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Eileen Carey releases “Let It Go”: A Song That’s More Than A Song

Award-Winning Singer Will Showcase New Single and Album at Country Radio Seminar


(Nashville, TN January 31, 2014)
Sometimes a song is more than a song.  Think Garth Brooks’ “The Dance,” which animated an entire generation to see life for its possibilities, not its pitfalls.  Or Joe Nichols’ dare-to-dream epic, “The Impossible.” Now comes Eileen Carey’s sassy new single, “Let It Go,” to remind us that we can soar if we only have the grit to cast off those petty circumstances that tend to tie us down. Eileen will debut “Let It Go” on CDX No. 588 and MPE on Monday, Feb. 3, 2017 and follow up the release with performance, interviews and meet-and-greets at Country Radio Seminar in Nashville Feb. 19-21. “Let It Go” is the title track from Eileen’s current album set for release this February.

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Eileen Carey currently lives in California, where she’s distinguished herself as a singer, actress and artist-ambassador for the Supercuts beauty salon chain.   In 2009, she won the Los Angeles Music Award for Americana Album of the Year and in 2010 the Producer’s Choice Award for Dance Single of the Year.  Her movie credits include Hoffa, Batman and Basic Instinct.
“I try to use my music to give people a different way of thinking, a different outlet,” says Eileen.  In “Let It Go,” she achieves that goal magnificently. 

The 11- track album was original released on Jan 1, 2014

Label: My Record Label

Time: 41:11
Genres: Country Pop

Available for purchase:
Amazon UK | UK iTunes |

The album includes cover “Don't Get Me Wrong” (Katrina and the Waves'; #8 UK Hit 1985), “Walking On Sunshine” (Katrina and the Waves; 1985; #8 hit in the UK) and “Only the Lonely” (The Motels; 1982; #9 Billboard Hot 100)

Watch her >> archive video first aired on KCAL-9/CBS LA Sunday

“California vocalist Eileen Carey deftly mixes pop and country influences on her new CD, inserting in her leads a clarity and edge that’s both refreshing and insightful.” (Nashville City Paper)

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In Carey’s Blog 
The Music Mom  it reveals Carey's desire to positively impact others via the sharing of her experiences and wisdom: The world is filled with ups and downs, so if I can help people see things in a new and more positive light, perhaps they can find a better place in life.

Listen to her songs below. Tracks “Hearts of Time”, “Party At the Beach” and “Bottle Your Crazy Up” (Let It Go) are available as Free Downloads on

About Eileen Carey
Home Town: Altadena, CA
Record label: Rolleycstr Music
Genre: Country-Pop
Band Members: John McDuffie (guitar & Music Director), Suzanne Morrisette (drums), Shawn Nouse (drums), Al Bohomme (Acoustic guitar), Will McGregor (bass)

She is a two-time Los Angeles Music Award winner, a South Bay (L.A.) Music Award recipient, and was called one of Los Angeles’s Top 10 Female Musicians by CBS LA in 2013.
She has released 4 albums, still commercially available are the 10 track HEARTS OF TIME (Rolleycstr Music; released March 21, 2006 | Amazon UK | UK iTunes) and the 9 tracker MOVIN ON (Rolleycstr Music; released Nov 19, 2008 | Amazon UK |

Her album, LET IT GO (Released Jan 1, 2017; Amazon UK | UK iTunes | , her fourth career release, has had three chart singles, with the second, “Bottle Your Crazy Up,” topping all the New Music Weekly Country Charts, resulting in a NMW nomination as Female Country Artist of the Year; along with the A-list women of country music 2015.
Among the many charts topped in 2014-2015, and awards nominated for Let It Go, including Best Country/Rock Track of the Year for “Bottle Your Crazy Up,” The Academia Music Award best described Eileen's craft as, “A clever country jam … dulcet vocals to superb instrumentation, illustrating one of the most stringent performance standards we've encountered.”
Her follow up single, Sweet Love, released in Spring 2015, further enhanced Eileen's country reputation and quickly went Top 20 on a number of country blogger charts, online radio charts and the international country music charts; and went to Top 10 on all the New Music Weekly Country Charts in June 2015.

In August 2016, she released a video for new July 20, 2016 released singleIn The Air” (Amazon UK | UK iTunes |  ). 

Proving that love is more inspiring than hate, the award-winning artiste countered terrorist attacks, racial violence, and global turmoil with a heartfelt tribute and her feel-good ode to the City of Love, Paris, France. In the Air features champagne, limousines, movie stars, and, of course, love. "In the Air" was slated as the first single from Carey’s fifth studio album, produced by Travis Allen Childress.

New Music Weekly magazine announced the nominations for the 2017 New Music Awards (NMAs). The leading radio publication has honored recording artists, radio stations. Eileen Carey is nominated for “AC Female Artist of the Year”, “Crossover Artist Of The Year” and “Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year”

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