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Vents showcase Loveless Effect's southern roots with Black Smoke Rising

Vents showcase Loveless Effect's southern roots
 with Black Smoke Rising
 "a song that showcase the band’s southern roots thanks to catchy guitar riffs and vocals"


Loveless Effect are three best friends with a passion for creating music and a hunger for wanting to share that passion with the world. A unique country-blues-rock band from Buckeye, Arizona.
Drawing from shared influences such as Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters and Rush, but also their individual influences, has resulted in a melting pot of genres and styles that have moulded together to form the bands’ signature sound.

Seth Loveless comments, 'I wrote Black Smoke Rising as a metaphor for all of the destruction, disaster, and chaos etc. going on in our world. It was chosen as the single because musically it has a very epic sound to it with the dynamics changing. By dynamics I mean it starts off quiet and builds up then quiets down again. It adds dramatic effect to the metaphorical statement the song makes. A lot of people can relate to the statement as well.
As far as the EP goes, we think it has a very eclectic feel to it and there’s a song on there for everyone. You can hear the different styles of music uniquely blended together. It’s an EP that you could put in the car, listen to and just drive. You might speed up or slow down while driving depending on which song is playing!
We hope it takes people on a good a musical journey. As a band we think we have good musical chemistry together. We are all locked in rhythmically. All of our different influences individually blend together to create our sound.'

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About Loveless Effect 
Home Town: Buckeye, AZ
Record Label: Poker Face Records
Short description: Loveless Effect is a rock band influenced by Led Zeppelin, Chet Atkins, Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd, The Who, Johnny Cash, Rush, RHCP, and many more.
The band comprise Seth Loveless (Lead Vocals & Guitar), Forest Towers (Bass) and Justin Schafer (Drums/Percussion)
Their eponymous debut EP dropped on Feb 19, 2016 is headed up by the single “Standing In The Rain”.
It is available to purchase: Amazon UK - UK iTunes -

From a young age, Seth Loveless has known that he wanted to be a musician. Singing Aerosmith and AC/DC, Seth started learning guitar in his early teens and truly found his instrument. Initially influenced by Johnny Cash and more traditional players, Seth was later introduced to Chet Atkins and instantly became mesmerised by his finger-style guitar playing.

The launch of Loveless Effect’s professional music career was marked by the recording of their debut EP at Lionshare Studios in Los Angeles, CA. The project was produced by award-winning film director, musician and music producer, Martin Guigui (Billy Gibbons, Steve Earle) and featured performances from guitarist, Eric Johnson and drummer, Kenny Aronoff.

All six tracks were written or co-written by Seth Loveless, Forest Towers and Justin Schafer.
Having paid their dues playing at local bars and venues in Arizona, Loveless Effect were looking to spread their wings and managed to land gigs in Austin, TX during the world-renowned South by Southwest Festival
The future is looking incredibly bright for the Arizona-based band who are writing material for their second album.
They embarked on a 2016 tour of Europe (March – April) with dates slated for the US and Canada with the UK’s Sasha McVeigh in 2016.
On Sun 22 May 2016 Justin Schafer played cajon (nominally a box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru, played by slapping the front or rear faces (generally thin plywood) with the hands, fingers, or sometimes various implements such as brushes, mallets, or sticks) for Sasha on her debut performance on Gaby Roslin's show on BBC Radio London.

Loveless Effect are said to be “on an upward climb and nobody can stop them”.
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