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Grant & Forsyth KEEP IT COUNTRY on BBC Breakfast

Grant & Forsyth’s new album KEEP IT COUNTRY drops
Former Guys ‘N’ Dolls band members & lovely retro British Country Duo 
appear on BBC Breakfast 
Julie Forsyth featured in Daily Mail Weekend Magazine

Saturday October 22, 2016 

Following on from the release of their title cut single Keep It Country’ on October 14, 2016 (Amazon UK | UK iTunes) Grant & Forsyth’s album (LS Records) dropped on Friday 21st October (Amazon UK &  UK iTunes )


Promoting both new products they were invited and appeared on BBC Breakfast for exactly 4 minutes (09:57-10:01) joining presenters Jon Kay (BBC Profile PAGE) and Sally Nugent (BBC Profile PAGE) on the Breakfast sofa in the Manchester studio

Setting things up…
Sally Nugent: Dominic Grant & Julie Forsyth found fame in the POP Group Guys ‘N’ Dolls and spent the 1970s hanging out with Johnny Cash and appearing on stage with Frank Sinatra
Jon Kay: As you do, BUT they soon found their true calling was COUNTRY MUSIC and they're back making the music they love. Here's the new single (showed first 40 secs clip):

Sally Nugent: That's quite a video, the roll call of stars in that was unbelievable
Julie: THANK YOU, they were all on time to turn up like that

Dominic Grant & Julie Forsyth join BBC Breakfast
presenters Jon Kay & Sally Nugent

Jon Kay: Keep It Country. When did you get into country because you weren't country to start with?
Dominic: Early 90s we were in Guys 'n' Dolls years ago in the 70s
Julie: So thirty years ago we started country and we were told NOT to do it. It's just coming out over here now so
Sally Nugent: It's HUGE over here now
Julie: It’s taken a while
Dominic: We thought we'd have a go again, release this album and single, it's all going great
Julie: At this grand old age!

Jon Kay: And how does it go down when you go to Nashville and The States and performing as BRIT but Country Music, what do they make of it?

Dominic: Coals To Newcastle
Jon Kay: Laughs..
Julie: Everybody loved it
Dominic: They're quite proud of it. We did a show and met Johnny Cash a few (?) years ago and it was amazing him thanking us for bringing Country Music to Europe.
Julie: No we've got it out here and the album is just coming out now. We're very excited, we're like a couple of teenagers actually, we're very excited about it
Dominic: It's the songwriting, the craft you know

Sally Nugent: And who is this album for? Who would you hope would buy it?

Dominic: Housewives, I think. Anyone over 45 probably
Julie: Yeah, and if you liked Guys 'n' Dolls and bought our albums years ago you'll love this. It's an old fashioned album with old fashioned great songs on it

Jon Kay: It's a different sound to other bands around, bands like The Shires who are making HUGE... Brits doing Country
Julie: And those lovely girls Ward Thomas
Sally Nugent:  We've had them in (the show)
Dominic: Brilliant lovely girls
Julie: It's great to see it coming over
Sally Nugent: They are actually bringing a whole new generation, introducing country. So maybe your market is bigger than you realise?
Julie: We'll see
Dominic: We sold quite a few abroad
Julie: A few MILLION in Europe

Sally Nugent: What about the live performing where are you up to with that?
Dominic: We'll see, we love theatre tours
Julie: We'd love to do concerts here but we'll see, play it by ear, I'm liking the beard Jon
Dominic: It's very country (the beard)

Jon Kay: How's your Dad Julie, how’s Bruce Forsyth?
Julie: Oh he's great thank you. He's had a very hard year but he's getting there and he sends all his love. Thank you to all the well wishers who send him cards and things but he's good
Jon Kay: Great stuff! Does he like a bit of country?
Julie: He doesn't really like country music but he likes this single
Dominic: He may be a bit biased
Jon Kay: Thank you both for coming in, good luck with it all.


UK iTunes
After the show from nowhere Grant & Forsyth’s KEEP IT COUNTRY Album (iTunes) rocketed from nowhere and landed at #7 on UK iTunes Country Top Albums (#224 overall albums) with the single (iTunes) making a bow at #52 on UK iTunes Country Top Songs.

#4 in MP3 Downloads Country Albums (dated Sat October 22, 2016 at 18:00)
Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #125 in Albums (See Top 100 in Albums)

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #195 in Music (See Top 100 in Music)
#1 in Music Country/Classic Country/ Nashville Sound (dated Sat October 22, 2016 at 17:00)
#114 in POP Music

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Grant & Forsyth return with new single & album Keep It Country

Daily Mail Weekend Magazine 22 Oct 2016

A lovely article appeared in Saturday’s printed Daily Mail Weekend Magazine and which is available to subscribers online

Didn't she do well! 
Julie Forsyth, Brucie's daughter talks about what it was like growing up with her dad's three families
Julie Forsyth discusses landing a country music album deal at 58 
She reveals that Bruce, now 88, tinkled the ivories on one of the tracks
Says watching her father perform from backstage got her into showbiz

Read more: 
DailyMail on Facebook

Suggested Tweet: Didn't she do well! Julie Forsyth, Brucie’s daughter via @Femail

KEEP IT COUNTRY by Grant & Forsyth 

Release Date: 21 Oct. 2016
Label: LS Records
Copyright: © 2016 LS Records

20 Tracks

Total Length: 1:08:20

Available as Physical CD and downloads

CONNECT with Grant & Forsyth:
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