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Single review: Sabrina Maria - I've Enjoyed As Much...

Cover Art Credit: Aida Silvestri

Sabrina Maria - I've Enjoyed As Much... (Single) Review
Release Date: 8 March 2018
Label: Independent
Copyright: ℗© Sabrina Maria
Total Length: 3:24
Genres: Country

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Driving number, brutally honest, heartfelt execution

The Southern Country Rock and Folkestone UK songstress returned with her third country outing with the release of single “I've Enjoyed As Much... “ .

Previously her songs were self-penned but here the lyrics are written by ‘Kicking Eagle’.

With its soft and gorgeous feel, the cover artwork (caressing a guitar) is in sharp contrast to the subject matter with an unvarnished number that is blunt and brutally honest!

A song with-a-bite, the sharp wordplay seemingly slices and dismisses an Ex where the speak-as-you-find lyrics cast aside his hollow words. It draws a line in the sand that this relationship is well and truly over and there is no turning back.

I’ve heard all the pretty things you’ve say
But I’ve heard them long enough so go away.
You tell me that you love me
And I used to believe that was true
But it’s all in the past I have no need for you

The chorus lines describe a lady whose had enough of those wearisome, frustrating, and lonely tearful days. She is ready to seek out better times in an honest, loving and caring relationship where true love blossoms.

I’ve cried all the tears I wanna cry
And I’ve tried all the tired I wanna try
From now on I’m looking, lookin’ for the real thing
I don’t want any more of this so-called love you bring

Sharpening her honest rough-hewn vocal chops this is arguably Sabrina’s best effort to date and strangely despite the subject matter its quite the bouncy little number!
There’s some stirring country instrumentation with sweet harmonies and a sound lead vocal underpinned with a sweeping steel and rasping guitar riff in the bridge section.

All those pretty things said are how worthless junk (despite sadly falling for them in the past) and she no longer requires his services, though joking spills “But I thank you for this song!! It’s time to move on dude because this lady surely has!

Well I loved you and you know it
And I couldn’t help but show it
But I’ve enjoyed as much of you as I can stand

The raw energy, gritty octaves and a soaring heavy tone has led her producer to draw comparisons to pop/rock US singer Pat Benetar.
This is a commendable offering and look forward to what might come next should she find herself in better place emotionally and lovingly. However, those breakups provide a depth of heartache material.

Adrian Clark

Listen to I've Enjoyed As Much...

The single was promoted on April 2018 promotional Hotdisc (#232).
It made its debut on the top 40 at #37 (chart week April 8) and so far in 6 chart frames peaked at #31 and No.8 on the British & Irish Chart listing (chart May 13)

About Sabrina Maria
Home Town: Canterbury, Kent, UK
Birthdate: 23 March
Country/Rock Music - Singer/Songwriter
Currently Ranked #9 on UK Country Reverbnation Chart

Each song I have written resonates with my own life experiences involving pain, loss of loved ones, betrayal, love and most importantly never losing hope or faith.

Sabrina Maria started singing from an early age and has always had a passion for music.
On March 2, 2017, she released her debut single 'Survivor' (available on iTunes) after quite a journey to get to this point. It was a birthday present to her late father who used to say "do something with the gift that God has given you". 
Promoted on the Hotdisc #220 April 2017 promotional disc it made a #19 debut on the Hotdisc Top 40 (dated April 9, 2017)  and peaked at #16 and #4 on the Hotdisc British & Irish chart (dated April 23, 2017)

On March 26, 2017, she released the 10 track Southern Country Rock album BLANK CANVAS (Amazon UK UK iTunes - CD Baby). The heartfelt set tackles a number of different emotions: a lucky escape from a dire situation; losing her mother; ending a relationship; but with hope for a brighter future. It was recorded in the prestigious Parr Street Studios, Liverpool (33-45 Parr Street, Merseyside L1 4JN) under the guidance of J Room 3 Productions ( top producer and British Country Music Association Award 2016 Musician of the Year Justin Johnson.

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