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Brenda Burch: “Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree” FREE download and artist Spotlight

Brenda Burch puts her spin on the holiday classic, "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree."

Brenda Burch released her new EP, Sparks Will Fly, into the world, and it resonated well with listeners and DJs, so much so, that both of her singles hit #1 on Country Charts in the USA and Europe. What a dream come true!
One of her favorite holiday songs is, "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree." She recorded her own version of it with some talented musicians and is giving the song away for free this holiday season.
For an EMAIL share just visit her website or click on the picture below to get your FREE MP3 copy.


Brenda Burch infuses Country music with Pop, Rock and Soul. A petite powerhouse.
Genre: Country: Contemporary Country
From the time Brenda was a baby, her parents were well-aware of, at least, the sheer volume of her voice. Her dad recalls her crying louder than any baby he’d ever heard. Projecting her voice came in handy at three years old when she made her performance debut singing for an audience of two thousand.

She began singing professionally at age six, recording the theme song for an educational film and later recorded vocals for commercials and national children’s albums.

Growing up, Brenda listened to and performed a wide range of music, but Country music always felt like home. She also studied piano, dance and excelled at sports. As quarterback for her junior high Powder Puff football team and captain of her high school volleyball team, athletics played a big part in her life, but music was a constant companion.

Back in 2009 act WILD WILD WESTT featured the powerful vocals of Salt Lake City's Brenda Burch and the writing / guitar playing of Michael Adrian who had been writing, recording, and playing for over 20 years touring Canada and the USA extensively. 
Their debut CD featured a wide range of country influences including honky tonk, rock & roll, Nashville pop, country ballads, and Southern rock. The title cut got some airplay in the UK ("I think she's got a terrific voice" - Marie Crichton BBC Radio Shropshire)
You can listen to her early work with WILD WILD WESTT at Reverbnation.com

Brenda Burch was described as "Orem’s up-and-coming country sensation".
Booming at times, delicate at others, the Country vocals navigate soulful territory.
As a seasoned performer, she has performed with Neal McCoy, Collin Raye, and Diamond Rio among others, has given her the chance to convey tales of love, life, loss and strength in her music to thousands of concert-goers.
She has traveled overseas to perform at the Tokyo Dome in Japan as well as Asia Expo Centers in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Brenda has been featured on talk shows, topped the European Country Music Charts, worked with Grammy award-winning songwriters and has written songs for corporate conventions, video games, commercials and charitable causes. In addition to writing and performing her own material, she enjoys voice over and video work.
She has also performed across Asia appearing in various TV shows, commercials, and radio and has written songs for conventions, commercial jingles, and charitable causes. As a talented singer performing and reaching out to her audiences has always been her passion. "Anyone who knows me knows how much I love a good story," Brenda quipped!.

In 2010, Inde record label Tate Music Group announced the official release of Brenda Burch’s self-titled “BRENDA BURCH.”

A self release the album offered up 10 tracks that was slated to captivate listeners with her catchy vocals and boot-tapping rhythms that encompassed stories of love, loss, and inspiration. 

Songs from the album included the stunningly beautiful “I’m Still Standing,” “The Rush,” “Strange Kinda Magic” and fantastic soft ballad "Atlanta Still Burns" which told a story of love that wouldn't let go.
It was released on Oct 19, 2010
(Amazon UK | UK iTunes | Amazon.com | CD Baby)

Her single, "Crushin'" (co-written with Tyler Monks), a boot tappin', hip shakin' creation with Rockabilly flare, was first released back on May 20, 2014 (Amazon UK | UK iTunes | Amazon.com | CD Baby). It was promoted to Europe on the May 2016 Hotdisc #209 (Rush Released) rated by 750-800 European & Worldwide DJs who critique and score submitted tracks from 1 - 10.  "Crushin'" made a debut at #16 (chart dated May 8, 2016) and in it's 10-week chart run on the Hotdisc Top 40 it peaked at #5 (chart June 12, 2016).
The song is classy with a smoky vocal, it’s bouncy has plenty of attack and lyrics-with-a-bite!

The video aired on The Hotdisc Top 20 TV Programme broadcast on Sky TV Channel 389 and meant the show hit different audiences, as well as being available to record on Sky Set-Top Boxes and available online in HD on Vimeo.com. The programme also airs on FreeSat Channel 516 and FreeView Channel 87, all part of the 24-hour country music channel, "Keep It Country".

In June 2015, she launched a crowd funded project via Kickstarter for a new EP titled SPARKS WILL FLY. She had the opportunity to record the project in Nashville, TN with a talented team who brought the right vibe and gave the songs a real chance to fly. She commuted back and forth between Salt Lake City and Nashville many times, and costs added up.
The project was successfully funded by 86 backers who pledged $12,545 of a $10,000 target to help bring the project to life.
The title cut was released as a single on Jan 18, 2016 (iTunes)

The SPARKS WILL FLY EP (BB Music Group), which dropped on March 25, 2016 (Amazon UK | UK iTunes | Amazon.com | CD Baby), provided a vehicle for Brenda’s western roots to shine through while fusing traditional elements with a modern vibe. Her catchy tunes are filled with straight-shooting, cleverly crafted, self-empowering lyrics and melodies that she hoped to share as far and wide as possible.

"Sparks Will Fly", which she wrote with Bryan Edwards and produced by the team at 4 Music Productions, released digitally to country radio on January 14, 2016 by SMG Records Nashville.
Later in the year it was promoted to Europe on the August 2016 Hotdisc #212 promotional disc and was a smash hit after debuting at #1 on the Hotdisc Top 40 (chart dated Aug 7, 2016) and reigned atop the chart for 6 weeks and stayed on the chart for 13 weeks until Oct 30th.
BOOM! The buzz was powered by her video which aired for multiple weeks on The Hotdisc Top 20 TV Show via Keep It Country TV (Sky 389, FreeSat 516, FreeView 87,Vimeo HD)
It is wonderfully catchy, fun and flawless and easily one the best singles released anywhere in 2016, LOVE IT!
Additionally, it topped the U.S. Indie Country Charts.

At the end of the video you’ll see her holding sparklers that malfunctioned and lit her thumb on fire right before the camera started rolling! Burch pretended her thumb was not melting and that everything was fine, Ouuch! 
She >> shared  it was a fun song to write. It’s dedicated to anyone who’s ever been in the dating world and wished they could take the best part of one person and the best part of another person and combine those traits to make the perfect love match for themselves". 

Track 3 on the EP “No Better Time” climbed all the way to #1 on the USA fan voted Country charts (Website | Twitter).
According to Burch there were 1000 radio stations in the USA and Europe playing her music, and she is immensely grateful for all the support!

Her latest single "Nowhere Else" (Brenda Burch/ Tyler Monks) promoted on the November 2016 Hotdisc #215 made a debut at #9 (chart dated Nov 9, 2016) and has so far climbed to #6. 

The song and video were first released back on May 13, 2014 (Amazon UK | UK iTunes | Amazon.com | CD Baby), and softly love song describes the longing felt when the one you need most isn't around to hold onto. 
A heartfelt, relatable lyric coupled with strong yet tender vocals. Hover over the Facebook Video and set volume:

In addition to songwriting, recording and performing, she enjoys doing voice over and on-camera video work, writing and recording Disney and Konami video games, and recording projects for producers around the world.

In a Beyond the Playlist with JHammondC Podcast (published Oct 16, 2016) he chatted with Brenda about how she balances life with her work, how she got started in music and how much work she has put in to this point.
They discussed her newest EP and the success and excitement around it.
It's available on to listen/ download on iTunes and available to listen directly online here

CONNECT with Brenda Burch:
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