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Sweden pop/country lovelies Miss Winter release video & single for “Devils Heart”

Pop that flirts with country music 
but it’s Devilishly Good!
Would you marry someone with a devils heart?

Discover more about this lovely female Swedish Pop/Country Trio!

Just in time for Halloween!

Watch their new Official video “Devils Heart” published Oct 12, 2016
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Performed Live at a charity event in Stigtomta church 2015-09-20
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“Devils Heart” Available for streaming:
The Devils Heart (Timeland)
Release Date: 3 Oct. 2016
Duration: 3:19 minutes
Genres: Pop
It’s available for purchase at:

Devil's Heart Lyrics
(writers: J.Wik/J.Rabenius/A.Edman/L.Pröjtz-­Ålund/J.Hillman)

Heavy drops of rain landing on the window pane
Little drops of tears drowning in the pouring rain
Left with what has been, shivers on my skinwon´t fade

I've just seen the Devil's Heart, Devil's Heart in you.

You wrapped me around your little finger
It was your story from the start
You never mentioned while you lingered
That you carry the Devil's heart
You may hope I will surrender
Now that we will be apart
But I will never play pretender

And marry the Devil's Heart.....

Miss Winter will soon release their debut album MAKING STORIES on October 28th!.
The tracks are written by Miss Winter and Timeland Songs, a collaboration that started in spring 2015. - ”We are all creators by nature and being able to work together with Timeland Songs in this project has really been inspiring and made us think outside the box. The new inputs, thoughts and melodies has given us a nice push out of our comfort zone and really helped us going the extra mile”, says Anna.

- ”We are putting our experiences and influences to good use, working to create the sound we’re looking for. We really like it when we find that right balance in the music where our voices gets to be in the center”, says Jenny.

Photoshoot: Band Profile Photo Credits:

Miss Winters music is influenced by country with a soft spot towards Nashville where the stories told in the lyrics are important. Together with the love of acoustic instruments as resonator- and pedal steel guitar, the sound tends to strive towards what we like to describe as country influenced pop.

-  ”We always wanted our music to feel true and pure, that the music should be built by the instruments we hold to our hearts and that the musicians should be able to bring their own touch to the sound of the tracks. We really want the album to sound acoustic and warm”, says Linda.
-” Our stories are important. They should be honest, straight forward and with very little rendition. It’s important to the three of us that the lyrics has a true meaning and that they tell something interesting and maybe a little bit exiting to the audience.”, says Anna

The first song that Miss Winter brought to the public was ”The Road”. -”The response we got from The Road was amazing. It felt like we quickly got a receipt of the fact that this was something that the audience wanted to hear more of, which of course gave us an incredible energy boost.”, says Jenny
-”We’ve been longing so much to finally be able to share these fantastic new songs we’ve been working on. We love each track from the first note and we really hope and believe that the audience will feel the same.” said Linda

ABOUT Miss Winter
Genre: country pop/rock
Band Members: Linda Pröjtz-Ålund, Anna Edman, Jenny Hillman, Lars Borg, Johan Blomgren
Home Town: Nyköping, Sweden
Artists they like: Jill Johnsson, First aid kit, Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris

Miss Winter Performing at a festval in May 2015
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Anna Edman, Linda Pröjz-Ålund and Jenny Hillman who together form the country trio Miss Winter have all been professional musicians for more than two decades. Sometimes working as individuals and sometimes as a group.

They share: We have been working in the music business for several years and occasionally our path has crossed. We´ve glanced at each other, sometimes even done shows together, but never in this way. Finally we are working on our debut album where we take our three voices, our different backgrounds and pour it into the music we love, country influenced pop.
Their fabulous airy, harmonic and catchy first single, The Road, aired on radio for the first time on May 5, 2015 and it released digitally on 21 Sept 2015 and made the Swedish charts. 
It's available for download:
Amazon UK  - UK iTunes - 

They worked hard together with co-writers and producers and were very proud of the result which was slated as a good sample of what was to come. So until Oct 28, 2016 when their debut album drops kiss, hug, and snuggle tight!

Watch the video for “The Road
Credits: MissWinter, Sång: Jenny Hillman, Anna Edman, Linda Prötjz-Ålund
Gitarr: Johan Blomgren, Kontrabas: Lars Borg, Trummor: Sigbjörn Fant, Mats Wahlqvist
Stylist: Emma Jernberg, Foto/Video: Henrik Elsberg @henrikelsbergphotography, Ljud: Timeland Songs

The trio who hail from Nyköping (Wiki) describe their sound as “country music with a pinch of pop”.

After winning a Swedish Radio P4 Sörmlandsleden - radio channel local contest (see Website) they were one of 8 artists to fight it out at Liseberg in Gothenburg in the Svensktoppen Nästa contest.
Photo: Miss Winter with Jenny Hillman, Anna Edman & Linda Pröjtz-Ålund.
Photo Credit:

One of the eight eventually found themselves at the Eurovision final, and the winner would appear at Sweden’s national final Melodifestivalen. 845 artists / groups entered during the spring and summer. 25 local winners were chosen by juries and votes.

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