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Cledus T. Judd returns with new single “Double D Cups”

“Double D Cups” - Cledus T. Judd returns with new single

Country Routes Blog gets an eyeful of Cledus T's new single and takes a look at the career of this parody artist and then focuses on Dolly Parton! 

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Cledus T.Judd
“Double D Cups” Artwork
Never one to miss a trick Parody singer-songwriter Cledus T. Judd has returned with “Double D Cups,” his first major label single in nearly a decade. Judd has latched onto Toby Keith’s viral smash hit “Red Solo Cup” with a hysterical answer with an obvious twist this quick-witted track is something his legions of fans have come to expect. He is often referred to as the “Weird Al” Yankovic of country music. “There ain’t a redneck in America that won’t sing along with ‘Double D Cups,’” Judd laughs. “I’ve bought several pair myself, you know.
This song serves as his lead-off single for Judd’s as-yet-untitled album to be released later in 2012 on Warner Music Nashville. It’s now available on iTunes.

The video for “Double D Cups” made its world “airing” premiere on March 1st on CMT’s LOL Videos, a weekly program signals videos that will make you laugh out loud.

About Cledus T. Judd
47-year old Cledus T. Judd whose real name is Barry Poole was born in Cartersville, Georgia and is known primarily for his parodies of popular country music songs. To date he has released nine studio albums and two EPs, and several of their singles have made the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. His highest charting single peaked at #48 "I Love NASCAR", another parody of a Toby Keith single with "I Love This Bar” from 2003.
In 1995, Judd released his debut album, CLEDUS T. JUDD: NO RELATION, kicking off a career that has brought him over two million record sales. His first video, “If Shania Was Mine” (his take on Shania Twain's “Any Man of Mine”) won CMT's 1996 Independent Video of the Year award.

1996’s I STOLED THIS RECORD (cover pic) was certified gold, charting at #23 on the Billboard Country chart. Judd's formula was humour that is simple and direct. We witnessed him lusting after gorgeous country superstar Shania Twain on "If Shania Was Mine" and "(If You're Not in It for Love) I'm Outta Here!" became "(I'm Not in It for Love) Just Yer Beer”. He included a Charlie Daniels parody ‘Cledus Went Down to Florida. Describing the album Allmusic said “It doesn't take a comic genius to come up with these endearingly sophomoric and corny jokes, but it does take some guts to actually follow them through, and that's what makes I Stoled This Record surprisingly engaging and fun. Besides, the music is better than you would imagine (Joe Diffie and Shania herself guest on "[She's Got A Butt] Bigger Than the Beatles").

1998’s DID I SHAVE MY BACK FOR THIS? hit the Top 20 at #16 on the country album charts. Its opening cut "Wives Do It All the Time" being a parody of "Guys Do It All the Time" by Mindy McCready.

Released in Oct 1999, JUDDMENTAL was his final outing for label Razor & Tie. It included a duet, this time with Daryle Singletary on "Ricky Tidwell's Momma's Gonna Play Football", a non-parody song previously recorded by Tim Wilson. Judd turned once more to Shania when her smash "Honey, I'm Home" becoming "Shania, I'm Broke." The hugely successful Garth Brooks/Trisha Yearwood duet "In Another's Eyes" was also parodied evolving it into “In Another Size

JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARODIES (cover pic) released in November 2000 was his first album for Monument Records. Its title was a take-off on Phil Vassar's "Just Another Day in Paradise". Cledus finally cracked the country singles chart in 2000 with “My Cellmate Thinks I’m Sexya parody of Kenny Chesney's 1999 single "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" which referenced Chesney's and McGraw's newsworthy 2000 arrest for stealing a Mounted Reserve officer's horse! "How Do You Milk a Cow" yet another Toby K parody based on "How Do You Like Me Now?!", peaked at #67.

Judd's 2004's BIPOLAR AND PROUD (cover pic) came out on the Audium/Koch label. This album produced two more chart singles for him. In 2002 Judd made an appearance in the music video for Keith's "Who's Your Daddy?" and turning to Toby’s catalogue "I Love NASCAR", which parodied Keith's "I Love This Bar became Judd’s highest-peaking at #48 on the Hot Country Songs chart. Entering into the spirit of things Keith made a short guest appearance on a track to act as the staple diet of pre-race tailgating parties. The follow up song was the #58 "Bake Me A Country Ham", based on Tracy Lawrence's "Paint Me a Birmingham". "Paycheck Woman" was a rare but great "answer songs," asking Gretchen Wilson's "Redneck Woman" to get on the stripper pole and bring some money home and ignore those Baptists remonstrating outside!
Cledus T. Judd
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Judd re-signed to Koch in 2009, when the label was renamed E1 Music and brought out POLYRICALLY UNCORRECT. In January 2009 he released the single "Waitin' on Obama" (a parody of Brad Paisley's "Waitin' on a Woman") referring to Barack Obama's election as President of the United States. Ashton Shepherd was a guest on the opening title song and “Garth Must Be Busy" was a duet with Ronnie Dunn parody of "God Must Be Busy" by Brooks & Dunn.

Cledus shared a mammary or two with the album third single is "(If I Had) Kellie Pickler's Boobs (pic and link)
but it failed to rack up a chart position   -  YouTube

In 2009 Cledus T Judd had some fun at his expense of fallen golf superstar Tiger Woods, taking a shot when turning a Buck Owens classic into "Tiger By The Tail (Tale of Tiger Woods)"  -  YouTube

Judd was recently nominated for a 2012 Academy of Country Music Award as Major Market Personality for his work on the morning airwaves at WQYK Radio in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida, alongside partners Dave McKay and Veronica.
Judd’s latest “Double D Cups” video has been hosted by the station this week (3/3/2012).
Will this new single make it BIG for Cledus? Well we’ll have to see if he is abreast with the other country music’s big hitters in the weeks to come.

Cledus T. Judd “Double D Cups” Lyrics

(Note – I hope this transcript measures up and I haven't made a boob!)
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                                    A 1D, 2D parody of Toby
Pamela Anderson
Comic Image
Now Double D Cups are utterly incredible
At Mardi Gras and Spring Break they’re usually quite visible
But you there sweet lady got great set of breasticles
Are they real I don’t have to ask

Hey Double D cups they may look inflatable and whether they’re paid for is often debatable
But on tons of websites, they’re always downloadable
Double D cups, 6000 bucks, we’ll credit card them, go ahead and charge em’
I love you Double D cups
Can’t get enough, I’m glad I bought em’, so glad I bought em’

I like them in tank tops
I like them in sweaters
I like when they point, like an Irish setter
Yeah Double D cups have never looked better
But I can’t to seem, to get, lucky  (awww)

Well I must admit with some ladies with big un’s
Have more than a few times had my name written
On them with a sharpie when they seem fitten
But they’re all usually, quite, chubby

Double D cups, hope they don’t bust
Good lordy lordy, you’re such a hottie
I love them Double D cups
Can’t get enough
Oh what a body
Oh what a body

Well nothing against those who aren’t as blessed
And may never win a hot t-shirt contest
But when it comes to Double D’s, I confess they’re the va, in my, va-vooooom
Yeah Double D cups can be saline and plastic
The bigger the better, they sure look boobtastic
And though they make it hard to do gymnastics
I mean it, when I look at them, and say

Double D cups, your more than just juggs
Bazoomas, cans, baby feeders, ta-tas, milkshakes, pink-nosed puppies, hooters, water melons, butter sausages, blouse money
Whatever you are, you’re still my friends
My life long, both of you, even the slightly smaller one

I love them Double D cups and bras that push up

You love those Double D cups, can’t get enough
They’re kinda gaudy
But Oh what a body
Whoo, (Whistles)

Cledus T. Judd's 'Double D Cups' new single (Warner Bros. Records/Warner Music Nashville) -  [ LISTEN ]
WATCH - Cledus T. Judd's 'Double D Cups' Video Premier  - YouTube
Sample - Cledus T. Judd MP3 downloads are available at store  and on

“Double D Cups” (the Single !!) are is available at

Focus on Dolly Parton

Dolly 40DD

Dolly stands at 5 feet tall, around 115 pounds and the smart business lady has been said to have measurements of 40DD-20-36. In one interview in the Irish Independent, she said she had gotten breast enhancements at a cost of about $3,000, her breasts are rumoured to be insured for $600,000 that's $300,000 each. Dolly has taken pains to remind her fans that they're all real and joins the ranks of celebrities who insure their most famous body parts by insuring her worldly goods against fire, flood, and act of God.

I wanted to be the first woman to burn her bra, but it would have taken the fire department four days to put it out “said Dolly

“As far as being insulted about the boob jokes and all that. I do believe that people after all these years can see there is a heart beneath the boobs and a brain beneath all the hair” she shared...”I’ve laid them out there for all the world to see, enjoy or make comment on  She MORE of Dolly Parton in this honest and funny interview  - YouTube

Dolly Parton on the red carpet

She has freely admitted to a great deal of plastic surgery, including having anything sucked, tucked or lifted when it starts to sag. She has said she had her breasts "lifted," has had work done on her face, neck and rear end, regularly endures chemical facial peels and takes collagen injections to hide wrinkles. She has said that she is not ashamed of having plastic surgery because she wants to look her best for her fans and believes anyone who wants to have it done, has the money to pay for it, thinks it will improve their self-esteem and visits a licensed and qualified doctor for the procedure should go ahead and do it.

Yes her bust is safely insured and they have been described in “some circles” as a “national treasure” often the centre of attention with parts of the media. In the wake of Whitney Houston’s sad death radio presenters have again focused on one Dolly’s BIGGEST HITS with her song “I Will Always Love You”. In so doing they are allowing a gem of a song to escape their notice. Dolly contributed to the film soundtrack A JOYFUL NOISE with “From Here To The Moon And Back”. This tender ballad is one of the finest songs she has ever composed in her body of work.
Watch her performance on the David Letterman show shown on CBS TV  YouTube

This stunning track is proof, as far as country music fans go, is that her finest assets are in fact her songwriting skills!

Check out the Joyful Noise: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on and

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