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UKs Tally Spear releases ‘Don't Believe It's All Me’ video

Artist:  Tally Spear
Release:  Fade To White EP (Out Now)
For Fans Of:  Jewel, Jake Bugg, The Shires, KT Tunstall,

Listen to the full EP HERE

 “22-Year-Old Sensation” – Your Life In A Song (Dan Wharton)
“A clear understanding of both folk storytelling and the hook of pop harmonies” -  Folk Radio UK
“Flowing with delicate folky melodies and Spear’s smooth, sumptuous vocals” -  Gigslutz
“An acoustic songwriter of rare potential, her work is sharply emotional while being deeply personal.”  -  Clash Magazine

Published on April 30, 2018, watch the official video for 'Don't Believe It's All Me', from the FADE TO WHITE EP.
Tally shared: Special thanks to Lewis McCarthy for filming in snow blizzards for me. Huge thanks to Stephen, Pablo, Issy, Lewis, Bobbie for patiently watching me on an 80's TV set in a black room all day.

Folk/pop - Acoustic -Singer/Songwriter
About: Acoustic folk/pop writer & singer. London born and raised
Tally Spear was fed traditional folk and rock music from an early age, and started playing under the influence of her father, who encouraged her development …

To many Tally Spear may seem like a very clued up and driven young Londoner. The talented songsmith has spent the last year building her name on the live circuit and earning critical acclaim for her compellingly addictive and insightful folk country driven pop compositions. However, for all the achievements and forthright career strides she has taken, underneath it all Tally is just another 22-year old who is confronted with as many pressures and insecurities as we all are, regardless of our age or abilities.

Growing up in an artistic household, as the daughter of a theatre actress and a musician, has clearly shaped Tally’s own creative path but she is an artist who taps in to her own experience rather than simply sharing those she has observed. Tally Spear was fed traditional folk and rock music from an early age, and started playing under the influence of her father, who encouraged her development as an artist. A trained pianist and self-taught guitarist, she started writing and playing her own music at a very young age.

This creative setting fuelled her love of words, using songwriting as a way to cope with her battle against insomnia and an anxiety disorder. While her melodies may be bright and breezy, behind the blissful beauty of her pop songs are moving lyrics that offer insight into the complexities and intricacies of the human mind. Tally does not shy away from exploring perceived social and political issues – notably raised as a vegan, Tally Spear is a keen animal rights advocate and involves this content in her some of her writing.

Tally Spear - Fade To White (EP; 2018 Tally Spear)

Release Date: 9 March 2018

Label: TallySpearMusic

Genres: Pop

5 Tracks/ Time: 18:35 Pop

The culmination of her efforts comes in the form of the FADE TO WHITE EP. It’s a conclusive piece of work that feels like a consolidation of her musical influences and life experiences in six-track format. Tally’s glossy, pop-star esque vocal juxtaposes the purist-songwriter instrumentation exquisitely. The release ebbs and flows between the upbeat, pop-country feel of ‘Days Like These’ and ‘Fade To White’, to the tales of experience and conflict in ‘Don’t Believe It’s All Me’ and ‘Just Don’t Know’. It’s a project way beyond the artists formative years, and a marker laid down for one of the most promising young songwriters on the scene.

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I just think this is beautiful… I love that, I think it’s just great, the EP is very very special indeed” – Ricky Ross BBC Radio Scotland BBC Playlist (May 1) Listen back at 30 mins

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