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Rodeo Norfolk: The great Country Debate: Traditional v Modern

Out with the OLD and in with the New?
Meat & Candy
The great country music debate 
Duncan Warwick and Kate Brewster guest on BBC Radio Norfolk

Country Music People magazine editor Duncan Warwick and local country fan Kate Brewster joined Keith Greentree on BBC Radio Norfolk on his Dec 31, 2016 Saturday morning Rodeo Norfolk show to look back over 2016 in the world of country music.
Kate and Duncan’s respective views on country music were totally different and it was highly entertaining!
You can listen to last 2 hours of the show on the BBC iPlayer  

Listen to edited Highlights (first broadcast Dec 31, 2016):

Kate Brewster’s Picks
#1 Keith Urban "John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16"   
#2 Sam Hunt "Leave The Night On" (Montevallo; 27 Oct 2014 Amazon UK)   
#3 Cam "Half Broke Heart" (Untamed; 11 Dec 2015 Amazon UK)                  
#4 Old Dominion "Snapback" (Meat and Candy; 6 Nov 2015 Amazon UK)       
#5 Florida Georgia Line "H.O.L.Y" (Dig Your Roots; 25 Aug 2016 Amazon UK
#6 Thomas Rhett "Beer With Jesus" (It Goes Like This; 1 Jan 2013 Amazon UK)

Kate Brewster Comments:
Keith Urban"Sums up your life with 3 John's"
Sam Hunt to me has been BIG, he's been on my iPod, I just adore him, he's a lyrical genius, a huge talent"
Cam "Bought the UNTAMED album and enjoyed most of it...its got great lyrics"
"I love Old Dominion..their lyrical witt is infectious that whole album there isn't a song I don't like"
Florida Georgia Line: "I love them, I think they're fabulous really lively, represent summer..thier revolution has been fascinating"
Thomas Rhett: "Beautiful voice he does upbeat well and slow fabulously"

Duncan Warwick’s Picks
#1 Spicewood Seven "The Magic Bullet"  (Still Mad; 4 Jan 2016 Amazon UK | CD Baby; CMP Review April 2016; 2 Stars)
Fronted by songwriter Luke Powers (vocals, guitar) and steel guitar legend Tommy Spurlock (vocals, guitar) with Suzi Ragsdale on harmony vocals, Beau Johnson, Scott Musick and Jimmy Karstein on drums and guest slots from B.C Cummings (bass on “Broke”), Garth Hudson of The Band (bass guitar) and Bob Wills’ Texas Playboy survivor Leon Rausch (vocals) both lend support on “The Magic Bullet”. The song is about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Going back to “The Magic Bullet” (complete with great pedal steel and tinkling piano) Leon Rausch for his part sounds amazingly good for his age, and though Spicewood Seven will never bother the mainstream boys, they know how to serve up a solid, stout as an oak rhythm and stick with it (and outshine a great many acts of your mainstream country idiom).  

#2 Tyler Hammond "Country in a Country Song" (Everything to Lose; 25 Oct 2016 Amazon UK)
#3 Mark Chesnutt "You Moved up in Your World" (Tradition Lives; 8 July 2016 Amazon UK)
#4 Landon Dodd "All They Serve in Here Is Misery" (What Comes Natural to a Fool; 5 April 2016; Amazon UK)
#5 Cale Tyson "Gonna Love a Woman" (Careless Soul; 8 April 2016 Amazon UK)
#6 Clifton Brown "The Afterwife" (Country, Live It, Love It, Breathe It; 26 Aug 2016)

Duncan Warwick Comments:
The Magic Bullet - It's got a great sound, it swings along nicely, Leon Rausch what a singer, the lyrics are great"
Tyler Hammond "This song says everthing I believe in, Country in a Country Song”
Mark Chesnutt My favourite album of this year [2016], it's a brand new record, new music NOT old, that still recognizes it's roots"

In the January 2017 issue Country Music People 2016 Critics Choice feature Duncan Warwick named
Mark Chesnutt’s TRADITION LIVES as his #1 Album of 2016
A stunning return by my absolute favourite singer of the last 30 years. As good as he ever was, or maybe even better.
Additional in his Editor's Picks Song Of The Year list at #3 was “You Moved Up In Your World” – Mark Chesnutt

Landon Dodd One of my favourite songs this year, if there is a song that typifies everything I love about country music, this is it Landon Dodd"!
Cale Tyson: This is probably the most played track in my house this year...reminiscient of Merle Haggard..a really good example of country soul"
Clifton Brown: "The Afterwife, a great title, the play on words I really like"

About Country Music People & Duncan Warwick
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Issue description:
Country Music People is Europe’s number one country music magazine - giving you the world of country music from Austin to Nashville and Beyond. CMP gives you the world of country music: New Country, Roots, Honky Tonk, Americana, Traditional, Acoustic, Country-Rock, Old Time , Bluegrass, NashPop, Cowboy, Western Swing, Singer-Songwriter, Alternative.
In May 2014 the CMA presented Duncan Warwick, the editor of noted British Country Music magazine Country Music People, with the Wesley Rose Media Achievement Award in Norwich.
Duncan Warwick
Photo: CMA World 2014
The Wesley Rose International Media Achievement Award recognizes outstanding achievements in the media, which contribute to the development of Country Music outside the United States. Radio, TV, print journalists, authors, editors, television writers, producers, and PR companies who reside outside the United States are eligible to win this award.
“Duncan has been a champion for Country Music in the U.K. for decades,” said Bobbi Boyce, CMA Director of International Relations. “He has certainly helped raise international awareness and interest in Country Music and continues to work tirelessly on behalf of the format. I am so pleased to honor him with this award.”

Warwick began his career in music at Impulse Promotions, a division of Zomba Records, where he worked as a promotions representative. Warwick was later named Promotions Manager at Zomba Records overseeing the Jive division. He began contributing to Country Music People in the early ‘90s and helped introduce the Kickin’ Cuts chart that continues to be a feature of the magazine.
Warwick was named editor of Country Music People in 2009 and continues to helm the publication, which has published more than 500 issues. The magazine continues to cover not only major label releases, but also traditional and classic Country Music, Americana, rockabilly, bluegrass, and Western swing.
The way that country music is perceived in the U.K. has always been of concern to me and over the years I have done anything I could to further the cause,” said Warwick.

In addition to his work at Country Music People, Warwick guests on the BBC Radio Norfolk Country show (Rodeo Norfolk) and has worked to expand Country Music’s radio presence in the U.K. by consulting for various radio stations around the country.

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About Keith Greentree

Keith was born on the south coast when radio was the only on-air entertainment.
School provided little interest to Keith, and he couldn’t wait to leave and join the Merchant Navy.
His love of music and radio began to flourish when he bought a short wave radio and spent his off duty time searching the dial for American music stations while travelling around the world.

Music was becoming important in Keith’s life, so he came ashore and began working for a high street radio and television retail company. 
At that time the radio pirates were setting up and he became fascinated by the new radio sound with the so called disc jockeys making the whole listening experience exciting.

Keith had also learned to play the drums, and was playing in various types of bands along the south coast in Holiday Camps and at weddings and parties.

It was in 1970 with a young family Keith and Margaret moved to Norfolk with the idea of starting a business.  In the early days of living in Norfolk, Keith supplemented his income by playing all genres of music in various types of bands, but there was one style of music that he really enjoyed - country! He played in a number of country bands over the years, two of the best known in the area were Wichita and Spiral.
When BBC Radio Norfolk opened in 1980 Keith was keen to become involved, and in 1983 was offered a programme called Weekend going out at 6pm on a Friday playing music and listing local events.
Keith left the BBC for a couple of years to become the afternoon DJ on a commercial radio station and presented its country music show every Sunday.
Keith rejoined the BBC and was the Rodeo Norfolk country presenter and successor to the late Roy Waller (1940/41 – 6 July 2010) and long time BBC Radio Norfolk presenter.
Keith regular presenter on Rodeo Norfolk brings his own style, "stretching the country genre, from over here to over there", with enthusiasm for the music to the airwaves every Saturday 9am - 12pm BBC Webpage.

About Kate Brewster
I am the Supporter Relations Officer at Dogs Trust (Article) Snetterton in Norfolk. I work in the rehoming centre alongside 70 Dogs are a common thread in both my work and personal life. At home I am lucky enough to have two Collies, Dusty and Dalton, when not out walking, running, or playing games with them, my husband and I are currently undertaking quite a DIY ‘project’ on our house and I love getting involved, whether it’s knocking down a wall or hanging some wallpaper I’m there! I also love photography and baking, although both of these usually end up back on the four-legged theme, with numerous batches of dog biscuits made and hours spent patiently trying to capture Dusty & Dalton on camera! My role is very diverse and interesting and means I can combine a love of dogs with my enjoyment of meeting people.

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