Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Eileen Carey explores stay-or-go dilemma in new single, "That Town"

Eileen Carey Explores Stay-or-Go Dilemma in New Single, "That Town"

(April 26, 2018/Nashville, TN) We’ve all had to make that decision: Do we remain in the town we grew up in—the place that gave us emotional context and predictability—or do we cross our fingers and set out to discover strange new worlds?
For singer-songwriter Eileen Carey, it’s the latter. In her bittersweet new single, “That Town,” she acknowledges “I know I’ll miss this place” but ultimately concludes “I’ve got somewhere to be.” That undefined “somewhere” is the irresistible lure.

Carey’s songs display a particular genius for zeroing in on moments that give life its tension and flavor—whether it’s via her romantic fantasy “In the Air,” her sadder-but-wiser “Let It Go” or her sisterly advice to an out-of-control friend, “Bottle Your Crazy Up.”

The wisdom and good humor in her songs have built Carey a large and growing audience and earned her near-permanent residence on the New Music Weekly charts.

Carey crafted “That Town” with co-writers Marta Woodhull, Paul Masvidal, John Phillip Shenale and Travis Allen. Allen also produced the single.
Next up for Carey is a tour of radio stations to introduce programmers to “That Town.” Then it’s back to the concert trail.

Her new single "That Town" premiered on Tuesday, May 1, 2018, with on-air personality Captain Jack Aponte on Renegade Radio Nashville (Website | Facebook), which is a Global Internet Radio Station based out of Nashville, TN.

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