lovely Laylicious,” playing guitar (image image).
The Dolls were the brainchild of band member and lead vocalist Lynsey Shaw and as of this article published May 2008 the band had a Electric Dolls TV show on satellite station Red TV and shown on Sky Channel 186 (Lynsey’s former bandmates were Lexy Robertson, Jenny Ricketts and Kelly Rowland; they appeared on Scott Mill's Upstaged programme on BBC3). It followed the girls as they performed hits, including Baps R Bakin’ and Supercute, and trying their hand at new challenges such as learning to skate. Lynsey once belonged to the Stock/Aitken cult pop band Girls@Play.

  • Layla and Lynsey were seen together in March 2010 (photo) during a 'Coyote Ugly' styled night at a The Doll House Experience in Nottingham. 

Layla in the Electric Dolls (photos by  Joseph Sinclair)
Watch The Electric Dolls here performing >> “Poison Ivy at Popshow, Madam JoJo's in Soho London back on Feb 15th 2010.
The Electric Dolls perform "Plastic Girls" in an acoustic set 'Up On The Roof' in Soho, London.
Listen to their music on Myspace

The pictures above which show Layla's Electric Dolls photoshoot were shot by photographer Joseph Sinclair. There were two looks for the make-up. The first was 1950's Hollywood Glamour, very Marilyn Monroe in 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'. And the second, lots of false lashes with a strong lip.

The hot Mancunian native has been in adverts (TV commercials): MTV, VH1, Boots and GOD TV (for which she played an angel) She has appeared in hip hop videos by UK artists.
She has hosted a TV show called Party Talk.
In this late 2010 >> Interview Layla showed that she wears many different hats not just country ones. She spoke about her role as character Cheryl in >> “Repaid in Full”, a Red Creative production which started filming in January 2011.

The story composed by Steve Gibbs starred Gibbs, Layla Lousie, Charlie Mooney and Michael Liston and was directed by Andy Demetriou with SFX Makeup by Philomena Liston.

The plot: Money, nice cars and all the expensive things in life are what Eddie and Cheryl have. 
Eddie is a wheeler dealer, the kind of fella who has fingers in as many pies he can get his greedy hands on, fuelled by Cheryl an ex glamour model and dancer who thinks shopping is her new career....

(27 Sept 2014) ** Note ** Layla has kindly informed us she is NO longer associated with or wishes to promote the Red Creative Media Group who were involved with this film. Her acting does however demonstrate one of her many talents and we wish her well with current and future projects.

About Layla:
First Name: Layla
Born: July 3, 1989 (age 25) London 

Also shown online as Date of Birth: June 17, 1989
Nationality: British
Tunisian/ White/ Jamaican (a very unique mix of Tunesian, white and Jamaican descent)
Birthplace: Manchester, UK   Current location: London, UK.

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Dress Size: (US) 4 ; (EU) 36 ; (UK) 10
Shoe Size: (US) 4 ; (EU) 35 ; (UK) 5

36 Bra/cup size: 32F (70F) 
Boobs: Natural
Height:  5 ft 7 in (1.70 m) Weight: 125 lb (57 kg)

Beauty & Brains: She Graduated with a Law Degree but then following her hard work she took a "creative break” whilst having a a Back Up plan.
Layla has constantly travelled to and from America. She is not only a model, she can dance and skills include make-up artist and can customize clothes.
She likes Pink – In has a pink car, guitar, bag, everything is pink because she shares: "It makes me smile". Unfortunately some Essex yobs gave her car a paint job, nice work NOT

Layla in Pink

Layla Factfile (in her own words)
  • I Love..My Fender Jaguar guitar in red - Image - Image (Pink Guitar) [The Fender Jaguar is an electric guitar by Fender Musical Instruments characterized by an offset-waist body, a relatively unusual switching system with two separate circuits for lead and rhythm, and a medium-scale 24" neck. Owing some roots to the Jazzmaster, it was introduced in 1962 as Fender's feature-laden top-of-the-line model, designed to lure players from Gibson.]
  • I hate...Judgemental people
  • I think my best physical feature is: My eyes.
  • Men say my best physical feature is: My lips or breasts.
  • Tattoos, and what they mean: None, I prefer my bare skin.
  • My worst habit is: That I can sometimes be a little shy.
  • I wish more men would: Be gentlemen.
  • The key to her heart is: Somewhere out there.
  • Pet name for my boobs: Laurel and Hardy, as they always get me into a mess.
  • What I love about my boobs: How sensitive they are and how they are all mine.
  • When it comes to my body, please do: Enjoy. Bon appetit!
Other facts she shared
  • Physical feature she likes to show off: Her lips.
  • The sexiest outfit I she will wear in public: When performing burlesque, she doesn’t have on much more than a g-string and a pair of nipple tassels
  • A superficial thing she is attracted to: Great guitar players, and their sexy fingers!
  • Her favorite trait in a man: When he knows what he wants, and goes for it.
  • A man will impress her if: He makes her laugh.
  • A man will disappoint me her: He doesn’t like her cat (What you would expect from a County Wildcat!)
  • If you come to her house, don’t criticize: Her bedroom ceiling.
  • Her philosophy of love: If you can’t love yourself, who will? x
Appeared in: 
Escort Magazine Jan 2014 
Early January 2014 she had a "Britain's Hot Talent feature" in the Weekend Sport 

Films include: Fit, Demon Lust, The Girls Club
Country Wildcat fans I'm sure are anxious to see her make her return!

No Country Wildcat would be without a pussy cat

The Country Wild Cats are back!

The Country Wildcats Show

'When Irish eyes are smiling Sure, they steal your heart away!'

Keep It Country TV presented Lisa Stanley posted: Great to see the Wildcats back in action girls! Look forward to seeing the show xxx

Credit: Facebook Photo
The Country Wild Cats are back! Great meeting up with Phil McLoughlin

In June 2017 Bernadette Ruddy & Sadhbh Cowley (formerly Thomas; married in August 2015) returned to the TV screens to present The Country Wildcats Show on Keep It Country TV ( Sky 389 / Freeview 87/ Freesat 516)
Showtime: Friday at 7pm (Repeat Tues 13:00)

Facebook Promo Video:

The Country WIldcats Show
Posted by The Country Wildcats on Thursday, 1 June 2017

Filmed in Donegal (with poducer Seamus O'Donnell) they picked out some of their favourite videos they have also shown several their own Country Wildcat music videos.

The Country Wildcats DVD 10 tracks still available to purchase for £15.99 at
Track Listing
Bad Moon Rising, The Heartaches On Me, Rocking With The Rhythm Of The Rain
Six Footer, Have Mercy, Biggest Fool Of All, Dream Lover, Are You Teasing Me, 
Let Your Love Flow, Bye Bye Love

Filming for Keep It Country TV

CONNECT with The Country Wildcats Show:

Facebook Icon Pink x 48 photo Facebook_zpsoxry8ygw.png Instagram Icon Pink x 48 photo Instagram_zpsuh9qqh6v.png


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