Friday, 24 March 2017

Brenda Burch: Hits #2 in Europe & shares behind the scenes news of upcoming music video

New Music Video in the Works

Brenda Burch has got a new music video in the works, and she can hardly wait to share it!
"Take Me Back" is the newest single from her EP, Sparks Will Fly.
She shares with fans: “I wrote the song about having the courage to get out of an unhealthy relationship, take yourself back and begin again with a fresh new start. We travelled to the beautiful red rock mountains of Southern Utah on a gorgeous weekend. I love the vibrant contrast of red rocks against a blue sky”.
Shot from one of the scenes:

The new music video will release in Europe on Monday, May 1 and will release in the USA toward the end of April. Stay tuned, as I will be announcing the exact USA release date soon. 

The song, "Take Me Back," will simultaneously release to Country radio in Europe on May 1!
Sugar Fix Hits #2

Speaking of Country radio in Europe, "Sugar Fix," hit #2 on the Hotdisc Country Chart and stayed in the top 6 for 6 weeks straight! The music video and song itself have been receiving positive reviews from DJs and media across Europe.
Hotdisc Top 40 chart Run (Feb 5, 2017 – March 19, 2017): 4-2-2-3-2-6-12

She wrote Sugar Fix about loving someone so much you just can't get enough. It released to Country radio on February 1, and it debuted in the Top 4 on the Hotdisc Country Music Charts (dated Feb 5, 2017).

The music video is full of sweet treats, dancing, cartwheels, kids, rodeo grounds and mountain tops. It's currently being played on Country Music TV stations across Europe and is streaming on video platforms throughout the USA.

The SPARKS WILL FLY EP (BB Music Group), dropped on March 25, 2016 (Amazon UK | UK iTunes | | CD Baby), providing a vehicle for Brenda’s western roots to shine through while fusing traditional elements with a modern vibe. Her catchy tunes are filled with straight-shooting, cleverly crafted, self-empowering lyrics and melodies that she hoped to share as far and wide as possible.

At the inaugural Hotdisc Awards for 2016 on Monday 2nd January (broadcast across the UK on Sky TV's "Keep It Country" channel) witnessed Brenda Burch snag the most successful Overseas single with her six-week chart-topper "Sparks Will Fly." 

She also walked off with the Horizon Award for the most successful International act from all the debutants on Hotdisc during 2016.

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