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Matthew Mayfield's blemished brilliance shines on "Raw Diamond Ring"


Jan 20, 2017:

Unconventional singer-songwriter Matthew Mayfield debuted his music video for the contemplative and emotive single, Raw Diamond Ring, for fans worldwide today, starring model/actress Kyra Santoro (Pop Trigger, #ThisIsCollege, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2016 Revealed) and produced by Willan House.

The picturesque music video tackles the dissonance of love, in that “the kind of love that ties two people together for a lifetime is both very simple yet extremely complex,” says Matthew.  “Love is rarely a polished product. As humans we have imperfections and the raw diamond symbolizes those flaws.  The thing is, there is beauty in that.”

The video even begins to personify its message: most of the frames were shot through an actual diamond on the camera lens, giving the video a refracted, prismatic effect that helps communicate the search for love and the song’s layered, honest depiction of connection, while shining a light on Matthew’s raw vocal depth and grit. 

The imagery of Kyra uncovering the diamond from the ground and seeing me inside it represents the kind of love that has always been there and will never fade. It was written before either of us knew the other existed. The way she carefully constructs the ring is a metaphor for the attention to detail and meticulous effort true love requires.  Love is rarely a polished product. As humans we have imperfections and the raw diamond symbolizes those flaws.  The thing is, there is beauty in that.

Raw Diamond Ring is one of 11 original tracks written by Matthew for his recently released, critically-acclaimed LP, RECOIL, which charted at #98 on the iTunes chart and at #4 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart. Jeff Game of AXS described the project as “smoldering and emotionally exposing view on love, loss, and our existence in life.”

Release Date: 7 Oct 2016 
Matthew Mayfield - Recoil

Label: Sweet Exchange Records
11 Tracks/ Time: 38:16 

Indie & Alternative/ Rock

About Matthew Mayfield
Mayfield is an unpredictable artist who has spent the past decade releasing material ranging from haunting acoustic ballads to gritty, southern rock and roll. 

His latest LP, RECOIL, is a sonic and lyrical departure from his previous release, Wild EyesWild Eyes (released Feb 24, 15 UK iTunes | Spotify) was a collection of songs created over time that reflected different periods in Matthew’s life. RECOIL, by contrast, was born quickly and violently, the fruit of an intense effort by Mayfield to depict the good, the bad, and the ugly in the present world he inhabits. If Wild Eyes was delicately chiseled into being, RECOIL was hewed into existence with hammers and claws. According to Mayfield, “making RECOIL was extremely hard—I had to drag the songs out of me and stick with them until they said exactly what I needed them to say.”
Mayfield’s music has been featured on Grey’s Anatomy, Nashville, Pretty Little Liars, Hart of Dixie, Ringer, Teen Mom 2, 16 & Pregnant, The Fosters, NY Med, Catfish, Royal Pains, Chasing Life & others. He has toured with Needtobreathe, Switchfoot, The Fray, Pete Yorn, Blue October, The Civil Wars, David Ramirez, Will Hoge, Griffin House, Matthew Perryman Jones, Noah Guthrie & more.
With each new record, Mayfield has grown in his ability to evoke a broad range of emotions in his listeners. “I want to create melodies and lyrics that move people, that make them feel something. Connection is everything, and music has a unique way of helping people connect to others and to parts of themselves that they might otherwise be unable to access.” 
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