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Canadian singer-songwriter Elyse Saunders with Roar Records Inc. proudly release inspiring single RISE

Elyse Saunders: “RISE”

RISE (written by Daryl Scott, Kyle Renton and Elyse Saunders; performed by Elyse Saunders)

CHORUS (Partial)
"Deep down inside, you know you've got this... You're ready to shine, it's your moment... To light up the world with that fire in your eyes... Like A Powerful Phoenix, it's your time to RISE"

If you don't know what RISE is about yet, it was inspired by our Canadian Equestrian Olympian Jessica Phoenix. She is a powerful woman with an incredible story of inner determination and strength. My co-writers and I wanted to write this song so we could share the message that many of us can relate to when going through life's hurdles or a tough journey. Sometimes we need those reminders every now and then to pick us back up and empower us to get back on trackElyse Saunders.

Rise (Single)
Label: (P) 2017 Roar Records Inc. | Copyright: ℗© 2017 Roar Records Inc.
Release Date: April 25, 2017
Total Length: 2:57
Genres: Pop
Available for digital download:
Amazon UK | iTunes | | Google Play | Spotify

If your inspired by the songs message and the inspiring story of Jessica, please share your thoughts:
SOCIALS: Elyse Saunders: Facebook - Twitter | Jessica Phoenix: Facebook - Twitter

RISE has a great hook with an easy listening vibe. Rooted in country, with Hot A Cover tones, it is an inspirational song with a relatable message for everyone!
RISE is inspired by two-time Canadian Olympian, four-time Pan AM Medalist and Canadian leading eventer Jessica Phoenix, from Uxbridge, Ontario.

Photo: Jessica Phoenix & Pavarotti PAN American Games
 - Eventing Team Toronto 2015 (Credit Facebook Image)

After suffering a heavy fall with her horse while competing cross-country at the Jersey Fresh International Three Day Event in 2015, Jessica underwent emergency surgery and was told that she would not recover in time to defend her Pan AM Gold medal on home ground. Jessica’s spirit and love of the equine sport would be put to the ultimate test. Unwavering grit was all that Jessica needed to see her through to a full recovery. Returning to the sports she loved in record time, Jessica Phoenix led the Canadian Eventing Team at the Toronto Pan AM Games, winning an Individual Silver, and a Bronze for Team Canada on her mount Pavarotti, an outstanding achievement, given the gravity of her injuries. RISE was born!

Like a powerful Phoenix, it's your time to RISE!

On June 14, 2017 Elyse announced (via Facebook) the release of the Official lyric video for RISE:

Official lyric video for RISE went out this past Monday, have you seen it yet? Check it out at the link below and share :) we want to celebrate the song and story of our Canadian Equestrian Olympian Jessica Phoenix who inspired it all!! #Canada150 #inspirational #countrymusic #olympian #rise
Posted by Elyse Saunders on Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Published on Jun 12, 2017 RISE - Elyse Saunders (Official Lyric Video)
Credits: Elyse Saunders (Vocals, Composer), Kevin Dietz (Producer/Engineer), Kyle Renton (Acoustic Guitar, Composer), Daryl Scott (Composer), Dave Patel (Drums), Ian de Souza (Bass), Kevin Vienneau (Guitar), Devon Brooks (Assistant), Chris Crerar (Mastering Engineer), Kelly Duggan & Veronica Low (Executive Producers), Corrine Dayman (VP Client & Media Relations),
Alex Simpson (Videographer/Editor)
Recorded at: Metalworks Studios, Mississauga, ON
Additional Footage/Photos: Jessica Phoenix/Phoenix Equestrian Team, Cealy Tetley, The Horse Show Podcast, RNSvideomedia, USEA/ Leslie Mintz, David Jackson, Canadian Olympic Committee, The Eloquent Equine

RISE Lyrics
You’re told you can’t do it too far you can’t reach it
fight for the chance, show ‘em what you’re made of
dreams have no price tag, never come cheap
only you can chase yours, you’ve got to believe...

Deep down inside, you know you’ve got this
you’re ready to shine, it’s your moment
to light up the world, with that fire in your eyes
like a powerful phoenix…
It’s your time to RISE. Repeat.

Sometimes you get setbacks, sometimes you get rattled
dust off your old hat, get back in the saddle
tough times made you strong, look at all you’ve done
you’ve waited so long, it’s finally come…
Don’t be afraid, make some mistakes
grab onto your (fated or faded), dare to be great

ABOUT Jessica Phoenix
Jessica Phoenix in action on Pavarotti on her way to winning the
Gold medal during the Individual Jumping Eventing Equestrian during
Day Nine of the XVI Pan American Games on Oct 23, 2011 in Guadalajara, Mexico.
(Oct. 22, 2011 - Source: Scott Heavey/ Getty Images North America) 

Birthplace: Uxbridge, Ontario
Birthday: October 16, 1983 (nee Ferguson)
Hometown: Uxbridge, Ontario | Occupation: International Equestrian Athlete, competing in the discipline of Eventing;
Stable: Phoenix Equestrian, Cannington Ontario
Life Philosophy: "If you can dream it, you can become it."
Goal: Tokyo Gold | Tokyo 2020 – Let's get Jessica to Toyko in 2020!
Miscellaneous: Ranked 163 in the World | Top Ranked Canadian Eventer
Member of Canadian Olympic Eventing Team RIO 2016
Individual 38th place finish | Team 10th place finish | Mount: A Little Romance
Member of Canadian PAN AM Eventing Team Toronto 2015
Individual Silver Medal| Team Bronze Medal | Mount: Pavarotti >> YouTube

Member of Canadian PAN AM Eventing Team Guadalajara 2011
Individual Gold Medallist | Team Silver Medallist | Mount: Pavarotti (Image)

CONNECT with Jessica Phoenix:
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May 30 Equestrian Olympian and Pan Am Medalist Jessica Phoenix and Elyse popped in to Shelburne's Country 105 to say hello to Rod & Jill for their morning show and talk about single RISE.

Canadian singer-songwriter Elyse Saunders writes (10 May 2017): One thing that's not behind the scenes anymore is new song RISE which I was invited to co-write and sing on for Roar Records! It's been a fun project to work on and an empowering campaign to be a part of. As a current, independent artist that continues to work hard at only moving forward, this is a song that when I first heard I could naturally relate to. It tells a story of drive, passion and dreams. When I was first approached on the song, I was told the story of two-time Canadian Olympian, four-time Pan AM Medalist and Canadian leading eventer Jessica Phoenix and what she has overcome to reach her dreams and love for the equine sport.
I'm still in awe, after suffering a heavy fall with her horse while competing cross-country at the Jersey Fresh International Three Day Event in 2015, Jessica underwent surgery and was told that she would not recover in time to defend her Pan AM Gold medal. Jessica came back with a full recovery, returning in record time, leading the Canadian Eventing Team at Toronto Pan AM Games and won silver and bronze for Team Canada. 

An outstanding achievement and inspiring story lead to release of song RISE which shares a story of inspiration and empowerment that anyone can relate to when following their dreams or working through any life struggles. Amazing right!!?? I love the idea of writing a song based on a life story that continues to grow.
There are some great things in the works for the song including a release to radio.

Elyse Saunders (L) Equestrian Olympian and Pan Am Medalist Jessica Phoenix (second from left) join Shelburne's Country 105 Rod & Jill to talk about single RISE (Facebook Image)

In The Country Radio Show: Dave Woods Interview with the writers of "Rise" Elyse Saunders, Daryl Scott & Kyle Renton. Get the inside story behind this inspiring new song. (Interview from June 2017). Listen on Soundcloud

Interview with Sharon Stokes (Life Fulfillment Coach, Writer, Creator of the Life Map, Fitness Instructor. Dance lover. TV Producer. Adventurer).

How To Pick Yourself Back Up When Life’s Got You Down -

About Elyse Saunders:

Country / Alt-Country/ Pop / Rock
Country singer-songwriter, recording artist and performer
Born: Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Birthday: February 20 The Birthday Book Image by © Camila Gargantini
She has been a contender in 2013 and 2014 for CMAO’s Female Artist of the Year, was a nominee for a Toronto Independent Music Award in 2012 for Best Country Artist and awarded a Juried Factor Sound Recording Grant (Website) to create a sophomore album

Elyse Saunders' journey is a story of talent, depth, dedication, drive and the right kind of attitude to make a lasting impression in the country music industry.


Songs: iTunes Songs

Dec 3, 2008: ELYSE SAUNDERS (Album) 11 Tracks/ Time:48:20 
Amazon UK | iTunes | | CD Baby | Google Play | Spotify
A rare collection of convincing performances that capture your emotions, with songs of love, life and its ups and downs showcasing the soulful, rich tone of an amazing new solo artist, which you will never tire of listening to.

Dec 2009: Eleven Crystal Angels (Christmas Promo Single)
Promo Single, Indie Release, Original song , registered. © 2009 Elyse Saunders
This is was a brand new original Christmas track. It was sent out as a promo single to Christmas, Country stations and also AC stations in Canada.

Nov 21, 2014: Warm Christmas (Single):
Amazon UK | iTunes | | CD Baby | Google Play | Spotify

April 24, 2015: I'M ON MY WAY (Album) 10 Tracks/ Time: 34:29
Amazon UK | iTunes | | CD Baby | Google Play | Artist Store Signed CD | Spotify
© Copyright - Elyse Saunders / Elyse Saunders (013964729443)

Nov 28, 2015: TJ King & Elyse Saunders: Reach Out It's Christmas (Single):
Amazon UK | iTunes | | Spotify

April 25, 2017: Rise (Single) Amazon UK | iTunes | | Google Play | Spotify

Who IS Elyse Saunders?
Published on Nov 12, 2015 A personal video from Elyse describing where she comes from and where she's going. Shot & Edited By: Greg Longley

Elyse Saunders is a multi-talented, alt-country, singer-songwriter, recording artist and performer who is impressing people on her path to fame and fortune.
Blurb: Country recording artist, Elyse Saunders, is a songwriter with raw talent and an entertainer who truly shines on stage. Elyse can be described as an artist that brings the life of the party to her show with powerhouse vocals, radiating charm, beauty and passion. Whether she's rocking out with top 40 renditions or showcasing her own work, Elyse possesses the ability to capture a room and has fans following her journey from one show to the next with compelling, interactive performances.
Featured in Toronto Sun as being an artist that’s “well on her way”, she works hard in her pursuits with many impressive accomplishments to show for it. Elyse Saunders is definitely an artist to follow!
Elyse Saunders: Photoshoot  Sept 2012
Credit: Judi Willrich Make-Up & Photography (Facebook Page)

Born in Peterborough, Ontario., Saunders says her childhood was full of music. “My mom used to play the guitar and write songs. I was inspired by her growing up. My dad bought me my first karaoke machine. I would spend hours on that.”
At four-years-old, she attended the musical Wizard of Oz with her mother. “When the cast stood on stage to take a bow,” the extroverted Saunders stood up and yelled, “I want to do that, I’m going to do that.”
Saunders has been writing songs and singing since she was seven.
“When I turned seventeen; I decided I wanted to turn my passion for music into a professional pursuit.”

As luck and hard work would have it, Saunders’ first break came when she started working with a local producer who had ties to Nashville. Early on in her career at just 18/ 19 years-old she headed to Nashville to record her debut self-titled CD.
Elyse Saunders: Recording Studio pictured with Lisa Brokop (2008)

Elyse paired up with hit songwriter/producer Cyril Rawson and the set credited Lisa Brokop on harmonies and David Martin as a co-producer.

Recorded in 2008 when aged 19, this SELF-TITLED 13-track outing marked the debut for the Peterborough, Ontario-based singer. It was produced with songs written or co-written by Cyril Rawson, one of the most prolific music creators in the Canadian country scene. Rawson has had over 250 songs recorded by some of the biggest names in Country music - Reba McEntire, Tanya Tucker, Gretchen Wilson, Lorrie Morgan, Anne Murray, Hal Ketchum and Lisa Brokop to name just a few.
Maverick Magazine 2009 Review
Working with Elyse he must surely have recognised her rich talent and together the combination of experience and youth is a winning combination. Rawson guided her vocal development, sound and style in order for her to be able to feel the songs. 

The format can best be described as country / pop with a roots edge and lyrically the tunes are relatable to a wide audience. Recorded at Country ‘Q’ Productions in Nashville, the production was clean, never cluttered and the musicianship is second to none.

Where I've Never Been is a beautiful slow paced delicate ballad. The sensitive Love Reinvented had a great vibe with a crisp tight sound and an infectious hook. Tim Buppert, David Martin and renowned Canadian artist Lisa Brokop added the harmonies on this joyous treasure. Nobody's Watchin’ was released to radio as the first single. A personal favourite this catchy up-tempo love song showcased Saunders vocal style….
Read More Country Music News International (Album review, 3.1/2 STARS)

In the May 2009 issue of UK publication Maverick Magazine her self-titled debut received a 5 STAR Review.

With the momentum of her album she opened for ACM artist Deric Ruttan to a crowd of 13,000, headlined the same stage the following year and released numerous singles to radio which caught airtime across Canada as well as stations in China, UK (see below) and US. With her music on radio, Elyse toured the radio circuit, continued to hone her skills as a performer/songwriter and contended for a CMAO (County Music Association of Ontario) as well as a TIMA (Toronto Independent Music Awards) award.

Blog Talk Radio Interview (June 16, 2009):
Presenter Dave Woods welcomed the then 20-year old Elyse to the show the day after she returned from the CMA Festival in Nashville after a 15-hour drive. Dave asked her to take us back to the time when she first started singing and who her influences were. He also asked a) What was it like working with Cyril Rawson in the studio b) If she had a preference for ballads or up-tempos c) Quick-fire fun “In The Country” questions to get to know her better d) Which tracks were her favourite songs and standout on her self-titled CD e) Advice for other people her age getting into music f) A dream Male duet partner. 
* Interview starts after a short advert. CLICK Play wait a few seconds to buffer:

In July 2010 Elyse was a model Fusion Fashion Hair Salon

Sept – She excitedly announced that she would be at the Canadian Country Music Week in Edmonton and had been asked to perform at "Diamonds in the Rough" acoustic showcase Friday September 5 at Riverside Bistro & Lounge.

Published on Oct 29, 2014 Elyse Saunders >> performed at the new Mayor of Mississauga Bonnie Crombie's celebratory party! It was an honour for Elyse to have been given the opportunity to perform for the Mayor of Mississauga and Mississauga residents! She performed Alicia Key's song "This Girls is on Fire" which was recorded by Elyse at the renowned recording studio Metal Works, as the official anthem for Bonnie and her election.

Elyse Saunders hoped to be a part of your holiday music collection when she released "Warm Christmas" on Nov 21, 2014. "Warm Christmas" (co-penned with Peter Linseman), was said to take the listener on a nostalgic journey while capturing the true spirit of what Christmas is about. Written from the heart, Elyse was first inspired to write "Warm Christmas" after creating her annual coat drive "Warm Coats Warm Hearts". It also marked the 5th national single release by Elyse.
A benefit concert “Warm Coats Warm Hearts Country Concert” took place at The Orbit Room in Toronto on Dec 8th.

Elyse is an artist who has gained experience penning with many songwriters, playing many festival stages including opening for Jason Blaine, playing to the crowds at country clubs, showcasing during the CCMA's (Canadian Country Music Association Awards) and has been consecutively nominated for the MARTY (Website; Mississauga Arts Council Ontario awards). Industry recognition had Elyse ready for another project and she was soon selected as a FACTOR (Website; Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings) recipient for her 2015 album I’M ON MY WAY, recorded with JUNO (Website; Canadian Awards; named in honour of Pierre Juneau the first President of the Canadian Radio-TV and Telecommunications Commission) nominated/three time CCMA Record Producer of the Year, Joel Feeney.
The record created a buzz, landing a special feature in the Toronto Sun as well as radio and TV appearances including CP24 and CHCH.

On April 24, 2015, she released her 10-track sophomore album I'M ON MY WAY.

The album comprised all original material including songs co-written from the heart, with powerful melodies and lyrics, in a unique blend of rock, pop, alternative country. 

She was awarded a Juried Factor Sound Recording Grant to assist her with its creation. Journeying from Toronto to Nashville, Elyse wrote new material for the album and continued to hone her songwriting skills with hit makers like Bernie Nelson, Rob Crosby (Martina McBride, Lady Antebellum), Shawn Christian, Tim Taylor including title album track "I'm On My Way" with Daryl Burgess (Faith Hill, Alanis Morrissette, Reba McEntire etc.) 

The new factor funded album titled "I'm On My Way" was recorded with legendary producer Joel Feeney, three time CCMA (Canadian Country Music Association) Record Producer of the Year, multi-JUNO. Feeney, who also co-wrote on her ten-track album, mixed and recorded Elyse's vocals at Toronto's exclusive Orange Lounge Studio which has included the likes of Keith Urban, Terri Clark, George Canyon, Avril Lavigne, Nelly Furtado, Cowboy Junkies etc.
FACTOID: Shania, which was said to be an Ojibwa word also means "on my way"!
Elyse firstly celebrated the release at Mulligan's Pub & Grill (2458 Dundas St W, Mississauga, Ontario L5K1R8) Friday April 24th to hear new songs and party on! The first 50 people to purchase the CD received a free *SWAG BAG*.

The album features Saunders’ single, Just Like Mama, which carries listeners on a journey of soulful, powerful vocals; a story of empowerment. The single was pre-released on Mother’s Day, paying tribute to mothers across Ontario, and was also used to raise money for a new paediatric care zone for Trillium Health Partners in Mississauga.
Living between her home roots in Mississauga and Toronto’s music scene, Saunders has been nominated for a MARTYS (Mississauga Arts Awards). 

Her official Media Showcase and Album Launch Party took place at Toronto's Rock n' Horse Saloon in Toronto (May 13).
Published on April 27, 2015 Elyse Saunders >> talked about her new album "I'm On My Way"

She performed (along with co-writer Tim Taylor) at the Annual “Tin Pan North” Benefit in Nashville, a writers round which pays tribute to Canadian artists and featured over 30 singer/songwriters in attendance. 

Country music rocks! Elyse, Leah Daniels, Jess Moskaluke and Paul Brandt were seen on "On The Mic with Rudy Blair" which broadcast on Rogers TV Mississauga, Peel Region and Toronto.

Sun May 24, 2015 Elyse was a selected artist, for a second time, and one of six acts to showcase for Country Music Association of Ontario's Spring Tune Up Conference. She hit the stage for the "New Faces, Going Places" showcase hosted by Canadian country superstar Michelle Wright & Ted Roop.

Elyse performed as one of the opening acts for country recording artist Jason Blaine at the 7th Annual Sabstock in Pembroke, Ontario on Sunday July 5th.
Published on Jun 22, 2015 Country singer/songwriter Elyse stopped by Sirius Radio for a >> live interview to talk about her album I'm On My Way singing the title cut live to air.

COUNTRY SINGER IS WELL ON HER WAY: Elyse was asked to be in the June's addition of Toronto Sun's "Celebrity Spaces."

August 2015
Elyse Saunders was invited to the beautiful Toronto's Musideum to record a webisode of country music blogger Dave Wood's "In The Country" (Website). She was very grateful to have been a part of this first ever episode. Dave had been such a great support for her and many other country artists through his online Blog Talk Radio station which was put on a video platform. "In The Country" hoped to be picked up on a TV station like CMT! Check out Elyse's interview with Dave and to hear some of the songs from the I’M ON MY WAY album.

Published on Sept 12, 2015, she released a live barn session performing her song >> "That's Where I'm Comin' From" from her the album I’M ON MY WAY. The video was shot and recorded live at LTS Ranch in Ontario, Canada
Credits: Directed/Produced by Kat Webber. Recorded Live by Federal Recording (Website)
Dave Bayley (Electric Guitar), James L Burton (Acoustic Guitar), Jarrod Ross (Bass Guitar), Tom Koncan (Drums)  
Video Shoot - Barn Jam Sessions - Behind The Scenes Facebook Pictures (By Judi Willrich)

Elyse was honoured to have her picture taken beside CCMA Official Hall of Fame Inductee, Dianne Leigh!
Elyse Saunders (R) with Dianne Leigh (l) 
CCMA Industry Award Gala 2015.
She met Dianne and her son Daniel at Brampton Rib n Roll in the summer unaware of her greatness and was invited to be at her celebration party. Elyse wasn't able to attend but was able to see her accept an award at the CCMA Industry Award Gala – “It was truly inspiring as she is someone who paved the way for female Canadian Country artists today” shared Saunders. Continuing: “To be watching her journey as an artist and all of her accomplishments on screen as she accepted the award was so cool. Thank you Dianne”!! #CCMAs2015 #halloffame #halifax #novascotia

During December 2015 Saunders could be seen dropping off (Instagram Photo) gently used and new coats to agencies that provide for children, youth and adults in Mississauga and Oshawa, teaming up with ladies from Fight The Cold Coat Drive. After hearing of the need for winter coats in communities and many not being able to afford the cost of buying one, Elyse wanted to use her platform with the help of her peers to bring people together through music and give back. On Fri Nov 27, 2015 Elyse hosted her 4th annual Warm Coats Warm Hearts Coat Drive & Concert at The Corral in Oshawa ON (433 Simcoe Street South, Oshawa, ON L1H 4J5 | Flyer). She received support from her country music pals with special performances and KX96 radio host Peter Walker was the emcee. WARM COATS WARM HEARTS collected 500 coats in 2014 and Elyse was excited to announce that she reached her goal of 1000 coats for 2015. Prizes were give away from generous sponsors such as The Keg, Canadian Tire and Costco, perfect items for the holidays! Artists who supported the cause included: Mike Trudell, Jesse Slack, Alessia Cohle, Andrew Hyatt, Scotty James, Tia McGraff and James Barker Band (Instagram Photo).

Along with country artist Tj King and Elyse released a music video to their Christmas single "Reach Out It's Christmas" a duet that went to country radio. Tj King and FMP Matrix Entertainment contributed to “Warm Coats Warm Hearts” with the release of the single. It was written by international award-winning songwriter Ian Sherwood and Scott Ferguson, produced by Scott Ferguson, recorded at FMP Matrix Entertainment and The Orange Lounge.

As a part of The Keg Spirit Foundation's yearly Chairman Award, Elyse was nominated for her charity and was honoured to be one of the four inspirational women to be selected to accept this award for the foundation's annual conference held in Montreal, QC at Théâtre St-James. Elyse was humbled to have received this unique opportunity and excited to give back more to her charity through the award.

Thursday May 5th, she attended Toronto's "Boots & Bourbon Saloon" for an official CMW (Canadian Music week) showcase.

She was part of "She Has A Voice: Project Awareness", an event that interactively and informatively rallies women and youth with a focus on mental health, awareness and empowerment. She was asked to be a key note speaker, perform and model dresses with many being donated to low income families for prom.

August 2016 Model Photoshoot:

CCMA 2016 TV CO-HOST: Followed by the album, Elyse could be seen playing at CMAO’s “New Faces, Going Places” industry showcase, touring the East Coast preceding the CCMA's in Halifax NS., showcasing during the CCMA's and co-hosting an "In The Country" webisode special from the 2016 CCMA John Deere Green Carpet. The Peterborough ON singer-songwriter (pictured with Jess Moskaluke) joined “In The Country” online radio presenter and host Dave Woods on the John Deere Green Carpet.

Inde artist Elyse shared that it had been her 4th CCMA week and every year she’s attended has been a completely new experience for her: This CCMA's was mostly all about observing, enjoying, creating, connecting and learning. She left more confident and more inspired than before: “CCMA Official provides a community where we can grow together in this crazy thing we call the Country Music Business and as an artist in the industry, thanks again for another successful year”.
STUNNING LADIES:  Elyse was spotted at #CCMA40 industry awards gala with the lovely Lindsay Ell (Instagram)
Elyse looked lovely wearing a sparkly beaded short fringed strapless dress sourced from Nana Couture (241 Queen St. S., Mississauga, ON), adding black open toe sandals, wore a matching silver necklace and cascading golden locks. #dolledup #glam #formal

Elyse was proud to be invited to speak about her work on behalf of The Keg Spirit Foundation where she shared the same stage with Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, during one of WE DAY's unparalleled shows. Elyse shared her story to tens of thousands inspired youth supporting their communities at Ottawa's 'Canadian Tire Centre.'

Her songs such as ‘More Than That’, ‘Nobody’s Watchin’ and the beautiful Christmas single ‘Eleven Crystal Angels’ were played on specialized BBC country programmes on BBC Radio Cumbria, BBC Radio Shropshire, BBC Radio Cambridge, BBC Radio Norfolk and BBC Radio Suffolk as well as some commercial local stations and on CMR Nashville, Europe’s # 1 Country Internet show. They also drew airplay in mainland Europe and in Australasia.

RADIO Credits & Quotes

8 Oct 8, 2011 Bittersweet “I hope you like it, I do” – “She is wonderful” – Keith Greentree BBC Radio Norfolk
Oct 29, 2011 BittersweetHere’s a young lady by the name of Elyse Saunders…you know there are so many good female artists in country music at the moment, that’s Elyse Saunders and the songs called Bittersweet” – Keith Greentree BBC Radio Norfolk

Dec 3, 2011 Played More Than That “First of all let’s have Elyse Saunders, she wants more of that, OK” - Keith Greentree BBC Radio Norfolk
May 19, 2012 Nobody's Watchin “Here is Elyse Saunders, this is beautiful, Nobody’s Watchin” - Keith Greentree BBC Radio Norfolk
Oct 27, 2011 "Nobody's Watchin" I have heard this song and its absolutely gorgeous” - Steve Snelling Radio Hafren

Brian Mann BBC Radio Suffolk ‘Suffolk Country’
Aug 16, 2009 Played Nobody's Watchin

Helen West BBC Radio Cambridge
Nov 22, 2009 Played Nobody’s Watchin

Paul Braithwaite BBC Radio Cumbria
July 26, 2009 Played Nobody's Watchin'
Aug 2, 2009 Played More Than That

Marie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire
Aug 3, 2009 Played Nobody's Watchin'

UK Internet Radio
Lee Williams CMR Nashville "Europe's #1 Country Music Radio Station"
Oct 28-29, 2011 Played Nobody's Watchin’

Graham Barnes Host of Belter Radio`s Country Belles Show (UK; Mixcloud | Website)
June 24, 2017 Played Rise " This is cracker of a song"

Stewart Fenwick Celtic Music Radio
Oct 10, 2010 Played Bittersweet  
July 1, 2012 Played Eleven Crystal Angels

Jackie Storrar CMR Nashville "Europe's #1 Country Music Radio Station"
Dec 19, 2009 Played Eleven Crystal Angels -
July 18, 2009 Played Nobody’s Watchin’

Rolf Hierath Radio RheinWelle, Germany ‘Hillbilly Jukebox‘
Nov 1, 2011 Played Nobody's Watchin’

Per Kildahl Absolute Country Espergaerde, Denmark.
Oct 28, 2011 Played Nobody's Watchin’ and More Of That

Barry Wass Inner FM Community Radio “Honky Tonks & Heartaches Show Melbourne” 3INR 96.5 FM Melbourne
Nov 4, 2011 Played Nobody's Watchin’

Julie Matheson - iRadio Tasmania Broadcasting 24/7 (Independent Artists Radio Network Australia)
Oct 27, 2011 Played "More Than That" and "Nobody's Watchin"   at Times 10:34, 11:36

Wyn Machon Whitestone City Show (Oamaru Heritage Radio, Oamaru 9400., New Zealand)
Oct 28, 2011 Played: Nobody's Watchin’

Rolf Hierath Radio RheinWelle, Germany ‘Hillbilly Jukebox‘
Nov 1, 2011 Played Nobody's Watchin’

Per Kildahl Absolute Country Espergaerde, Denmark.
Oct 28, 2011 Played Nobody's Watchin’ and More Of That

And so, she started living the life she'd imagined

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