Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Morgan Colleen releases EP "Too Far & Few Between"

Morgan Colleen releases songwriter compilation with unique ukulele inspired music

Morgan Colleen released her freshman EP on March 15th 2019. Recorded in Nashville with her Producer, Justine Blazer the five song EP is a yellow brick road of wonder for indie artists celebrating the ukulele along with clever lyrics and music. The EP is available on all digital and download retail and streaming platforms. Morgan co-wrote songs on the EP with her writing partner Allie Keck (Nashville, TN).  Allie says "Writing with Morgan is like having coffee or a beer with your best girlfriend.  We talk about boys, life, boys, and the lyrics and compositions just come together.  It's weird to say this but writing with Morgan is not work, it is just easy."  

Release Date: 15 March 2019)

5 Tracks

Time: 16:54

Label: Heart Songs Corporation/Victory Music

Genre: Singer/Songwriter

Morgan calls herself an accidental tourist in the music industry.  Discovered by her Manager, Jill Pavel (Victory Music Buzz, LLC) in 2017 on social media, she quickly found herself in uncharted territory.  Pavel states, "Someone sent me a video of Morgan playing keys and singing an original song. Her distinctive vibrato and soothing vocal delivery had me at hello.  I do not seek out talent for my label, but in Morgan's case I knew I was listening to something unique and special."  Her song haunted me for weeks.  It was a no brainer signing her into development and then bringing her onto our talent roster. I think the world is ready to embrace Morgan and all of her unique, quirky and wonderous artistry that she brings to every track on her EP."  Currently, Morgan is continuing to write and just started a regional tour in the Pittsburgh, PA region.  She will be joining a singer songwriter tour project late fall 2019 along the eastern coast.
 "Morgan offers honest lyrics, authentically and astonishing vocals. Her writing is wise beyond her years. This EP is a true display and showcase of Morgan's artistry. Not only is she singing, she is playing the ukulele, piano and percussion. I can't wait for the entire world to hear about Ms. Morgan Colleen!" - Justine Blazer – Producer
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Morgan Colleen, 25 years old was raised in a small town in West Virginia.  At the age 8, her parents realized she had an interest in music, so they enrolled her in voice and piano lessons. It was there that she found her love of music.  She continued her journey throughout her education.  During her time at West Liberty University, she was inspired to work with a variety of people using her love music, art and theater. She completed her Bachelor's Degree in Community Education in May 2016.
She started writing in early 2016, when a friend suggested that she play in his gallery opening.  She found herself writing from personal experiences and the experiences of the people closest to her. Her songs transcribe through her vocals with haunting and familiar tones that touch your heart. She is fearless in her delivery and she dares you to feel the raw emotion that she brings vocally.  Morgan is an indie pop singer and is enjoying the process of bringing her written word to life in Nashville, TN 
Her playful side is found with her diverse use of instruments including ukulele, percussion and mastered keyboards. She is constantly inspired and influenced by all forms of music. She has a unique style that sets her apart from other artists today. 
​Morgan signed to Heart Songs Records February 2017 and is now with their sister label Victory Music Buzz LLC. 

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