Thursday, 10 May 2018

Lauren Ashley & The Trainwreckers share country rock song of the Summer

Country rocker Lauren Ashley and the Trainwreckers rollicking “Ultimate Summer Party” song
and new single titled “Always Wanted To” premiers on The Boot.
Song Going for Adds at Country Radio May 10
New EP Evolution Part Two to be released May 18

“A mid-tempo country tune, "Always Wanted To" is perfect for warmer temperatures, and will make for an ideal addition to any road trip playlist.” The Boot
May 9, 2018:
Summer lovers and beach bums of the world can rest easy, the search for the perfect summer party song is officially over. With their feel-good new single “Always Wanted To,” country rockers Lauren Ashley and the Trainwreckers have crafted the ultimate ode to the overwhelming joy that comes from chasing the sun, surf, and sensory overload of our most sizzling season.

“Always Wanted To” is the focus track from the band’s forthcoming four song EP Evolution Part Two (May 18). 
The song was co-produced and co-written by Phillip White (Reba McEntire, Rascall Flats, George Strait) and co-produced by Adrienne Smith.  The Trainwreckers are BJ Knights (guitar), Andrew King (guitar), Will Honaker (bass) and Dango Cellan (drums). The song will be going for adds at country radio on May 10th. 

Fueled by her ability to merge the energy of rock ‘n’ roll with the honest storytelling of country music, the Georgia native Ashley continues to put together carefully crafted projects and tours relentlessly to promote them-- a refreshing antidote to the find-instant-fame-on-Youtube trend. While social media remains the most common factor behind new artists’ success, the 26-year-old Ashley and her band have honed their skills and built up a following by playing live music anywhere, anytime, and for anyone. 

Case in point is the fact that Lauren Ashley and the Trainwreckers have performed their three-hour set during more than 100 shows per year. Ashley describes the benefits of such a rigorous routine: “We cut our teeth in some rough places, but you learn so much about who you are as a performer. You learn how to handle adversity. Your mic goes out, you keep playing. Your heel breaks on stage, you keep playing. Your guitar player has to hit the restroom mid-song, you keep playing.”
Listen to Evolution Part Two:

Ashley’s mother Deanna raised her daughter on a steady diet of 1970s classics. First and foremost were the singer/songwriters with swagger: Linda Ronstadt, Tom Petty, and Stevie Nicks each left a lasting impression on the young Ashley. “Stevie was my Mom’s favorite,” remembers Ashley. “She would always turn up the volume whenever she came on. I vividly remember that voice coming through the speaker and it just grabbing me. She really impacted my style and artistry.”
 Although she started out as solo artist, Ashley knew early on she wanted - and needed - the bond of a band.  “I’m a huge family person and the idea of having that camaraderie and fellowship for this journey has always been very appealing to me.” Read more at

On 16 June 2015 Lauren Ashley and the Trainwreckers released a 7-track SELF TITLED EP

On Oct 20, 2017 a single “One Fine Day” (iTunes) dropped
On Feb 9, 2018 a four track EP Evolution, Part One (2018 Ninety-One Entertainment | iTunes was released containing tracks “One Fine Day”, “Without You”, “Striking Matches” and “Shot Gun”.
Follow up EP Evolution Part Two to be released May 18, 2018
EP Two Track List:
1) I Break Things 2) Like I’ll Never Love Again 3) Amnesia 4) Always Wanted To

Lauren Ashley & The Trainwreckers:
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