Friday, 16 June 2017

Noisey publishes essay on Chris Stapleton

“Chris Stapleton's Not Here to Save Country Music and That's Just Fine”

Noisey’s Annalise Domenighini posted an extended review and essay around Chris Stapleton’s new album ‘From A Room’ and it is well worth a read! Describing his new album, as “forceful” and “timeless”, Annalise explores the record in depth and Stapleton’s undeniable authenticity, arguing, “It's easy to believe the quiet man with a sorrow-filled voice that claps like thunder has all the answers. We yearn for that from the artists we trust with our deepest fears and most melancholy thoughts.
But Stapleton is not here to help you, he's made that clear when he warns us not to go looking for reasons or asking Jesus to explain God's decisions. Stapleton knows what any human worth their weight in gold knows, that sometimes looking too hard is what gets us in the most trouble.”

Extract: What the album lacks, and where it falters, is in its lack of songs to light a fire under your ass, and compared to Stapleton's previous releases it's a decision that feels absolutely deliberate. One look at a Top Country chart reveals a myriad of fast, energetic songs about drinking and partying, but Stapleton positions himself opposite that with From a Room: Vol. 1. It's a smart decision; it forces a listener to slow down and consider the raw talent of the artist, but has its pitfalls nonetheless. Without the fire of songs like "Parachute" or "Nobody to Blame" to heat up the album, Stapleton prevents himself from being included in this year's Summer Country playlists, instead forcing the listener to take a break and consider their mortality.

Check out the full piece here:

Chris Stapleton’s highly anticipated new album, From A Room: Volume 1, is out now on Mercury Records Nashville / Decca Records. Stapleton has already made his mark on the UK after popular demand saw the country star perform at high profile events such as Country To Country Festival at the 02 arena and the release of his album Traveller caught the attention of UK publications such as The Guardian and Daily Telegraph.

Influential publication 
Line Of Best Fit  (May 5) made single ‘Either Way’ track of the day, stating, “Stapleton's new record comes two years after acclaimed record Traveller and is rife with quality tunes - Stapleton's devilish way with words and knack for melody shine bright here - but it's "Either Way" that's caught our ears. It's a sparse ballad with Stapleton's inimitable vocal line underpinned by gentle acoustic flickers. The country star is economical with the notes, adding just what's required and nothing more, letting his agonised yowl speak tomes and leaving anything extraneous by the wayside - "Either Way" unrestrained and raw, trembling with heartfelt emotion.


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