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Keith Burns rolls the dice to flirt with “Santa’s Daughter”


...And It’s A Wonder Why There’s No Presents Under His Tree…

(November 8, 2016 | Updated & Expanded 17 Nov, 2016)
Keith Burns, the other half of the powerhouse duo Trick Pony, has released his first solo holiday tune titled “Santa’s Daughter”* (Double B Records). 
It was sent to country radio for airplay and is now available for download.

Far and away from the whimsical holiday tunes we recall each season, this story is about one “naughty dog”—a man with delectable taste in women and whiskey.
Run off, one-time too many, by many an un-amused and disapproving Pa, this Cowboy runs the risk to corral his gal. This time…Burns flirts with fiery temptation —“Santa’s Daughter.”

“I didn’t write ‘Santa’s Daughter’ with the intent to stir-up warm and fuzzy sentiments or wintry, holiday recollections; I wrote it just for fun,” Burns said. “One Christmas, a buddy asked me why there weren’t any presents under my tree and I said in jest, ‘cause I got caught with Santa’s daughter.’  It just rolled off my tongue and into a song.  It’s a funny, witty, adult tune that I hope will give folks a good reason to laugh and smile this season.”

Written and produced by Burns, the merry, tongue-in-cheek tale about one infamous dad, the “Man In Red,” and an infamous man “WANTED” is complemented by old-time western guitar licks and “Whoah-ho’s.”  Recorded at Beaird Studios in Nashville, the single was distributed to country radio (Nov 9, 2016).  Regina Raleigh are to spearhead the radio promotion campaign.
The corresponding music video will be filmed at Santa's Pub in Nashville later this month.

Keith Burns
Song: Santa's Daughter
Release Date: 11 November 2016
Label: BannaBear Music / Double B Records
Time: 2:55

“Santa’s Daughter” is available via all major digital retail outlets:

Santa's Daughter Lyrics:

The man in red scratched his head
Picked up his pen to My Chagrin 
Wrote down the name on his page
His naughty list I just have made

Christmas morn’ beneath the tree
There’s gifts galore but none for me
I didn’t get one single thing, but I guess there’s only me to blame

Cos, I didn’t know it was Santa’s daughter, that night at the bar
She loved to drink whiskey and water
And make out in my car
That neon glow was Ruddolph’s nose peeking through the glass
I didn’t know it was Santa’s daughter
Till Santa kicked my ass! Whoah-ho’s, Whoah-ho’s, Whoah-ho

Now seems like such a blur
The long white beard, the reindeer fur
Hoofs were flyin’ then I knew I’d bit off more than I could chew

Yes, Santa left me lyin’ there
As gravel flew up in the air
The sleigh took off into the night
I’m on his naughty list for life

Guitar solo
Repeat Chorus
Whoah-ho’s, Whoah-ho, Whoah-ho’s, Whoah-ho

Well I didn’t even know Santa had a daughter

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About Keith Burns
Birth-date: November 16 (Scorpio)
A singer/songwriter from Atlanta, GA. He was a founding member of Grammy nominated, ACM, AMA award winning platinum selling trio, Trick Pony, as well as one half of 2010 independent artist of the year, Burns & Poe.

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Keith Burns: Santa's Pub was the perfect spot to shoot some teasers for my new Christmas Song!
Santa's Pub is a great place to meet friends, have a beer, and be a star.
Where: Santa's Pub is located at 2225 Bransford Avenue (near the Tennessee State Fairgrounds), Nashville, Tennessee
From I-65, turn east on Wedgewood Ave (towards the fairground) and turn right at the light at Bransford Ave.

You can't miss it - it's a trailer covered in Santa Claus art. Directions
The beer is always cold, and the atmosphere is always warm (even Santa likes a break from the North Pole). So come share the love! Karaoke every night. It starts at 7PM (9PM on Sundays). Open until 2:30AM every night.
The house band plays every Sunday from 7-9PM.

Guess who Santa's Daughter is?

About Jenna Smeenk
Jenna Smeenk (27), is a Professional Barrel Racer in her rookie year of competition with her horse, Taz (Fultastic).
She grew up on a 10,000 acre buffalo ranch in a small town in South Dakota. She has one older sister, Trisha and one younger brother, Jed.
Jenna Smeenk

The entire family grew up ranching and of course, a love for the western way of life and rodeo.

Serving in the military for 9 years has been one of Jenna’s greatest accomplishments. 

She enlisted in the South Dakota Air National Guard out of high school, initially to pay for college. 

But what that life venture gave her was much more than an education at South Dakota State University, it crafted her into the woman she is proud to be today. 
Jenna joined the military right after graduating high school she was a Staff Sergeant, working as an Operations Intelligence Analyst at Hurlburt Field. 
Jenna has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan as an Intelligence Analyst for the RC-26 Special Operations Aircraft.
Jenna holds an Associate’s Degree in Communications Applications Technology from the Community College of the Air Force.

Photo above credit: 
Impulse Photography Equine Photographer (Impulse Photography, RR3, La Crosse, Wisconsin | MAPtraveling across the USA capturing the incredibly beautiful bond between horse and human. Website | Facebook I Instagram

In 2013, when aged 24, while working at Hurlburt Field in Destin, Florida, Jenna decided to run for the title of Miss Rodeo Florida (her sister was Miss Rodeo USA in 2012; Trisha Smeenk of Belle Fourche won the title at the International Professional Rodeo Association (IPRA) Finals Rodeo pageant Sunday, Jan 15, 2012, in Oklahoma City. 
Trisha entered as the reigning Miss Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo Queen | There are rodeo queens, and then there’s Jenna Smeenk).

Jenna Smeenk: Miss Rodeo Florida (2013)

One of her lifelong dreams was to compete at Miss Rodeo America. After clenching the title Miss Rodeo Florida 2013, she was able to travel the entire country representing a sport that she had grown up competing in and loving, and of course compete for the title of Miss Rodeo America.
Watch her "Ride On A Lifetime" >> video

She has had honors of competing at the National High School Finals Rodeo two times and was named a member of the Wrangler All-Star Team and 20X Extreme Team. In college, she competed on South Dakota State University’s Equestrian Team as a western rider.
Jenna is also privileged to be a 6-year member of the Wrangler National Finals Flag Team, one of the highlights of her rodeo career.

In December 2013, Jenna represented Florida at the Miss Rodeo America Pageant held in Las Vegas, Nevada in conjunction with the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.  
After suffering defeat in Las Vegas on the pageant stage to eventual winner 22-year-old Paige Nicholson from Mississippi (Image | Miss Rodeo America 2014 Contestants - ImageJenna went back to her roots and her love for the sport she had the opportunity to represent for the past year. She moved to Oklahoma with the intent to find and train a barrel horse who would take her back to Las Vegas to compete, this time for a gold buckle rather than a gold crown.
From a young age the western way of life was instilled in me, and I just kept that trend all the way up past high school.” she said

Purchasing Taz in 2014 from Fallon Taylor was a life changing event for Jenna. She didn’t just drive away with a big, beautiful, bay winning machine - she drove away with a friendship that would continue to blossom over the next few years and change her entire life. Within two years, Jenna was able to take her 4-year old race broke colt and transform him (and her) into professional athletes. With the help of several along the way, Jenna most accredits her success in the arena to that of her World Champion mentor and friend, Fallon Taylor.

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Jenn Renee Fashion. Make-Up. Modeling. LA
Her hobbies include laying on the beach & playing mermaid – Instagram Page

Follow her fashion account!! jenn.renee.xo

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