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Batley country singer Jade Helliwell's spontaneous duet with a busker goes viral

She won’t FORGET THE NIGHT in a hurry!
Batley's very own Jade Helliwell hits #1 on UK Country iTunes! Instagram Photo

Impromptu “Hallelujah” duet with busker Dawid Osial
goes VIRAL nearing 16 million views!

Jade Helliwell’s FORGET THE NIGHT (EP) climbs to #1 on the UK Country Album iTunes Chart and #8 on the overall UK iTunes chart
Jade’s Facebook Page Likes increase by 856,000%!! She now has over 54K Facebook Followers.
She wants to be the UK's Taylor Swift!'

'A young lad was busking and after chatting he let me sing a song with him. I only knew the chorus and a verse (and I managed to mess the word up still -ooops!) but we had a good time singing together.

Batley singer Jade Helliwell's impromptu “Hallelujah” duet with a busker goes VIRAL!
Video of the performance has been shared online over 233,000 times and received 15.8 million views and counting in 8 days.

This is why I love Yorkshire, a friend of mine called Jade was on a night out in Leeds and she saw a busker, she goes over and asks if she can have a sing, his face is absolutely priceless when he realises how good she is, the busker is also amazing, get this shared!!! Girl in the video Jade Helliwell Music 👍 Bloke in the video
Posted by Straight Up Yorkshire on Monday, 1 May 2017

The Batley songstress pelted out the late Leonard Cohen's (Sept 21, 1934 – Nov 7, 2016) classic Hallelujah first released on Cohen's studio album Various Positions in 1984. The song had limited initial success but found greater popularity through a 1991 cover by John Cale, which formed the basis for a later cover by Jeff Buckley.
Alexandra Burke, the winner of the fifth series of the reality television show The X Factor, released a condensed cover version of the song as a prize for her victory. It reached Christmas #1 one on the UK Singles Chart on 21 December 2008.
Jade Helliwell (4th from Left) Credit: Girls Night out Facebook Photo

Credit: Dress Flower Print Miss Guided Facebook Photo
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On May 1st Jade shared on Facebook: So last night whilst I was out celebrating my friends birthday i stumbled (literally as heels are the devil) down a road and heard a beautiful voice. A young lad was busking and after chatting he let me sing a song with him. I only knew the chorus and a verse (and I managed to mess the word up still -ooops!) but we had a good time singing together. The beauty of music-you can cross paths with someone you've never met and come together for a few mins and just enjoy the performance.
Thanks so so much to everybody who has been sharing the video. It's currently at 190K views. Unbelievable!”

That was ONLY the start!

About Jade Helliwell
Credit: Garden Photo - Facebook Photo
Batley, Leeds based Jade as a child sang into hairbrush 'microphones' to her idols - singers like Celine Dion, Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston. She had been lucky enough to do some exciting stuff like opening up for the legendary Smokie, appearing on a #1 UK dance chart album, performing at lots of Christmas lights turn-on events and even winning some competitions.
Jade had performed at some of the best summer music festivals on the calendar such as Bingley Music Live, Oakwell Festival, Staxtonbury and Galres Parklands Festival with the likes of The Feeling, Human League, Dodgy and the mighty Chic!

Music and song writing are Jade’s way of telling the stories of those around her and herself. Jade’s songs are influenced by pop and country artists old and new, such as Taylor Swift, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton, Maren Morris and Kacey Musgraves. Jade has opened for some “amazing artists” such as The Christians, Thorne Hill, NARN, The Muldoon Brothers, The Dunwells, Turin Brakes, Graham Goulding and T-Rex and performed at the 2016 Buckle and Boots Festival.

Jade belongs to a fast-growing breed of modern British country pop artists, mostly female, who are challenging the previously all-conquering American's such as Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum and Carrie Underwood at their own game! Her new album, Secrets, is a notably British blend of musical styles, but always rooted in her beloved country music.

She self-released a Pop/Country 10 track album on 4th May 2015 titled SECRETS (Amazon UK - UK iTunes - Spotify)  (recorded at LOOM Studio (Unit 12F, Carr Mill Business Centre, Birstall, WF17 9JX). The self-penned tracks on this debut recording were described as “sometimes infectiously upbeat, sometimes reflective and balladesque, but either way intensely catchy and familiar, yet still showcasing Jade's uncanny ability to write constantly fresh and interesting songs”. She won two awards at the C.O.R ( awards receiving 'Best Female' and 'Best Song for ‘Unpredictable'.
She was then ready to record fresh music slated to be a "little more country influenced"
Jade Helliwell teamed up with BCMAward 2016 Musician of the Year/ Producer Justin Johnson ( to >> deliver a new song 'Ask Me To Stay' taken from her 5 track EP FORGET THE NIGHT released October 24th (Amazon UK - iTunes) .Recorded at 80 Hertz studio in Manchester and Parr Street Studios in Liverpool.

Back on Oct 25, 2016 Jade Helliwell's FORGET THE NIGHT EP climbed to #2 UK iTunes Country Album Chart debut (#52 UK iTunes all genres) behind The Shires at #1 (#22 all genres). After a short time it disappeared from the Top 200 Country Chart. 

At's 9th Birthday and Country Awards Jade was nominated for UK Country Artist Of The YearUK Female Country Singer Of The Year and UK Country Album Of The Year but went home empty handed. made her their Spotlight UK Artist for the weekend of Jan 27-29.

Yamaha were again in a successful partnership with the C2C Country to Country Festival and Jade entered ‘THE YAMAHA HOEDOWN, The Road to C2C’ competition, a search to find the UK’s best emerging country music talent. Following heats at 3 UK music store locations at PMT Nottingham, Yamaha Music London and Manchester PMT and a Grand Final at Yamaha HQ in Milton Keynes, Yamaha were delighted to announce that the 2017 winner was Helliwell who got to play an exclusive live set at C2C to represent Yamaha, UK Country Music and her store PMT Manchester. Jade performed on the Yamaha sponsored Introducing Pop-Up stages on Sunday March 12th (14:20-14:50 CLUB WM-Water Margin & at 20:25-20:55 in The Saloon Top Floor. She exclusively shared: The entire experience was a whirlwind of me saying "omg" I couldn't believe I won the heat. I couldn't believe I won he final and I couldn't believe I got to perform at C2C. A festival I go to every year and used to say to my friend "I'd love to play the stages here" dream come true :)

In April 2017, Maverick Magazine reviewer John Roffey gave the EP 4 STARS (Facebook Image)
Then suddenly, out of obscurity, on May 2, 2017 the EP made a re-entry at #7 UK Country Album Chart. 
So what had happened?
After the video went viral on Facebook group Straight Up Yorkshire the National Newspaper websites started sharing the story.

The Sun: HALLELUJAH! Incredible moment reveller asks to perform with busker on night out and reveals amazing voice – as fans beg them to team up for Britain’s Got Talent

The Daily Star  ‘Get her on BGT!’ Girl asks to sing with busker – what happens next is INCREDIBLE
REVELLERS were left stunned when a pretty young girl on a night out asked a busker if she could sing with him.

On May 2, 2017 The Daily Mail wrote: Incredible moment a woman on a night out joins a busker and stuns the crowd with an incredible performance of 'Hallelujah' (and now fans want to see them on Britain's Got Talent). Jade Helliwell approached busker Dawid Osial on a night out in Leeds. Asked if she could join him to sing Hallelujah and stunned crowds with her voice. Video of the performance was shared online and received 6.7 million views. The 25-year-old's version of the Leonard Cohen classic has prompted calls for an appearance on Britain's Got Talent
Crowds in Leeds were left stunned when a woman asked to join a busker for his performance and delivered flawless vocals.
Jade Helliwell, 25, a full-time musician, from Batley, West Yorkshire, was enjoying a night out with friends when she spotted Dawid Osial entertaining crowds with his singing talents. Impressed by his voice, talented Jade approached the singer and asked if she could perform a quick number.
 Many members of the audience chose to capture the moment on camera, and one of Jade's friends shared a video online (157.4K shares, 10 million views).  Posting it in Facebook group Straight Up Yorkshire, they wrote: 'This is why I love Yorkshire. The clip was shared less than 24 hours ago and had already amassed more than 6.7 million views online and 125,000 reactions.  Just hours ago the singer revealed her EP 'Forget The Night' has now entered #7 on the UK iTunes country chart.

'I want to be the UK's Taylor Swift!' Teaching assistant whose incredible performance with a busker went viral hits number ONE in the country album charts - but she says she WON'T go on BGT
Daily Mail- EXCLUSIVE: Jade's album, Forget The Night, is now riding high at number one in the official iTunes Country charts alongside the likes of Taylor Swift and Shania Twain and has hit number 17 in the main album charts besides the likes of Ed Sheeran and Drake. Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Jade said: 'What has happened since the weekend is absolutely unbelievable; I am still in shock. I keep running into the staff room between lessons and checking my phone.' And despite viewers of her video calling for her to appear with Dawid on Britain's Got Talent, Jade told MailOnline that the show 'isn't right' for her.
'I wouldn't go on the show, it isn't right for me. I prefer writing music and the country scene.'
Instead, Jade reveals that she would love to follow in country star Taylor Swift's footsteps and travel to Nashville to perform there.
'Taylor is the first country musician I listened to and I model myself on her so being compared to her is a huge compliment. I definitely want to be the UK's answer to Taylor Swift,' she said. Read more: Daily Mail

Hallelujah hallelujah
Some 1680 comments have been left on the Daily Mail page
You can't please all of the people all of the time:
See: Best Rated - Worst Rated - Newest
  • So so beautiful just love how the man appreciates her voice and he's great too.
  • Firstly, we all love Yorkshire!!! And yes, she was amazing
  • Both of them are absolutely amazing they should join up and go on the Voice or on Britains Got talent , could go really far with such amazing voices
  • WOW!!!!
  • Commenting on the video Gil wrote: You two should be on BGT you would win Brill (sic)'. 
  • Just saw the video of you singing with the busker; it was amazing, so much so I bought your album Secrets from iTunes you have a fantastic voice, and a new fan.
  • Gave me goosebumps, you sound incredbile together.
  • What a voice,brilliant ,both of them.
  • Incredible. both very talented.
  • Simply fantastic!!!
  • Can't stop listening to it wow wow wow
  • shivers down my spine!!! best perfomance without any help as nowadays stars use. they need to team up
  • Wow, that girl can sing. I would like to see her perform on a stage with a band of musicians, just to see how good she is.
  • Im 58 and half deaf but I managed to hear her lovely crystal clear voice. Better then Susan Boyle any day of the week :)
  • She has an exceptional set of pipes on her, and his mellow voice is a perfect foil to her power.
  • I was so excited till I heard her EP is now No:7 and she was voted best country singer by UK Country Radio.
  • I've watched this a few times today on various social media pages etc & I LOVE IT. It gave me goosebumps & hope it wasn't staged as it would really spoil it.
  • Much better than some of these so called celebs
FairPlay to both, getting the publicity they needed to let our Insta-World make them Insta-Stars, but wouldn't it have been so much lovelier had it not been a set up, but a genuine impromptu meeting..for these things DO 'just' happen by's just that this one didn't!

  • I've been going to clubs and dances for years and I've always been struck by the level of talent from singers and musicians that get their fees paid out of the bar take. There's singing talent everywhere.

  • It's a bit shouty
  • Obviously all those criticising this young lady are tone deaf, can't sing themselves or just plain jealous. Get a life you miserable lot.
  • David voice is really lovely. She sounds too karaoke - great singes don't belt it out.
  • She's straining to get the top notes, and doesn't know that you don't pause for breath in the middle of a word. He's the better singer.
  • ps: furthermore, she's screeching..very try hard voice, but he REALLY has a lovely, effortlessly beautiful voice and an understated, likeable manner. In attempting to steal his limelight by asking him if she could sing with him, having got her 'mates' to record it and put it up, she JUST may have given this young man the exposure he needed and deserves.
  • She's got the power and range but his voice has the pathos. Great clip!
  • Well it was obviously rehearsed. Doesnt mean its good though. I like him but she's too much of a warbler to me.
  • So many singing experts commenting on here!
  • Would be brilliant if she had started it in the right key.
  • You only see buskers in countries like England. I would never wish on my worst enemy to live there.
  • staged, also why do all singers now sing every song in a fake overemotional way? They use too many notes and too many loud bits
  • Set up. Just "happened" to be in town and "happened" to walk round the corner where the guy was singing. And......Hallelujah !!! Her career has now taken off thanks to the publicity generated in the DM. Cowell and Co will read and arrange a special audition.
  • Don't give up the day job.
  • He sounds good, she's awful
  • I prefer mr bean's version
  • Is this what Brexit has reduced us to ? ... people begging and singing in the streets? Shame on you all ...
Busking Sunday night with Jade Helliwell posted by Dawid Osial
It was published on May 2nd receiving 2,000 views and by Wednesday morning May 3rd had logged over 32,000 hits (As of
May 9th, it had reached 153,458 views)

Dawid told the encounter has boosted his confidence: ‘I do not know what to say , for me it was just an ordinary night. Until I saw this video and I felt my heart beating, awesome feeling, congratulations to Jade, such a powerful voice.
‘[Now] I get many messages from people, a lot of encouragement. I think I needed that.’
He admitted he wasn’t sure about letting her sing at first, but her friend convinced him. Jade took to Facebook to say she’d been overwhelmed by the response.

CONNECT with Dawid Osial:
 photo Homepage_zpsed80f180.png  photo facebook_zpsc6fe26ab.png  photo facebook_zpsc6fe26ab.png  photo youtube_zpsde4415b2.png  photo soundcloud_zpsa62ebe8e.png


Fellow country music band Journey Home (Formerly Acoustic Journey) wrote: I wish we got this much attention when we get drunk and do stuff! Might have to get Jonesy one of these dresses!
A post shared by Jade Helliwell (@jadehelliwell1990) on

Jade Helliwell’s FORGET THE NIGHT (EP; Amazon UK - iTunes) climbed to #5 on the UK Country Album iTunes Chart (#282 UK iTunes overall), then #4 (#179 overall), then #2 (#91), then #1 (#71 overall) overhauling Decca UKs The Shires (#77), her pal Demi Marriner with her new “Dandelion” EP (#103 overall) and Sony UKs  Ward Thomas (#175 overall).

FORGET THE NIGHT then shot up the all genres UK iTunes Album Chart to #29, then #26, then #23.
On Wednesday May 3, 2017 it advanced to #18, then #17, then #15, then #11 and landed at #10 (just behind Ed Sheeran) for several hours and logged at #8 peak on a while! That’s higher than brand new albums from US superstars Brad Paisley & Chris Stapleton.
On May 4, 2017, it had slipped back to #23.
On May 5, 2017 it was at #58, then #73, then #80
On May 6, 2017, it was at #5 on UK Country Album iTunes Chart (#173 overall, then #193)

Jade popped in for a live session on Pulse2 (AM radio on 1278 & 1530MW, DAB, online ) the radio station that plays The Greatest Hits of All Time across West Yorkshire (1 St James Business Park, New Augustus Street, Bradford BD1 5LL).
Listen to the interview and watch her session on this Pulse2 Blog Page

On Wednesday May 3rd it was “Party Time” and Jade put on a House Concert which broadcast live on Facebook with around 1,000 people watching online at any one time during its duration. She answered questions, took requests, performed covers and originals and including some of her brand new songs! She thanked a whole host of people who had shared the video over 100 times!

Party time 💜🍾
Posted by Jade Helliwell Music on Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Hallelujah video feature has been included in NME, The daily mail, OK Magazine, Yorkshire evening post, Pretty 52, Ladbible, Straight up Yorkshire, The Sun, coverage in newspapers worldwide, pulse radio, heart radio, radio wire and real radio!

Celebrating number one in uk iTunes country chart. Number 8 in the iTunes album charts.over 12 million views on my...
Posted by Jade Helliwell Music on Wednesday, 3 May 2017

On Monday May 8th the  26-year songstress Jade appeared on BBC Look North (Yorkshire) joining Keeley Donovan and “living legend” main anchor man Harry Gration on Evening News - BBC iPlayer  

This gave her EP another boost on May 9th climbing to #4 on the UK Country Album iTunes Chart (#113 UK iTunes overall) and is still in the Top 10.
She announced a new gig taking place at one of her frequent venues the Warehouse 23 in Wakefield (Website; 23 Smyth Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF1 1ED) on Sunday 18 June 2017 and she has invited and will be joined by busker Dawid Osial.
* Tickets go on sale Fri 12 May at 10am.
She also excitedly announced that she has signed with Professor Jonathan Shalit OBE at ROAR Global for management!
She shared “I had so much fun on Look North yesterday” - 

A post shared by Jade Helliwell (@jadehelliwell1990) on

From the 10s of listeners/ Month on Spotify Jade now has now logged over 2.9K listeners a Month

From around 20K Likes on her Facebook Page they very quickly grew to 36,554 people liking her page with New Page Likes showing an increase of 855,900%!!

As of May 10, 2017, she has now amassed over 54K likes sweeping past more established British Country Music Association multi award winning acts Glasgow duo Raintown, top signed English duos Ward Thomas and The Shires and Staffordshire’s Sam Hollyman another who gained famed when a >> video went viral after the then schoolboy was tipped for music stardom after wowing crooner Michael Bublé with an impromptu stage duet in Birmingham.
In just a week Jade has become, based on Facebook hits, one of the most popular Brit Country acts and has some of the acts who are hugely popular in Ireland in her sights.

Nathan Carter 207,000
Derek Ryan 83,781
Lisa McHugh 69,000

Jade Helliwell 54,011 likes
Sam Hollyman 19,852 likes
Raintown 19,382 likes
Ward Thomas 35,556 likes
The Shires - 41,380 likes

There is still time to VOTE for Jade for the’s UK Country Music Awards
Voting closes on 14th May
You can vote for: UK Country Artist Of The Year, UK Country Album Of The Year and UK Female Country Singer Of The Year
Click here to vote

You can catch Jade live

Saturday May 20, 2017 - Batley, The Irish Nash
Friday May 26, 2017 -  Morley, The Gardeners Arms Pub, Leeds. (Website; Wide Ln, Morley, Leeds LS27 8SU)
Friday June 2, 2017 – Lendal Cellars, York, (Website; 26 Lendal, York, North Yorkshire, YO1 8AA)
Saturday June 3, 2017 - Wakefield, The Graziers, Stanley (Facebook; 116 Aberford Road Stanley WF3 4NN)
Sunday June 18, 2017 - Warehouse 23, Wakefield (Website; 23 Smyth Street, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF1 1ED) Thank You Concert. 2:00 PM Afternoon Family Show (14+) on Father's Day. Busker Dawid Osial performing a full set!  Support from 2016 BCMA Male Artist of the Year Gary Quinn! Tickets £11 Event (Tele: 0871 220 0260)
Fri-Sunday June 23rd-25th - Stockport, Buckle & Boots Festival (The Paddock Stage)
Monday July 3, 2017 - Harry's Bar, Wakefield, (Facebook; 107 Westgate, WF1 1EL)
Friday 21st July 2017 - Gullivers, Manchester (109 Oldham Street, M4 1LW) UK Country Live! presents Jade Helliwell FULL BAND show + special guests £10 in Advance Event
Saturday August 19, 2017 - Liversedge, Brighton Street WMC
Sunday August 20, 2017 - Wolverhampton Country Night, Bantock House

Monday October 2, 2017 - Wakefield, Harry's Bar
Saturday October 14, 2017 - Liversedge, Millbridge WMC
Sunday October 22, 2017 -  Wolverhampton, British Country Music Association Awards (BCMA's) appearance!!

Jade Helliwell’s Forget the Night (EP) is available to buy digitally on Amazon UK - iTunes

CONNECT with Jade Helliwell:
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