Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Roni announces new studio album SEE YOU AROUND BABY

announced album

When asked about the artist she has grown into, UK Devon, Exeter based Roni (Perry) asserts that Elvis Presley always taught her to sing.
Raised on a musical diet that consisted on Tammy Wynette, Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton, country music has always been in her blood. However, through her teenage years and into adult life, the eclectic artistry and raw honesty of Bonnie Raitt and Stevie Nicks have resonated with her, and been a huge influence on her own songwriting.

While she many have taken a hiatus from performance international stage, Roni kept performing in her local area and focused her energies on writing extensively. Now armed with in excess of 90 songs, Roni is in the planning stages of an album, which she teases with the release of the rather lush Baby Bird. With her close friend, the multi-Award winning Sarah Jory accompanying her on her fledgling outing, Roni is perfectly placed to return to the music scene full-time.
Following the acclaim of her single Baby Bird, Roni returns with her new full-length album SEE YOU AGAIN BABY, which is her most touching to date.

Of the record she says:

'The album is a 12 track long, laid bare gritty cocktail of bluesy acoustic Country/Rock. 

It contains some old and popular songs from my back catalogue plus several from recent writing sessions. I wanted to show the more genre crossing nature of my songwriting which shows [I hope] some versatility, having influences from so many different kinds of music. 
I am aware that people struggle to pigeon hole me, which can be a great thing to have!

It was co-produced by my now ex-husband during our separation which was incredibly difficult! He wishes to remain out of the picture. 

I played all the instruments except for lead guitar solo in ‘Kinda Late’ and lap slide in ‘Gravity’ .... all compositions solely by me along with all harmonies... It is truly a solo album!!'

A 5-track collection NOTHING LESS THAN THIS (Amazon UK | Bandcamp | Store), released in May 2016, which marked Roni's return from a break from music and a move into the country/Americana genre. Includes the single "Baby Bird”.
According to Roni "continues to forge ahead" with her debut country music single “Baby Bird”.

A big thank you to Sarah Jory for all your advice and joining me on this project playing Pedal Steel....Massive thank you to Paddy Blight for all his time, encouragement, his mentoring, creative input and tremendous support (and Guitar and vocals!). John Cordy for the hours and hours of Mixing, guitar, piano, backing vocals and creative input on The Ghost.. Drums by Darren Crome and Bass Abi Crisp Thank you both, so solid!!.... Mastered by Rory Stewart who also plays Lap Slide on Gravity... thank you all so much!

Roni has performed on stage since the age of three, to audiences ranging from church halls to Derby Rock and Blues festival! After taking time away from the spotlight to raise her two children (and writing in excess of 90 songs!) Roni emerged from the recording studio with the EP with the likes of Sarah Jory giving up her time to work on the project.

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