Saturday, 21 April 2018

Kate Ellis’ Unique New Music Video #IBelieve - A Digital Art Experiment


A new way for music to tap into the heartbeat of human feelings, the innovative new video premiered on The Boot April 20th, with a first-of-its-kind, fully connected version available on her own site on the same day

I Believe by Kate Ellis on VEVO.

Following a year that saw the release of her debut album CARVE ME OUT to critical acclaim; hundreds of thousands of fans streaming her songs and videos worldwide; and an introduction to the UK’s live circuit culminating in a packed vinyl launch headline show in London; Kate Ellis started 2018 off by announcing shows with fellow rising Americana stars Robert Vincent and William the Conqueror, and the release of her most recent single ‘I Believe’. Listen here.

Set to build on this early success, today she has confirmed the song’s accompanying music video revealed on Friday 20th April 2018, with a twist. Following an initial premiere of the broadcast edit of ‘I Believe’ on major US country music site 
The Boot, the fully connected version of the video is available on Ellis’ official site, linking the song with what other people believe around the world by feeding live tweets that feature the words “I Believe” (or the hashtag #IBelieve) into the video in real-time. The video will change every time it is watched.

Describing her inspiration, Kate said: “This song is about those times when you don't believe in yourself but luckily someone else does. I love how the video brings together people’s beliefs from all over the world that would never normally be seen in the same place. They give the song a kind of global, three dimensional resonance it otherwise wouldn’t have.”

She added: “Even though ‘I Believe’ is a personal story about the connection between two people, the sentiment of belief is so universal that no matter where in the world these tweets are coming from, they seem to fit the context of the song. There’s so much commonality between the things we feel strongly about and the things that matter to us. I think that’s very comforting to see. Deep down we are all the same and we care about and feel the same things.”

Creative Director for the video and partner at Pentagram design studio Naresh Ramchandani commented: “‘I Believe’ by Kate Ellis is a moving song about one person’s faith in another. It’s not always easy to state our hopes and faiths. We're often reluctant to give them words or a stage, for fear that it leaves us open to being hurt, or being criticised, or both. That’s what the song is about for me - the vulnerability and bravery of giving voice to what or who you believe in. And that’s also what the video’s about - a digital art experiment that allows anyone in the world to be part of the video by by giving voice to what they believe in too.”

Catch Kate Ellis live across the UK on the following dates:

Fri May 4th 2018 –
Sofar Sounds, London
Sat 9 June 2018 – Noshville (Presented by Maverick Festival), London
Weds 27 June 2018 – Nashville Meets London Presents, London (w/American Young)
Fri 6 July 2018 – Maverick, Easton Farm Park, AMA UK Stage (Easton Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 0EQ)
Fri 20 July 2018 – Town Hall Live, Kirton In Lindsey (Town Hall Market Square, Kirton in Lindsey North Lincolnshire DN21 4LZ) with
Hannah Aldridge

The interactive version of the video with live Twitter integration was built by 
Solder Creative. The Creative Director was Naresh Ramchandani from Pentagram design studio, with Jeff Baynes on board as Director of Photography for the performance footage, with Dave Watts as Director of Photography for portrait footage. The video was edited by Luke LeBihan and produced by Andy Hobsbawm.

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