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Kriz Rogers and Country Music News International: Successful venture to continue for 2nd Year

Country Music News International Magazine & Radio Shows: Kriz Rogers and Country Music News International -...
Kriz Rogers and Country Music News International –
A Successful Venture To Continue For A Second Year

Kriz Rogers and Country Music News International signed a contract for a second year of growing both ventures of their music businesses.
On Kriz Rogers' part, she has gained valuable exposure and both have reached new audiences for their music and news respectively from both posting on websites and social media.
"Cooperating like this", says Kriz, "is very valuable."  Together they have reached new people and faithful fans and audiences who have a huge interest in reading about happenings in the world of country music.  After her first-year cooperating with CMNI, Kriz Rogers has received a lot of positive feedback and gained new fans and followers from many different countries - since CMNI is working from Germany, but reaching country music lovers not only in the United States, but also all over the world.

Christian Lamitschka publisher and CEO of Country Music News International writes: 
For anyone interested in a fruitful deal like this, you can sign up for $250 per month, but you will be getting even more and signing up for great savings if you choose the 12-month option for only $900. For details, statistics about Country Music News International and their "Steal Deal", go to http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.co.uk/

Country Music News International and Kriz Rogers first announced a sponsorship agreement as of Nov 7, 2016.
Find out more about Country Music News International and the Annual Plan below.

Lamitshka has conducted two interviews with Kriz. The latest one was published Oct 9, 2016 (22 YouTube Views) which was filmed during CRS in Nashville in February 2016.

A radio interview with Kriz aired on four different radio stations (Countrykanalen, Radiomedusa, Irish Country Radio and Best Country Radio) just before and during Christmas 2016. The interview was conducted by the “well-known media personality” Christian Lamitschka.

Kriz Rogers Stats:
Total Fans 6.8K
Facebook 1.8K
Twitter 1.2K
YouTube 235
Song Plays: 184.6K
Previously she had 1,500 Followers on MySpace

Kriz Rogers is originally from Sweden and moved to Nashville where she is spending her eighth year.
Started singing and writing from aged 13
She describes her music as “Traditional Country music with an original style”
She is formerly known as Kriztina Åhs and changed her name on Valentine’s Day in 2009 when she was to marry singer-songwriter husband Chase Reagan Rogers (Facebook | Photo (Dec 2012))
She first introduced herself to CMNI CEO Christian Lamitschka during a scheduled >> interview (65 YouTube views) at CRS (Country Radio Seminar) in February 2015

About Kriz Rogers
Genre: Country music, Classic Country Music, Roots Music, Americana
Skills: Lead vocals, songwriting, arrangements, producing, rhythm guitar and back up vocals.
Record label: Colt Records, Nashville/Kriztina Ahs Music & San't.
Affiliation: ASCAP; NSAI

Reverbnation Rank #36 Americana / Classic Country / Songwriter/Music Ministry | Nashville TN
Reverbnation featured songs with some FREE Songs:

Kriz Rogers has produced and released two albums with 17 of her 300 original songs in the name “Kriztina Åhs & Countryfied”.
The albums are called 6 tracker KRIZTINACOUNTRY (released 2006; Amazon UK | CD Baby | Amazon.com Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,345,481 Paid in Albums) and the 14 track set ROADS (released 2008; Amazon UK | CD Baby | Amazon.com). Apparently, both have been “very well received” and “given great reviews” in Sweden, for example in the magazine Kountry Korral and the online magazine Countrywood and the songs are being played on radio stations all over the world.
The song “Singing My Blues Away” reached #15 on European Country Music Association's chart 2009 and #1 on the Swedish Närradiolistan on Folkradion and the song “Roads” was on the Scandinavian distributed Mr. Music’s release 1-2009.
Kriz has performed at major country music festivals in Sweden like Duved, Lingbo and Vemdalen and she and her band also was a backing band for the American artists Carl Mann, Rayburn Anthony and Rip Masters when they visited Sweden in 2008.
She was a nominee for the title Sweden's Best Traditional Country Music Artist in 2008.
Kriz is signed to Colt Records, Nashville and the first single "Memoryville" (available on Bandcamp) released was written by Glenn D. Tubb (nephew of Ernest Tubb; Skip A Rope and Home Of The Blues).

Her latest single on Colt Records is "Neon Lights And Steel Guitars" (Amazon UK | iTunes | Amazon.com), which she wrote the melody to. Lyrics are by Lonnie Ratliff, Nashville and all the instruments were played by Danny Dunn, who toured with Charley Pride for many years. Danny also produced it together with Kriz.

Published on July 2, 2016 (71 YouTube Views), watch her Nashville Indie Showcase for Colt Records, Nashville. Kriz singing her own "Eddy's Song (Everybody Needs Someone)"; Glenn Tubb's "Memoryville" & "Neon Lights And Steel Guitars"

Ever since Kriz moved to the US, she has worked at honing her craftsmanship as a songwriter as a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International - NSAI. Her songs "His Wings Of Love" and "Country Time" have been performed at NSAI functions to appreciative audiences, she performs regularly at Nashville Songwriter's Nights and has been credentialed by the NSAI through their Credential Program.
Kriz is recognized as a Nashville songwriter to watch on NSAI's list.
Besides having a heart that beats very strongly for nature and wearing pink very often to honor her mom, who is a breast cancer survivor, Kriz Rogers' faith is very strong and she has recently started a Music Ministry called "Songs of His Love Music Ministry".
Follow her BLOG : Touchdowns in the everydays and everythoughts of Nashville Country Music Entertainer and Songwriter Kriz Rogers.

CONNECT with Kriz Rogers:
Home Page Icon Pink x 48 photo Home-Icon-Pink x48_zpsbck4m9sa.png Facebook Icon Pink x 48 photo Facebook_zpsoxry8ygw.png Twitter Icon Pink x 48 photo Twitter_zpsu2lrijql.png YouTube Icon Pink x 48 photo YouTube_zpsf7eupulh.png Instagram Icon Pink x 48 photo Instagram_zpsuh9qqh6v.png iTunes Icon Pink x 48 photo iTunes Icon-Pink-47_zpswazeejnj.png Spotify Icon Pink x 48 photo Spotify Icon-Pink x48_zpsvgbtygjl.png  photo cdbaby_zpscfe1822d.png  photo soundcloud_zpsa62ebe8e.png  photo reverbnation_zps642adef5.png

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Facts about Country Music News International:
Readers since February 2011: 1,73 million (dated Dec 31. 2016)
Example UK Readers since February 2011: 71,901 (dated Dec 31. 2016)

Country Music News International Readers Top 10 Country since February 2011: USA 866,797 Germany 268,248, UK 71, 901, France 69,247 Russia 66,222, Canada 23,021 China 19,496, Ukraine 18,387, Brazil 7,196, Switzerland 6,801, (as of Dec 31. 2016)
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About Christian Lamitschka 
publisher of Country Music News International: 
Born in 1970 and raised in Bad Vilbel, a small town close to Frankfurt am Main in Germany.
His break as country music journalist came in 1995 writing for Country Circle magazine in Germany. Since that time Christian has written for several national and international print magazines as well as for several internet magazines including Country Stars Online.
Working together with two radio stations, he built a name and reputation step by step in America and Europe doing interviews with major country music stars like Hank Williams Jr., Gretchen Wilson, Jennifer Nettles, George Jones, Montgomery Gentry and The Oak Ridge Boys.
Since March 1st 2011 he published Country Music News International.
He married Lilia Kipnis on August 13. 2016 and celebrated by offering CMNI biggest discount ever to anyone wishing to advertise with them.
Lamitschka is a regular annual attendee at CRS (Country Radio Seminar) in Nashville, TN held in February where artists, industry and media meet.
CONNECT with Country Music News International:
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