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BCMAwards 2012

BCMAwards 2012

Voting for the 2012 BCMAwards (British Country Music Awards) is now available online -

Voting started on the 1st March 2012 and will end at MIDNIGHT on the 31st May 2012.
** NEW ** You can now vote from outside the UK.

 Each year, voting is categorised into two categories:
1) Categories voted for by the public
2) Categories voted for by BCMAwards panel.

Last year there was no online voting. Instead votes were submitted by sending in forms that were included in the UK country magazine publications. As well as this additional new system, 5 new categories (#) have been added:
People’s Choice Award UK, International Song of the Year, International Album of the Year, Irish Country Act of Year and European Act of the Year .

The 2012 BCMAwards will be held on Sunday 2nd September 2012 at The Concorde Suite, Heathrow Airport, Cranford, Middlesex, TW5 - Google Map
Charlie Landsborough and Johnny Counterfit are booked to present the show.

Categories voted for by the public:

1. People’s Choice Award UK:  All round entertainment and/or music show (This can be Band, Duo or Solo)  #
2. Band of the Year UK:  3 or more people
3. Male Vocalist of the Year UK:  Best Male voice
4. Female Vocalist of the Year UK:  Best Female voice
5. Solo Act of the Year UK:  Male or Female
6. Duo of the Year UK:  
7. Line Dance Country Act of the year UK:  Line dance act to country music
8. Horizon Act of the year UK:  Up and coming act
9. Event of the Year UK:  Festival or show
10. International Act of the Year :  None UK artist
11. International Song of the Year :  None UK artist   #
12. International Album of the Year :  None UK artist   #
13. Irish Country Act of Year :  UK or International Irish country act  #
14. European Act of the Year :  European Band, Duo or solo #

These Categories are ONLY voted for by the BCMAwards panel
15. Entertainer of the year UK:   
16. Christian Country Act of year UK: 
17. Musician of the year UK: 
18. Album of the year UK: 
19. Original Song of the year UK: 
20. Americana Act of the year UK: 
21. Hot Disc Track of the year UK: 

You will only have ONE opportunity to vote.
Ensure you vote in all the Categories that you wish to vote in.
You will NOT be able to have a SECOND vote in Categories that you missed in your ORIGINAL vote
For more details read and agree with the 'Terms & Conditions' of the BCMAwards.

2011 BCMAwards WINNERS

Band Of The Year ( Sponsor – Copper Kettle Promotions )
Winner – Gary Perkins & The Breeze
Male Vocalist of The Year  (Sponsor – CMDS Magazine )
Winner – Darren Busby
Female Vocalist of The Year  ( Sponsor – Double H Promotions ) 
Winner – Nadine Sommers
Solo Act Of The Year  ( Sponsor – Sylvan Entertainments) Winner – Bob Keeley
Duo Of The Year ( Sponsor – DCMA )  Winner – Kalibre

Line Dance Act Of The Year ( Sponsor – Kings Hill Holidays )
Winner – Alan Gregory
Horizon Act Of The Year (Sponsor- CMR Nashville)  Winner – Pig Earth
Event Of The Year ( Sponsorship – NAMStars )
Winner – Wolvestock Festival
International Act Of The Year  ( Sponsor – Americana International Festival )
Winner Brad Paisley

Entertainer Of The Year   ( Sponsor – Ascot Lawyers )
Winner – Henry Smith
Christian Country Act Of The Year ( Sponsor – NCM/UKCMA )
Winner – Dan Wesley
Musician Of The Year  ( Sponsor – Country Legends Show )
Winner – Gaynor Sutcliffe
Album Of The Year ( Sponsor – AirPlay Direct  )
Winner – Brian HughesMY KIND OF PARADISE
Original Song Of The Year  ( Sponsor – Country Music People )
Winner  Steve BlackYou're On Your Own”
Americana Act Of The Year (  Sponsor – Maverick Magazine )
Winner – Good Intentions
Hotdisc Track Of The Year (Sponsorship - Hotdisc )
Winner – The Spirit by Clive John & The Spirit Band 

British Hall Of Fame Inductees - Iona Boggie, Charlie Landsborough 

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